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Sweet as Sugar Ch. 02

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Thank You to Literotica and its audience for indulging me in expressing this fantasy erotica. This is the second chapter in the continuation of the Babydoll series. I have been asked by many to continue with these characters and I decided to do so in a new series, instead of continuing on with the old series.

For any new viewers, you can start here and then read the original story Babydoll later as a prequel.

Any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental.


I awoke naturally to a bit of a startle. I wasn’t in my room, as I peered towards a window. Where was I? It took me a second to grasp a conscious thought. As I rolled to my back and felt the presence, I remembered I was in the guest room. Ashley was curled up to my left. ‘Wow,’ I thought in silence, ‘It wasn’t a dream.’

But it also hit me thinking about what my wife was really going to say about all of this. Clearly, the sun had barely broken the horizon. It wasn’t much past sunrise. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was 7:45am. I normally got up before this and I wasn’t comfortable with wrapping my arms back around Ash and having cuddle time. I wasn’t going to be able to sleep.

Stealthfully, I stepped over to where my clothes were and retrieved them. I decided that I was going to go downstairs and get my morning coffee. I quietly donned my clothes from the past evening. There was still a hint of the aroma of sex in the air that awoke me further as I looked towards Ashley who hadn’t made a move. I turned and left the room as quietly as possible.

As I traveled the upstairs hallway, I passed the master bedroom. Gently, I opened the door and peered in. The blinds were completely closed and it was very dark inside with only the light from the behind me slightly illuminating the room. My wife still appeared to be sound asleep. Apparently, she really did need the rest.

My mind bounced around. Would all of this give me plausible deniability? Would we have a ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ scenario at hand? Could I deny sleeping with Ashley? My mind was going a million miles an hour with the implications of the preceding night.

Once downstairs, I was pleasantly satisfied to see that the morning coffee was already awaiting me. We had one of those coffee machines with a timer. I fixed a cup the way I like it and then walked outside to retrieve the morning paper. It was a chilly sub-freezing morning on the first day of the New Year. I headed back inside and decided I would fix some bacon and eggs. Looking in the fridge, I decided to do it all the easy way and started up 6 eggs to boil and placed a slab on bacon on a pan with parchment paper in the oven.

I knew that the girls would eventually make their way downstairs and they might want something to eat. This food would be waiting for them. My mind was anxious for those moments. With breakfast cooking, I headed downstairs to the den, to the fireplace, and went about building a fire. It was something that I usually did on New Year’s Day. We had everything needed to build a fire in place. During Christmas season, I kept a small stack of wood on the rack on the hearth and there were always starter logs, paper, and kindling to get a fire started.

Carefully, I placed a starter log on top of a pile of kindling and crumpled balls of newspaper. Then once it was started, I placed a big log on top. My family would always kid me calling me the fire starter. It had been my job since I was a teen to do this.

I hearkened back to a time in the past when the electricity had gone out. Ashley and I were home alone. Our passion had overcome us and we made love right here at this spot. The fire was just starting to blaze when I was startled by a presence. I turned to see Jill enter the room.

She was wrapped in a quilt as if it were a shawl. She sat down and bundled herself up on the sofa. asking in a matter of fact manner, “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

How could I answer that question? I stood there with a blank expression.

She gave me a twisted half-grin with her neck contorted, “Did You?”

In that moment, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to lie. I was going to have to tell the truth if I said anything. “How can I give you an answer to that question?” I expressly wondered aloud. I didn’t want to say anything that would hurt her.

“With honesty,” she blurted out.

I remained expressionless in my shock at the surreal one-sided conversation.

Jill continued, “When I went with her to San Diego we got very close. We talked a lot. We had some wine and let our hair down. I asked questions and she trusted me enough to give me the answers that I needed.”

I remained perplexed about the manner of the situation.

She continued, “I don’t know that I really liked those answers, but I accepted them because I knew they were from the heart. Your sister is an irresistibly lovely woman.”

I stared at her intently, “… and so are you.”

A smile welled up from her core, ataşehir escort bayan “Thank You, Jim. You’ve never really ever said that before.”

“Yeah I have and you are.” I insisted.

“I know I love you more than you love me, but I know you do love me. You’ve always gotten to have your cake and eat it too. I thought we were past all of this a long time ago, but I have chosen to face the reality of the situation.”

“I think about how sorry I am that I brought you into my mess of a life,”

“We spent nearly half our lives together and I’ve never regretted that.” she involuntarily nodded affirmatively.

“Are you going to leave me?” I questioned as a tear rolled down my cheek.

“Are you going to leave me?” she returned with a frown.

“Hell no, I don’t want to leave you. I honestly love you,” my response couldn’t be construed as anything other than sincere as I went to the sofa and sat next to her. She was special and she held my heart in a way that no other woman could. I reached out and pulled her to me and hugged her tight. “I always want to take care of you.”

“What about Ashley?” she whimpered.

“I can’t help it. I can’t help myself, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.”

“So you expect to continue having your cake and eating it too?” she meekly questioned.

I pulled back leaning back into the back of the sofa, “I dunno, I dunno. I don’t know Jill… It’s not like that. I really don’t know. If this was your test, then you had to know I’d fail it.”

She surprisingly leaned forward into me and caressed and kissed my jaw, “I do love you Jim. I don’t know what I’d do if you left me,” she professed with true sincerity. She wanted a kiss and I returned it.

“You set this up. She told me. You gave permission,” I stepped out on the plank knowing I might get rebuked.

Instead, she hugged me tighter, “I did Jim. You were going to do it anyway, so I gave it my blessing because I love you… And I love Ashley… And I love this family… I need you… Don’t leave me.” I could hear the desperation in her voice.

“I never planned to. I’ve always wanted you. I know I’ve been terrible… greedy,” There it was out in the open. I let it all out as we both spilled our guts to one another. The confessions only made us feel more for one another.

After the revelation, we sat in silence and sipped our coffee. It was a time for reflection and meditation. There was no noise. You could say the silence was deafening. Jill curled up on the sofa, while I sat on the floor finishing the newspaper. I wasn’t getting much out of the paper. I was more just looking through it than reading it.

I heard padding footsteps coming towards us as Ashley entered the scene in her flannel pajamas. I looked towards Jill to read her facial expression and didn’t notice any hostility. I couldn’t exactly get a read on the situation as my wife sat up, “Good morning Jill. There is coffee in the kitchen. Let’s go get some.”

Ash gave me a look, but at that moment, her posture didn’t give signs of euphoria or depression. She and Jill left the room and headed out to the kitchen where I heard their murmuring voices, but couldn’t make out the words. The one thing that I took note of was that there wasn’t any perceptible hostility associated with their interaction.

The girls hung out in the kitchen as I continued to pretend I was reading the paper, which was a joke because my mind was all over the place, not with the words on this printed newspaper. I heard the microwave and assumed that they were eating some food and eventually I heard the movement of chairs at the dinette table, then I heard some giggling. As you can tell, I was curious about what was going on and nervous about being left out.

I decided to go upstairs and take a shower. Like I told you previously, as a married couple leading very busy lives, our sex life had become infrequent and mundane. Of course, all of this was going to inevitably happen. God, the thoughts of all of this made me feel guilty. It made me feel like I was using just using these girls, but I did love them so. I didn’t know what I’d do without them.

In the Deja vu scenario playing out before me, I thought of all the similar situations that had happened in this house. This house was like a living being with the stories that could be told. There were reminders everywhere. As I took my shower, my mind bounced between these female subjects like a yo-yo… Ashley… Jill… even Mama. The steamy water flowed over my head and settled my reality.

Ten minutes later, I stepped out of the shower and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my waist and opened the bathroom door and I headed back to the chest of drawers and put on my lounge pants and t-shirt. I headed back downstairs to deal with my funky situation. standing at the upstairs.

I re-entered the den to discover Jill sitting on the makeshift bed in front of the hearth and the crackling fire. She gave me a slight smile and patted the floor, “Come escort kadıköy have a seat. Ashley’s gone to call your Mom to get them to keep the kids today. We’re gonna have a chat when she gets back.”

“OK,” I’m sure she could read my look of trepidation.

She looked at me, “I had been thinking about all of this. Yesterday I woke up and decided to accept reality. That you needed something more, something I couldn’t deliver.”

Jill paused and continued, “I called Ash and told her that I was going to come to pick her up.”

I sat there completely stunned by the honesty, as she continued laying it all out there.

“I told her that she was going to stay with us last night,” She moved up to me and hugged me and I returned the embrace. “I reminded her of our candid talk we had in California a few months ago… You needed her and if it meant everything, then it meant everything.”

I tipped my head down in embarrassment thinking about it all. Here I was again at a time of revelation. It was positive and negative at the same time. I thought about what I had done to these girls. I truly did love and needed them both. “I am sorry,” I wept at my wife’s vulnerability… “I know I let you down… hell, my whole life I’ve let people down.”

The room was cozy with the fire settling in. I had closed the blinds creating a low-lit ambiance. We sat upon the thick quilt, which I had earlier laid in front of the fireplace mantle. Upon the quilt that covered the floor, a couple of comforters were folded back for a makeshift bed. There were also four pillows to go with the ones that already decorated the room. I had done this on rare occasions in the past.

Ash quietly entered the room shaking her head in response, “It’s my fault too.” She looked at us solemnly as she sat down with us and continued, “The world’s hard to deal with sometimes. It’s let us all down and Jill has been through more…”

Jill clenched her face, then shook her head. Her words acknowledged reality as she took turns looking at each of us while explaining herself, “No, I’m not a victim. You two love each other and I have to accept that. I didn’t understand it and didn’t want to accept it. I can’t pretend it isn’t true. I love you too and I don’t want to lose you… either of you.”

Ashley shocked me further by pulling out a freshly rolled blunt, “I think we could use some of this.” She handed it to me, “Here you go Jimmy. You have the honors.”

I crinkled my brow, “You sure?”

“Hell yeah,” she responded assuredly.

I lit the blunt and took a draw before handing it back, “When did you become so comfortable with the weed?” I wondered aloud.

“Come on now, she smirked, “I’ve been lived in California for ten years Jimmy.”

She handed the joint to Jill who willfully took a good draw before coughing a bit. My wife had partaken in the weed only a handful of times in our relationship. I was surprised that she was participating.

As Jill toked the blunt, Ash let us know, “Mom said she hadn’t been home long. She was glad to keep the kids. She was going to take them out to lunch and shopping.”

As the blunt was passed around I turned and kneeled in front of the fire stoking it, trying to wrap my mind around what was happening before me. Turning back I sat down and leaned back against the pillows arranged in front of the hearth, sitting where the covers of the makeshift bed could cover my feet.

“Well, since that’s taken care of, I think I’m just gonna kick back here and relax with this good buzz going on… maybe take a nap.

Jill sunk down further beside me as Ash continued sitting cross-legged across from us. Each of them took a couple more tokes off the blunt before Jill sat it down on the bricks of the hearth.

Ash leaned in and kissed Jill on the forehead. “You poor girl, I do feel guilty about the trouble we’ve caused you,” she admitted, and Jill smiled softly, taking the sympathy, forgetting about the situation that had led to this point.

“Listen,” Jill reminded her, “I told you to do it. It’s ok. Alright…”

Ash gave a kindly, sympathetic look back towards Jill while speaking in a whimpering, whispering tone, “Why don’t we get comfortable.” A moment later Ash continued, “You can lay on your stomach. I’ll give you a massage,”

Jill’s eyes acknowledged Ash. Nodding and maneuvering herself, she began unbuttoning her nightshirt. Ash reached in to assist as I looked on. I was mesmerized as Jill receded back against the hearth while Ash continued to unbutton Jill’s shirt. When it was loose Jill leaned forward, sliding the cotton material down her arms, pulling it up and over her head before tossing it to the side.

Ash asked, “Don’t you have some massage oil?”

‘Uh-hmm,’ Jill confirmed.

Ash looked towards me, “Jim, do you know where it is?.”

“Yeah,” I was the one who had bought it for her in hopes that it would spice up our love life.

” Will you go get it?” Ash requested.

I had already made the move to bostancı escort retrieve it before the words had been said. I headed to the Master Bedroom’s bathroom and retrieved the Spicy Rose fragranced massage oil. In a couple of minutes, I was back downstairs handing it to my lovely sister.

Ash opened the bottle and squirted it in her hand. She warmed it and then smelled it, “Wow… this is nice. Where did you get this?” Ash asked.

Jill murmured, “Jim bought it.

“Yeah, I bought it a while back,” I responded. “I bought it around Christmas a couple of years ago. I thought maybe we could give one another massages, but we never got around to it.”

I had already retreated back onto the pillows against the hearth as Ash began the massage. I was resting as Ash kneaded Jilly’s shoulders. “Is this OK?” Ash asked Jill.

“Ummm-hmmm. Thank You.” Jill confirmed. Ash continued with the task. She started at the shoulders and then trailed down the spine, then back up the shoulders and down the spine. Ash really started getting into it.

It was getting toasty and Jill’s back became noticeably saturated with oil as Ash dug her fingers in again and again. Jill jerked a few times as Ash worked out the kinks, but then Jill would sigh and moan as the tension released. “Good?” Ash asked as she straddled Jill’s rear then leaned forward deftly releasing the clasp of Jill’s bra. Lowering herself further upon Jill’s back, her face came closer and closer to the back of Jill’s head.

“OK, I’m going to do your legs next.” Ash moved off to Jill’s side. “You ready?… I’ll help you out of your Pajama bottoms.” Ash coaxed Jill, then eased her over onto her side and then onto her back. Jill’s bra laid beneath her as she rolled over. Ash reached and grabbed it to toss it to the pile with Jill’s nightshirt. Jill’s nipples noticeably protruded proudly. Ash moved her hands to tug the pants down as Jill watched her, making no protest.

“Lift,” Ash continued as Jill lifted her hips and Ash pulled the PJ bottoms down over her feminine hips. As the bottoms passed Jill’s hips, Ash grabbed the bottom of the legs and tugged them free. Jill’s cream-colored panties had worked down during the process to where they barely covered her pussy. I wondered silently if Ash would remove them at this point, but instead, she lifted the blanket of the makeshift bed and suggested, “Jill, you can get under the covers and it will keep your upper body warm, while I massage your lower body.” Jill seemed to like the suggestion as she followed the instructions to a T.

Jill rolled to her stomach again as she sank beneath the covering blanket. I had noticed that the back of her panties had pulled down revealing the cleft of her ass. Ash poured more oil into her hands then started to work on Jill’s feet, moving slowly upwards, lifting her legs while kneading her calves working out the knots of tension. I had no idea that Jill was literally this tied up in knots.

Ash moved from the right leg to the left and then back to the right and finally over to the left again. Lowering the leg she rearranged the blanket over Jill’s bottom and then reached to her right knee. Rubbing and squeezing each knee, she finally slipped her hand inside Jill’s upper thigh while applying slight pressure. Jill squirmed and shifted her legs, creating space between them, as Ash continued to work upwards.

Ash reached the panty line probing slightly under it onto the curve where Jill’s thigh merged into her lower buttock, then moved on and above applying more oil to the swell of Jill’s ass before repeating the process with her other bun. Ash occasionally maneuvered the panty leg band and gently worked the flesh of the lower buttocks/upper thighs and downward.

Minutes later, she rearranged the blanket once again to expose Jill’s lower back above her ass. She was now straddling Jill’s legs at the knees as she reached to begin working on Jill’s lower back. Ash’s fingers would occasionally slide down to the waistband of Jill’s panties exposing more of her ass.

Every now and again Jill would reflexively lift her hips slightly making her panties shift lower and lower. One could surmise that they were moving lower and lower along the front as well.

I was now turned on my side towards Jilly, getting hot and bothered by the sight of this whole process. My lounge pants now formed a tent in the front as I watched the maneuverings. The fragrance of the massage oil wafted through my nostrils enhancing my senses. At one point the blanket lowered down Jill’s shoulders revealing the swell of her breasts mashing into the blankets laying on the floor beneath her. Ashley had put a hand down between Jill’s legs, parted her thighs, and was stroking her inner thigh.

Jill’s eyes stared towards me through tiny slits as the erotic aroma of the massage oil filled the air. Ash had pulled back the blanket to fully expose Jill’s lower backside. Jill’s panties hung low exposing the top cleft of her ass. I was imagining her pussy. The thin strip of material that was her panties were no longer needed.

We were all on the same page as Jill raised her hips and Ash slowly slipped and stripped the material off and discarded it with the rest of Jill’s clothes. Ash then asked Jill, “Have you ever heard of a Nuru massage?”

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