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Sweet innocence

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Sweet innocence
Author’s note:
This is a story in two parts, it is fiction, any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely accidental. All characters are eighteen years of age or older at the time of any sexual activity.

Jack Taylor sat in his armchair, picking through a box of old photographs. This was something he tended to do a lot these days now that he was on his own.

At sixty nine years of age he was still active, at least he had been up until that awful day two years before when Angela the love of his life had tripped and stumbled. He relived that moment time and time again, how she had instinctively reached out for him as she fell, how their hands had brushed, if only he had managed to grab her and pull her back as she toppled off the kerb directly into the path of the lorry. He could still hear the sickening thud as she made contact with the front of the lorry before falling and disappearing under the front wheel.

Tears streamed down his face as he looked through the old photos. It was Tuesday, the worst day of the week for him, although lately it had also become the best day.

Tuesdays had always been shopping day. Regardless of the weather, it was the day he and Angela went to town, the little market town that had been their home all their lives. The routine was the same every week. Park the car, then a saunter round the outdoor market, probably bumping into a few of their many friends and passing the time. Then to the big fish and chip shop in the middle of the town square. Haddock, chips and mushy peas, bread and butter and a cup of tea, it had been the same meal for as long as he could remember, it was their weekly treat.

Then it was off to the supermarket where they would stroll the aisles, looking at all the different, exotic choices on offer as they filled their trolley with virtually the same items every week. If it was a special week, they would pick up a packet containing two egg custard tarts, they would be for tea when they got home.

Their whole life had been routine, they were both comfortable with routine, they were both very comfortable with each other, but then they should be, they had been together since primary school, both growing up on the same street, Angela had declared him to be her boyfriend at the ripe old age of ten, at her birthday party, when she had pulled him into a corner and kissed him. After that they had been inseparable, all through secondary school, then when Jack had left school to start his engineering apprenticeship and Angela had begun her job in an estate agent.

Most people were so used to them being together, they often assumed they were married, even though no-one could remember the wedding. Jack had his own opinion on marrying Angela, whilst he was convinced that there would never be another woman in his life, he was determined that it was his duty to be able to offer her a secure life which included a home of their own.

The turning point came six months after he had qualified as an engineer at twenty-one. He was working on a new contract for the company when he came up with an idea that could save them a considerable amount of money. The boss of the company called him into the office to congratulate him, presenting him with a cheque for one thousand pounds as a show of appreciation. David had never seen so much money, by that time Angela was getting to the stage where she wanted to settle down and start a family of her own.

Sex had never really been part of their relationship, for no other reason than they had grown up comfortable with each other rather than a passionate relationship. Not that either of them were prudes, there had been a few fumbling in Jack’s old banger of a car once he had passed his driving test, but it had been two weeks after her eighteenth birthday when Angela had taken his hand and guided it under her sweater where he encountered her naked breast for the first time.

Jack had always been a bit self conscious about his penis, not because it was particularly small, in fact it was the opposite. From an early age he had noticed that his penis was considerably larger than the other boys when they were showering and changing after sports. There were often ribald comments from some of the boys which generally Jack managed to laugh off.

This continued into his late teens when he became a member of the local football team. He quickly acquired the nickname DD, short for donkey dick. There were many occasions when Angela asked him what DD stood for, Jack always replying that he wasn’t sure how it had originated, she had also mentioned it when they were socialising with other members of the team with their girlfriends, her inquiry always being met with howls of laughter but never any actual explanation. It was after one such evening that Jack’s best friend Gary took him aside.

“Does Angela really not know what DD stands for?” He asked.

“No,” Jack replied, “l’ve always sort of glossed over it.”

“Does she not know your cock is bigger than normal?”

“She’s never seen it,” Jack said, rather embarrassed.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never had sex,” Gary said, amazed at the revelation, “this is nineteen sixty nine for Christ’s sake, not Victorian times. What about other girls, haven’t they passed on the message, l can’t believe someone hasn’t told her.”

“There haven’t been any other girls,” Jack replied, “l’ve only ever had Angela as a girlfriend.”

“Are you trying to tell me you’re a virgin?” Gary blurted out, “you have to be k**ding me, a cock like that and you’re still a virgin, fucking hell mate, l wish l had one like that, l would have fucked every girl in town.”

“Angela’s not like that,” Jack protested, “we’re waiting till we’re married.”

“Don’t get me wrong mate,” Gary laughed, “l mean she is a lovely girl, there’s a queue of us would be lining up if you two ever split, but what a waste mate, have you ever seen her naked?”

“No,” Jack replied.

“What…never sucked her tits?”

“No, of course not,” Jack said indignantly, “she’s not like that, we just kiss and…”

“And what?”

“Nothing,” Jack said blushing.

“Go on, tell me.”

“I have touched her…you know…her boob, under her sweater.”

“Under her bra or over?” Gary insisted.

“She wasn’t wearing one,” Jack replied.

“Oh for fuck’s sake mate, how many signals do you want?” Gary was almost screaming in frustration.

“What do you mean?” Jack was beginning to wish he had never got into this conversation.

“Look mate,” Gary tried to stay calm, “she must have taken her bra off before she let you touch her, so she must have planned it. Can’t you see, she wants you to take it further, she’s fucking gagging for it mate, you have to fuck her.”

“Shut up!” Jack stopped him, “l won’t have you talking about her like that, just because you’re knocking about with some cheap tart, don’t you dare try to class Angela as a tart.”

“I’m sorry mate,” Gary apologised, “l didn’t mean to insult her or you, you’re my mate and she is gorgeous, but you can’t wait till your wedding night mate, it will be a disaster.”

“What do you mean?”

“Christ, l can’t believe l’m giving you a sex education class,” Gary laughed. “It’s simple mate, you try putting that thing inside her for the first time when you’re both high on emotion from the wedding, you’re going to do some damage. That monster you’ve got is going to be painful for her the first time, if you get carried away and start humping into her you’re going to put her off sex for good. I know it sounds clinical but you have to get her used to it, maybe not even taking it to ejaculation but just easing it into her slowly so she knows what it’s going to feel like. Believe me mate, l’m telling you this because l care about you both, you’re a great couple, l want you to be happy, but a good sex life is a big part of a happy marriage.”

“I don’t know Gary,” Jack said, “l appreciate you’re only trying to help but we’ve never really discussed it, apart from both agreeing we would wait.”

“That’s because she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for,” Gary replied, “you’re fucking huge mate, l mean what are you when you have a hard on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Size mate,” Gary continued, “l mean l’ve only ever seen you soft and you must be almost ten inches and almost as thick as a girl’s wrist, by the time it’s hard mate it’s going to be like a fucking tree trunk.”

The conversation got Jack thinking, he could see the sense in what Gary had said, he never wanted to hurt Angela, he supposed he had always assumed things would be perfect, as if by magic.

It was three days later, late evening, in Jack’s car in the car park at the top of the hill overlooking the town. It was one of their regular spots for a kiss and a cuddle.

“Have you thought about what happens on our wedding night?” Jack said nervously.

“What do you mean?” She replied, “you mean when we make love?”

“Yes,” he said, “have you ever thought it might be a good idea if we did it before then so that we sort of know what we’re doing.”
“Well l’ve thought about it obviously,” she said, “but l thought you wanted us to wait until we were married.”

“Well yes,” he said hurriedly, “it’s just that some of the lads say that l’m sort of big, down there, and that you might find it hurts a bit if you’re not used to it.”

“I’ve never thought about it like that,” she replied, “l’ve spoken about it to Mum and she says it can hurt a bit the first time but if you’re gentle it should be alright. Are you very big then?”

“Well l’m bigger than all the lads in the football team,” he said, “l don’t want to hurt you, Gary says we should practice so that you’re used to it because our wedding night will be very emotional and we don’t want anything to spoil it.”

“Yes but we haven’t decided on a wedding date yet,” she said.

“Hmmmm,” he replied, falling silent.

“Do you want to do it, is that what you want?” She asked.

“Well when Gary said about it it seemed to make sense,” he replied, “but if you don’t want to do it, we’d better leave it.”

“What, you want to do it now?” She said.

“Only if you do,” he replied.

Both of them fell silent for a few minutes.

“How would we do it in this car?” She asked finally.

“In the back l suppose,” he replied, “that couple over there are in the back,” he indicated another car parked in the corner of the car park, “the way their car is bouncing about l think they might be doing it.”

“Let me see it,” she said.

“What?” He replied.

“Your thing silly,” she said.

“You mean my cock?”

“Well yes, of course,” she replied, “let me see how big it is.”

Jack managed to undo his belt and trousers, pushing them down with his underpants, then leaning back so that she could see his flacid cock.

“It does look big,” she said, “does it get bigger when it goes hard, can l touch it?”

“Well yes, l suppose so,” he replied.

Angela reached out tentatively, placing her hand on the warm, soft flesh. She wrapped her fingers round it, only just encircling it. Immediately she felt it pulsate as Jack moaned.

“It moved,” she said, taking her hand away in shock, then watching avidly as the soft flesh began to swell and start to stand rigid.

“Oh my god,” she shrieked, “Look at it getting bigger, can l hold it again.”

She illegal bahis didn’t wait for a reply, just reached out, taking hold of it.

“Look,” she said, “l can’t get my fingers round it now, look it’s still growing. Do all men have one like that?”

“Most men have smaller ones,” he replied, feeling his cock react to the soft warmth of her hand.

“It feels so hard now,” she said, giving it a gentle squeeze, fascinated to feel it pulsate in response.

As it continued to swell, the foreskin began to peel back, revealing the bulbous, purple head.

“Oh my god, that looks huge,” she said, moving her hand up to touch the glistening head. “That is so smooth,” she said, “it feels nice, but it’s very big, will it fit inside me?”

“It must do,” he replied, his breathing getting shallower as her hand kept squeezing his cock.

After a few moments, Angela made a move to climb over her seat into the back of the car. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts she began to giggle. Slumping back in her seat she turned to him. “This is not going to work,” she said, “even if l get back there, you are six foot six you are never going to do it.”

“I suppose not,” he agreed.

“Look,” she said, “Mum and Dad usually go to the pictures on Saturday nights, why don’t you come round to my place and we will do it there.”

“Are you sure,” he replied, “l don’t want to force you, it’s not something you have to do.”

“If it’s something that could ruin our wedding, we have to do it,” she said. She looked at her watch. “You had better take me home anyway, it’s getting late, Mum and Dad will be worried.”

Jack started to pull up his pants and trousers.

“How do you get that soft again?” Angela asked, indicating his cock still standing rigid.

“Usually l have to stroke it until l cum,” he replied.

“Can l watch,” she said.

“Okay, pass me some tissues.”

Angela opened the glove compartment and took out a wad of tissues, passing them to him then watching closely as he started to stroke his cock. She was fascinated to see how his foreskin moved back and fore over the shiny head, his hand started to move quicker.

“Can l do it?” She said.

Jack moved his hand away, allowing her to take hold of him.

“It’s too big for me to get my hand right round it, does that matter?” She said as she started to move her hand up and down his shaft the way he had, loving the way the purple head of his cock kept appearing and disappearing as she drew his foreskin over it.

“Does it hurt if l do it harder?” She said, feeling his shaft pulsating as she quickened her pace.

“N….no….that’s good,” he stammered, thinking that of all the times he had done this on his own it had never felt as good as it did this time, Angela’s hand gripping him tight as she jerked up and down on hi cock. “I’m….l’m…..l’m going to cum,” he said breathlessly.

“Do l have to srop?” She said.

“No…no…no…don’t stop….keep going, l love you.”

“I love you Jack, you know l do….ooooo!” She let out a squeal as suddenly she felt his cock convulse, it seemed to swell even bigger, then, as Jack let out a deep moan, a stream of white liquid shot out of the eye at the end of his cock, it narrowly missed her face, curling up into the air and landing on his chest. Quickly she covered the end of his cock with the tissues with her other hand, not wanting to release her hold as she felt it pumping more and more of the white stuff into the tissue.

She handed him another wad of tissues, he took them and cleaned himself while she took some more and dabbed at the wet patch on his shirt.

“Wow, that was amazing,” she giggled, “can we do it again?”

“Not straight away,” he laughed, “l’m not a machine.”

“I don’t know,” she sulked, “l feel so stupid not knowing about these things, l hear my friends talking about things, l don’t know what they’re on about, they laugh at me for not knowing anything but how am l supposed to know if nobody tells me.”

“Don’t get upset,” he said, leaning over and kissing her, “we’re both learning together, l’ve never done that before either, it’s not your fault if you don’t know anything, we can have fun learning together.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be doing it with one of the other girls that know what to do?”

“Don’t be silly Ange,” he said, tucking himself back into his trousers and zipping up, “l love you, l never want anyone else, we will learn together.”

Jack was increasingly nervous as he weekend approached. On Friday evening he decided he had to ask Gary for advice.

“Look mate,” Gary said after Jack had told him what the plan was and how nervous he was, wanting to make it a pleasurable expense for both of them. “Everybody wishes you two well, no-one has a bad word to say about either of you, apart from wondering when you are going to finally put a wedding ring on her finger. It’s obvious how much in love you both are, just take it slow, be gentle with her, remember you are a lot bigger than most men, just be gentle with her.”

“Thanks mate,” Jack said, feeling reassured, “you won’t tell anyone will you.”

“Don’t worry mate,” Gary replied, “l’m not a gossip, l won’t be telling anyone.”

Gary had told him to visit the barber on Saturday morning, he told him that was the best place to get condoms. “Don’t go to the chemist,” he said, “Mrs. Marshall works in there, she is a terrible gossip.”

Jack did visit the barber, after having his haircut, Mr. Owen sensed his nervousness, slyly slipping a packet of three condoms to him as he paid.

That evening he arrived at Angela’s house just as her parents were leaving. They were very fond of Jack and welcomed him, Angela having told them they intended to spend the evening watching tv and eating popcorn.

They waited ten minutes to ensure her parents hadn’t forgotten something then Angela took Jack’s hand, leading him up the stairs. They reached her bedroom door, Angela told him to go in and get undressed, she would be in in a moment.

Jack quickly undressed, disputing with himself whether he should lie on the bed or get under the quilt. He decided best to get under the quilt, that way his rigid erection would not be so obvious.

A few moments later, Angela entered the room, the sight of her took his breath away. She was totally naked, his eyes devoured her. Immediately drawn to her breasts, full and firm, tipped with rosy pink nipples encircled by equally pink areoles. His eyes travelled down her body, the inward curve to her waist, flairing out again to her hips, her flat tummy leading to the whispy blonde curls of pubic hair, then down to her thighs, slightly parted, tapering down to perfect legs.

“Well,” she said, turning to give him a view of her firm, round buttocks, the vision of a peach immediately entered his mind. “What do you think, will l do,” she smiled.

“You are beautiful,” he said, “l can’t imagine anyone being more beautiful, l do love you.”

“I love you too,” she said, approaching the bed, “shift over, l want a warm patch when l get in,” she smiled.

Once under the quilt, he took her into his arms, relishing the feel of her naked body pressed against him. Her hand went down, reaching for his rigid penis.

“I don’t want to wait,” she whispered, “want you now.”

Gary had told Jack how to deal with the condom, his first effort prove unsuccessful as his nervousness cause him to split it as he tried to put it over the head of his penis.

“How many have you got?” She asked.

“Only three,” he replied.

“Here,” she said, pushing the quilt away and kneeling beside him, “let me see if l can do it.”

She too hold of it, placing it at the head of his penis then slowly rolling it down the shaft.

“It’s very tight,” she said, “l hope it doesn’t split.”

“I don’t know if they make bigger ones,” he replied.

“There,” she said once it was in place, “it only goes two thirds of the way down, you’ll have to be gentle, we don’t want it to come off.”

“Do you want to wait until l see if l can get bigger ones,” he said, “we can’t risk you getting pregnant.”

“No, l’m not waiting now,” she replied, “just be gentle with me, we’ll just have to hope for the best, it doesn’t matter if you don’t cum, l can do you with my hand after, l need to get you inside me so that l know if l can take it comfortably.”

Angela rolled away, lying on her back, her legs parted, knees bent.

“Do you want me to get you wet first?” He asked, kneeling between her thighs.

“I’ve been wet all day, l should be okay,” she replied.

Jack placed the head of his cock against her labia, inching forward until half of the head had parted her lips, he watched her face as her pushed in another inch.

She smiled up at him nervously, feeling him travel deeper inside until he stopped, feeling an obstruction.

“Are you ready?” Jack said, “l love you.”

Angela hesitated a moment, then gave a slight nod.

Jack tried to make sure he didn’t push too hard, he only wanted to pass through that barrier. He felt the resistance, then with one more movement he felt it give way.

Angela gave a strangled cry as she felt her hymen break.

Jack stopped, concerned that he was hurting her.

“Just wait,” she said tearfully, “don’t pull out, just wait, let me relax.”

Jack waited, holding his weight above her, determined to wait for her signal.

She looked into his eyes, a nervous smile. “Now slowly,” she said.

Jack eased himself further into her, stopping when he saw her flinch.

“It feels so big,” she said, “l can feel it stretching me. How much further?”

“It’s just over half way,” he said, “do you want me to pull out.”

“No, not yet, just stay there for a bit, let me get used to it, l want to be able to take it.”

“Not all of it sweetheart,” he replied, “not the first time, let me pull out.”

“No,” she pleaded, “try a little bit more, oh god it feels so big, l want it to feel good.”

“Don’t rush it baby, l love you,” he said easing a little further inside her, the warmth of her body burning his cock, he had to fight to resist the urge to plunge deeper. He saw her wince with pain, he stopped, he felt so much love for her at that moment.

“I don’t think l can take any more this time,” she said, “l’m sorry…l’m really sorry…l wanted it to be perfect.”

Slowly he withdrew, seeing her relax as he vacated her. Once completely out, he laid beside her, holding her.

“I’m sorry Jack,” she said tearfully, “l led you on, l shouldn’t have promised l could take you, now l’ve messed everything up, l’m so sorry.”

“Shush baby,” he said, kissing her, “we’re both learning, l’ve never done it before either, it’s going to take time baby, we have plenty of time, we have the rest of our lives.”

“But if l can’t take you you’ll find someone else,” she sobbed, “l feel so stupid, l should be able to take you, is there something wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you baby,” he said, kissing her tear stained cheeks, “you’re perfect, l’m never going to want anyone else.”

“Do you want me to finish you?” She said, reaching for his cock, shuddering when she contacted the condom. “Oh l hate this thing,” she said, kneeling by his side to remove the sheath from his cock.

“Oh, there’s blood on it,” she said, “is there any on the sheet?”

She jumped up, inspecting the sheet where she had been lying, relieved to find that there bedava bonus veren siteler was no blood there. “I need to go and clean up,” she said, getting off the bed, “can you get rid of that thing, wrap it up in tissues or something, l’ll put it in the rubbish bin later.”

Angela went off to the bathroom while Jack removed the condom and wrapped it in tissues.

They lay together in each other’s arms for a while, Angela offered again to bring him to orgasm, he reassured her that he would rather just hold her, he was aware that she was upset with herself, that she felt she had failed him, he wanted her to know that he still loved her.

“I don’t want to use those things again,” she said, “they are disgusting.”

“What are we going to use then,” he replied, “we can’t risk you getting pregnant, perhaps we should wait until we’re married.”
“No,” she said adamantly, “l know we were doing it to get rid of my virginity, and it did hurt a bit, but when you were still inside me it felt good, l could feel it pulsating, as if l had captured your heart.”

“You captured that year’s ago,” he smiled, kissing her forehead, “l’m your prisoner and l never want to escape.”

“I love you too,” she said, snuggling against his chest. “I’ve decided to go to the doctor and get him to give me the pill, l’m over eighteen now so l don’t need my parent’s permission, the trouble is, it will take time before l’m safe, we won’t be able to do it again until then, l can still use my hand though.”

“You don’t have to,” he said.

“But l want to,” she replied, rolling on top of him then kneeling astride him sitting on his thighs, she took hold of his cock with both hands. “I think he’s beautiful,” she said, stroking him gently, smiling when she saw an immediate reaction. “You like that don’t you?”

“Of course l do,” he replied, “but it’s not a condition, you only do what you want, if you don’t want to do it it’s not a big deal.”

“No, l want to,” she insisted, “look how he reacts, he’s so gorgeous, and he felt so good inside me, what if we try again now, let me stay on top then l can control it.”

“Only if we use this,” he said, reaching for his last condom on the bedside table, “l’m not risking getting you pregnant, l almost came last time, you know what people say about girls who get pregnant before they get married, l’m not having people saying those things about you.”

“I can’t have that thing,” she indicated the condom, “it’s disgusting and it feels horrible, l want to feel this inside me,” she squeezed his cock. “Ooo look,” she said, seeing a bead of pre cum oozing from the eye of his cock, “it looks almost clear, not like the white stuff.”

She drew her fingers over the head of his penis, then looked at them, covered in the sticky substance.

“I’ve heard some of the girls say their boyfriends put their penis’s into their mouths, do you want me to do that.”

Jack was already struggling to control his breathing with the sensations she was causing as she manipulated his cock. He had read about women taking cocks into their mouths in magazines, the thought that his beautiful Angela was prepared to do it for him almost sent him over the top.

“I wonder what it tastes like,” she said, squeezing his cock again, forcing more of the pre cum to ooze from him. Again she coated her fingers with it, looking closely at her glistening fingers. She put out her tongue, tentatively touching her fingers but not satisfied that she could actually taste properly she put her fingers into her mouth. “Mmmm, it tastes a bit salty,” she said, “not unpleasant though, can l taste it properly?”

“You don’t have to,” he replied, thinking his brain was about to burst as she continued stroking and manipulating his cock.

“But l want to,” she replied, “it’s so big though, l don’t know how much l can take.”
“Be careful,” he said, “l might cum.”

“Just a little taste then,” she said, sliding backwards then stooping, bringing her mouth down towards his cock.

Jack was in torment, could this possibly be happening to him, when he read about other women doing this they had always been the sort of women that he would have described as cheap, but here was his beautiful Angela, he could feel her breath on his cock, he wanted to touch her but afraid it would break the spell. Then came the electric shock as her tongue made contact with the head of his cock, lifting a bead of pre cum then tasting it. Jack groaned in frustration as he felt the churning in his gut.

“Was that good,” she smiled at him, “l thought it would taste nasty but it doesn’t, can l do it again?”

Jack could only nod, then watch in fascination as she bent forward again, this time taking as much as she could, he watched her mouth stretch wide as the bulbous head disappeared. She held his shaft with both hands as she felt the power and strength in his erection, felt it throbbing against the roof of her mouth.

Jack knew he could wait no longer, luckily, as he went to push her away, she took the hint, moving her mouth away just as the first ribbon of thick cum shot out of his cock, firing into the air before landing on his chest and tummy.

Angela shrieked and giggled as she held his cock, feeling the violent spasms as stream after stream of the thick white liquid shot into the air. “Wow!” She giggled, “wow that is so beautiful, look how much there is, it keeps coming, l can feel it rising up your cock.”

Jack had never experienced an orgasm like it, his hips bucked and jerked as the spasms whacked through his body, his eyes locked with Angela’s as she squeezed his cock encouraging him to produce more. His body was covered in his own cum. Slowly the spasms calmed, Angela still stroking him as if she never wanted him to stop.

Finally she sat back, releasing her hold, satisfied that there was no more of that milky liquid to come.

“Wow, that was amazing,” she said, “l wonder if it tastes the same as the other stuff.”

Jack just led there, exhausted, as she looked down at him, smiling, as she traced one finger across his chest, covering the tip with his semen.

“I feel so sexy doing this, it feels so naughty,” she said as she put the tip of her finger into her mouth, closing her lips around it then taking it out, having licked it clean.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “it tastes the same.”

“You my lady are amazing,” he said, making a grab for her and pulling her down on top of him, kissing her passionately.

“Oooo, now you’ve made me all gooey,” she giggle, squirming about on top of him, “we’d better get showered before Mum and Dad get home.”

That in itself was quite a complicated manoeuvre, the shower cubicle being quite small especially with both of them crammed in there. Showering itself became more a session of giggling and squirming as hands roamed over each other, intermingled with prolonged kissing as the warm water cascaded over them.

Sitting in his armchair in present day, Jack remembered how that one evening had had such a momentous influence on the rest of their life.

Once Angela declared that she was happy that the pill was now working safely, they lost no time in taking every opportunity to continue the job of getting her used to being able to cope with the size of him. In the mean time, Angela had become quite adept at oral sex, loving the feeling of having his penis throbbing in her mouth and it wasn’t long before she decided not to pull away at that last moment, getting an even bigger thrill when she felt the force of his ejaculation hitting the back of her throat.

In return, Jack was determined to learn how to give her pleasure with his mouth, learning from her reaction and encouragement as he explored the most sensitive areas of her vagina. It took him a while to get to the point where he could bring her to orgasm but it was a case of having done it once he tried to make sure he could repeat it regularly.

In fact sex became an integral part of their relationship, simply because it was a time when each was solely interested in giving pleasure to the other. Angela treated sex as fun, more often than not she was the one to instigate it, either by flirting or blatantly exposing herself to him.

For Jack’s part he felt he was in paradise, not only did he have the woman he loved dearly, he had a woman who satisfied him totally sexually.

It took her a while until she was fully comfortable taking him completely, but even then he always tried to be gentle with her. Although he seldom brought her to orgasm by intercourse alone he soon discovered that timing the intercourse after a prolonged session of foreplay could often give her intense orgasms.

This continued for a while, having to steal time together, either in the car or when they could get the house to themselves. Jack was adamant that they could not get married until he was able to provide somewhere for them to live, so many of their contemporaries ended up living with parents when they got married and it was hardly ever an harmonious situation, Jack was determined not to go down that route.

They both saved hard and had accumulated almost £500 in their joint savings account when Jack was called into the office and presented with that £1000 cheque. It came as a complete surprise to both of them, then when, a few days later a house at the end of the street was put up for sale, Jack made an appointment to see his bank manager.

They were both nervous going to the meeting, getting a mortgage at their age was always difficult. They presented all the relevant details to the manager, the cost of the house, their savings and Jack’s wages. The manager refused to take into account Angela’s wages, assuming that she would be unable to work once they had started a family. They sat nervously as he went through all the figures, finally deciding that he was happy that they would be able to meet the repayments and that they would qualify for the mortgage.

It took a few weeks to sort out all the procedures for buying the house, but as soon as the final papers were signed, Jack decided that it was time to settle one more big decision.

Angela guessed his intentions when he announced that he had booked a table for six at the restaurant at the nearby golf club. He invited both his and Angela’s parents. Even though she was sure of his intentions, she was still nervously excited, spending hours preparing, making sure she looked at her utmost best. Jack had arranged taxis to take everyone to the golf club. He had told his parents of his intentions, they were thrilled and his father had helped with the cost of the evening.

The evening was a complete success, the food was superb and then Jack stood, thanking each set of parents for the support they had given over the years he then turned to Angela, dropping to one knee and taking out a small box from his pocket, opening it to display a single diamond ring that had cost him two week’s wages, he asked her if she would do him the honour of becoming his wife.

Angela was overcome by the whole thing, she had dreamt of this moment for years and it was every bit as perfect as she had hoped. Needless to say, she accepted, proudly displaying the ring that Jack slipped onto her finger, both sets of parents declared yatırımsız deneme bonusu their approval, promising their full support.

The next few months were like a whirlwind. They spent every spare minute at their new house, painting and decorating. It was a three bedroomed, semi-detached but as it was the last house on the street it had a generous garden at the front and side together with a very long back garden backing onto open fields. As far as Angela was concerned it was a palace, she was head over heels in love with it, Jack proved to be capable at doing a whole load of alterations that she required, he quickly realised that it was much easier to give in to her requests, especially if he wanted sex. They had sneaked in an inflatable mattress and placed it in the back bedroom and this became part of their routine following an evening decorating.

By the time the wedding day arrived, the house was virtually perfect, the garden still needed attention but Angela was full of plans for that, including a vegetable plot for Jack and space for a few chickens at the bottom of the garden, as for the front and side she intended to turn that into a blaze of colour, she fully intended it to be the best garden in the street.

The wedding itself was perfect, Jack was left open mouthed and speechless when Angela arrived at the church, walking towards him down the aisle, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and he could not control the tears of happiness as he looked at her.

Jack’s friend Gary was best man and did a brilliant job, Angela had two of her friends as bridesmaids.
At the reception, following a very entertaining speech from Gary, he announced that all of the lads in the football team had pooled together, presenting the happy couple with train tickets and details of a hotel reservation for a honeymoon at a top class hotel on the coast of Cornwall.

It could not have been a better start for their marriage and things only seemed to get better as they settled into married life. They relished the fact that they were now together permanently, planning for the future. Every aspect of their life was perfect, none less than their sex life, which, if anything improved now that they had time to enjoy each other fully not having to steal moments together.

Angela had a wicked innocence about her, she loved teasing him, squealing with pleasure when he chased her. One day she had been teasing him relentlessly while he was trying to carry out a repair job on a lawn mower he had bought cheaply. She kept poking him and tickling him until he ended up chasing her round the garden, he chased her into the house where he finally caught her. Instinctively he grabbed her, sitting on a chair in the kitchen he put her face down over his knee. Angela squealed and giggled in protest as he lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties before mildly spanking her round buttocks. He only gave her a couple of light pats before picking her up and putting her over his shoulder, Angela shrieking and giggling as he carried her upstairs.

Reaching the bedroom he threw her onto the bed, looking down at her as she stared back he saw a wild fire in her eyes. In seconds he was naked and as he climbed onto the bed he reached for her panties, tearing them from her and tossing them aside. They were both aware of a change in atmosphere as she opened her legs wide to accept him. Jack placed the head of his penis against the entrance to her vagina as he always did, but this time, instead of his usual gentleness, her pushed into her, giving her his full length in one smooth movement.

Angela let out a deep moan as she felt the size of him take her firmer than ever before, instinctively her legs wrapped around his waist, holding him deep inside her, he picked her up, clamping her to him as he humped his pelvis against her. Angela buried her face in his neck as she felt the intense heat burning inside her, biting his neck as she tried to grind her pelvis against him. It had always felt good with him but this was a new level, this was not their normal lovemaking, this was powerful, this was what they called fucking.

Her nails raked down his back as he laid her back down on the bed, driving into her, still trying to stay aware that he didn’t want to hurt her but he needed to be deep inside her.

“Yes baby,” she said, as if sensing his dilemma, “l want it baby, this time l want it.”

Jack withdrew slightly then thrusted back, she felt him coming and moved to meet him. Time and again they thrashed together, the room was filled with moans and words of encouragement.

Angela felt her orgasm building but knew this was like no other orgasm, there was a raging fire in her belly, every inch of her skin was on fire. “I’m cumming baby,” she cried as the tidal wave inside her gave way.

Jack felt the heat intensify deep inside her, felt her whole body relax for an instant before the vibrations rippled through her, suddenly his cock was on fire, he thrusted once more into her, his cock exploding as he jetted his cum deep into her belly.

“Oh yes baby….yes,” she cried.

His cock was still spasming inside her as he collapsed sideways, she rolling with him to keep him in place. She kissed him passionately as she felt jet after jet of his precious seed filling her.

Slowly he regained control.

“Don’t leave me,” she whispered, clamping him tighter with her legs. She saw tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said finally, between her kisses, “l must have hurt you, l never want to hurt you, l’m so sorry.”

“Shush baby shush,” she whispered, moving as he went to pull out, “no, no stay, stay in me as long as you can, please. You are a gorgeous, gorgeous man and that was the very best sex ever, god my tummy is still turning over.”

“But l must have hurt you,” he said.
“But it wasn’t a bad hurt,” she replied, “l can’t explain it, it just felt so good, l’m not saying we can do it like that every time but promise me you will do it that way again, god l’m still trembling, it was beautiful.”

From then on that set the pattern for their sex life, usually slow and loving, each taking time to make it pleasurable for the other, oral sex became a regular foreplay and at the times when intercourse was not possible due to her period, then she was more than happy to bring him to orgasm with her mouth.

Despite their total devotion to each other, they were not an insular couple, Jack still played football at weekends and Angela had her girls night out at least once a week. Gary and his fiancé Sue were their best friends, Gary was working as a postman and Sue as a secretary in the same engineering factory where Jack worked. Their routine was to meet up every Saturday evening for a meal.

That was their life for the first year, then Jack was called into the boss’s office and told he was being promoted to manager as Mr Jenkins the current manager was about to retire. This meant a significant increase in his salary.

Two weeks later, Angela announced that she intended stopping taking the pill, they had both agreed that they wanted a family and the security of his new position meant that they had no financial worries.

It was mid summer, Jack was owed holidays at work and decided they could afford a week in Cornwall. He found details of a holiday cottage near a beach, which turned out to be every bit as beautiful as they’d hoped.

They spent each day either walking the coastal path and exploring the tiny fishing villages, or relaxing on the beach. Angela had bought a new bikini and Jack thought she looked stunning, an opinion obviously shared by many other men who were constantly sneaking glances at her when their own wives weren’t looking.

On the Wednesday, they walked along the coastal path and discovered a tiny sandy cove, it was a steep climb down but they were both fit and agile and soon found they had the beach to them selves. Jack had their swimming costumes and towels in a small rucksack and started taking them out.

“Can we skinny dip,” Angela said excitedly, “there’s no-one else here, can we, please, it would be such fun.”

The thought of watching his wife running around naked had an instant effect on his cock which Angela was quick to notice.

“I think he would like to see me running around naked,” she giggled, grabbing the bulge in his shorts.

They were both naked in seconds. “Come on,” she squealed, running off towards the sea, “if you catch me you can fuck me.”

Jack laughed, “fuck” had become a favourite word of hers when she was feeling randy, which seemed to be just about all the time, not that Jack was complaining.

He took off after her, his erection bobbing as he ran, he thought he must have looked liked something in one of those lewd cartoons he saw in men’s magazines.

Angela was already waist deep in the surf, splashing and squealing, when he finally caught her, both of them tumbling into an oncoming wave. He managed to regain his feet but Angela had wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. They kissed passionately, Angela felt the head of his penis against her vagina.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “fuck me hard, fuck me deep.”

Jack felt his blood boiling, he wanted her so badly, he started to carry her out of the sea intending to take her under the shelter of the cliff in case anyone was walking above them.

“No, here,” she said, “in the surf like on that film we saw, fuck me here, l need you now, really need you.”

They were at the edge of the surf, Jack laid her down, as she sank down his cock slipped effortlessly into her vagina.

“Don’t be gentle,” she said, kissing him, “l don’t want gentle, take me…take me hard.”

Jack felt himself losing control, thrusting deep into her with his full length.

Angela let out a loud hiss as his pelvis slammed into hers. “Oh god yes,” she yelled, raking her nails down his back, “again, harder.”

Jack began pummelling her cunt, they rolled in the surf, on second he was on top, driving into her, the next she was on top, grinding her pelvis down onto him. Over and over they rolled, their hips humping together, completely immersed in each other.

Eventually Angela screamed out as her orgasm tore through her, Jack felt her go rigid and then relax as the heat of her juices poured over his cock. He slammed into her once more, his cock on fire as he pumped his seed into her.

“Oh my god,” she cried as she came again, clasping him tight, feeling each jet of hot sperm firing into her belly.

His orgasm seemed to last forever, there was pain in his balls as they pumped more and more of his precious seed into her. Angela had her teeth sunk into his neck which only served to drive him in further. Both of their bodies went into spasm, trembling together until the climax finally passed.

They lay still for a few moments, the waves still lapping at them, Angela’s long blonde hair floating like a halo around her head.

“Bravo!” They heard a call, turning their heads to see a small group of people, about six, looking down from the top of the cliff, clapping and waving.

Angela giggled, waving back. Jack rolled off her onto his back, his erection still firm, standing proud like a flag pole.

More cheers and shouts of approval came from above, Angela noticed that there seemed to be more cheering from the females and she laughed. The group then walked off, laughing.

Angela crawled over to him, looking down at him. “I think we just made a b**y,” she said, kissing him, “l love you.”

(to be continued….)

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