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Starting from Scratch Ch. 03

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Chapter 3- The Unexpected Guest

The next morning Margaret opened her eyes to find Thomas in bed beside her. She groaned as she shifted onto her side and cuddled up to her lover’s back. Her ass, her thighs, and her pussy ached from the sound fucking she received all day long yesterday and half of the night. She was so sore she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to walk today. Well, she had told Thomas to fuck her until she walked funny. She did tell him that, didn’t she? Or, was that just a lustful fantasy that happened to come true?

Either way, she was going to be walking funny, and most likely, draining little Thomas and Tamsin’s down her inner thighs too. She could already feel his gelatinous cum smearing her pussy-lips and her inner thighs. She wondered for a brief moment what the possible outcome of so much unprotected sex would be. Sure she still got her period regular as clockwork, but it was only three days of light bleeding and then it was done. Surely she was too old to get pregnant anymore!

With a mental shrug she closed her eyes and snoozed for a little while. Honestly, whatever happened, she wasn’t worried. If she didn’t get pregnant, oh well, she was used to that particular disappointment. If she did, well then, yes she was a little older than most women, but then, she was youthful for her age. Besides, what could she do? If she got pregnant then she would just have to cope with whatever comes.

Thomas felt Margaret roll over and he was immediately awake. Honestly, he had been awake for hours. Guilt burned his soul. He had cheated on Heather! Sure she cheated first, but God have mercy on him, it didn’t make his cheating less grievous. Then there was the fact that he fucked Margaret all day and most of the night. He hadn’t once used a condom! Of course Margaret hadn’t asked him too, but then, did she really have too? What if she got pregnant? What would he do then? Would Margaret be pissed? Would she tell him to leave? What if she decided he was just a fuck toy and she was done with him?

Margaret rolled over and tucked her arm around his waist. Despite his fears, Thomas found himself lacing his fingers through hers and pulling her arm tighter around him for comfort.

An hour later Margaret rose up and pulled Thomas over to lay on his back. He looked up into her golden-brown eyes. She didn’t say anything, she only smiled at him as she threw her leg over his hips so that she was straddling him. He had been stiff with arousal for a long time already, so she simply grabbed his dick like a sword hilt and guided him to her pussy. She lifted up and then sank down his shaft. In a single fluid movement her ass cheeks slapped his balls as his dickhead rammed into her cervix and pushed deeper inside her womb. With his balls smashed between his thighs and her ass-cheeks, she slowly started grinding her pussy on his pelvic bone. His dick moved only an inch or two in and out of her. She rotated her hips and his dick whisked her vagina like a spoon stirring a pot. Margaret brought her legs up higher and the position of her uterus dropped until every motion had his dickhead pressing against her cervix for entry into her uterus. Margaret closed her eyes, she breathed shallowly, and her hips moved as if her body moved on instinct. Suddenly, Thomas felt his dick slide deeper. It felt almost like a pop, and then Margaret gasped as her thighs and pussy muscles tightened around Thomas’s dick like a vise.

Margaret was coming and her pussy was milking Thomas’s dick like it was the milk cow’s teat. Thrusting up, he buried his dick as deep inside her as he could. His testicles churned out sperm as he came. His dick burned, feeling like it was swollen to three times what was natural and his swollen mushroom head was about to explode like a tomato squeezed until its insides burst through its thin skin!

He gasped. He clutched at Margaret’s thighs and he tried to force her down so that he could drive his dick even deeper inside her. If he was going to blow his dick off, then he wanted Margaret to feel it all the way to her ovaries!

Margaret finally moaned in her ecstasy, and then she collapsed onto Thomas’s chest. It was almost an hour later before Margaret rolled off the bed and said, “I think we should eat and drink some water.”

“I agree,” Thomas said as he followed her to the kitchen.

Neither of them worried about the fact that they were both naked. They prepared a hardy brunch, ate it, and then took a shower together. Once they were clean Thomas led Margaret to his room where they fucked for the rest of the day. The rest of the week was supposed to been too hot to work, and so, except for milking the cow and collecting the eggs, Margaret and Thomas fucked on every piece of furnature in her house. They only took breaks for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then it was on again.

After that week their relationship fundamentally changed. Thomas still had his room, but now he slept exclusively with Margaret. They worked almanbahis and played together. Very rarely would they work separately. Thomas became Margaret’s man, not her employee, or help. They were together now, not husband and wife exactly, more like mates, co-habitants, at least, that is how she thought of it.

Margaret, Thomas decided, was more than a girlfriend, lover, or mistress. Heather had cheated on him and he had left her. Yes, they were not divorced yet, but maybe that could be remedied somehow. No, Margaret was more to Thomas. To him she exemplified his ideal image of a faithful adoring wife. The wife he had wished Heather had been. Well, no matter what happened now, he was going to stay by Margaret’s side. He would be her man and she would be his woman.


It was mid-June when Margaret found Thomas and she couldn’t believe the summer was almost over already. Two months. Two whole months it had taken him to finally make a move and fuck her senseless, and now, September was upon them.

It was the first weekend of the month, and supply-run day down to Livingston and still it was dreadfully hot. When she pulled on apair of her ultra-tight Wrangle jeans that fit her ass so well, she found she couldn’t pull them over her hips and ass. Looking at herself in the stand mirror, she didn’t seen any extra weight on her hips or ass, but she clearly couldn’t get her pants on. Looking down at her lower belly, she wondered, ‘Is that a pooch to my lower belly?’

Dismissing the broadening of her hips, the thickening of her ass, and the roundness of her belly as bloating from eating more than usual lately. She pulled her jeans off and went to her closet. In the back recesses of her her closet she found a dress she hadn’t worn in years. Pulling it out, she pulled on the white, button up, country dress that fit her snugly around her breasts and midriff, and flared out over her hips and ass with a him that fell to her mid-calf. Just above her cowboy boots. The dress was made so that she didn’t need a bra, but feeling naughty, she didn’t wear panties either.

Thomas was dressed and cooking breakfast while she finished braiding her hair and making herself up with a little lipgloss and a smidge of mascara. She felt a little silly putting on makeup to impress her man, but then, she wanted to keep on impressing him. Sure she had hooked and reeled him in, now it was her job to keep him so smitten with her that he never looked somewhere else. Margaret had known too many stupid women that thought just because they got their man, afterward they didn’t need to do anything to keep him reeled in.

Men were very much like fish. They would come and eat right out of your hand if you fed them what they wanted and needed. A woman could also bate a hook on a fishing line and she could catch herself a man. Free or hooked, a fish would never leave or stray. Sure they would fight a bated hook, but they could be reeled in. However, as soon as you quit feeding them, they would quickly swim off. And like a fish men would bite a different glitter hook or eager swim right into the arms of another woman is will to feed them whatever it was they needed.

Margaret had known this truth when she married George, and she had kept him so satisfied that he never so much as looked twice at any other woman. Now, she applied those same principles toward Thomas, and though neither of them had used the L-word yet, she was confident that Thomas was completely enraptured by her charms. When she was done making herself up, she walked out and presented herself to Thomas’s for his critique. He did a double take when he saw her, and then let out a long low whistle before setting the spatula down and turning around to pull her into his arms.

“You are gorgeous!” He exclaimed as his hands moved down to cup and squeeze her ass. He kissed her, and she leaned in and kissed him back just as fiercely. When he finally withdrew he asked, “Do we have time for me to rip your clothes off and fuck the shit out of you?”

For an answer she turned the stove eyes off and pulled him into the living room where she laid down on the couch and pulled her dress up as she purred, “No ripping my dress off. However, I have your breakfast right here!”

Margaret laid back, made sure her dress was up around her waist, and then spread her legs and tilted her pelvis so that she was offering her pussy for Thomas’s consumption. He growled as he knelt down between her legs and leaned in. He kissed his way down her inner thigh, and then he spent a fair bit of time licking from the bottom of the inner curves of her ass-cheeks, across the soft, smooth, ivory skin of the plump lips of her pussy. He kissed her inner thighs where her adductor longus muscles met her pelvis. He kissed and licked and nibbled on the soft spongy flesh covering her pubic bone. He licked and kissed everywhere there should have been a thick forest of platinum pubes, but was instead soft, smooth, ivory skin, and then, finally, almanbahis giriş he slid his tongue between the slit of her plump outer labia and delved down her vulva. He flicked the hood of her clitoris and pushed it back so he could give her a little tickle, and then he moved down tasting the nectar of her plentiful lubrication.

Thomas knew he was in love with this woman. He knew it! Because no woman tastes like honey down there, however, to him, that was exactly what she tasted like. Her lubrication. Her nectar. Her squirt when she came on his face and shot her exultation into his mouth, it all tasted like the purest honey.

He drove his tongue deep inside Margaret’s vagina. He licked her walls, around the sides, and down the back. He enjoyed where she was spongy and rough behind her pubic bone, the strange ribs along the side walls, he enjoyed where her g-spot was just below her bladder, and he enjoyed the silky smoothness that ran up the back of her vagina along her rectum. He couldn’t reach her cervix with her laying down as she was, but then, he didn’t need to. Withdrawing, he licked her perineum and bit her ass-cheeks until she moaned. He licked up her outer labia once again, and then he attacked her clitoris. Not like before. Not a tease or a tickle. No, this time he sucked her into his mouth and he lashed her clit with his tongue until her hips were shuddering and then he slid down her vulva, delving her vagina, and then returned to her clit. Over and over again he repeated this, only stopping when her hips were vibrating and she started to thrust her pussy into his teeth, then he would withdraw to her vagina and return.

Margaret was a furnace. Her thighs quaked. Her muscles twitched and shuddered. Her ass bounced on the couch cushion like it was a hot plate. However the heat she felt was inside her. A fire in her loins and a raging tempest in her womb. A swarm of butterflies seemed to be trying to break out of her belly, and she moaned and mewled wantonly for more.

‘More! She had to have more!’

“Fuck yes baby!” She purred through clenched teeth, “I love the way you eat me!”

“Oh fuck!”

“Oh God!”

“Eat me baby!”

“Eat meeee!” She screamed explosively as she climaxed.

Her thighs shook and twitched. She tried to not clamp down on Thomas’s head but he would never stop unless she did. Finally, she forced her thighs open as she howled in climax and reached down and pushed his head away from her cunt until he released her clit.

He looked up at her with a smile, and she growled, “Fuck me now!”

Standing up Thomas unbuckled and unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. Margaret just laid there panting, her thighs spread wide open, her bare pussy on full wet display, and then Thomas wrapped his arms around her thighs and lifted her up as he knelt down on the couch.

Margaret giggled as his dick approached her hungry pussy, and then she gasped as Thomas pressed in and his dickhead parted her labia like he was pushing aside curtains. Her warm wet insides were exposed, and then he was sinking deeper and deeper inside her. His dick slammed up against her cervix and her body responded by climaxing. Euphoria filled her mind with an unquestioning thrill, a happiness, to have Thomas’s dick penetrating and impaling her once again with the one thought, the one desire for him to fill her up with his thick creamy seed!

His seed! Yes, his cum! Pumping and blasting inside her sinking in and painting the walls of her uterus white. Filling her up and impregnating her belly with his inexhaustible sperm.

She gasped and she wailed and before she knew what was happening she felt it. Thomas was cumming. He was thrusting as deep inside her as he could as her womb opened up for him, and she could feel rope after rope, blast after saturating blast, of his cum filling her up as her senses exploded with joy!


“Wow,” Thomas said as he chuckled under his breath. He was driving while Margaret sat beside him on the bench seat of the truck. It had been thirty minutes since they left the farm, and Thomas just kept saying, “Wow! Wow, I have never seen you climax that hard before!”

He was supremely proud of himself. Hell, she was super proud of him too. She hadn’t ever cum that hard in her life, and she couldn’t push down the pure satisfaction she felt. It was like she was wearing a warm sweater on a cold winter’s day while standing in front of the fireplace as the heat warmed her ass and belly. And she couldn’t stop smiling!

When she sat down in the truck she had brought a towel to sit on and pulled her dress up just in case she leaked creamy Thomas and Tamsin’s all down her thighs and onto the seat, but so far there was nothing.

“Hey,” She purred mischievously as she looked up at him like she was a teenager again, “I got an idea.”

“Yeah,” Thomas said as he cut his eyes from the road to look at her, “What are you thinking?”

She giggled as she answered, “I’m wondering almanbahis yeni giriş if you can still drive if I straddle you and fuck you right now?”

Thomas’ eyes widened at the suggestion but soon he was unbuckling his seat belt and unzipping the fly of his jeans. Margaret wasted no time in fishing his long hard cock out of his pants, and then she was carefully twisting around to face Thomas as he scooted his hips down beneath her pussy. Margaret’s giggling was infectious as she grabbed his dick and then sank herself down his engorged rod. Her whole body shuddered as his girth stretched out her vagina.

Margaret sighed in lusty appreciation while Thomas struggled to hold on to the steering wheel, keep his foot on the accelerator, and keep his eyes on the road. Cutting his eyes to Margaret he panted, “I think this is the very definition of distracted driving.”

Margaret laughed delightedly, and then she purred, “You think this is distracting!”

To Thomas’s incredible surprise Margaret then proceeded to unbutton her dress and pull it off. Seconds later a very naked Margaret was sitting on his lap grinding her pussy on his dick as she kissed his neck and pressed her breasts against his chest.

“Fuck! Margaret,” He gasped in incredulity and concern, “What happens if we get into a wreck? Or, a state trooper passes us?”

“Then I guess the trooper will get one hell of a show,” She crooned in his ear.

Revving up her pace, Margaret started bouncing and grinding her pussy, then whisking his dick inside her as she rotated her hips, and then pushed down hard driving his dick as deep inside her vagina as she could. She rocked and she rotated, and as soon as she felt that he was about to cum she slowed and came to a stop, letting him rest inside her until he could continue without cumming. She fucked him naked as he drove until they were ten minutes out of Livingston, and then she bounced and ground her pussy down on him until he was having a hard time keeping the truck on the road. His ardor built and his testes boiled with sperm eager to fill up Margaret’s womb.

“Oh god,” He moaned in her ear, “I’m… I’m about to cum. Please Margaret! Please let me cum inside you?”

Margaret chuckled. They were five minutes from reaching Val’s Seed and Supply Store. She ground her pussy down hard on his dick. He could feel his hard throbbing organ swelling and pushing at her cervix. It wanted inside. He wanted inside her womb. It was like her body knew what he wanted, and it opened to him. He felt himself suddenly sink deeper. She gasped as she was suddenly thrown into climax. Her nails dug into his shoulders. She bit his neck. Her thighs, her pussy, and her belly clenched down on his prick so hard he could barely thrust. He managed one final push, just a little deeper inside Margaret’s womb, and then his balls seized and cum was blasting out of him and spraying down Margaret’s womb like a firehose trying to put out a fire!

Only, his cum was like gasoline inside Margaret’s belly. She howled and hissed. She gasped and groaned, and she moved on Thomas’s dick, tightening and relaxing her abdomen. Moving like she was heaving. Moving like she was trying to force something out, or she was trying to suck something deep inside. Thomas got that sensation again, like his dick was being milked for every sperm in his balls. Thomas pulled into Val’s Seed and Supply, and he coasted to a stop at the far edge of the parking lot. He took his hands off the steering wheel and grabbed Margaret’s hips. He tightened his muscles, and then he thrust his dick as high inside Margaret as he could while pushing her down on her thighs, driving her pussy down his shaft as far as was physically possible, and then he pumped every last sperm into Margaret!


Margaret opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry. She had an incredible sense of satisfaction. She was smiling, and no matter what, she couldn’t stop. Her eyes came into focus and she realized she was laying on Thomas’s chest. She was sitting in his lap… backwards… in her pickup truck… naked!

“Oh my fucking god!” She cried out, “Did I just faint from my orgasm?”

“Yes,” Thomas crooned in much satisfaction, “You certainly did, and Val, Lance, and Darrel have already been out here to see if anything was wrong too.”

“No!” Margaret gasped as her eyes opened wide and her expression changed from joy to cringing.

“Yep,” Thomas contradicted, “And they saw every lovely inch of your beautiful naked body. Val admired your ass in particular.”

“No!” Margaret gasped in hushed denial, “Oh god! Oh no! I will never be able to look at them ever again without knowing they’ve seen me naked, fully sexed out of my mind! Oh god! I can’t go in there now. Come on, let’s go home.”

As she said this she gathered up her dress and with shaky fingers buttoned it up before sliding off of Thomas’s lap. By the end of her freak out he was laughing uproariously. Margaret looked at him in utter misery, until he confessed, “Oh shit! It’s good to know you do have some sense of decency. I’m sorry Margaret. You only passed out for a minute or two. No one has come out to ask about you and no one has seen you naked, fully sexed, and completely infused with my cum!”

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