Aralık 4, 2023

The Glory Days Part 1

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Booty Shake

The Glory Days Part 1
Second story I have ever written so please give as much constructive feedback as possible.
Names and locations have been slightly altered to protect individuals and establishments

It was a humid summer evening in my hometown of Evanston Illinois, I would describe Evanston as a small town/suburb with a close knit community feel, aside from Main Street which is Evanston’s main hub the community was quiet, peaceful and made up of mostly working class families. I worked a modest job cleaning tables and serving drinks at a local bar, it wasn’t glamorous but it helped to keep the bills paid which has been an ongoing struggle since my late husband passed away 8 years ago, but more importantly it helps to pay towards my grandsons spina bifida treatment which was taking a huge toll on my daughter and son in laws marriage. They would often argue about bills, unnecessary spending and everything else under the sun. I knew they loved each other dearly but having to fork out rent, bills, living costs then an extra $2000 dollars a month for their son’s treatment would push any couple in their situation to the brink. I love my daughter dearly but what she lacked in brains she made up for in the looks department and could have easily pursued a career in modelling. This meant she always had a steady pool of guys to date ever since she was in high school and luckily her current husband is a long distance truck driver and makes decent money driving trucks so she’s able to be a stay home mom and look after their son’s .

I was similar to my daughter growing up in the sense that I was often complimented on my looks and hit on by older guys starting from my pre – teens right up to today, I’m often complimented on how well I’ve aged and would be considered a G.I.L.F by the younger generation as I’ve been told for a woman of 56 I could easily pass for mid 40s. As to be expected with age I had put on a little bit of excess weight as my age crept up and my metabolism crept down however I still maintained a healthy size 16 dress size and my hair even though greying was always up kept and immaculate, I made a point of applying makeup whenever I left the house and when my eyesight started fading I made a point not to purchase your typical grandma style reading glasses instead opting for a slim, sleek sexy secretary style pair. My late husband often said that my best features were my bright blue eyes and my pendulous Double G cup breasts. I wouldn’t say I disagreed with him.
Growing up in a poor working class family installed a hard work ethic into me and my siblings which meant growing up I was always a hard worker and would often work long hours, sometimes 14 or 15 hour shifts but I wouldn’t complain because I would do anything to support my family…anything.

I had just finished one of those notorious 15 hours shifts and had not been in for long when I received a phone call from my line manager Jason. I thought this was strange as he has never called me before, he was also acting strange during today’s shift doing weird things such as avoiding eye contact or pretending to look at something on his phone. “Am I through to Monica?” Jason asked to which I responded “yes this is Monica, Jason is everything alright?” He took a long time to find his words and would start speaking then stop himself so I told him to just spit out whatever was wrong. “Monica, I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go” ….. I felt my ears ringing and a hot flush came over me “let me go?” I repeated. “Yes, unfortunately the Bar isn’t selling enough so we need to revamp the place and bring in some fresh young faces to get in more students” I couldn’t believe my ears, I was being fired from my job as a bar maid which I’ve held for 3 plus years because they wanted to bring in some fresh young sluts.

I pleaded with Jason to reconsider but his mind was made up. To add insult to injury he insisted a woman of my age should not be working in bars or clubs and should have retired by now. Well tell me something I didn’t know, of course I did not want to be wiping tables down and serving food and drinks in my 50s but as a result of coming from a poor background I chose to work as soon as I finished high school instead of going to college so I could support my family. Well now both my parents are long gone and I’m left here to face the repercussions of my decision, for if I had gone to college and pursued a career in something more than scrubbing gum off the bottom of tables then my grandsons treatment would be paid up for the whole year. I pleaded with Jason to reconsider, I explained that my daughter needed the extra $600 I was giving her every month towards the treatment and that without it my grandson may never walk properly…it was as if I was talking to a brick wall. He simply responded with “I’m Sorry Monica, my mind is made up and I’ve already removed you from the rota, sucks to hear about your grandk** but I have to look after my family too, Take down this number and give them a call, there always hiring” and with that he hung the phone up. I must have sat there in silence with the phone held to my ears for at least another 2 minutes before I finally hung up and burst into tears. “What the hell am I going to do now??” …here I was jobless, with rent due in 3 weeks and my grandson’s spine treatment money was needed by Friday and today was Wednesday.

I looked at the number Jason told me to scribble down and thought “What have I got to lose?” and picked up my phone and dialled the foreign number. It felt like it was ringing for an eternity and I was just about to hang up when a gruff sounding voice answered the phone “Ricky speaking, your through to Tipjar, how can I help?”. The name sounded familiar and it took me a few seconds to realise that I Knew the place, it was a seedy strip bar on the other side of town that was known for having a pretty rough crowd. I knew a few girls that left the bar I worked at and started working there because strip bars pay a hell of a lot more than sports bars. I quickly gathered my thoughts and responded to the voice over the phone “Hello, my name Is Monica and I’m looking for work ASAP, Jason gave me your number and told me you was hiring”… There was a pause on the phone and I could hear paper rustling on his end, he then piped up with “Well are you free to come in tonight for a quick 20 minute interview?” I looked at my phone and the time read 20:45. “Yes, it’ll take me about 15 mins to get to you” I answered. For some reason this made Ricky chuckle and he responded with “Sounds Good, see you soon” and hung the phone up.

I grabbed my handbag that was on the side and threw my coat on and headed out the door. The drive felt like an eternity even though from hanging up the phone to pulling into a parking space at the strip club took me less than 25 minutes. The club wasn’t run down but it had definitely seen better days, homeless men and addicts were wandering the parking lot and prostitutes were dotted about which only aided in the seedy look and feel to the place. I entered through the staff entrance at the back and was met with a strong odour of sweat and alcohol and the music was so loud it was disorientating. Upon entry I was stopped by a large black security guard who asked me where I was going. When I explained my situation he smiled and directed me towards Ricky’s office.

I made my way through the maze of corridors before I came across a large brown door with the words “Manager’s Office” displayed proudly for all to see. I hesitantly knocked and heard a voice on the other side beacon me in. Once inside I was met with the stale smell of cigar smoke and cheap air freshener, once my eyes had readjusted to the low light I could see a short overweight balding man who must have been in his mid-40s sitting in a heavy leather swivel style office chair behind an obnoxiously large oak desk with the words “RICK” displayed in bold block capitals on a sign perched on top, I would describe Ricky as maybe 5”8 inches tall, bright red hair, slightly overweight with one of the worst and funniest comb overs you could ever imagine. He sported a thick moustache and large brass coloured aviator sunglasses that had a brown tint to the lens. After a brief exchange of pleasantries and the normal interview questions Ricky or Rick as he liked to be called started asking what I would describe as intrusive questions to say the least, it started out innocently enough with the basic interview jargon such as “Are you married?” … “Do you have a problem working late night shifts?” and things of that nature. However. The mood changed when Ricks questions started becoming more and more sexual, a few examples of some of the questions he was asking were “So Monica how sexually active are you?” and “have you ever been with more than one guy in a day?” He must have seen the puzzled look on my face because he sat back sighed deeply and removed his sunglasses before going on to say “Listen Monica, I’m not going to BS you, I don’t think you are the right fit for dancing because our audience generally prefers the younger college age girls, however I may have something for you that actually pays much more than dancing on a pole or rubbing your ass on a drunk perverts cock. Have you ever heard of a gloryhole?” …The puzzled look must have still been plastered on my face because he went on to explain before stopping prematurely then suddenly standing up “Follow me and I’ll show you” and with that said he walked around his desk and out the office into the brightly lit corridor where I was once again met with the loud base of the sound system supplying the whole building with a deafening rumble.

I followed closely behind Rick as he manoeuvred his way through the maze of corridors and side doors stopping only to talk to the girls back stage and to receive and make business related calls. Eventually we came to what looked like an old English telephone booth placed strangely at the end of a long corridor that did not have any doors or windows on either wall, inside the booth was two handles about shoulder height with the words “HANG ON” embossed into the frame above and an elongated hole cut out about waist height. To the left was a box of tissues and freshening wipes and on the floor to the right was a waste bin that had a few bits of tissue crumpled up inside. Just as I was taking in this strange site Rick gestured güvenilir bahis şirketleri me over to a small side door which was a few feet to the left of the booth, he brought out a huge bunch of keys before singling out a shiny brass one. He unlocked the door to a very dimly lit room, Inside the room was a small TV suspended from the wall in the corner, a mini fridge and a chair sat strangely facing the wall with a grey haired woman that couldn’t have been that much younger than me sat on it looking rather impatiently at her watch with her back to us, “Hello Caroline, I would like you to meet Monica she’s new here so I’m just showing her around and explaining how the gloryhole worked” Rick stated to the woman who by now I’m assuming was named Caroline. I proceeded over to where she was sitting to introduce myself and as I approached her rear It became clear why she was sat in the strange position seemingly facing a plain wall, as I approached her I could see that right in front of her was a small hatch built into the wall, to her left on the floor was a small yellow bucket and perched up on a small table was a box of tissues and a clear bottle of lube. As I was busy taking in the site I was interrupted by Caroline who snapped me back to reality “Hiya, don’t be nervous there’s nothing to worry about, its piss easy, they stick it through the hole. You suck on it for 5-10 minutes. They unload you spit the jizz in the bucket, they hand you $10 cash through the hole then you’re onto the next”… I couldn’t believe my ears and turned to face Rick for confirmation on what I had just heard but all I received was a nodding Rick and the same line about how it’s nothing to worry about.

Just at that moment Caroline interrupted us and informed us that her shift had just started and I was free to watch her handle a few customers to see if it was really for me. A few minutes passed before we heard the sound of a belt buckle being undone from the other side of the hole, Caroline told me to take a seat right next to her so I could get a better view. I turned to ask Rick a question but he was already out the door and before he disappeared down the corridor he turned around and confirmed that he would be back in 30 minutes. I turned back around to Face Caroline who was now lubing up her hands and applying tingling lip balm to her lips, we only had to wait a few seconds before a buzzing sound appeared and Caroline slid back the hatch revealing an elongated hole padded with cushion a few seconds later a cock was slowly and timidly pushed through the hole followed by a set of low hanging balls, the cock itself wasn’t that big only about 5 inches I would say and wasn’t that thick either, the pubes were trimmed except for on his actual nut sack which was still sporting a thick black coating of pubic hair. Without hesitation Caroline grasped the cock with a firm grip and started to slowly jack the cock off with her moist hand, after about a minute or two the strange dick grew to maybe 6 inches and was getting redder and redder. Caroline turned to me and winked before engulfing the whole cock with her mouth, I could hear a low moan from the other side of the wall as she did this followed by deep breathing. To my surprise she slid off from her seat and got down on her knees before taking the cock back into her mouth and continued to slowly slide her mouth back and force over it without any hands, she was making a loud slurping sound every time her lips passed over the head and was using so much spit that she was actually causing a string of saliva to hang from his balls and drop periodically to the floor with a loud “tap” sound.

After maybe 5 minutes of continued slow sucking I could see the cock was starting to hump back through the hole when all of a sudden I could hear the strange man’s whole body press against the wall causing the thin partition separating us to shake and creak under the pressure, when this happened Caroline slowed down her pace and simply closed her eyes, “Here it fucking comes!” was the first sound the stranger had made as I could see his cock visibly surging and pulsing in Caroline’s mouth, apart from the one or two Retching sounds that escaped from her throat she took the strange man’s load with relative ease. Once the cock had finished throbbing he withdrew from her mouth which caused a comical pop sound and was replaced with a $20 bill. With that the man walked away from the booth down the corridor. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed and for a few seconds I couldn’t help but just stare at Caroline in disbelief. After a few moments Caroline turned to face me then she opened her mouth in a way that allowed me to see the visible pool of semen the stranger had pumped in her mouth seconds before. I covered my mouth in disgust which made Caroline laugh and almost spill the load that had by now mixed with the saliva in her mouth causing her cheeks to bulge slightly due to the mass. She then tilted her head forward and spat the thick liquid into the yellow bucket by her feet. “I hate sucking that guy off, his cum tastes like a shot of bleach!” I asked her how she knows who is who and she responded with “Well, I’ve been doing this for roughly 2 years and after a while you start to be able to distinguish between the different guys. The last dude always shows up at 21:30 on the dot as soon as my shift starts and he wears the same strong smelling cologne every time. Once you’ve been given your rota you’ll soon have loyal punters that will only show up on days your working.” I would be lying if I’d said I wasn’t at least slightly interested. I mean at the end of the day what job is really glamorous? Also my identity will remain a secret unlike the poor girls gyrating up and down a stripper pole who will be remembered as sluts and skanks for years to come.

I gathered the courage to ask a few questions, after all that is why I was there in the first place. “So Caroline, what is the average age of the guys you’re servicing also how do you take all those loads back to back without being sick?” She chuckled before responding with “Is someone a little curious? Well let me fill you in. My average age range is mid-30s to early 40s on Weekdays and it drops to mid to late 20s during the weekends the youngest customer I have is probably 19 give or take a few years. He shows up on Tuesdays normally sporting a pair of quarter length shorts and a backpack which is visible as he’s walking away. To answer the second part of your question it takes practice, the average guy claims to be a “heavy cummer” but in reality if it wasn’t for the taste, or the wild throbbing of their cocks or simply them saying so I probably wouldn’t be able to tell when some guys are Cumming, however, some of my customers don’t unload all week so they turn up here about ready to burst. Those customers aren’t great and sometimes you do gag and puke so the bucket is essential”. I was soaking up all the information as quickly as I could and the more I heard the more I started to picture myself in the chair servicing my own clientele.

Just as I went to ask Caroline another question we heard the familiar sound of a belt buckle being undone from the other side of the wall, Caroline started to re-apply her lip balm and once again slid down onto her knees and slid back the hatch revealing the hole. Seconds later a tanned cock came through the hole followed by a voice of a man that had a deep Indian accent “Please suck me good”. I’m not sure if the instructions turned Caroline on because she giggled to herself and seemed to squirm in her position. She took the cock in her mouth all the way down until her face was pressed against his balls which caused her face to go bright red and her eyes to bulge, his cock wasn’t large but it was bigger than the first guy by maybe 2 inches. To my surprise she hadn’t been servicing the gentleman for more than 5 minutes when the gentleman knocked on the wall and exclaimed that he was cumming, less than half a second later Caroline’s cheeks bulged obscenely and she let out the loudest gagging sound you could imagine. She pulled her mouth off of the still ejaculating cock and covered her mouth as if to stop herself from throwing up, she turned to face me still holding her mouth and slowly shook her head in disbelief. By now the cock had stopped spurting cum aimlessly through the hole however as there was no receptacle to receive the load on the other side droplets of semen was all over the floor and dripping down the wall from the hole. Just like before, the penis was replaced with a $20 bill and just like that the guy turned his back to the hole and walked down to corridor. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Caroline holding her hair back and asked her if she needed a hand to which she simply nodded.

It was at this point that I realised she still hadn’t gotten rid of the guys huge load, she signalled for the bucket which I handed to her and she spat out a huge load of thick yellow semen and took a deep breath before exploding with “OH MY FUCKING GOD!, that guy cums like a fucking horse, the first 3 jets went straight down my throat and he just wouldn’t stop pumping!” I was in complete amazement about how nonchalant she was being about what she had just done and also in complete amazement that this seemingly uneducated woman with a few teeth missing and greying hair had just made $40 in under 30 mins… I was sold. I told Caroline that I was interested and I would let Rick know my availability by text, I gathered my belongings, exchanged numbers then hugged Caroline goodbye and exited the dark cum cave into the bright lights of the clubs corridors.

My mind was processing so many thoughts on the drive home but what I knew for certain was “if Caroline could do it then so could I”. I sent Rick a text along these lines “Hey Rick Its Monica, sorry had to take off before I got a chance to say goodbye but I wanted to go home and process everything, I’m very interested in the opportunity and would like to start ASAP. My availabilities are Mon, Tues, Sat, Sun” less than a minute went by before my phone vibrated and lit up with the text “Sounds good, glad to have you on board, Caroline works Wed, Thurs, Fri so the days your available work out perfectly. However Caroline let me know shortly after you left that she had to watch her granddaughter tomorrow evening so she isn’t canlı bahis şirketleri available. Are you free to cover her shift? She normally brings in around $250 a day which would mean servicing at least 25 guys” I paused for a moment before responding with “Yes I’m available, I’ll see you tomorrow at 21:25.” I think I must have dreamt of little more than yellow buckets and ejaculating penises all night as I kept on waking up during the night.

The next morning came around and I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for my evening ahead. I handled all my daily errands and gave my daughter a call to confirm that I would be sending her the money for the treatment as usual to which my daughter was very grateful as she always was. After all my cleaning chores were completed the time on the clock read 16:00 so I thought I might as well have a nap to pass the time and set my alarm to wake me at 20:30. It felt like my eyes had only been closed for 10 seconds when I was awoken with the intrusive sounds of*BEEP BEEP BEEP!* I reached over and drowsily silenced my phone before sitting up and allowing my eyes to adjust to the light. I walked into my kitchen and started preparing a small packed lunch to take with me as I didn’t remember seeing anywhere to buy food near the club. After a long shower to cool my nerves I got dressed and checked the clock before leaving. The time read 21:05 and I proceeded out the door.

The drive to the club didn’t feel half as long probably due to the anticipation being removed as I already knew what I was in store for. I arrived at the club at 21:20 and luckily the same parking spot I had occupied the day before was vacant so I parked my car, took a deep breath and walked inside. I was met with the same deafening base but for some reason it didn’t disorientate me like it had done the day before. The same security guard was working today and when he saw me he beaconed me in. I made my way to Rick’s office whom happened to already be waiting outside looking at his watch when he spotted me a sense of relief was visible on his face “Fuck I didn’t think you would show, 80% of new workers verbally agree to work but only 20% actually turn up” Rick stated. “Well I’m here to work so let’s get to it” I responded in a sarcastic voice. He chuckled and told me to follow him. On the way to the booth he began coaching me on techniques and giving me different advice that he had picked up from talking to some of the girls such as alternating between hands and no hands, deep throat techniques etc. He also added that most of the guys just want to get off and go home so no fancy stuff or you will quickly build a bad reputation for yourself. I was soaking it all in and taking mental notes which made the walk to the cum cave as I have now Nick named it fly by.

As we entered the dimly lit room that housed the gloryhole setup I was half expecting to see Caroline sitting there like yesterday but when it was evident the room was completely empty I was snapped back into reality “I am Caroline today” I silently thought. A quick glance of the clock read 21:25 so I took a deep breath and sat down in the same seat Caroline had sat in the day previously. I tied my hair up into a messy top bun and used my glasses to hold the bun in place. I turned around and gave Rick the signal that I was ready and he responded with a simple nod then he left the room. For the first time the true reality hit me as I stared at the hatch in front of me. 21:28. two more minutes to go. I remembered what I saw Caroline do the day prior and lubed up my right hand and applied the tingling lip balm that was provided by Rick I have no doubt.

21:30. “Here we go”. I took another deep breath and slid the hatch back. It wasn’t no more than 30 seconds before I heard movement on the other side of the wall and a large jet black cock silently snaked through the hole. I was taken aback by the sight and took a few seconds to just admire the very first black cock I had seen in person, I was surprised by how dark the shaft was in comparison to the engorged purple head and I was intrigued by the tightly curled pubic hair coating his crotch. I licked my lips and took the purple head into my mouth.

I let my mouth adjust to the size of the foreign member and could taste the distinct flavour of precum. I brought my right hand up and grasped his rock hard shaft which was met by an agitated voice on the other side of the wall “No hands bitch, just slow n steady” I paused for a moment “Who the hell is he calling a bitch?!” but remembered what I was there to do and that it wasn’t personal. I did as he asked and continued to gently suck on the protruding cock for another 10 minutes using just my mouth when I heard the gentleman exclaim “I’m nutting..I’m nuttin..ahhh” I braced myself and was expecting a similar torrent to the one that I had witnessed Caroline had to deal with the day prior but instead his cock head just opened up like a slow faucet and oozed a steady stream of cum onto my waiting tongue. I felt his cock pulse at least 5 times and with each pulse a thick dollop of cum was deposited.

His semen was thick and incredibly salty which made me dry heave as I brought it to the front of my mouth to be able to spit it into the bucket. As I leant forward to spit the load out it was so thick part of it clung to my lip forcing me to have to remove the hanging slime with my two fingers. The strange man on the other side of the wall squeezed out the last few droplets of cum from his cock like you would squeeze out the last drops of toothpaste and shook off any residue on my end of the hole. I was slightly disappointed when only a $10 bill came through the hole as I was hoping for $20 like I had witnessed Caroline’s clientele pay.

I took the crumpled up note and placed it on the table to my right and closed the hatch as I prepared for the next customer. I went to the mini fridge to grab a bottle of water to rinse the salty taste out of my mouth and before I even sat back down the buzzer sounded alerting me a customer was waiting on the other side of the hatch. I took a quick swig of water and opened the hatch, seconds later a small cock invaded the hole followed by a mass of blonde pubic hair that looked like it hadn’t seen a trim in ages. The cock was oozing precum and was already rock hard and facing the ceiling. I gripped the shaft and jerked the cock a few times when a young sounding voice on the other side of the wall said in a breathless voice “I’ve been edging all day I’ll cum if you keep doing that” Not knowing what edging meant but being able to take a hint I stopped stroking his cock with my hands and instead proceeded to take his cock in my mouth right down to his balls and right back up to the tip with my mouth tightly sealed around his cock. I counted 4 times I went from balls to tip when without warning his pelvis shuddered and his cock seemed to jump in my mouth. When he erupted his cum was tasteless but plentiful and shot out in powerful squirts, the texture was almost like water which made spitting it out much easier.

As I heard the strange man buckling up his jeans he shocked me by saying “Wow that was frickin intense, in the 18 years I’ve been alive I’ve never had a blowjob like that” The reality of the situation dawned on me, “I had just finished blowing a guy that’s 10 years younger than my daughter and possibly still in school!” Though the thought made my stomach turn, when I saw a fresh $20 bill come through the hole I was once again reminded of why I was there. Morality had no place in this job. At the end of the day if it comes through the hole I’ll service it. The $20 bill was placed on top of the $10 that was already there. I closed the hatch and looked at the clock. The time read 21:45. I’d been at work for 15 minutes and I had already made what sometimes took me 4 hours to make cleaning tables at my old job.

The next 10 minutes was rather uneventful and I passed the time flicking through tv stations until the buzzer sounded. “Here we go” I thought. I made my way over to the hole and adjusted my hair so the bun once again sat tightly on top of my head, I could hear a few voices talking and laughing through the hole and realised that it must be a group that’s turned up. I opened the hatch and heard the voices on the other side start to giggle and cheer, I could hear them playing rock paper scissors and realised it was obvious that no one wanted to go first so after several rounds of rock, paper scissor and a slight shoving match to see who would step up first I finally heard the distinct sound of a belt being undone then a large bright pink cock with a tapered head invaded the hole. I wasted no time and took the cock in my mouth and started to slurp on the head which caused the stranger to moan deeply. I applied the lube to my hands and started stroking his cock like a woman possessed and before long I heard the man warn me to get ready which was followed by a jet of cum blasting my shirt and the second jet cleared my face and knocked back the glasses which were holding my bun in place, after what seemed like forever the cock stopped spraying its load and withdrew from the hole and was replaced with a $10 bill and a $5 bill. I took the notes and placed them on the table and took a tissue out of the box and wiped the semen off my glasses and shirt.

I heard more talking and laughing on the other side of the wall then another cock entered the hole, this one was a lot shorter but was much thicker with a lot of foreskin covering the head. As I rolled the foreskin back and took the cock into my mouth I was immediately met with the acrid flavour of urine and smegma. I jumped back off the cock like it was scolding hot and held my mouth like I was going to be sick. I moved the bucket closer just in case I did vomit and tried to compose myself. “Come on Monica, you can do this!” I told myself quietly. I took a few tissues out of the box and with the bottle of water on the table I attempted to clean some of the smegma from underneath the foreskin before taking the cock back into my mouth, the taste of smegma was still there but it was now bearable so I started to properly service the cock, when I went hands free his cock seemed to go from concrete to reinforced steel and I knew he was getting close. After a few more minutes of steady back and forth no hands sucking action the cock started canlı kaçak iddaa to hump back through the hole when all of a sudden the whole cock including the balls were thrust through the hole and held at attention there. What happened next was unexpected as his cum didn’t shoot or surge out rhythmically but rather it came out in one huge thick wad that was almost a solid. None the less I spat the load into the bucket which made a “thwack” sound and the still rock hard cock was replaced with a fresh $20 bill. By now the laughing had stopped and one cock after the other was fed through the hole ranging in size and shape and cum load, some guys shot there loads really powerfully while others would ooze out and I would barely notice that they had deposited their load. After draining the last cock of the group and spitting his load into the bucket which by now had a decent quantity of cum sloshing around in it I was sure the whole group had been serviced. I counted $110 dollars and after some quick math I worked out I had just blown 9 guys with two choosing to pay me $20 instead of the usual $10 so for my first hour I had made $140 tax free which only filled me with more determination and drive to make more cash. I started thinking of ways to cut down time or ways to make the guys shoot their loads quicker. What I found was that most of the guys can’t resist steady, no hands sloppy sucking right up until they explode which when done properly shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes give or take a few minutes.

I found that when I would continue to suck them right through there orgasm they were more likely to tip however I would then be left with the full quantity of their load to deal with which at times was a challenge. Or. I could stop sucking as soon as they started ejaculating and spit the small quantity of semen that entered my mouth into the bucket but I found that these patrons were usually the ones that did not seem fully satisfied afterwards and would often just pay the mandatory bare minimum. It was a catch 22. So I decided I would try and make sure every customer was fully satisfied so that I had the best chance of receiving tips.

After servicing a steady stream of guys I decided to take a break and closed the hatch. After a quick bathroom break I popped my packed lunch in the microwave provided and turned to face the TV, the time on the bottom of the screen read 23:50 which meant I had just over 2 hours left of my shift. I walked over to the table that housed the lube and my cash which had by now formed a messy pile and found some notes to be stuck together with dried semen. I counted out $310 and set the money aside.

I had been on my break for roughly 15 minutes when the buzzer sounded again. I new the drill and I positioned myself on the seat in front of the hatch. After re-applying some lip balm I opened the hatch and almost straight away a flaccid cock emerged through the hole covered in grey pubic hairs. I took the cock between my lips and slowly started to suck the cock to full attention which took a lot longer than usual which I’m assuming is down to his presumed old age. Once the cock was hard enough I began to suck it more vigorously which made the stranger behind the wall gasp in pleasure. His cock responded strongly when I focused on the head so I began to suckle on the tip which pushed him over the edge. Without saying a word his cock shuddered and a small amount of cum surged onto my tongue. I continued to slowly drain the cock until it was flaccid again and the gentleman removed his cock from my mouth which made an audible pop. I spat the deposit into the bucket and received my payment of $20 which I happily accepted.

There must have been a queue of guys because I didn’t even get to close the hatch when a tanned cock entered the hole and I heard a familiar voice “Suck me good like yesterday baby” ..”FUCK IT WAS THE INDIAN GUY!” I panicked and went to close the hatch but I stopped myself and remembered that I had a personal goal of making $400 tonight so I needed to literally suck it up and get on with it, so I composed myself and took the foreign cock into my mouth and started my routine forward and back no hands motion on his cock which made the stranger strain his body against the partition so I had access to his whole phallus. I took the cock all the way down to the balls and he responded by humping my mouth like a rabbit on speed before giving one last final thrust and exclaiming in a thick accent “SWALLOW IT!” his cock erupted and began shooting powerful spurts of cum towards the back of my throat causing me to bring the cock forward so just the tip was in my mouth. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ropes of cum was forcefully shot into my mouth before the flow of cum stopped. I took my mouth off the still spasming cock and felt my cheeks bulge. There was so much cum that I was shocked that I could actually swish it around my mouth and probably gargle it too if I chose to but instead I spat the large pool of semen into the bucket. His load was one of the strongest I had tasted all night, it resembled snot mixed with bleach and left a bitter aftertaste on my tongue. He withdrew his cock and replaced it with two $20 bills! That was the most any of the guys had given me. I put the $40 on top of my money pile and prepared for the next cock.

Over the next hour I serviced a constant stream of guys and the money was racking up. Different sizes, skin tones and ages showed up and they all unloaded. The cum itself varied from very bitter and salty to plain and almost tasteless. Occasionally while I was servicing a cock I would get a whiff of the large quantity of semen in the bucket below which would make me feel slightly nauseas but I was determined to make a name for myself and build up my own clientele so I refused to let that slow me down. I had passed my goal of making $400 with only 30 minutes left of my shift. I was surprised that I had found it to be relatively easy and a side from a very vocal college freshman who came so much earlier that I actually projectile vomited back on his cock when he erupted deep in my mouth and another guy who was so drunk I couldn’t bring him to orgasm after 20 minutes of nonstop sucking I had actually been quite proud of my performance. 95% of the guys erupted in under 10 minutes which meant I constantly had a dick in my mouth, however. It also meant I was constantly receiving cash.

The time read 01:55 and my first shift was almost over, I let my hair fall down and repositioned my glasses back on my face. I picked up the large pile of cash and counted out $480. I couldn’t believe it. I had made more in one night than I would have made all week at my old job. Just as I was preparing to leave the buzzer sounded. “Do I have time for one more?” I thought. I looked at the $480 in my hand and thought to myself “well I might as well try and round it up to $500” so I took a seat back on the chair and opened the hatch. After some fiddling a medium sized cock slid through the hole with a thick bush of ginger pubic hair surrounding it, I didn’t bother to put my hair back up into a bun and just took the tip of the foreign cock into my mouth. I could once again taste a slight hint of urine but it did not bother me no where near as much as it had done earlier on. I lapped up the cock and quickly brought it to full attention which was an impressive 7 inches with bright blue veins running down the length of it. I steadied my pace and suckled gently back and forth on just the head. A familiar voice on the other side of the wall responded with “Ahh fuck yeah make me cum” I knew I recognised the voice but I couldn’t quick make out where from.

A few moments later I felt the strangers pelvis start to buck which travelled up his cock making it shudder and twitch then with one powerful contraction a huge jet of cum travelled up the full length of my tongue and ricocheted off my oesophagus which was followed by jet after jet of cum blasted my tongue and the roof of my mouth, I retched as the first 2 jets caught me off guard so I manoeuvred my tongue in away that it was blocking the jets from reaching my throat. His cock was pulsing like crazy and the underside of his cock was throbbing prominently against my bottom lip causing my sealed mouth to expand and close rhythmically around his cock with the force of the contractions. When I felt his orgasm subsiding I slipped my mouth off of his cock and spat the salty tasting liquid into the bucket which now made a “plop” sound when It landed due to the shallow puddle of semen that had been collected in the container.

The gentleman chuckled then pulled his shrinking member out of the hole and handed over $30 before turning to leave down the corridor, I turned to look at the clock and saw that the time was 02:08 and closed the hatch up for the evening. I counted out $510 and tucked the bills neatly away in my purse, I inspected the content of the bucket and almost gagged at the strong odour emanating from within it. I tipped the contents into the sink provided and rinsed it down the basin. After gathering my belongings I headed out of the room and down the corridor and stopped outside Rick’s office. I knocked twice and received no answer so headed towards the exit before stopping to ask one of the security personnel in the building if they had seen Rick to which he responded that the last time he saw him he was walking away from the gloryhole booth, I didn’t think much of it and climbed into my car and sent the following text to Rick “Hey Rick, had a good first day and made a nice bit of money, I tried to stop by your office to thank you for the opportunity but you wasn’t there so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow during my Saturday shift” Two minutes later my phone vibrated and my screen lit up with the following text “Yeah no problem you thanked me enough tonight. You know the last guy you serviced? Yeah that was me. I needed to know if you were as good as all the guys were making out and you were better than I imagined, leave it to me, I’ll get your name out there and you will be making twice as much as you made tonight with a few months of hard work” In a way I felt used as my employer had just taken advantage of me without me even knowing and didnt even seem to care or see an issue but I guess it was similar to a casting couch in porn. How else would they know if you’re the real deal? I can imagine loads of girls brag about being able to do anything then crumble when it’s time to perform. I put my feelings aside and agreed by text to allow Rick to help build my clientele and ended the conversation with “See you tomorrow at 21:20 Boss” and continued my drive home $500 richer.

End of part 1

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