Temmuz 17, 2024

Spoiled Sister

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It was the third day after I graduated and I was bored out of my mind. I hadn’t been able to find a summer job like all my friends and without my own car I was stuck at home all day by myself. Playing video games and watching tv was OK for a little while but not all day and I was hating to think what the whole summer was going to be like.

The phone rang one afternoon and it was my sister calling to say she was coming home for a month or so between her gymnastic training schedule.

Beth was three years older than me and was definitely the spoiled one in the family. I always called her shorty because she was only five feet tall and pretty skinny and mom and dad always did anything she wanted. When she was about twelve she decided she wanted to be a gymnast and any extra money we had went toward her training. By the time she was in high school she was pretty good and got a scholarship to college and by her southmore year she was on the varsity team. In my eyes that made her even more the center of attraction and when she was home I was almost totally forgotten.

A couple days after she got home I was laying in the living room watching tv when she came down from her room wearing shorts and a t-shirt and started doing stretching exercises on the floor. As I watched her it was hard for me to believe some of the positions she got into. I didn’t think a body could stretch like that. After about ten minutes she took a break and then came back with one of those big exercise balls. She asked if http://www.izmirlitv.com/ I could help her do some crunches while she laid on the ball, she needed me to hold her ankles so she wouldn’t slip off the ball. She got into position and I held her feet and she started her exercises. She did a quick fifty crunches on her back and then she did another fifty laying on her stomach and then she said she was done for the day and was going to lay out in the yard in the sun for awhile.

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Every morning she’d exercise for an hour or so then lay outside for awhile and then go to her room and stay there until mom and dad got home. One morning though instead of shorts and a t-shirt she came down wearing a one piece outfit that looked something like a swimsuit. It was bright yellow, made of nylon and was skin tight. She did all her normal exercises and then asked me to hold her ankles while she did her crunches. When she laid down on the ball I noticed how tight that outfit really was. Her nipples were easily seen and so were her ribs and belly button.

The crotch of the outfit had three snaps holding it together and right above them was the most perfect cameltoe anyone could ask for. If she hadn’t been my sister I think I would have been in love.

She did about twenty of her crunches and one of the outside snaps popped open exposing part of her pussy. From what I could see there wasn’t a hair in sight so she must have been shaved. For a second I thought about telling her what had happened but the view was so nice I changed my mind. She finished the ones on her back and flipped over onto her stomach to do the rest of them. After just a few more the other two snaps popped open and now I could see everything. Her pussy was slightly open and her inner lips were visible along with the bump where her clit was hidden. She was completely shaven and there wasn’t any stubble showing anywhere so she must have spent quite a bit of time shaving.

She finished and stood up and finally realized what had happened and got this strange look on her face

“My suit popped open and you saw my pussy and didn’t say anything?”

“Well I”

“Don’t say another word or I’ll tell mom and dad what happened and you’ll be in a world of crap.”

She didn’t say anything else and giving me the finger stomped out of the room.

I knew she would tell and I felt kind of stupid doing what I had done but it was over and there was nothing I could do to change what had happened. I didn’t see Beth for the rest of the day and that evening she never said a word to me and never even acted like I existed.

Two days later I was doing what I normally did every morning, watching tv when Beth came into the room. She had that yellow outfit on again and started doing her exercises but I thought there was no way she was going to have me hold her ankles like I usually did after what had happened the other day. When it was time for her crunches she got the ball out and looked at me like she was deciding if she wanted me to help her.

“What happened the other day was an accident and I realize that and I shouldn’t have been so mad at you. I know that when a guy gets a chance to look at a pussy he’s going to do it every chance he gets no matter whose it is so as long as you’ve already seen mine there’s no reason you can’t see it again.”

I was trying to digest what she had just said when without saying anything else she took off her outfit and stood there nude.

“I still need help with my crunches if you want to hold my ankles.”

“Sure I can do that if you want me to.”

For the next fifteen minutes she did her crunches, I held her ankles and had the best view anyone could have ever asked for. She was beautiful and even though she was my sister I had the biggest hard-on I’d ever had. She finished the ones on her back and flipped over onto her stomach to finish up and that view was better yet. When she was finished she stood up and smiled at me.

“OK I know you’ve got a hard-on by now and that’s fine with me but I don’t want to see it and I never want to see it.I’m going to go to my room now so you can do whatever you have to do but I’ll be back in a half hour because I want you to do something else for me.”

She was half way up the stairs to her room and I had my pants off and was jacking off to the memory of what had just happened. It didn’t take long and I was cumming all over the floor, the couch and myself.

Thirty minutes later Beth came back downstairs still nude and asked if I could do something for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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