Şubat 4, 2023

Surreptitious Love Ch. 097

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Chapter 97 — Anna is back in Town

Since the daily new Covid-19 infections were now going up in Vietnam as well, the government had closed all schools again, including private English Centers like ours. People were asked to only go to work and buy food but stay at home, otherwise. The Vietnamese were used to this, however: they didn’t moan when they were required to wear a mask or to keep a distance. They remembered similar pandemics, like H1N1 in 2009, so they sometimes even went beyond what was mandated. People stopped partying and avoided large groups, so that restaurants closed, even though they could have legally stayed open. Public life slowed down and became outright lethargic.

Naturally, our school was now closed too, so that I had more free time than usual, as I was only teaching a few online classes for our older students. A few cafes and the supermarkets were still open, though. Nguyet had told me that a Vietnamese investor consortium had bought the old hotel. Her fellow countrymen were staunch patriots, so that the hotel owner had preferred to not sell his property to the Japanese, even though they had offered more money. Nguyet was going to supervise the renovations, but right now we couldn’t meet at the vintage hotel, since the place was being assessed by workers of said Vietnamese company. And she had Vu, her young beau, who was banging her frequently over lunch, upstairs in the model home in the ‘burbs where she worked, as they hadn’t seen each other for several months.

Thuy and Nguyet had used the old hotel, however, to engage in various sensual adventures during their long lunch break. Once at least, they had filled the bathtub in the largest suite to cool off during the heat wave of the last few days, which then had culminated in mutual cunnilingus upstairs in the bower, where I had banged Thuy two weeks ago in Nguyet’s presence. Nguyet also had gifted Thuy a voucher for Hanh’s pussy massages; perhaps she was still plagued by the faux pas and the ensuing awkwardness that she had caused when she had asked my young, blind massage-friend Hanh if she couldn’t undress and lick Nguyet between her legs. I was pretty sure that Hanh wasn’t really upset about what Nguyet had done but Hanh didn’t seem to like my real-estate-broker friend too much.

Anyway, Hanh and I had wanted to drive to the hot springs together, but her mother and aunt insisted that there was to be at least one more Vietnamese woman with us. Nguyet would have been my first choice, but since Hanh didn’t like her all that much, Nguyet didn’t seem to be an option. Thuy, perhaps? It, obviously needed to be someone who wouldn’t mind Hanh and me fucking at the enclosure at the thermal springs. Even though Hanh seemed to like Mira and Carol, they didn’t speak Vietnamese. Oh, well, the current semi-lockdown had closed the springs anyway, and so we had to postpone that adventure.

Hanh had bought new clothes, though, which I found adorable. Of course, she wanted to wear them outside her house and feel good about herself, even though she was blind. But the whole lockdown thing had, together with temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, spread a curious blanket of listlessness over the whole town. The only thing that cheered me up was seeing Hanh in a short white tank top, which left her belly button exposed, which she had combined with a black, soft miniskirt and cute little jump boots of the same color. Her lower legs bent outward a bit and looked good enough to eat.

Of course, her selfies looked a little slanted and off-kilter, as she was blind, but the way she had posed in her room, with her spread index and middle fingers next to her temple, was utterly cute and endearing. I loved how she spruced herself up, even though she couldn’t venerate herself. Well, we deck ourselves out for others anyway. I promised to take her to a café or restaurant as soon as the authorities would allow it again and then to the hot springs, as soon as we had found a sassy chaperone.

Right smack in the middle of those hot, grey, lethargic days, there was a pleasant surprise: Anna, my all-time favorite student, was back in town and wanted to meet me. She told me a bit how she had fared in Saigon during her first year in college, and many of the fond memories I had of her were coming back. Anna was stunningly beautiful, hot, had a good heart, and a sharp mind. She truly had everything, although I believed she felt she was too skinny. She was about to turn 19, as I remembered her birthday was around the end of July. When she had left for Saigon about ten months ago, she had only sent a brief, coy message, but we hadn’t seen each other again. Enamored, besotted, smitten, and infatuated as I had been with her for years, I had dedicated her–us–a moving story here on Literotica, which unlike the others was only half true: the second part, the erotic, sexual portion was completely made up.

Not imagined were the details of our always slightly erotic encounters eryaman otele gelen escort when she was still my student at our private English school here in the heart of Vietnam: For instance, she had a habit of bobbing her long, skinny naked legs, which she often had spread under her flimsy dress, like she was cold. Or aroused. Her two thighs were forming an arrow, always pointing towards possibly the most important and most beautiful piece of flesh in the world: her perfect, young, aromatic virgin cleft, which no one had ever seen or touched at that point, I was sure. Not to mention driven in.

Oh, Anna! Her long, tender thighs were superb and perhaps the most beautiful of them all. I just hadn’t seen them often enough; a few times, she had been wearing tailored shorts, of which she had at least two pairs: one black and the other brick-orange–and I had found her skin revoltingly beautiful. It was almost impossible not to touch her. Oh, how much I was longing to lick, peck, kiss, sniff and travel those fine thighs upwards with my unshaven face to tickle her. I had often caught her from the corner of my eye how she was looking at me when she was certain I wouldn’t notice. And sometimes she just stared at me brazenly. Well, she knew she could do that.

The best scene ever, however, happened down in the courtyard, where she once had parked too close to the motorcycle to her left, where she habitually got off, like everybody. But then the space between those two mopeds was two narrow to get out, even for our rail-thin Anna, and so she had to swing her legs over the seat, thereby exposing her panties briefly. The hot thing was that she knew I was watching her from the fourth floor, where my class room was and where I always smoked before class. Her pussy under those thin white panties reminded me of a flower bulb, as skinny as she was. This was by far the most erotic moment at our school–or my life altogether.

Like I said, this and other moments came washing up in my memory as we were writing back and forth during the heat wave around the middle of June. I thought about confessing my love for her and asking her if she actually shared those intense feelings. Or perhaps she was just bored during those lackluster weeks? No, I knew she liked me; the only question was to what extent, and how far she was willing to go to act on her feelings. So, I just read the story again, how I had imagined sex with her and still found it well-written. At least. Well, today, Anna probably wasn’t a virgin anymore, but would she allow me to touch her? That was still a mystery, of course. But then, on the other hand, she was talkative, charming, and smart, so I was sure we would have a good time. At least. I couldn’t wait to see her again.

Since there were no decent restaurants open in town, we agreed to drive out to the beach, which was like eight miles away, as that was something special. There would be some café open there, and I was sure that we could eat a simple dish like pancakes or rice with vegetables and fish. There wouldn’t be any cops in the villages either, checking for lockdown infractions. People looked out for and checked on each other themselves, but they didn’t mind if two people drank coffee or ate pancakes. After all, everyone needed to make a little dough every day.

Anna shared a 50-cc moped with her twin sister, who needed it that day, though, to go to her guitar lessons, so that we agreed to ride together. That would save gas anyway, and Anna could lean forward, reach around my waist and whisper tender secrets in my ears while we would be driving. I brought my Speedos and told her to wear a bikini or bathing suit, just in case the urge to get into the water would overwhelm us. I wasn’t sure, though, if that was actually permitted during the Coronavirus semi-lockdown, but swimming was obviously a great overture for sex–a thought that I kept to myself, though.

Jesus, was I excited: Anna was of medium height, really slim, and honestly the most beautiful girl or young woman I knew. I remembered again the moment when she had sat across from me in her tailored shorts and my lust and desire had made me nauseous. Her light skin, which had a subtle yellow tinge, was incredibly smooth, and one could see her blood vessels under it. Her boobs were tiny: often, she had worn a bra that had been too large for them, but once I had seen her in a tight T-shirt, under which she had been wearing a short undershirt and they had revealed their real size. Basically, she was flat with tiny round cushions, which reminded me of small crumpets. I couldn’t wait to take them into my mouth and suck them. One after the other. Her butt wasn’t much wider than her waist, but perhaps she had become slightly more womanly during the last 18 months.

When I got closer to the corner where she’d be waiting for me, I saw her standing near the curb, but there was a large semi-truck backing up towards me, and so I had to wait. I thought about squeezing past it, but sincan escort then I could wait another two minutes and admire her from afar a bit. She was standing in the shade and perhaps hadn’t see me yet. But I liked this little symbolic waiting period, which matched how we had not said goodbye properly before she left for college.

So, our reunion would be postponed for another minute but that was fine: there she was, wearing a greenish summer dress, a light cardigan to be protected from the sun, and shoes that reminded me of eggshells–both, the shape and the color. Those wouldn’t have been my first choice going to the beach, but she sure wanted to look snazzy. Her hair was longer and fuller than I remembered it, but it framed her girlish face nicely and gave her appearance something profligate. And adultish. Somehow. She was still as slender as I remembered her but seemed to have matured over the last year-and-a-half. Somehow. Anyone seeing her would not have thought ‘teen’, but blossoming young adult. Definitely. Now that she had seen me, she put her helmet on and rearranged her spiffy backpack on her shoulder.

I reached back down on my motorcycle without looking and pressed the footrests down on both sides, for which she thanked me, before she put one hand on my shoulder and got on. When she was seated, she leaned forward and whispered, giggling slightly:

“You still looked the same!”

She had probably meant that as a compliment, and so I replied, saying basically the same. I could have said something corny, like she ‘looked even better’, but that would have been a lie: she had always been perfect. I didn’t like talking too much as long as I was driving but today traffic was really light, and so we got into some sort of conversation, until we left our town proper and got on the empty newish highway. We were now going 45 miles per hour, which wasn’t too fast, but the wind made it harder to chat, and so she leaned back a bit after she had been pretty close for at least ten minutes. But if I wasn’t reading the signs completely wrong, we might be able to achieve this afternoon what we didn’t complete the previous year. Although: her friendship was so precious that I didn’t want to ruin it by clumsy, blatant advances.

When we got to the beach, we rolled past a dozen of cheap restaurants, most of which seemed closed. It was strangely quiet here, especially since–usually–there would be numerous proprietors waving their arms, trying to get customers inside their very establishment. Today, everything was slower and more sluggish. Ten in the morning was also an odd time to be here: the beach was busy during the early morning hours and then again in the afternoon. We parked near the changing rooms, and I wondered if I should put on my Speedos but decided against it. Anna seemed to be wearing a bikini under her dress, which she would probably keep on if we went in the water, as it was still customary in small Vietnamese towns.

We crossed the street and sat down in one of those elongated restaurants that linked the street with the beach proper. Even though it was still early, we ordered savory pancakes, which came with quail eggs, meat, and shrimp–the latter of which Anna would have to eat. I didn’t care much for seafood. We also ordered coffee and a Pepsi for her, and I lit a cigarette. She looked beautiful, lolling as she was across from me. I noticed that her bikini was too large for her nimble body; well, perhaps she just hadn’t tied it enough. Or it was her sister’s. The good thing was that I could see a third of her left boob, which seemed slightly larger than I had imagined it. Oh, what a tender piece of flesh that was. Her little cushion there was almost white, and I promised myself to try to at least see, touch, and suck it. Tenderly, with my eyes closed.

When the coffee arrived, the lady said that the food would take a while, which suited me just fine. I wasn’t hungry yet and happy with coffee and my ciggies, but somehow our conversation didn’t get off the ground. Perhaps I was too focused if I could lay her later, but she seemed to be thinking about something as well. And it was a somewhat delicate situation: a middle-age teacher and 18-year-old former student, who had always found each other special. Of course, she had been too young to make a move or even go out together.

Now, the Pepsi arrived and Anna turned about 30 degrees to the right, so that I could see her left boob better? She crossed her legs, and I noticed again how perfectly conical her lower legs were. Strictly speaking, she didn’t have any calves. The fabric of her bikini was enough to cover her small boob entirely but, like I said, she seemed to have not tightened it properly. Or maybe it couldn’t be adjusted?

“You look devastatingly ravishing …” I began again.

“You think so?” she laughed coquettishly.

“Yes, you have always been the most beautiful girl I town … over all those years …”

“Oh, please …” she kept elvankent escort playing her coy game.

“No, really,” I insisted and blew the smoke upward.

Instead of replying anything, she leaned sideways and got something out of her backpack, which was on the seat next to her. I saw some printed pages; it looked like a term paper. Did she want me to proofread it here, at the beach? I could do this in town, I thought to myself. But now she put the paper between her backpack and the back of the seat, without mentioning it, and looked at me again.

“You didn’t think Lan Vi was more beautiful?” she asked.

Lan VI was developing more and more into a super model; I saw every day on Instagram. True, that girl was hot, perhaps hotter than Anna, but not as beautiful. Lan Vi had exciting curves and a large bosom and was the talk of our town.

“No, she never said anything. But, you’re right, of course. She is hot …” I concurred, as I felt it would be impolite not to respond to a topic that Anna had brought up.

“Yeah, her breasts are getting larger every month … and her hips too,” Anna laughed. “But she still is really slim, otherwise …” she summarized how she saw her perceived competitor.

Perhaps Anna was a tad jealous that Lan Vi was getting further and further ahead in the race towards womanhood.

“True. And her hips have perfect proportions,” was the only thing I felt I could still add. “But, hey, we aren’t here to talk about Lan Vi’s hot body. Tell me more about your university,” I suggested to get that out of the way.

Anna thought for a bit and then began a fairly lackluster summary of what had happened to her during the last ten months. She seemed absentminded and, basically, there was nothing that I hadn’t heard from her or others. But, at least, I got to ogle her some more, while she was speaking. I fell in love with her soft, girlish face and bold wavy hair again and noticed that she was wearing lipstick. I briefly regretted to have told Hanh that we had to postpone our meeting, as we always had good, easy-going fun. Anna still seemed distracted, like she was thinking of something else the whole time. Well, perhaps she was also wondering if we weren’t going to lift our relationship onto another level after lunch.

At some point, she reached for her term paper again, which was stapled in the upper left corner. With a flick of her wrist, she tossed it between our glasses on the table. I had just lit another cigarette and was surprised that she had thrown the paper so perfectly between the glasses that I could now read the first page without having to adjust it or move. I still leaned forward to feign interest in her college work–and read Surreptitious Love Ch. 060: Anna: An epic Goodbye.

Oops. She had found the erotic story I had written about us. That would become interesting, I knew that much already. Somehow, she had found the story in which she was the protagonist. Naked, with her pussy exposed, with cum all over her and eventually my cock inside her. In the story, I had deflowered her when the curtain she was holding onto ripped and she kinda fell onto my rod which had been playing at her pussy entrance. Oh, was she embarrassed? Was I? Should I be? Before I could cobble a defense strategy together, however, she asked me in a firm, almost somewhat stern tone:

“Have you written this?”

I took another drag of my cigarette to buy time, first, thinking I could deny it. After all, it was written under a pseudonym. I could deny that I wrote erotic stories altogether and say that I didn’t even read them. For that, I should have grabbed the story immediately though and read it cursorily, at least, like I was curious what it even was. But then I would have had to read it more carefully and comment on certain passages, and I would have to keep up the pretenses for the whole afternoon. And then critique the whole thing, saying–lying–that the story perhaps wasn’t about her at all. Nonsense: I loved Anna too much to lie to her. Fuck it! She wasn’t daft, and the details of the first half–the bobbing legs, the motorcycle incident, and her name–were so accurate that it could have only been her. And me. All in all, that was too much of a coincidence.

So, I nodded, looked at her, and asked how she had come across it. There probably weren’t many young Vietnamese girls among my readers, simply because very few could read English well enough.

“An acquaintance. A girl I go to college with.”

“And how did she know that it was you?”

“I guess your descriptions of me and my body … and then the name … and you even mentioned our university …”

“You still call yourself ‘Anna’ at college?”

She nodded. Her real name was actually ‘Lam’.

“But there are thousands of slim, beautiful girls like you in Vietnam …” I countered.

“Yeah, but only a few from our town who study in Saigon … whose name is Anna. You even mentioned my major correctly, like you wanted me to know it’s me.”

Well, subconsciously I probably did. Anna shook her hair and them ‘combed’ it with her spread fingers, which looked awfully sexy, but now the pancakes arrived. I put those with shrimps on her side of the plate, which she liked. Phew! At least that worked out.

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