Haziran 8, 2023

Stallion Ploughing

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

* * * * *

Ploughing the fields was hard work at the best of times, but even more so when a draft stallion had a sexy partner with which to plough the fields. In full harness, they were hooked up to the ploughs, hides gleaming in shades of bay, chestnut, black and even a deeper liver, snorting and heaving, glistening with sweat. Oh, the anthro draft stallions knew the meaning of hard work, but ploughing up the fields as they were, well…it drew a certain kind of attention.and everyone knew that farms couldn’t get by on mere subsidies from the government anymore.

No, they had something else there to offer, their thick sheaths and heavy, swinging nuts on public show, even as they ploughed the fields alongside the road, drawing eyes, drawing attention. Everyone wanted to see, but if they really did want a show, they’d have to come on around to the back fields were Max and Declan were “on break”. If stallions could even call it a break, that was…

Max and Declan were resplendent in shiny, black leather harnesses, the collars of the ploughs left on while the strapping dangled around their thickly muscled thighs and rumps. Yet what was different between the two of them to the others was Max bending Declan, a istanbul travesti dappled grey with a glow of splendour to his coat, over the plough, forcing him to cling to any stable handles and surfaces that he could while his anal ring was stretched wide. A fat length of horse cock, fit for a draft horse, pushed it open, Max a Suffolk Punch chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, though his cock was more pink than mottled, a few spots of grey betraying that.

“Unff… Yes… Fuck…”

He grunted thickly as he ploughed into Declan’s tail hole, the tight doughnut of flesh practically begging attention. At a distance, on the other side of the fence, they had an audience, someone telling those there what it was that stallion anthros ploughing fields needed, though, really, the draft stallions there simply took advantage of the situation to get a good fuck in, even while doing work.

It was worth it, muscles rippling, bulging, their bodies strong and powerful, more so than those watching, those that wished it was them under the muscled bulk and power of the stallions. They couldn’t have matched up to their huge shafts, however, the meat of them begging for more than smaller bodies could handle, Declan digging in his hooves and grunting thickly even as he used all the strength in his body to bear back against Max, driving his cock in harder than ever.

“Harder… Yes, c’mon, you can do more than that!”

Oh, it was in his nature to put on something of a show, to show off, lust rising, his nostrils flaring. His tail was cut short, but Declan still flagged it, revealing the dapples clearly on his rump, as istanbul travestileri he snorted for more, grunting and heaving like a feral horse, a stud in the moment, the plough shaking under his overly tight grip.

But that did not stop Max from ramming into him, driving in past the medial ring, which tugged deliciously at his hole as it popped in and out. Oh, it was the little sensations like that that mattered the most in a moment like that, not the raw stretch of such a cock, his body accommodating it even though it was a length of stallion-shaft that would have made lesser males tremble. That was just where, however, the might and power of draft stallions came into play, their grunts and groans rising, filling the air, stud bodies coming together in such a way that there was no real telling just which of them was dominant and who was submissive. In that sense, it didn’t actually matter allt hat much. They got what they needed either way.

Declan, however, needed more, grunting thickly, his nostrils fluttering with raunchy snatches of breath, eyes sliding back towards his partner. More, yes… He needed more of that dick inside him, stretching out his anal ring, penetrating him, grinding over his prostate, making him forget that he had been out there all day, sweating in the sun, labouring for someone else. Of course, he was paid for it, but the sex was one of the best parts and perks of the job, what made him want to keep going there, to do it, though riding a dick, mmm… Mm, that was one of the very best parts.

The medial ring tugged at his arse as it popped in and out, sparks of pleasure shooting travesti istanbul through him, but it was not for a stud horse like him, with his audience and all, to hold back. With a full-bodied neigh, he threw his head back, whipping his mane from side to side, as short as it was, snorting heavily, quivering.

So close, so very close…

And he wasn’t going to hold off any longer as Max snorted, powering through, thrusts speeding up and up and up.

The slap of his hips on Declan’s arse echoed across the field, some of the others looking over, wanting to see what was going on, though they would have their fill too, in time. It was Declan, however, that got off first, giving a stallion’s scream of delight as his cum poured forth, spurt after thickly heady spurt flowing, filling the air, splattering to the ground. One could have said that he was watering the plants that would soon be sowed there, but that was just a joke amongst stallions as his arse tightened, squeezing down on that cock for the desire of something more.

Max sped up, leaning over Declan, though the grey stallion no longer cared, orgasm tearing through, taking his mind, a smirk on his lips even as they quivered. The chestnut stallion grunted through his own orgasm, yet it was not as powerful as the climax of the stud who’d just gotten his arse pounded, leaving onlookers wondering which of them had, in the end, gotten the better end of the deal.

Emptying his nuts into Declan’s arse, Max whuffled softly, licking and chewing at the air, ears flicking back and forth, eyes rolling.

“Huff… Damn, you’re a good fuck.”

“Erf… Right back at you, stud… You got another round in you?”

Someone, not too far away, gasped. They didn’t pay them any attention. Max grinned.

“I’d say so.”

When it came to stallion ploughing, the draft horse studs were not quite done yet!

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