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Straight ‘A’ Student Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

I sat on the long, hard wooden bench, waiting for what seemed like an eternity because I had arrived so early. The footsteps of other students, rushing late to class, echoed through the old building. Occasionally someone would walk past, but for the most part I was alone, this hallway of faculty offices mostly empty on this Friday afternoon.

I was nervous, squirming uncomfortably in the new outfit I’d picked out especially for this interview. I had actually paid a visit to the mall, breaking my meager college student piggy bank for a new blouse, skirt, and even a new fragrance. It wasn’t just that this interview was important to me – it was also my desire to prove myself opposite my competition. But I’ll get back to that.

I glanced at my watch, and then, doubting, up at the large clock on the wall. 2:18. Still a while before my appointment at 2:30. I didn’t know if the professor was in his office or not, but being so early, I dared not knock. It was an honor to get the chance to have this interview, and I didn’t want to do anything to screw up my chances. So I just waited, remembering what had brought me to this point.

There was just one week left in the semester when Professor Davis finally made the announcement, the one I’d been waiting for. Each spring, he picked from amongst his students a choice few who he’d let battle for the chance to be his teaching assistant the following year. None of us really knew what was involved in his decision-making process, but the most competitive amongst us just knew we had to be the best.

Danielle and I had been at it all year, as you might remember from my earlier stories, but those battles had been erotic in nature – this one brought us back to our the familiar academic turf on which we’d been competing for longer than either of us could remember. Strangely enough, even though we’d now been intimate – pleasuring each other as we competed for my boyfriend’s attentions – we were no closer than we’d ever been. The battle for the better grade, the not-so-subtle efforts to sabotage each other, were just as cutthroat as they had been in 9th grade English class or on the high school track team.

Anyway, needless to say, the irony of the situation being perfect, Danielle and I ended up in the same section of his class, and we ended up being named, that day, as the two finalists for his TA position for the following year. There would be interviews the following week, he announced to the applause of our classmates, Danielle and I glaring at each other from across the lecture hall.

Cool it, Amber, I had to tell myself, as I felt my heart rate rise. Just thinking about her got me riled up, and I needed to regain my composure before my interview began. 2:23, a quick glance at the clock confirmed. I stood up, walked a few feet to the drinking fountain, and swallowed a big gulp of water which did nothing to solve my dry mouth. Deep breaths, deep breaths, I thought as I returned to my seat. It would be fine.

A muffled sound interrupted my attempted meditation as I sat down again on the bench. It was different from those noises coming from elsewhere in the building, this one clearly came from inside his office. So he was there, after all. Probably finishing up another meeting, or returning some phone calls? But I hadn’t heard any other voices. Perhaps he was just grading, escort ataşehir or – heaven forbid, scrutinizing my transcript or resume, preparing to grill me on one of the rare weak points of my educational career.

Even though it was none of my business, focusing on the sounds eminating from his office seemed a nice respite from listening to my own heart pounding nervously in my chest, so I focused my energy on trying to figure out what it was he was doing, isolating and analyzing each noise as a way of killing time. But they were odd, unexpected sounds. This was not a one-sided phone conversation, not the opening and closing of a file cabinet; this was something distinctly more interesting.

Voices, when I could hear them, were hushed, breathless. Then, hmm, the occasional noise which could best be described as a slurp. Was he scarfing down a late lunch? But no, it was different, it was almost… no, couldn’t be. The more I listened, the more I thought I was hearing sex on the other side of the door. And as soon as that idea entered my mind, of course, I could think of nothing else. I had no clue who his partner could be, and it was none of my business, but I could suddenly picture the professor in this scenario.

All semester, I’d been so focused on my work, on my competition with Danielle, and on the prestige of winning the TA-ship, I’d been able to ignore just how hot this professor really was. He was in his mid-40s, yes, but he was tall, dark, and handsome – not to mention athletic. And now, when I should have been preparing my answers to imagined interview questions, I was instead envisioning him enjoying a quick, midday sexual encounter, naughtily misusing his office.

My curiousity soon got the best of me. With just a few minutes before my interview was supposed to start and the sensuous noises only continuing from inside his office, I stood up and tiptoed to his door. As I stepped closer, I could hear the activity more clearly; as I pressed my ear against the thick wooden door, I finally made out his words – there was no doubt at this point, he was encouraging someone who was sucking his cock.

Who could this woman be – did he have a girlfriend, wife? Was this a tradition of theirs, a quickie in his office between appointments? It didn’t matter – I was incredibly turned on, and struggled to maintain my composure, knowing two things: I’d need to pull quickly away from the door if either of them should come towards it, and I’d need to be prepared to handle my interview professionally in just a few minutes!

I stole a quick glance at my watch – 2:28, he didn’t have much time! Just then, I heard the unmistakable sound of his orgasm, as he groaned deeply. Hot, flushed, and distracted, I returned to my seat on the bench, preparing myself for the door to open. I knew I had to act as though I had heard nothing, and put the whole incident out of my mind. That quickly became impossible.

Footsteps. The door opened. Before I saw them, I attempted a look of innocence, but my jaw quickly dropped. It was Danielle, leaving the office as he held the door for her. As she saw me, unable to subdue a contented grin, she suggestively drew one finger across first one corner of her mouth, then the other. She knew me well enough to know I’d show up early, early enough to know what had been going on, and she kadıköy escort bayan was clearly rubbing it in. Ouch. Talk about throwing down the slut gauntlet.

The professor either hadn’t seen, or hadn’t recognized, the significance of our brief wordless communication. Or perhaps he was just too busy praising her interview performance.

“Wow, Danielle, that was terrific. You made quite an impression. Best interview I’ve had in a long time!”

Oh, jeez. It was clear to me that I’d have to do something quite extraordinary to overcome the performance she’d just given behind closed doors.

I watched as the professor’s eyes followed Danielle’s ass as she made her way down the hallway, waiting until she was completely out of sight to even acknowledge my presence. “Oh, hello Amber.” He looked at his watch, as if to see if somehow it wasn’t really time for my afterthought of an interview. “Well, let’s get on with it – come on in.”

My heart was pounding by this point, in a combination of nerves, jealousy, anger, and frustration. I could tell from his body language that the professor thought the selection process was over. I had to do something to change his mind, and quickly decided that somehow seducing him was my only option.

“So, Amber, what can you tell me that I don’t already know? I’ve had you in class, and I have your application here, great resume and recommendations from other faculty. But is there something that really sets you apart?”

“Well,” cautiously at first, “I’m confident I can do anything you’d ask of me. I’m a fast learner, and eager to please.”

That was clearly far too subtle, as I could see from his distant eyes that he was still remembering Danielle’s touch on his cock.

“I just want you to be aware of all that I’m capable of,” I said as suggestively as possible, shifting in my chair so as to make my skirt rise up, exposing significantly more of my thighs. His eyes followed.

“So, Amber, I notice that you, like Danielle, are taking this interview pretty seriously. New clothes, a new fragrance? This interview is obviously quite important to you?”

So he knew my regular fragrance, and noticed that I’d switched for today? Either he moonlighted at the department store fragrance counter, or was paying way too much attention to his favorite female students. But I wasn’t about to let that throw me off. I had his attention, and it was time to make my move. “I’ll do anything to get this job.”

I stood up and walked slowly towards him, never breaking eye contact. He made no move to stop me, so I continued. For a moment, I thought of unbuttoning my blouse, but quickly realized there wasn’t much for me to show him. I’d better stick to the other tools of seduction in my armory. I knew I’d have my work cut out for me, given that he’d just cum less than 10 minutes earlier, but my ruthless competitive instinct provided the necessary inspiration. I immediately set to work.

I dropped to my knees before him, looking up into his eyes as I tugged at his belt, and quickly pulled down his slacks and boxers, freeing his soft cock. I could smell Danielle’s fruity lip gloss still on his skin, and as I began to lick him, could taste his cum as well. I was amazed to find myself turned on by the scenario – sucking him off so soon after his last orgasm with another woman. escort bostancı And not just any other woman, but Danielle. I immediately flashed back to some of our recent encounters with my boyfriend, and could feel my own juices begin to flow, making my panties wet and trickling down my inner thigh.

I quickly took him entirely into my mouth, sucking firmly as I moaned in pleasure. My eyes remained glued to his, and I could see that my intense passion was beginning to have an effect, cynical as he may have been just a few minutes earlier that I could outdo Danielle’s performance. Before long, he was growing in my mouth, his cock now pressing into my throat and forcing me to begin moving back and forth on him to avoid gagging.

He took my hair in his hands and began to guide my motions, and I in turn took his balls in mine, cradling, fondling, tickling as I sucked him off. He was forcing himself into my mouth more firmly now, pounding deep into my throat with each stroke, and I could feel that he had reached his full length. Had my mouth not been so full of his bulging cock, I would have smiled at the quick work I made of bringing him back to the ready so quickly. But I stayed on task, sucking and fondling him until the very brink of orgasm.

It was time for my next move. Just as he began to moan, I pulled my hands and mouth away and stood up. He gave me a puzzled look, and I responded simply and straightforwardly. “Anyone can give a blowjob. I think you deserve a little more.”

I slithered out of my skirt and panties, stepping out of them as they feel to the floor, and climbed up on his desk, spreading my legs and leaving myself completely open, completely vulnerable for him to take me. “I want you to fill my tight little pussy with your big, hard cock!”

He wasted no time, obviously agreeing this was a good idea. He took a few steps forward, grabbed my ankles, and slowly guided his full length into me. I gasped in pleasure as he filled me, and he held our position for a moment as we both relished the feeling of tightness. Then he began to pound in and out, as I hissed my encouragement. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me harder!”

He continued to fuck me for a few more minutes, backing off every time we moved too close to orgasm, before finally moving us to a new position. I whimpered when he pulled out of me, but smiled as he took me by the hand and led me to the leather sofa across the room. He sat down and encouraged me to climb on for the ride of my life. I straddled him, put my hands on the back of the sofa above him, and slowly lowered myself onto his cock until I had taken his full length deep into my pussy.

I ground on him slowly at first, until the reality of the situation once again sunk in and turned me on like I’d never been turned on before. I once again flashed back to a few months earlier, when I’d unexpectedly found myself in a threesome with my cheating boyfriend and Danielle, but that excitement was nothing compared to being fucked by my hot professor in his office, bringing him to orgasm a second time after Danielle had sucked him off.

I was riding him fast and furious now, and the waves of pleasure moving through my body brought me back to the here and now. He whispered that he was going to cum, and I couldn’t even respond as my own orgasm hit me fast and hard. I felt his load shoot deep into me as I continued to grind on top of him for a few more moments, before finally collapsing into his arms.

He finally broke the silence, “So, how do you think you and Danielle would feel about working together?”

“I think that can be arranged.”

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