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Store Manager & the young assistant !

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Store Manager & the young assistant !
My name is not important, my intentions are. Over several years i have gone to shoe & lingerie stores seeking out young shop assistants to flash my pussy at & to see there reactions & to find out if my understanding is correct, more young girls are bisexual & they are comfortable with another woman seducing them.
This occassion the store i picked had a manager & young assistant, who appeared to me learning the ropes so she was not going to be alone. I watched from outside through the large glass window & noticed the mature manager was now & again fondling her assistant. I smiled to myself & thought well i have always flashed only one assistant, i wonder how it would work if i flashed them both if the manager was already quite horny.
The store was quite busy, so i thought i would leave for a bite to eat since it was lunch time & come back close to closing. In the restruant before leaving i went to the restroom where i checked myself, no panties were on but i did touch up both thghs with some perfume after i put some behind my ear & then went out to check my make up, then i left walking in a relaxed way not to make myself sweat.
Back at the store, all i could see was one shopper at the checkout so i walked in & began to look around. My favorite colors are, purple, burgundy, white & black (in that order). Some of the brand names i saw on the shelves i had never worn before so i passed them by & seen ones i do wear, Russell & Bromley, New Balance & Sperry Crest. I picked up a pair of each brand & took them over to a seat as i watched the assistant looking at me as her manager was talking to the customer & so i waved her over to me. She first waited till the other two had stopped talking & said something to her manager, the manager looked over & nodded with a smile in my direction as if giving the assistant the clearance to come over to help me. We introduced each other, Astrid, the assistant & Jolene, that’s me. The assistant went into her speach about the shoes & i cut her off to point out i was here to buy shoes that fitted my feet & are comfortable, not what she had been told to try & sell to customers. Astrid immediatly apologised & realised i was in control, she changed her words to, “how she better serve me” & “if there is anything i need, just ask”. I smiled at her & told her, “Yes there is something you can do for me, sit down on the stool & take my shoes off & help me try this lovely white pair on first”. Astrid did as i asked & before the manager got freed up i was going to test the assistant out with a flash. Astrid took my shoes off one by one, massaging each arch of my foot & laying my feet in turn on her knee as she helped put the new shoe on, as she finished with the second foot & ready to place it down on the floor, i raised my leg higher than necessary & flashed her my pussy. It was like seeing her head do a double take as she caught a glimpse of my trimmed pussy where i heard a low sigh from her voice then her clearing her throat to ask, “How do they feel & would you like to walk the isle to try them out?” I did get up to walk a little in front of her, then turned to walk back as i stopped at the mirror so i could better see the shoes. As i returned to the chair, the manager joined us & introduced herself to me, “hello & welcome to our store, i am the manager, my name is Nadine & i hope my assistant is taking care of you.” I returned polite introductions & told Nadine i don’t like a human recorded message the assistant had to learn to say to the customers, so my first impression of this store was not satisfactory & SHE should take over to impress me to stay & buy a pair or two from her store !
Nadine told her assistant to go through the back & get started filling the shelf at the other end of the store & would call her if needed. Astrid left with a puzzled look on her face as she looked at me but did as her manager instructed. Nadine sat on the stool, looked at the shoes i had picked off of the shelf & acknowledged my good selection. “What pair of shoes would you like to try next on as i help you out of these white ones, the Sperry Crest?” I let my foot & leg move freely as she placed my left foot on her knee & i told her purple with black detail on it, as Nadine leaned over for the box with the purple shoes in it, i opened my right leg a little more as Nadine sat upright again & looked over she was given a view of my pussy up until she struggled getting the shoe on my left foot, then i closed my right leg so my thick thighs hid my pussy. A hidden smile from me i asked Nadine, “Is there something wrong? You had more trouble getting that one shoe on than your assistant did getting both of the other shoes on my feet.” Nadine took a deep breath, smiled & looked me square in the eyes & said, “Sorry, that won’t happen again as i don’t want to hurt or force your feet into a new pair of shoes where they might hurt you.” She put my right bahis siteleri foot on her knee & as i watched her place the shoe on, i opened my left leg a little to give her another view of my pussy, but this time her eyes were fixed at getting the shoe on without any distractions. As she finished & let my foot down, i hitched my skirt up a little & said it was rather warm in here & Nadine looked over to see i was showing much more to her & asked if i wanted to test walk the shoes. As i stood up, i pretended to stumble & caught myself as i placed my left hand on her big boobs & she reached out & caught me by my middle, the hand at my back was almost on my ass cheek. Once stable, Nadine’s hands did not move off my body, but the hand in front went down under my skirt touching my thigh as she spoke out, “I hope your leg is ok & not twisted in any way or your thigh muscle is not too tight.” I smiled at Nadine & told her she had nice warm hand, but i am here to walk on these shoes now & i am stable enough for her to take her hands off my body. She apologised emmediatly smiling & i began my small walk away from her & back again. The third pair of shoes as i was getting them on, Nadine’s hand went up my thigh making the statement that i had very nice calfs & if it wasn’t too bold for her to say, my inner secret was very inviting to, to a woman of her nature & desire in other women. I replied, “Oh really, i thought you might only be interested in younger women like your assistant over there. For myself i have always been interested in all women & i have a very high sexual needs when someone gets me started.” As i was telling her this, her fingers were massaging my swollen lips & by this time she had to have felt my wetness as i could feel the cooler air much easier there now. Nadine asked right out, if i was to buy at least two pair, she would be more than happy to take care of my sexual needs, just give her time to close up shop & tell Astrid to leave. “NO!” i blurted out to her that i wanted them both & my satisfaction comes in two parts which are to be satisfied by each of them seperately then together. Nadine was fingering my pussy, one finger, two fingers, then three of them in my pussy, “You have a hot wet pussy ready to be pleasured Jolene, maybe my fingers are not enough & i should trade them out for a nice dildo i have in the back for a lady of your standards.” I accepted her suggestion, put my shoes back on & followed her as we took each others hand to her room in the back. Strangely enough the dildo she had was similar to the ones i use & i smiled at her as she showed it to me before she sucked on it. I leaned over to lick the shaft then up so we were licking the head together, then kissing each other as we fondled each others bodies. My hand got under her skirt to find her pussy was wet also as i rubbed it under her thin panties. WE backed up till i felt a chair touching the back of my legs & i sat down on it, she gave me the dildo to lick some more as her head went between my thighs & started to lick my pussy. Her tongue felt good, at the moment she was in control with that expert tongue & her fingers had been rubbing over my clit, then she took the dildo from me & in circular motion inserted the head in my pussy, once the head was in she quickly pushed the shaft in me too, making me gasp with feeling the fullness of the mid thick dildo. Nadine asked me in between licking at my clit & pushing the dido in & out of my pussy if i did this frequently as it looked to her i was relaxed at flashing my pussy to her & did not flinch or say anything negative to her moves on me. Breathing a little faster i replied, “I do this from time to time when my sexual needs require attention & my dominance needs to be satisfied.”
“Dominance! Are you telling me your a domme or someone at least like control or like to loose control & gain it back by seducing others?” Nadine said out slow & in a unsecured voice. Almost in a whisper i replied, ” Yesssss, Nadine i let my prey get caught in my web as you are now thinking your in control, but soon i am going to have my dominant kinky way with you. Any objections, Nadine?” Her hand thrusts with the dildo eased up a little, i questioned her about it & told her i like to feel it deep in me & faster if she wants to satisfy me or make me mad then i’ll satisfy myself by taking it out on her if she can not give me a good orgasm.
My pussy was wet, the lips all swollen, but Nadine was not doing it good enough & in return i pushed her away & told her to take her skirt & top off as i get myself ready to take her. She backed away from me & did as i commanded without question as i went to my pocket book & brought out my 8 inch purple look alike cock with molded foreskin with a 4 inch black dildo for the user. Pushing the smaller dildo in myself then securing the straps around my waist & thighs i told Nadine to get on all fours. At this point, Nadine bahis şirketleri was just astonished at me taking control & i am sure she had never had the tables turn on her so fast. I rubbed her lovely floppy pussy lips, which were nice & wet by now, then rubbed the head of the dildo up & down her pussy. I pushed the head of the dildo to her entrance, hearing her sigh ready to take it, i eased back & went down to lick her pussy & tease her clit first. She groaned out in anticipation, relief or sad that i didn’t penetrate her pussy with the dildo.
She tasted nicely, sticky wetness, her clit showing off the redness as the blood was surely boiling inside her. I tongue fucked her pussy deep, getting my nose to her clit & smelling her scented aroma & as i came up i turned her head & forcefully kissed her knowing her juices were on my face & she kissed & licked my face tasting her own juices before i leaned her head down. “Ass up ! I want to see your pussy as i ram it with my lovely strapon.”
I did just that, the head of the dildo slipped in, then i thrust forward my hips to push the rest of the 8 inches in her pussy which was used to that size if not more in her. Nadine backed up onto the dildo trying to get even more as she moaned with pleasure, “Oh Miss Jolene, that feels so good can i ask you for more & if i am satisfying your needs?” I smiled as i thought to myself that Nadine wants to orgasm for sure now as she is feeling the intensity of a domiant woman taking her & being in charge, My reply was, “Yes, it is beginning to be satisfied, but as i told you my sexual apptite requires your assistant to so i can fuck her after you.”
Nadine had two more orgasms with our play & i felt her hand part my lips on the last orgasm as i thrust forward, her fingers somehow made there way to rubbing my clit getting me hornier to the point i was thrusting just to feel her fingers rubbing my clit & we both gasped out as we had an orgasm together.
Nadine called out to Astrid to drop what she was doing as she needed help with the customer. As Astrid walked into the back room, she saw her manager & myself naked, pussies swollen & dripping with juices. She asked in a quiet voice of what she could do to help & i told her right away to get out of her clothes & get over beside me on this recliner chair to kiss me & lick my pussy ! Astrid did as she was told without question, the good little shop assistant with a smile on her face exclaimed, “I have not licked a hairy pussy before with cum all over it which was not a result from her actions.” I told her back, “My pussy is trimmed, not a full bush or hairy & you need to be made aware of the difference.” She got down & licked me, began using her fingers on me & i noticed the manager had backed away sitting in her chair watching us which i sort of liked for the moment as she was playing with her nipples & rubbing her pussy in a teasing way keeping herself hightened.
Astrid got me close to an orgasm where i made her stop before cumming & had her sit on my face as i wanted to taste this smooth young pussy now. Her lips were tight, the clit hidden by a fold of skin which i coaxed out with my tongue as i fingered her pussy. She was tight, i barely could move 2 fingers in her till she got excited & had a orgasm. She tasted so sweet, her young clear juices at first before the thicker creamer juices began to flow as i continued with my fingers moving in & out of her. Once she stop shaking, i told her to get off my face as i once again put the strapon dildo on me & watched Astrid’s expression. I lay down on the recliner & commanded her to mount me & go down on it with her pussy or i would be forced to take her forcefully from behind !
Astrid’s fingers went to her mouth getting saliva on them & rubbing her pussy some more, 3 times she did this & the next time they went to the dildo before putting it inside her. Astrid gasped as she came into contact with the dildo’s head, pushed a little more before i felt it sort of plop in, then a long sigh from Astrid as she took a little more. She steadied herself with a hand on the wall, the other grabbing at my left boob as she started her slow movements up & down trying to get herself wetter to take more. My guess was she had at least half in & probably did not want stretched any more than necessary. Then i noticed Nadine was over beside us, kissing Astrid’s neck encouraging her on to get the full enjoyment out of it & to orgasm on the dildo to make me happy that would not force me to take her forcefully. Astrid rode the dildo better, the smaller dildo in me was making me wetter & the force of the bigger dildo pushing on me was now & again rubbing my clit which was good for me & helping me reach another orgasm. Astrid was making conversation now, wanting to please me in any way she can, riding the dildo faster, taking that little bit more, both her hands on my tits & squeezing. Nadine at this point was up kissing illegal bahis me after she asked me if she could. All 3 of us were enjoying the day of sexual relief. For me it was not fullfilled, i still wanted to doggy strapon fuck one of them which i beleive was going to be Nadine. Astrid & myself had another orgasm, Astrid got off the dildo & me as i ordered her to & told both of them to lick the dildo & taste Astrid’s juices before my next enjoyment with Nadine.
Astrid licked Nadine’s pussy very well for me as if she has done it before. Quickly i got Nadine up facing the recliner with her knees on it, leaning forward so her pussy & ass was on show for Astrid & myself. I got Astrid to lick my pussy of what she could & to stay under me to watch her manager’s pussy get fucked. I started slowly, easing the head in first then inch by inch i pushed the rest of the dildo in her pussy, in, out, in, out short quick movements, then slow deep thrusts in her as i leaned in to rub at her clit & pinch a nipple of Nadine as i whispered in her ear, “If you satisfy me here my eyes would love to see herself strapon fuck her assistant in front of me, following my instructions on how to fuck her.” Nadine moaned, “Yes, oh yessss, anything you say Miss jolene, this has been the best day of there excited lives so far.”
As to that i did not waste any more time & fucked Nadine deep, hard & fast, moving my hips from side to side, showing Astrid my techniques as she was under me, catching every so often a drip from my pussy as i was now soaking wet close to a final orgasm which i was going to make sure Nadine felt it too. Thrusting hard into Nadine as i heard her suck in a deep breath & let it out in a big long moan, making sure her orgasm lasted as i kept the movement up with the dildo in her & my hands over her boobs, massaging, squeezing till my orgasm over took me, then a final thrust of the hips as Nadine felt my wet pussy grind up into her. Moving slowly away from Nadine, i unhooked the strapon, pushed Astrid away & waited for Nadine to turn around, i pushed her back on the recliner where i tribb her, got our 2 wet mature pussies together grinding on her for an extra orgasm. The look on Astrid’s face was such a scared look as if i was hurting her manager, but she found out it was mutual hard pleasure. Hard was right, Nadine’s clit i could feel rubbing on me, as we finished & i got off her, Nadine’s clit was on show for everyone to see. All hard & red i could not resist to go down, lick it then suck it gently into my mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmm, i love nice big clits to suck & fuck,” I said without thinking & smiles all around.

Nadine shook off her climaxes & went to her desk to take out her black strapon smooth dildo & pointed to the leather bench to Astrid to move to there & sit on it.
The manager then knelt down at the end of the bench, between Astrid’s parted thighs. She took a moment to savour some foreplay, massaging her hands up and down the young woman’s inner thighs, over and across her stomach, and then to cup and squeeze her breasts. At this point, Nadine bent forwards and paid oral tribute to this sweet pair of mammaries, this time nipping with her teeth on the nipples as well as sucking them.

Astrid began to twitch and moan and mumble, and Nadine divined that the girl was sufficiently aroused and ready to be taken. Oh, how the mature manager had longed for this moment! – and now it had been suddenly gifted to her, thanks to this stunningly sexual mature goddess! She rose part-way onto her haunches, gripped the shop assistant’s thighs in order to brace her position, lined up the dildo like a torpedo on its target, and then swung forwards, spearing into Astrid’s pussy in one smooth deep stroke. The pretty girl gave a wonderful shiver and gasp beneath her, and her pelvis began to thrust backwards in time to Nadine’s penetrations. Astrid began to babble between her shallow pants for breath, and all of her words were pleas to be taken, to be dildo-shafted and lesbo-fucked for ever and ever more. Nadine was more than happy to oblige, and she increased the pace and power of her penetrations, until Astrid’s groans turned to deep harsh grunts, her pleas became reduced to the sobbing reiteration of ‘fuckme!’ over and over, her back arched, and she spasmed in orgasm.

During this, whilst the two white women were intensely absorbed in their lustful lesbian love-making, Jolene had not only quietly got dressed, but she had also used her cell phone to take a series of pictures of the manager fucking her assistant – in what was clearly consensual sex, with no restraints in sight – and had transmitted copies of them securely to her home email address.

As Astrid came under Nadine’s strap-on shafting, the mature manager climaxed as well, her mind in a clouded whirl of erotic excitement from having fulfilled two of her fantasies at once: dildoing a young blonde employee, and getting taken forcebly herself by a powerful mature dominant woman who was on a mission of sexual needs.

Jolene gave a rich satisfied laugh, and the pair of cream-skinned blondes turned to see their conqueror Mistress smiling like a cat who has caught her mice.
The end. XXXXXX

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