Haziran 5, 2023

Ms. Flowers – Part 2

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Ms. Flowers – Part 2
It’s okay baby doll. Just relax and do what your told to do. It is always difficult the first time”, your mother says.

“But mommy, he’s has me so exposed! To all those people…and to you!”

Your mother starts to gentle rub your bottom while I continue to move my fingers up and around the lips of your cunt.

“It will all be okay. Although the waiting room is pretty full and they are all watching your examination. You can’t say you don’t like it honey. The stream of juices from you is forming a puddle on the floor.”

“Mommy, all those people will see my most secret parts. They will learn my secret desires.”

“I know honey. None of them mind and they think you are very lovely and brave. Even your best friend, Claudia has flown in and is watching you intently.”

My hand feels your cunt juices thicken and drip on the floor when bahis siteleri you hear your friend is watching. I take the opportunity to move three of my middle fingers into your slit.

You groan and say, “Mommy, he has my pussy full. I can feel him wiggling his fingers inside me. I’ve never felt anything like that”. You begin trying to push back in my fingers so your pussy gets stimulated more.

“Relax little flower,” I say. Don’t fight it. Just let me continue my testing.” I begin to move my three fingers in and out steadily.

“Mrs. Flowers, would you please hold the basin under your daughter and near her cunt so that all of the juices are caught? We will need those later on.”

You feel you mother moving a plastic basin under your exposed cunt. “That’s great Mrs Flowers.”

Your mother responds, “I hope it’s okay that my daughters pussy juices bahis şirketleri are on my hand and fingers.”

I tell her, “It’s okay. Now if you could hold part her pussy lips apart a little so I can begin to milk her clit.”

You immediately raise your head and say “you’re going to milk me? In front of my mother?”

“Oh yes,” I respond. “But I am also going to be working your squirt button so you completely empty all your cum juices into the container your mother is holding.”

You moan, “my squirt button? You are going to teach me where my squirt button is? Oh my god. Oh god.”

Then Claudia strokes your hair as she comes around the table. “My love, you are doing so well. I am so proud that you are here and undergoing thr testing.”

”Oh Claudia. I am glad you are here with me. I’ve wanted to see you again for so long. It’s been so long since..you illegal bahis know…”

I see a little grin on Claudia’s face, “Since when honey?”

I can see you’re feelining embarrasses as your face turn red and you look away. You voice drops to a near whisper. “You know…Since we played around.”

Claudia uses her regular voice and responds, “You mean when you sucked my cunt until I came on your tongue and in your mouth”?

You nod your head yes but Claudia wants you to say it.

Closing your eyes you look up at the ceiling and say loud enough for everyone to hear, “I’ve missed you ever since you feed my your cunt and gave me all your pussy juices. I’ve missed your fingers and lips on my nipples and pussy lips.”

“Oh honey”, your mother says.”Claudia said you did a very fine job for your first time. Did you like her nursing on you while she played with your pussy”

“Yes mommy. I loved my playtime”.

Claudia smiles and then announces to everyone that she will be milking your nipples at the same time. “And, you know, you can’t release that squirt until you are granted permission.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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