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Taking a boys V card, written by both hubby and wi

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Taking a boys V card, written by both hubby and wi
My wife Erin has an insatiable appetite for sex. She loves men and women alike, but has a real hunger for younger men and for big cocks. Unfortunately you never know what the cock is going to be like until you’re in the act so that part is always a roll of the dice.

She’s a very attractive MILF, ginger turning red and white, mid 40’s with a tight bum, C-cup firm breasts and a small waist and she gets a lot of looks from hungry men.

This story happened almost 2 years ago. We were out playing some pool at a local hall and I noticed Erin checking out 2 young boys who were playing at a nearby table. They looked to be around 18 or so and she overheard them chatting and caught what she thought was a British accent from one of them. We kept playing and she had a few drinks and was staring often and I’d catch them taking looks at her also. After a while I suggested to her that she give them her number if she was interested. She protested at first, then with a bit of prompting, as we were leaving she wrote her number down and dropped the note on the boys table on our way out the door.

We heard nothing back from the boys and Erin was a bit disappointed but then after almost a month one of them messaged her, explaining who he was. He was a local boy named Adrian and the boy with the accent was his cousin who had been visiting at the time. Adrian was very nervous about messaging her which is why it took him so long to do it. They chatted back and forth for a bit, and he got a little more confident as the messages continued. As it turned out, Adrian was a virgin and u******e, but only a couple of weeks from being legal so Erin told him that they couldn’t get together until he was legal, offering to give him a special birthday present. Adrian anxiously agreed, but wanted to meet with Erin and discuss come concerns he had beforehand.

A few days later they agreed to meet in a park nearby to go for a walk and discuss things. When Erin got there Adrian was already there waiting. Erin and I have an agreement that she can go out with guys but nothing sexual is to happen unless I can be there to see it or she films it for me to watch with her later. We’ve made some rare exceptions but that’s the general rule.

I wasn’t with them for their walk so this next part is as written by Erin.

I got to the park and saw Adrian waiting on a bench. I went to him and he stood and gave me a hug. We started to chat and decided to take a stroll down the walking trail. He was as cute as I’d remembered although his cousin had been the better looking of the two. He was very nervous and wanted to discuss something but didn’t come right out with it so to put him at ease I asked questions about daily things like work and school. We ended up walking quite a distance and finally came across a bench and took a seat. Finally Adrian got up the courage to explain that because he was a virgin and had major concerns regarding safe sex and that he really had no idea what he’d be doing if we had sex. I wanted to laugh but kept my composure güvenilir bahis as I didn’t want to upset him. I assured him that I was clean and tested regularly, and that if he’d ever watched a porno, he had a pretty good idea of what to do but that I’d take things easy with him if he wanted. He was still very nervous, trembling a bit so I asked him if he’d like to kiss me now to break the ice. He said that he would like to so we leaned into each other and kissed. He was very inexperienced and was still trembling. We kissed more and he started to get the hang of it with our tongues now meeting as we kissed. He broke the kiss and looked at me, then kissed me again, it was like he was gaining confidence which is exactly what I was hoping for. I lost track of time but this must have gone on for 5 to 10 minutes before I felt him put a shaking hand on my thigh. I wasn’t expecting this because we had said we’d wait for his birthday before doing anything even if he was up for it but I took this as a sign that he was getting comfortable with me. His hand was shaking and I put my hand on it to assure him he was okay, then I guided his hand up to my breast. Adrian’s breathing now got quicker with excitement. I thought it best to slow him down now so I broke the kiss. Good timing as someone was just coming into sight down the trail. Once they were gone I looked at Adrian and asked “so you’ve never done anything sexual with a girl?” He assured me that he had not, but that he was looking forward to it. He then planted his lips back on mine and his hand back on my breast. So much for slowing him down!

He was rough, squeezing my breast hard but not so hard that it hurt. Then he took his hand off my breast and kept kissing. What I didn’t realize was what he was doing with his hand. Momentarily he broke the kiss, then leaned into my ear and whispered “would you please kiss it?” I looked him in his eyes, they were filled with a look of desperation, then he glanced downward and my eyes followed his to his groin. He had undone his pants and his cock was out and very erect. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with what I saw. His cock was small, about 5 inches long and fairly thin but was dripping with precum. Here I’d just spent over an hour with him trying to build his confidence and now I was in a position where I should be saying no to him but I knew that doing so would crush him. “Adrian, you’re not legal age yet!” I scolded him. He replied “Only by days, and I swear I won’t tell anyone! Please! I want this so badly!”

Doing anything sexual with him would completely violate the rules that hubby and I have but this was a very difficult situation. If I said no to Adrian, it would crush him. If I said yes, I’d break the trust I had with my husband. I thought about it for a few seconds and hoped that my husband would understand if I explained it to him so in my moment of weakness I looked up and down the trail, then said “If you tell anyone, I’ll deny it. You’re putting me in a very bad position! Keep your eyes peeled for anyone coming along the trail.” canlı casino Adrian’s face lit up with a huge smile and he leaned back slightly. I shifted my bum away from him and I bent over and licked the tip of his cock, tasting his sweet precum, then sucked him into my mouth entirely. I worked up and down on him, forcing my tongue hard against the underside of his hard shaft. Adrian was moaning quietly and not moving at all. I pulled my mouth from his cock and looked up at him and said “This has to be quick, we can’t get caught, so please hurry up.” He replied “I’m not sure how I should finish.” I answered back “however you want”. He nodded at me and I resumed my oral assault. Within 30 seconds I could hear his breathing speed up and felt his little cock swelling, then without further warning he bucked his hips upwards and spewed his virgin seed into my mouth. It was very sweet tasting and there wasn’t much of it but I swallowed it all down and licked him clean before releasing him from my mouth. He quickly put it away and did his pants back up, then thanked me breathlessly. I said, “If you think that’s fun, wait until your birthday.” He nodded, then answered “I can’t wait”.

We made the long walk back, talking about everything except sex. When I got home I filled my hubby in on the details. At first he was upset with me for blowing Adrian but then once he had time to absorb the details he calmed down, then smiled and asked when the big day was. I told him it was in 3 days, on Thursday and that Adrian would be coming here at noon that day.

The few days passed without a word from Adrian until Thursday morning when I received a text asking my address. I gave it to him along with directions. He asked if he should bring anything and I replied no. He arrived about 5 minutes late. I had freshly showered and shaved my pussy for his arrival. When he knocked on the door I answered wearing only a mini skirt and a stretch tank top without a bra. Adrian was looking at me with bulging eyes and I took his hand and lead him into the house. His hand was shaking and sweaty and he didn’t say anything. He was truly terrified. I asked “are you sure you want to do this?” He nodded enthusiastically so I told him to follow me as I walked to our guest room. Adrian had no idea but my hubby was sitting on a chair in our guest closet where he could watch and enjoy the show. Once in the room I turned to face Adrian and kissed him. We did this only for a couple of minutes before he broke off and looked at me again. “What now?” he asked. This k** really had no idea what to do. “Take your clothes off” I instructed. He very quickly pulled off his shirt, then dropped his pants and boxers on the floor. He really wasn’t much to write home about. He had a young body and not overweight but lacking any real tone or definition and his cock was as I remembered, small and thin but we were past the point of no return now. I pulled my shirt up and off, revealing my tits to him. His mouth opened in awe but he remained frozen so I stepped to him, kissed him, then dropped to my knees kaçak casino and took him in my mouth again. This time he moaned a bit, letting me know he was enjoying my efforts. I’d only been down there for about a minute when again, and without warning, he spewed into my mouth. He took me completely by surprise this time and I almost choked on his load before swallowing it. He had more cum this time, no doubt due to his excitement. I stood and said “you should always warn a girl that you’re about to cum”. He said he was sorry but I told him it was okay. His cock was still hard which was a good sign. I asked “Do you still want to lose your virginity to me?” Adrian nodded and replied “Yes please!”

I climbed onto the bed on my back and told Adrian to come to me. He climbed up onto the bed, then asked “Should I use a condom?” I told him it was up to him but reminded him that I was clean. He asked “So I can’t catch any diseases, and I can’t get you pregnant?” I answered, “No and no. Now do you want me?” He nodded, then crawled on his knees toward my feet. I spread my legs and he crawled between them until he laid on top of me. We kissed again, and after a minute he said “I don’t know what to do”. This k** really was sheltered. I didn’t think there were boys his age who hadn’t watched enough porn to know how to have sex with a woman. I smiled and told him that it was okay, “You just need to slide your cock into me. “ I then felt his cock trying to find my opening. I reached between us and guided him forward and with a thrust of his hips he entered me and was no longer a virgin. “Ohhhhh that feels good” he moaned out. I smiled at him and fibbed, “You feel great”. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling a whole lot but the heat and contact still felt good, and knowing I was taking his virginity felt even better. He was pumping pretty quickly for a couple of minutes before pulling out and asking, “Can we do it from behind?” I smiled and flipped over onto my hands and knees, presenting my pussy to him. He quickly got behind me and started to thrust blindly so I guided him back into my entrance as he pushed in again. He fucked me like that for another couple of minutes before stopping inside and asking “Am I allowed to finish in you?” I answered “I’d be disappointed if you didn’t”. Now he went for it, pumping hard and fast. I loved his youthful enthusiasm. Within seconds he tensed up and I felt his cock twitching inside me as he delivered his first load into a woman’s pussy.

He quickly got off the bed and dressed, then thanked me and gave me a quick kiss. I walked him to the door nude, his young semen running down the inside of my leg. He kissed me again and I wished him a Happy Birthday, then he left. I returned to the room to see my hubby now laying on the bed naked with his cock pointing up “You ready for a man now?” he asked. I needed no prompting as I quickly mounted him, Adrian’s semen lubricating us nicely. We fucked for the next hour or so until I had another load in me.

I never contacted Adrian again. He was fun but not really my thing. I like them young but I also like a good sized cock and some confidence behind it so I left the relationship content that I’d had some fun and he’d be better prepared for the first woman closer to his age who he has a serious relationship with.

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