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Sweet Lisa

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My daughter’s cunt bit down hard on my jerking cock. She was trying so hard to conceal her orgasm, but I could feel her strong young pussy choke on my cockhead and swallow each deep spasm of my prick – biting, biting, biting against Daddy’s thick shaft.

Her face was turned away, within the apex of her arms where I held them above her head, pinning her wrists to the living room floor. I came inside her. My cock pulsed and my balls emptied and I slowly withdrew my stiff glistening shaft from her tender young fuckhole. My dick was slick with cum, hers and mine, and as my cockhead emerged from her swollen pink flower, a drop of semen fell onto the inside of her skirt between her spread legs- a wet pearl in the navy pleat.

Her tennis raquet lay nearby and a spillage of balls. She was shining, hot from her match and glowing from the grinding screw I’d given her. She’d tart herself up so much for the match – a vest, short skirt, long stocking socks. She loved making cocks hard at the tennis court – I knew, I’d overheard her with her pal Sally going on about it. Making cocks hard was their very favourite thing – all pigtails and short skirts and tight vests. Since graduation she seems so antsy, suddenly ready to explore now she was of age – and I knew she was still a virgin, she broke up with her boyfriend because she wouldn’t put out. Still my girl, in a hurry to be a woman – just eighteen and so ready.

Seeing her hot and sweaty and beautiful after the match drove me crazy. She was such a good girl about it. I think she understood that I couldn’t help myself.

I ataşehir escort bayan knelt there for a moment, my prick dripping onto her skirt. Her perfect pussy pout was split and open and soaking and fucked for the first time. I’d deflowered my sweetheart and given her virgin vagina its first real lengths of cock. She didn’t bleed and even though her pretty pussy was tight, so tight and strong – I know she works her dildo hard late at night – I knew she could take it. I’ve watched her fuck herself harder than I had. I was gentle once she conceded it was going to happen.

“Daddy, no,” she said when I told her to take her panties off. “Why?” she asked, when I told her to lie down on the floor. “Are you going to fuck me?” she said as I unbuttoned her vest. I stood and said nothing. I began to undress and I saw her bottom lip quiver. After finding out where she surfs on the net I know there is something within that won’t fight her curiosity. He lips part when she sees my angry cock. She looked so amazing I could have happily stood there and masterbated, just looking at her – layed out, vest open, her shallow white sports bra. I wanted to cum on her flat tanned tummy and I could see in her eyes she was almost reading my mind, knowing I was thinking of something filthy.

I knelt and I put my hands on her ankles, and ran my palms along the long white socks she was wearing – over the knee, hands turning inside her thighs. She was up on her elbows and I told her to lie back. Reluctantly she did. “Put your hands above your head.”

She escort kadıköy did and I split her apart, and as I did so her little breasts heaved and her belly sank. I climbed over her, my hips parting her knees. She looked down to see me lift the front of her skirt, and the whisps of hair that warmed her untouched puss. She saw my soaring dick, my cockhead wet with pre-cum and swollen. She saw my finger press the base of my shaft and the head of my cock disappear down behind the mound of her cunt, toward her swollen pussy pout. She gasped and layed her head back as she felt my cockhead split her pursed slit. I ran my head through her pout, from her budding, hooded clit down to her fresh young fuckhole.

A tear from each eye spilt outside, taking a smear of mascara with it. Her mouth trembled and she licked her dry lips and looked into my eyes. “Daddy,” she said as I pinned her wrists down. “Daddy,” she said. Then she bit her lip and her eyes scrunched shut as she felt the head of my cock in her tight virgin cunt. “Oh,” she said. Her head bucked back as I gave her some length.

Her mouth opened and her brow furrowed, and as I worked my thick prick into her, her back arched and her B-cups wanted to burst from the sports bra. I pushed it up and exposed them – hard little nipples atop small, baby soft mounds. My hips drew down on her and I felt the head of my cock burning as it met the tightest resistence deep within her little snatch. She was so petite and easy to dominate. I stabbed my cock deep down into her, and her wrists wriggled and her slim body bostancı escort went rigid, and her cervix bit me as my hot balls stung her ass.

I was panting, she was panting. I lay steady, deep inside my daughter. Skirt hiked around her waist, stocking-socks spread, with Daddy’s thick dick inside her. It was silent but for our breaths. Her face was turned away, mouth against her arm, cheeks wet with mascara and tears. “Oh-um,” she hummed as I withrew. “Ah,” she cried as I drew my cock down on her cunt again. Slowly, deeply, a loving rhythm.

“Lisa?” I said. She didn’t reply, just lay there and allowed me to fuck her. After a few dozen long strokes her breathing laboured and I felt her long socks wrap around my waist. She was so wet. I took my time.

Afterwards I stood up and sat on the couch, my glistening, spent cock hanging limply, but still swollen. I looked at her and for a minute or so she didn’t move, just lay there, hands still above her head, legs still spread. After a moment her head turned to me and her arms sank down between her legs.

“I’m sorry,” I said. Lisa opened her pussy and transfered some of my cum onto her fingertips. She didn’t say anything. She stood and her skirt fell and I could see her tanned thighs quaking. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I didn’t expect was her reaction. Lisa took her vest off and then unclipped her sports bra and stepped toward me. She stood above me. Long legs, short skirt, stocking socks, flat tummy, baby soft breasts.

She stood above me and with one hand she lifted the front of her skirt – Lisa showed me her pussy and sank a fingertip deep into her slit.

“Daddy?” she said as she withdrew her finger.

She looked directly down at me and drew her sticky fingertips to her mouth.

“Do you want to come to my bedroom, Daddy?” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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