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A Fantasy Fulfilled

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As long as she could remember, Pooja was never a head turner. Not that she was physically unattractive or a put-off but she was always slightly on the chubbier side and the age had complemented that aspect of her figure. She would be turning 45 soon and she wanted to make a change the way she looked and the way she felt about herself. Not that she wanted an hourglass figure nor a size-zero but she wanted to be fit. Her husband adored her and had no qualms about the way she looked. On the contrary she would still stoke a fire in him like she did in the initial years of their marriage. But she wanted to be fit for her own sake and that when the pursuit for fitness began. So without much delay, Pooja started her morning walks. But the trouble was, the years of inactivity was making her regret every step that she took. The pain in her legs and shortness of breath was a clear symptom. The location where she went for her walk did not help her as well because it was on the foothills making the terrain full of climbs and descents.

One fine spring morning, while Pooja stood panting near a tree with her face flushed and her entire body drenched in sweat, she saw a handsome young man jog past her looking at her with concern in his eyes. He jogged away for some distance and then returned to check if Pooja was alright. He definitely did not seem from around here because if he was, he would know that this was a daily affair another there was nothing to be worried about. Pooja thanked him for showing concern and assured him that she was ok and that he should continue his work out. He smiled at her and hurried off only to turn back and check on her after some distance. By then she was back on track dragging herself and thinking about the Good Samaritan in him.

The next few days they continued crossing paths during their morning workouts, often exchanging smiles. As Pooja’s capability on the track improved so did their encounters. They had now graduated from mere smiles to casual pleasantries.

Arun had initially not noticed her, but with each passing day he was more aware of her presence. She was about as tall as he was, wheatish in complexion -a contrast to his fair one, with a slightly chubby figure that was worth dying for because of his fetish for elder women. He used to look forward to see her every morning, jog past him gracefully – every step that she took was measured and perfect which would make her muscles ripple over her body fitting clothes, her hair tied in a single pony bounce and the shapely bosom juggle in just the right amount to make his loins stir.

Many a times he would stare at her with his mouth agape which she undoubtedly noticed yet the the exchange of pleasantries never stalled. He thought that he had noticed her blush a couple of times looking at his dumbfounded expression when he saw her in a razorback top and shorts. The place where they both went for their walks was on the outskirts of the town and hence sparsely populated which helped him continue their exchanges and graduate to the next stage.

For the next few days, Arun did not see her and was concerned if this was the end of his morning exchanges. But then one fine day to his respite, he bumped into her. This time instead exchanging mere pleasantries he stopped to actually ask her about her absence which she willingly obliged and said that since she was unwell she decided to take a few days off but now she was back to her morning runs. With a hope that he will continue seeing her, he beamed unabashedly and she giggled. He unknowingly started walking along with her in the same direction and started indulging in some small talk about health and each one shared their reason for working out every day. She occasionally giggled at his funny remarks and continued egging him to talk further while she walked along. By the end of the walk, they both knew basic details about each other and promised to catch up soon.

The next day, they bumped into each other again but did not speak much apart from the customary good morning! However, at the end of the trail, Arun stood waiting for her to finish her run so that he could chat some more. When she arrived he asked her if she would like to have some tea at a stall nearby which she agreed to and they both headed off in that direction, chatting up some more. This became a routine wherein both of them would complete their workouts and wait for each other to have their morning tea and chatting up. During these morning excursions she got to know that Arun, in his early 30’s, had moved here for corporate job. Though he was married his wife was living in another city and would continue to do so until she found something better here. She too shared that she was married for last 20 years and was living with her spouse alone as their children had scooted of to the urban cities to pursue their independent careers.

Their daily discussions varied from everyday things to sometimes spiritual or philosophical aspects of life. Sometimes they would complain about pendik escort their respective spouses. Since both of them were avid readers, they had a lot to talk about and share with each other making them unusual buddies. During one such morning chat, Arun mentioned that he was going on a day long hike in the nearby hills along with a group. He suggested that since her husband had no interest in these hikes and was anyways busy with his business she can come along. Arun remarked that if he was younger, he would have loved to explore the country side.

After some reluctance and with nothing better to do, she agreed to go. On the day of the hike, Arun was picked up Pooja from a pre-decided spot early in the morning and drove him to the starting point. She was dressed in black synthetic slacks, black body hugging razor back tank top and a very loose white sleeveless on it. She looked drop dead gorgeous. Arun’s mouth went dry when saw her. On the contrary he was in black shorts and a grey t-shirt.

Pooja was shocked to see a bunch of youngsters looking at her in disbelief. Some of them giggled at the back but most of them were worried about her ability to survive the hike. Arun brushed their worries aside by being his charming self and cracking a couple of jokes that seemed to divert their attention. But deep within Pooja had started doubting himself. Nonetheless the group started their journey on foot. Since it was mid-summer, there was no one other than them on this trail. Soon the summer heat started taking its toll on her and by mid-morning Pooja started lagging behind. The group initially tried to wait for her and encouraged her, but soon they realised that they will never be able to reach their destination at this stage. Pooja could gauge their impatience and displeasure and urged them to proceed without her and that she will meet them at the end.

Taking this as a cue, the group proceeded without her. Arun, however, being a gentleman stayed back even when Pooja insisted that he go ahead. Both of them walked in silence for a while. Pooja started cursing herself for signing up for this hike. They were in the middle of the dry country side of dry wood walking on dead leaves in the sweltering indian heat drenched in sweat. She dragged her feet along occasionally stopping to wipe the sweat off her body. The heavy backpack(filled with water and food) for the day did not help her cause.

Soon around afternoon she stopped in the shade of a small hillock made of boulders for some shade making up her mind if she should proceed or walk back the way she had come. While she was resting and thinking of her next steps, she looked up to see Arun standing there with his hands on his hips staring at her with a relief in his eyes. He was covered in thin film of sweat which glistened in the unforgiving sunlight. His short hair were wet with his sweat and his tshirt was wet and sticking to his well built body. His ripped sweaty arms looked enticing. He looked like an angel sent to rescue her. She beamed at him and he started laughing and she joined him too. After both of them were done laughing at the current state of affairs Arun said, “You were planning to go back, weren’t you?”

Pooja: Yes. Sorry for being a burden but I think I am too old for this kind of adventure

Arun: Hmmmm. Never mind lets head back.

Pooja: Oh you don’t have to cancel your plans for me. I will find my way around.

Arun: No you will not. And I already feel guilt about bringing you here I don’t want to feel responsible for you getting lost in the wilderness.

Pooja: I am sorry for ruining your hike. I hope I can make it up to you someday.

She smiled and both of them started walking back. They resumed their usual conversations. Arun recommended that since they were not completing the hike, they might as well take the longer route back to which Pooja willingly agreed to. They went off the trail and started walking. Arun was walking behind her and was unabashedly checking her out, fully aware that she will never know where his eyes were hovering.

At one point, Pooja got tired and sat down and Arun came up in front of her to see if she was ok. As he looked down, a welcoming sight caught his eye. Pooja was looking up to him panting. Her face covered in sweat and chest heaving. From where he was standing he could easily see her cleavage and a drop of sweat rolling down her neck, then chest and then vanishing in her cleavage. He stood there dumbfounded staring at the beautiful sight and she sat there looking at his eyes tracing the bead of sweat rolling on her chest.

The sight gave him an instant hard-on and started making a tent. She called out.

Pooja: Arun!! What happened? Where are you lost?

Arun: uhhhh… Nothing… nothing…

Pooja: Give me a hand… lets go…

Arun extended his hand for her to grab it and get up. As soon as she held it and started to get up, their hands lost grip because of sweat and she slipped. To keep from falling escort pendik she landed up catching his shorts near the crotch and accidentally grabbed his erect tool. Both of them were shocked by the sudden turn of events. But the profanity of the situation was such that no one apologised. Arun did not apologise because it was Pooja’s fault when she held his tool and Pooja did not apologise because Arun was sporting a hard-on when he shouldn’t have. There was an awkward silence as both were offended for the invasion of their privacy. Pooja, this time got up on her own and started walking. Arun stood there for a couple of seconds and after coming back to his senses started following her. That is when Pooja turned around and stared at him and blankly said, ” I thought you were too decent for this shit!”

Arun: I am.

Pooja: Oh really? Then what is this?

Arun (feigning innocence): What? What are you talking about?

Pooja (Now pointing finger at his shorts): This… mister!

Arun(looking down and showcasing cluelessness): What are you referring to? I don’t get it.

Pooja was irritated by now. Without thinking much she grabbed the tool again and stared in his eyes and yelled, “THIS!”

Arun’s eyes split wide open. His tool, whose erection was subsiding, became erect gain at her touch. He was dumbfounded by her action. He stared at her gulping.

Pooja was surprised at her actions as well. She could feel his tool growing in her palm to its full glory and making a tent. She always liked Arun for his funny nature and ripped appearance but his reaction few moments ago was something she was not prepared for. Not many men drooled over her and Arun was amongst the few exceptions and she had noticed him letching at her before but had brushed it away as a man’s fantasy/fetish. But today was something different, she was simply not ready to handle this. What surprised her more was her own reaction. She did not understand what in the world had made her catch hold of his crotch.

She released his tool, gulped and apologised.

Pooja(fumbling): I am sorry… i shouldn’t have… I didn’t mean to…

Arun fathomed the gravity of what had conspired, smiled.

Arun: Are you?

Pooja: It was a mistake Arun… I did not intend to…

Arun: I agree… the first time was a mistake… but the second time was intentional.

Arun’s smile broadened.

Arun: So what made you touch it again? Was it the size of it? Or the fact that I entice you? I suppose its the latter.

Now Arun let out a short laugh to tense down the situation and elicit a response from Pooja. But Pooja was unmoved.

Arun (snapping his fingers): Pooja!!

Pooja (coming back to her senses): Yes!

Arun (smilingly): What made you so curious? Can’t a man like me have a hard-on? You seem to either underestimate your beauty?

Pooja blushed a little at his last remark and a hint of smile appeared on her face!

Arun: So?

Pooja: So What?

Arun: What made you so curious?

Pooja smiled nodded her head and turned around and started walking.

Something got hold of Arun by now. He would not let ho till he had an answer.

Arun: Oh come on! The least you can do is answer me!

Pooja (playing along bow): You know my answer.

Arun: So its true. You underestimate the effect you have on me!! Hahahahaha

Pooja (playfully): Oh am I? May be it was the padding of your clothes or simply an enlarged prostrate…

Arun: Oh! That was harsh… you forget even I have a fragile ego and it hurts!

Pooja: Don’t worry… the pain will subside like your hard-on. Probably it already has subsided.

Arun: What?

Pooja: Both. The pain of your ego hurting and your hard-on.

Arun: What if it has not?

Pooja (sarcastically): Ya right…

Arun: I m not kidding…

Pooja: I don’t believe you…

Arun stopped in his tracks and did something he would not do in his right senses. He pulled down his shorts and undies and yelled at her, “SEE!”

Pooja turned around to see Arun standing there naked waist down with his hand wide apart and his shorts and undies bunched near his ankles. He had an erect tool slightly tilted towards left staring at her. He was decently sized and had huge ball sack. The pubic hair was not so thick. She was pleasantly surprised not just at his daredevilry but also at his erection. She smiled at him and said.

Pooja: I am impressed young man! I never thought you had it in you! But now, at this very moment you are walking on thin ice. Be careful what you wish for.

Arun: What I wish for has got me here. I am curious about the consequences now.

Pooja: The consequences are predictable. You will climax within a few strokes.

Pooja looked at him seductively and smiled.

Arun: Oh there you go underestimating me again! Let me tell madam you are in for a surprise. Its not just the pole that I have beneath my belt, I have experience pendik escort bayan too.

Pooja: Not as much as I do Mr. Rookie… By the way what if I am right this time? What do I get?

Arun: Anything that you ask for! Gentleman’s promise! But what if I am right as it has been for last few minutes. What do I get?

Pooja: Anything you ask for!

Arun had her right where he wanted her to be.

Arun: Why don’t you prove me wrong dear?

Pooja walked closer towards him assessing the situation and her options. She bit her lower lip and said, “Maybe I will.”

With that she held his tool in her wrinkled hands and started stroking it. The touch of her palm on his tool made him roll back his head in pleasure and a gasp escaped his mouth. He rolled back his eyes and started enjoying the hand job. His reaction gave her confidence that he shall not last long. She started with slow long strokes and then graduated to short fast ones.

Pooja: You don’t know what you have signed up for young man. You will regret this.

With this she smirked because she was confident on her ability. Her Husband would barely last when she gave him a hand job.

After a few minutes, the status quo remained. She continued stroking but he was remotely not close to cumming. Now he looked at her squarely in her eyes and smiled.

Arun: You don’t know what you have signed up for madam and you will not regret this at all.

With this he put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down on her knees. She did as she was directed, internalising the fact that she had lost the bet. She was his captive now – down on her knees in front of a half naked man who was almost 2/3rd her age in the middle of nowhere. They both looked at each other and smiled and she willingly opened her mouth to swallow his dick as if it was destiny.

She pulled his foreskin back with her fingers and started sucking his cock the way it was meant to be. Her lips on his dark manhood looked exquisite. The site, of a elder lady blowing a young stud in the middle of nowhere, itself was cum-worthy. She had given complete authority to Arun now who was holding her head while it bobbed up and down on his hard cock. She was giving him a gold standard worth blow job with all the acts of twirling the tongue on the tip of his dick and sucking his ball sack and he was enjoying every moment of it.

Soon he pulled her up and took her to a nearby rock. Both of them were dazed in the heat of their passion by now. The ambient temperature was no more their concern. He pulled down her slacks and panties and made her sit down on the rock. Slowly he spread her legs wide open and plunged his mouth in her love hole. He was surprised to find her dripping wet. He traced the length of her pussy with the tip of his tongue for a few moments and then explored the folds of her pussy walls by charging deeper with his tongue. He flicked her clitoris and then circled it with the tip until she writhed and moaned in pleasure pleading for more. The onslaught of his tongue was too much for her and she kept on moaning and howling in pleasure.

Now it was her turn to pull him up. She looked him in the eye and planted a wet kiss on his lips. Both of them were hungrily sucking on each others lips. There was zero etiquette in the way they were kissing each other. It was pure lust in motion. Instinctively he pulled her legs up and she wrapped them around his waist. Then he picked her up like she was some play toy and took her to a near by tree. His physical prowess was on display and she was taken aback by it wondering what lay ahead. With the tree trunk against her back he pushed his cock in her wet pussy. That was one of the best sensation he had had until then. She gasped,”Ahhh” with pleasure as he plunged his manhood deep in her. The feel of her pussy on his bare cock was heavenly . Slowly he started pumping that wet pussy with long slow stroke gradually increasing his pace. He grabbed her nice juicy boobs for grip and started pounding her pussy faster. Intermittently, they locked eyes in disbelief of what was conspiring between them. Neither had imagined that they will be deriving pleasure from each other. The air around was filled with animalistic grunts of “Ah ah ah ah ah ah” and the pounding of their bodies. They were copulating like untamed beasts in the open without a worry of the world.

They continued pounding each other, scratching and biting for maybe 7-8 minutes post which she grabbed his shoulder and dug her nails deep in it. Closing her eyes, leaning her head behind and arching her back she gave a guttural moan and shivered indicating that she had cum. He felt a flood of her pussy juices on his cock. But he did not stop and continued banging her till her orgasm subsided. Slowly Pooja started getting back to her senses when she noticed the fervent pace with which Arun was moving and the way his dick was twitching inside. She realised that he was about to cum and that he was not wearing a condom. She asked him to pull out but it was too late. He was already pumping his seed in her round after round. They stood there for a couple of minutes panting and gasping for breath while his clock squeezed the last drops in her pussy.

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