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Stranger in Leather

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It was about eight and the sun was gliding behind the horizon as she slipped on her heels and admired her outline in the mirror that hung at the end of her bed. Her dress sat tightly but comfortably against her hips and clung to her thighs, her stockinged legs shone in the reflected light of the candles on her dresser. The modestly scooped neckline showed off the curve of her modestly sized breasts and did a good job of allowing one to imagine their full unclothed potential. She turned slightly and considered her taut behind, not bad for a woman no longer in the full prime of her youth but ripened to perfection. She could see the outline of her knickers and decided that just for tonight she would go without, she bent her knees slightly and pulled them down gracefully, enjoying the freedom and the slightly wicked feel that it gave her to be so exposed. She draped the slight silk lingerie on the foot of her opulent double bed.

She wasn’t expecting to be picked up until nine and was surprised to hear an engine outside. It wasn’t the usual car, she realised with a slight thumping of her heart, but a large and powerful sounding motorbike. That wasn’t really her friend’s style — he was a man of conservative tastes, largely good hearted but also quite dull to be honest — they were going out together mainly out of convenience. She glanced down at the window and in the half light she saw a shadow as the engine revved to a standstill and the rider dismounted, he was wearing full leathers and in this light, although she wasn’t totally sure, he looked different from her intended assignation.

She hesitated, the door downstairs was unlocked and open, it had been a humid day and was threatening to be a sticky night. For a moment her hand reached for her phone, but as she heard the door click shut, presumably behind her visitor, she stopped herself. The footsteps on the stairs didn’t sound quite right, heavier yet more graceful, like a dancers, than she had expected. She looked into the mirror and saw herself in the candlelight, she had just applied her lipstick and the red gloss across her lips made her look more confident than she felt right then. The door opened with barely a sound and she saw him standing there, immediately it was apparent that this was not the person she was expecting.

He was taller, slimmer, dressed head to toe in black smooth leather, black gloves and still wearing the silk balaclava that bikers wore underneath their helmets, just his eyes and mouth showing. His boots accounted for the heavier footsteps. He smelt of leather,oil and smoke, masculine smells, heat seemed to radiate from him. She could just about discern the faint scent of a cologne, a cologne that she recognised but couldn’t be sure of, somewhere in the past she’d smelt it before. Despite his appearance she felt unthreatened, also aware that she was breathing heavily, her pulse quickening, her imagination running ahead of her, her breasts starting to heave and her pupils dilating.

He didn’t say a word but just stood there.

“Are you my escort….?” She asked after what seemed a delicious age.

He still didn’t reply. “Well, did James send you to pick me up?” She took a step closer, still no words from behind that mask. His eyes glanced to the foot of the bed where the discarded knickers hung.

She noticed. “Well,” she said, “it’s lucky that I’m not easily scared, perhaps you’ve come to take me somewhere else?” her eyes fluttered with a hint of suggestiveness and he took a step towards her.

She stepped back, suddenly alarmed that she may have misread the situation. Her hands reached behind her to steady herself against the dressing table and he continued to come towards her, still silent, still strangely alien yet somehow familiar. He reached out with his leather escort ataşehir slicked hands and gently but forcefully lifted her up onto the dressing table — she could hardly believe how pliable she was in his strong grip — her lips were swollen as she felt him pull her face to his and kiss it , his tongue slipping between her lips and filling her mouth, oh god she was hungry, hungry for something like this, she didn’t want to know who was behind the mask anymore, she just wanted to taste his lips, her hand reached behind his head and pulled him closer, the silk mask adding to his allure.

She parted her legs to allow him between them, the dress riding up her thighs as far as it could go and showing an inch of white thigh above the dark stocking tops. She would have let him do absolutely anything to her and in a whirling fantasy she imagined his cock as a throbbing pulsating machine, driven by his robot-like outfit, hardened and heated by the ride on his huge powerful motorbike. She wanted him to take her and drive into her with piston like efficiency, fill her with mechanical precision.

She felt the warmth of the leather and as his eyes appeared to seek her consent his gloved hand slipped down to her exposed pussy. Rubbing her gently at first he sought out the tip of her clit and she bucked slightly as he made contact and pulled it gently between two fingers. She gasped as she felt the sensation flood through her, making her wetter, making her flow. She pushed one knee up between his legs and sought out the base of his cock beneath the leather with her thigh, rhythmically moving it back and forth, her hand at his waist. His fingers dipped inside her and she trembled as he slid first one then two then three inside her cunt, dripping now with the ecstasy of this almost unbelievable event. She wanted so much to see that black leather disappear inside her and pushed him slightly away, lifted up her dress and looked to see the moist folds of her vulva being massaged by this mystery visitor, she let her own hand drop down and feel him, slick and covered in juices as he went deeper and deeper, she began to rub herself and then, with her own hand glistening in her juices she reached for the bulge in his tight leather trousers and caressed it, leaving a shining trail across the leather.

She fumbled with his zip, hoping for something perfectly proportioned to the bike that stood on her driveway. She wasn’t disappointed, her hands reached inside and then discovered a wonderfully thick, superbly full, hard cock, not the machine of her imagination but a very solid flesh and blood stand in — this would do just as well she thought and let out an involuntary ‘Ohhh!” her hands took it with pleasure and she pulled it back and forth with abandon, he didn’t seem to mind how hard or how gentle she was, he moved in time with her hands, pushing forwards as she pulled back, fucking between her fingers with his unyielding thick cock. He was still playing with her when she slid off the dressing table, down on to her knees and took him in her mouth. She wanted to consume him in one swallow but was aware that she also wanted to be taken by his stormy body and thrown across the bed and consumed herself — not that he showed any signs of stopping at the moment. He pushed inside her soft welcoming mouth, her lips sealing around him, tasting the salty smoky solution forming on the end of his wide tip. He pushed deeper and she took him as far inside her as she could, looking up at his covered face, seeing his pupils dilate, pulling his firm buttocks closer to her, running her tongue around and over and across him whilst simultaneously allowing him to go as deep into her mouth and throat as he wanted. It was a long while since she’d done this with anyone but her old passions kadıköy escort bayan resurfaced along with her old skills.

She was almost lost in a trance, sucking and pulling, her hands reached around the base of his shaft and pulled urgently — she remembered what it felt like, what power there was, in making a man so turned on that he had no alternative but to come in her mouth, no way of stopping himself releasing his cum across her lips and chest — but no, he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Suddenly, more urgently now, he pushed her away and stood over her, his erect cock still the only flesh visible from the carapace of leather. He picked her up by one arm and threw her backwards across the bed, flung himself on top of her and pinioned her arms above her head with one firm hand, with the other he reached for her breast, tore the dress open, ripping the fabric, tore away her soft red bra and licked at her proud nipples, held above the fabric of the destroyed dress, dark aureoles contrasting with her plaster white translucent breasts. He teased and sucked and bit and then transferred his attentions to the other side, tearing more of the dress in his eagerness to take her — she didn’t care — and ravished her tits with his lips. She was crying out slightly, almost unaware of what she was doing. She could feel his cock hard against her leg as he gave his attention to her soft ripe tits, but his weight pinned her down and her stockinged legs could do nothing more than wait until he forcefully parted them and drove himself inside her.

She didn’t need to wait long. He let go of her hands but she left them where they were, the dress was straining around her waist as it rode up and up and the full length of her uncovered thighs was visible to her if she turned her head and glanced into the mirror. She watched the reflection in horrified delight as he tore the skirt of the dress to allow him access to her gleaming pink cunt, pulled her legs further apart and then took his cock and plunged it inside her in one agonisingly long stroke — filling her with his body. She came almost immediately despite herself. Her heart bursting out of her chest, her mouth and eyes wide open and her hips raised to meet him. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me — oh Jesus fuck me”, she gasped.

The feeling flooded over her in waves. Wave after wave after wave of hot seemingly endless pleasure. She was dimly aware that he was now on his knees between her legs, her legs lifted either side of him, he was pulling and pushing her backwards and forwards onto his insatiable tree trunk of a cock, she was being lifted as easily as a rag doll, her arms stretched out behind her, loose limbed, her head thrown back whilst he used her to sate his desires. “Oh god yes”, she thought, “use me”.

Her mind briefly flickered back to practicalities as she caught a glimpse of his animal form in the mirror. What if James came back now, saw her with her dress all torn, this leather beast fucking her so wantonly, her lipstick smeared, her stockings ripped where they’d caught on his leather trousers, her breasts rocking up and down with each single powerful fucking push. She knew that this animal she held inside her cunt would just swat him away, throw him off with one hand, knock him to the floor with barely a pause in the rhythm. The thought brought her back to the present and she grasped his arms, felt the muscle beneath the animal hide, smelt the musk on his skin.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” was all she could manage to say. She knew what she wanted now and through the mask she knew he knew too. She thought for a second about pulling off the mask, seeing who it was that rode her so powerfully, but she liked it like this, the danger, the not knowing was almost as powerful an intoxicant escort bostancı as the feel of his cock thrusting into her soft willing cunt.

“Turn me over…” she gasped.

He withdrew and flipped her body with ease; she managed to push up her buttocks towards him and knelt with her head down on the silken pillow. Slowly, more gently now, he eased his cock between her cheeks and slipped inside her — “Oh god”, she cried once more as she felt him enter her, “fuck my ass, use me, fuck it ….” Her voice faded as she was again penetrated with his slippery hard manhood, her body undergoing a transformation as she pushed back to him, relishing the knowledge that he would be enjoying every inch of her tight toned ass. She delighted in the friction even when it became almost too much to bear. He was holding her around the waist, tight, like a bear. His cock was so so wide it made her moan long and loud. She wanted hime everywhere at once, she wanted him to fuck her in the mouth and the cunt and the ass all at once. She wanted his cum to drip off her and out of her and she wanted to be his toy. It was so long since anyone had wanted her like this, it was so long since he… since he… she wondered between each gasp, between each pounding thrust, could it be…? He slipped out from her and then again in one swift stroke back, into her slippery open welcoming pussy. Riding her as surely as he’d ride his big ‘bike, she gave in to his insistent force and watched their reflection as he opened her up and slid effortlessly into her, her lips glistening as if they were lubricated with oil.

He began to make a noise like an animal, a long slow guttural noise, a growl, it reminded her of the revving of the motorbike and a shiver ran across her spine as she realised he was stiffening, readying himself, about to come. She pulled away and turned back onto her back, she wanted him to leave his mark on her, in her, she wanted his cum, she wanted to feel it gushing over her. She let him continue, still making the noise, still growling, pinning her back now, once again pushing deep deep deep into her cunt, the leather hard against her softness, the feeling building up in her again, wanting to come again, needing to come, she knew she would, she could feel herself start to rear and buck, unable to control her movements, wildly rising wanting him deeper, wanting him to flick that magical switch again.

The wave broke once more and she let out a loud keening wail, this time the feeling was sharper, more focussed, deep inside her, but he didn’t come. Not yet.

He pulled out of her and she let her fingers run down to her clit, willing the feeling to last. Her other hand wrapped long slender fingers around his cock and drew it to her mouth intending to finish him there. But the feeling of her fingers must have been the final trigger that he needed and with a huge roar he pulsed in her hand, spurted hot white cum across her exposed chest, across her dress, across her alabaster throat — coming and coming as she watched and became lost in her own final climax. She felt it spray across her lips, drip down onto her nipples. She took him in her mouth, more gently this time, and licked the last drops from the tip of his still hard member.

She didn’t know what time elapsed but when she next lifted her head, opened her eyes, looked in the mirror, she was alone. Too late she heard the noise of the motorbike start, rev and roar and above the roar she heard another noise, another roar, a human roar as he lifted his head and said his final goodbye. She saw herself in the mirror — sweating, glowing, moist pink pussy open and exposed, she could still feel the absence of him. Her face was splashed with drops of cum and her breasts hung free with droplets sprayed all across. Her dress, a designer dress, was torn and her stockings ripped to shreds, like a dirty happy slut she thought. Her lipstick needed reapplying. It was nearly nine, James would be here soon, James might even find her like this, James might understand at last what he was missing…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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