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Thanks to Lady Catie for your help. Thanks to Very Metal for your information. And a big thanks to a certain hot biker dude I know. You gave me the idea for this story! 😀

Happy reading and don’t forget to vote!


Tim Bryton stood in front of the glass door of his tattoo and piercing shop. His knowing green eyes looked outside at the fast paced world rushing past him. It was a typical Tuesday, and when he saw the clock ticking closer to noon, he turned the ‘closed’ sign over to ‘open’. It was time for his work day to begin.

He turned his six foot frame away from the door and looked around his shop. He couldn’t help but smile at his own little piece of the world. This washis shop. He had opened his shop about twelve years ago, and he was pleased to say, as far as money was concerned, he was doing well. He had enough money to pay his bills and still had enough money left over to buy parts for his bike.

Tim looked at the far wall of his shop, towards his trophy case. It was adorned with medals, trophies, plaques, and pictures of him and his bike. He loved his bike as much as he loved his shop. He hated labels, but his friends called him a “biker” with the whole biker look going on. He played tough, was as mean as an alley cat, and he had stories and scars to make his poor grandma turn over in her grave.

He loved having the freedom to do whatever he wanted. He could shut the shop down to go to bike conventions for week long, hard core parties. You would think at the age of forty-four, Tim would be ready to settle down a bit, but no, he didn’t ever think of himself as a ‘family man.’ Sure, it’s nice to have a hot girl warming his bed or riding on the back of his chopper from time to time. But Tim usually got bored with them after awhile.

He always shuddered when the girls started talking about marriage. Tim could never picture himself strapping on the old ball and chain. Besides, how many bikes do you know come equipped with a car seat? No, no wife or kids for Tim.

He walked over to the counter and ran his hand over the smooth wood. Tim had spent a lot of time renovating his shop downstairs and his apartment upstairs. He had bought this old building for a great price in the historic district of downtown. It had been a little run down, okay, really run down, but he had spent many years fixing it up to his liking. He was convinced that he probably would never get it one hundred percent done because every time he turned around, he would want to paint another room, buy a new piece of furniture, et cetera.

Tim walked around the counter, and he clicked on the computer. This time of day was always slow for him because business didn’t pick up until around five o’clock. He didn’t mind. Tim would either chat on the computer, look at porn, or he would try to design some new tattoos. He was his own boss, so he did whatever he felt like doing!

Tim decided to cruise some porn. He hadn’t had sex since Friday night, and he was still feeling horny. Tim’s Friday nights usually found him at the local biker bar followed by a couple hours of hot sex with his latest conquest. Last Friday had been no different. Tim had found a hot looking twenty-two year old. She was horny, slutty, and eager to please; just how he liked them.

He smiled as he thought of the girl. Tim had fucked her pussy raw, and then sent her walking, bow-legged, back out the door. He could feel his cock responding to his thoughts, and he debating on calling the girl back.

Tim left out a groan of frustration and shook his head. “You must be going soft, Tim. You never call the girls back. Never!” He jumped at the sound of his deep voice echoing in the still room.

He turned the computer off, unsatisfied with where it was making his mind wander to. He walked across the room to the far wall. He parted the curtain that separated the main room from where he did his piercings. “Maybe all I need is a few beers, whack off, and find somebody else to fuck. I don’t want any bitch getting under my skin.” He thought to himself.

Tim grabbed a beer out of his fridge. He popped the cap off and took a long swallow while leaning against the counter. He looked around the small room that also doubled as his office. There was a piercing chair on the one side of the room, and a sink, fridge, bookshelf, and his desk on the other side.

Tim stared at his desk. He thought, “I should really get some new tattoos drawn today.” He had a client who was a local fireman. He wanted Tim to design a tattoo in memory of his best friend who had died while fighting a fire.

Tim heard the bells jingling at the front door signaling someone was coming into the shop. He sat his beer down on his desk. Tim was surprised to have a customer this early in the day.

Walking out into the main room, Tim noticed an attractive girl standing by the door. She had long brown hair swept up in a ponytail. Her face was sweet and innocent; Tim guessed she was around twenty-five or so. Tim pendik escort also noticed she had a killer body underneath her long flowered sun dress.

Tim smiled at her. “May I help you?” She obviously didn’t belong here. She must have gotten lost on the way to a PTO meeting or something.

Samantha King felt her eyes widen when she spotted Tim. She wanted to feel frightened and she decided the shiver that ran down her spine was of fright. She didn’t want to admit to herself the instant attraction she felt when she spotted the man. He was tall and he loomed over her. She could tell he was in good shape underneath his tee-shirt. Sam noticed his shaved head, his tattoos, his piercings, his all knowing green eyes…She was breathless and scared of her reaction to him. “Sorry. No…sorry!”

She turned to leave, and Tim couldn’t help but stare at her butt. She had a wide ass, and Tim felt his cock stir as he imagined grabbing her and burrowing himself deep inside those cheeks.

Tim shook his head to clear his thoughts while he walked quickly over to her. For some reason, he didn’t want her to go. He touched the smooth satin skin on her shoulder. “Hey! Don’t run away. What do you need?”

Sam jumped when she felt the delicious warmth of his hand on her shoulder and spun around. She pressed her back against the cold glass of the door. He had her pinned right where she was, and she panicked. She couldn’t open the door, and she could get away from him without rudely pushing her way past him.

Her wide blue eyes searched Tim’s face; questioning, wondering. Tim thought her face was beautiful, but in a totally different way than what he used to looking at. Her skin was smooth with no trace of makeup. He noticed a lock of brown hair had fallen out of her pony tail and landed across her right eye, and he had to fight the urge to smooth the hair away.

Tim sucked in a deep breath to calm his nerves. He realized it was a mistake when the smell of her filled his nose, clouding his brain. She smelled like wild flowers and shampoo. Tim’s brain was confused. He was used to finding girls in smoky bars wearing so much makeup painted on their face you would swear their face would melt off. So why was he reacting this way to this plain faced, sweet smelling girl?

Tim realized they had been standing there staring at each other. He smiled to put her at ease. He knew she was looking at his piercings. He had his ears, lip, and eye brow pierced. Tim suddenly felt self-conscious at the way she was staring at him.

Tim knew she was well bred, and that she usually never spoke to someone like him. He knew and accepted that as he collected his nerves and stepped away from her. “Can I help you?” He tried again as his demeanor fought to return to normal.

Sam noticed his change in attitude, the magical moment was now lost. She swallowed hard. “I’m sorry. I came here on a whim. I was scared to even consider it, but I made it here. Now, I am sorry, but I chickened out again!”

Tim smiled at her feeling completely lost. “Chickened out of what?”

She blushed and stared at the far wall. “I was wanting a piercing. I know…it sounds stupid.”

Tim chuckled. “You’re in a tattoo and piercing shop. I don’t think any thing will sound weird in here. If you want your ears pierced, you can always go to the mall.” He walked over to the counter and pretended to flip through a bike magazine. He didn’t want her to feel threatened, and he was giving her the opportunity to walk right out of here.

She laughed in disbelief. Nobody had ever talked to her as this man had! She felt defiant and totally dismissed as he turned her back to her. Sam was not used to anybody treating her this way. Sam felt his surprise when she walked up beside him and whispered, “I don’t want my ears pierced.”

Tim looked down into bright blue eyes. “Oh?”

Sam’s cheeks were red, but it was from excitement not embarrassment. “It’s stupid really. I have been reading things and have heard people talking about getting their…um…privates pierced. I have been divorced now for over two years, and I am finally ready to get back into the dating world. I have been married since I was twenty years old! What do I know about dating? I met a guy on line, though, and I am thinking about meeting up with him. I wanted to get a piercing, though, to spice things up…I don’t want him to think I am old. He is only twenty eight.”

Tim watched her face light up as she talked to him. She had let her barriers down. She had let go of society expectations. She was talking to him like he was a friend of hers. He didn’t know why, but he felt happy about that.

Tim leaned towards her and whispered, “Well, if you want a piercing…you have come to the right place. Follow me, and I will explain more about it.”

Sam had no choice but to follow him. She watched as he walked through a curtain in the back of the shop. He told her to sit in the piercing chair. It looked just like a dentist maltepe escort chair, except this one had stirrups-ups and the middle of the seat could be removed. Sam sat down on the edge of the chair feeling very nervous.

Tim walked over to the bookshelf. “What’s your name?”

Sam watched him as he pulled a black book off the top shelf. “Samantha…Sam.”

He handed her the book. “Well, here you go, Samantha Sam. My name is Tim.”

Sam laughed at him. “You can just call me Sam.” She opened the book up not really knowing what she was going to be looking at. She let out a shocked gasp when her eyes spotted various pictures of vagina’s baring all kinds of piercings, hooks, and tattoos.

“You…you have pictures?” Tim nodded. “Yes, I take a picture of all my work. I started out with mostly tattoos, and I always wanted to keep a record of it. With piercings, it is sort of the same reason. Someone comes in with an idea, and I help them create what they would like.”

Sam nodded, the words were stuck in her throat. The various pictures were arousing her in a way she would have never imagined. “I…I just have never seen so many cunts in my life.” Sam slapped her hand over her mouth, but it was to late, the vulgar words had slipped out on it’s own.

Tim grinned at her words as he sat in the desk chair. Tim watched her face as she flipped thought the book. He sipped on his forgotten beer trying to still his mind from seeing Sam naked in his mind’s eye. He wondered what her ‘cunt’ would look like with a piercing.

After a few moments, Sam pointed to a picture. “I want this done.”

Tim rolled his chair next to her and looked over her shoulder. “That’s called a vertical clitoral hood piercing or VCH for short. It is the most common. As the name implies, the piercing and the woman’s genitals are both vertical, meaning the jewelry situates comfortably between the legs and is not subject to much stress. A VCH is a piercing which feels very different with alternate styles of jewelry. It can be started with a bent barbell, called an el bar, or a ring style. Once healing is complete, experimenting with different lengths of bars and sizes of balls, or various sizes and shapes of rings can be very fun. The stimulation is definitely dependent on the style of jewelry. Personal preferences, as with all matters of sexual expression, will vary.”

She grabbed his arm. “Does it hurt?”

Tim shook his head. “This is a very quick healing piercing. I have had many women swear it heals in a week or even less. But to be on the safe side, you should care for it according to the instructions for a four week minimum. The procedure itself is extremely brief. This is not a major piercing, except for possibly the mental component. Physically, I pierce a membrane of tissue that is much less than an ear lobe. Many women comment that their ears hurt more. It does sting or pinch for a split second, and may momentarily startle you. By then it is over. Most women leave commenting that either they don’t feel it at all or that it feels good already!”

Sam’s eyes widened as he explained the details. “I heard it enhances sex!”

He grinned at her. “Most women are built with some amount of hood tissue in which the jewelry can be placed for a safe, comfortable, attractive, and stimulating piercing. The piercing goes through only a thin bit of tissue above the clitoris, not through it, but the jewelry itself touches the clit. That means when there is any action in the area the clit will receive more direct stimulation. Most women like this a lot.”

Tim paused for a moment to let the information sink in. “Do you understand everything and still want to go through with this?” Sam smiled up at him, and he felt his heart skip a beat. She nodded her head yes. Tim handed her the necessary form to fill out, and he left the room to gather the supplies.

Sam nervously filled out the form, and she was just finishing up when Tim walked back into the room. Sam handed the form to Tim. “Here you go!”

Tim scanned over the paper to make sure everything was good to go. He stopped at her age. “You’re thirty-eight?”

Sam nodded yes. “Why?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know. You look younger than that is all.”

Sam grinned up at him. “Are you flirting with me, Tim?”

Tim felt his heart beating a little to fast, and he didn’t answer her for fear it would come out as flirting. She was having an awful affect on him. Tim patted the chair to signal to her to slide the whole way back in the chair.

Sam reclined in the chair, and Tim assisted her feet into the stirrup-ups. He pulled the middle of the seat out so that her butt rested on a very small ledge of leather.

Tim rolled his stool between Sam’s spread thighs as she pulled her dress up over her hips. Tim felt his dick jump when he realized she was not wearing any panties.

Tim busied himself by pulling on his gloves and raising the seat up to eye level. Tim was now staring kartal escort at Sam’s pussy for the very first time, and he was surprised to see she had a major bush growing between her thighs.

Tim parted Sam’s hair to find her little clit. “Tim?”

Tim heard her voice quiver, and he looked at her. “You getting scared?”

“No. I was just wondering…if you have to shave me?”

Tim thought for a moment at her statement. He did have to trim some hair back, but the thought of shaving Sam’s pussy totally bald really got his dick throbbing in delight. Tim nodded yes.

“O…okay. I never shaved myself before. I heard that is all the rage, though. What the hell? Go ahead before I chicken out.”

If Sam would have had her eyes closed, Tim would have pumped his fist up in the air for a sign of victory. He didn’t know why, but he really wanted to do this for her.

Sam watched Tim as he walked over to the sink and filled up a cup of warm water. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a can of shaving cream and a disposable razor. With the items in his hands, he sat back on the stool between her thighs.

Sam felt Tim cutting her pubic hair with a pair of scissors. She had never had a guy spend so much time between her legs! She wondered if he liked doing this for a living. She wondered if he liked shaving her. She also wondered if he liked her pussy. She had never cared before, but she wanted Tim to think she had a nice body.

It was a long process, but eventually, Tim had Sam’s hair short enough to shave it. He applied the cream to her mound. Sam sighed and closed her eyes. It felt so strange to feel someone run a razor over her most private areas. She felt Tim’s fingers spread her cunt wide open as the razor scraped over her tender flesh.

Sam was dying to know what he was thinking. Her fingers gripped the arms of the chair. She was getting very turned on. His gloved hand seemed to be brushing over her clit with every pass.

Tim was enjoying this just as much as Sam was. His cock was hard and throbbing between his thighs. His eyebrows were knitted together as he carefully shaved Sam’s pussy. He could smell her arousal now, and it was making him drunk with lust. Tim was almost sad to see the last patch of hair disappear.

He sat back and stared at Sam’s naked pussy. It was a beautiful sight! He grabbed a washcloth and lathered it with soap. While he cleaned Sam up with gentle care, her eyes stayed on him the whole time. Her eyes had a clear blue tint to them, and Tim could easily read her mind. She was in heat!

Tim ran his hand over Sam’s bare mound, and he felt her shiver under his touch. “Ready for step two?”

Sam nodded and she closed her eyes again. Tim sat back on his stool, and he prepared the tools needed for the piercing. When Tim looked back between Sam’s parted thighs, he noticed she was getting wet and very aroused. Her pussy lips were swollen, red, and starting to part exposing her juicy little hole to his hungry eyes.

He had to swallow a groan as he felt his dick jumping in his pants. Tim wanted nothing more than to yank his dick out and sink it deep between Sam’s moist folds. He was feeling dizzy. All he could smell now was Sam’s delicious sex.

Tim laid his hand over Sam’s smooth mound. He found her clit easier this time with no hair in the way. Sam’s thighs parted wider, and Tim heard her sigh.

Tim warmed the needle receiving tube with his gloved hand. Then, he placed the tube gently but securely under Sam’s clit hood. The tissue was so thin, Tim could see through her flesh, to where the tube was underneath.

“Okay. When I say ‘now’, I want you to take a deep breath.” Sam nodded her understanding. “Ready? Now.” Sam sucked in a deep breath as Tim pierced the needle swiftly through her flesh and into the tube.

Tim ran her jewelry through the skin, and he marveled at the delicious sight of Sam’s pussy. Tim noticed she was still holding her breath, and he rubbed her thigh. “Okay. It’s all done.”

Sam exhaled. “It is? Really?”

Tim pulled his gloves off, and he handed her a mirror. “Yep! Take a look.”

Sam grabbed the mirror and looked at her pussy. “Oh, Tim! I can’t believe how different I look with no hair! My jewelry looks fantastic!”

Tim went about cleaning up the room while Sam stared at her pussy in the mirror. She couldn’t stop talking about it. “I know what you mean when you said I would be stimulated. I hope it does make sex better.”

Tim smiled at her from across the room. “Well, you will constantly have the bell tip against your clit. If that doesn’t have you in a constant horny ball of quivering flesh, I don’t know what will!”

Sam ran her finger over her clit hood. “Oh, you’re right!”

Tim watched Sam fingering her clit, and he couldn’t help but feel his cock harden again. “Sex will be better without your hair, too. You will mash together like velcro, and you will hear your pussy juices squishing out of your little cunt.”

Sam’s eyes widened. “Tim…oh my god. I am so horny!”

Tim tried to will his nerves to calm down. “Watching you fingering your clit is making me pretty horny, too.”

Sam’s cheeks turned red. “You like watching me like this? It’s not slutty?”

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