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Soul Snatcher Ch. 03

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As Lucia walked into her apartment building, the only thing she could think of was brushing her teeth an rinsing with mouth wash to get the acrid taste of Pete’s cum out of her mouth. For the past week, she had been coerced into sucking her boss’s dick during every shift at the dive bar where she was a waitress. Tonight in particular he had dropped a heavy load onto her tongue right at the end of her shift before she went home. Never a fan of the taste of cum, Lucia particularly resented it from her disgusting boss.

That said, some part of her looked forward to giving pleasure with her lips every shift. Pete might be gross, but his fat cock filled her mouth, and his groans made her pussy wet as she gagged and stroked him. Even more exciting was knowing that Pete hadn’t done a very good job of keeping their trysts a secret, and she could feel the eyes of regular bar patrons watching her full lips every time she spoke to them. It felt somehow empowering to know how prominent she was in the fantasies of so many men.

As she entered the building, she ran into Richard, the middle-aged black super in her building. He smiled at her as he headed out to the front stoop for a smoke. “You look like you had a rough night!” Richard said. “Want to come by and smoke up later?”

Lucia hesitated. She really, really wanted to smoke up and suck Richard’s dick again. In fact, the memory of doing it two weeks earlier had been at the forefront of her mind ever since. She longed for the feeling of lengthy member plumbing the depths of her throat, and had masturbated more times than she could count thinking about it. Still though, she felt social pressure not to seem to eager, and fought an internal struggle with the changes that threatened to turn her into the kind of girl who regularly gave head without the need to reciprocation.

Richard, sensing her internal struggle, added with a smile, “I ain’t got ulterior motives girl. Just offering to help you de-stress.”

Lucia beamed a smile back and Richard. After being coerced by her boss, she had briefly forgotten what a genuinely nice guy Richard was. Plus… that cock. “I’d love to.” Lucia replied with a grin.

Getting into her apartment, Lucia grew increasingly aroused as she cleaned up and brushed her teeth. The anticipation of heading back to Richard’s apartment made her extremely horny, and she decided to cool off with a shower. Far from cooling the fires of her lust, Lucia ended up rubbing her clit and playing with her breasts in the shower, bringing herself to two orgasms, all the while imagining the things she wanted to do to Richard’s manhood. While she tried to force herself to imagine how good it would feel to have Richard take her from behind and fill her pussy with his big black cock, her mind continued to return to the thought of sucking him off.

As she dried herself off, Lucia found that touching herself, instead of taking the edge off her horniness, had made it worse. She felt atremble with pent up sexual energy, and in dire need of an outlet. In this somewhat manic state, she decided that she had to have Richard’s cock in her mouth again. Inspired, she put on a simple outfit she thought he would like, going bra-less in a tank top and wearing a pair of tight volleyball shorts without panties. She added to this some subdued makeup, including nude lip gloss and some mascara. As she examined herself in the mirror, she saw that her rock hard nipples betrayed her arousal, but shrugged it off, figuring she would have his dick in her mouth in a few minutes anyway.

Practically skipping with excitement, Lucia bounced down the hall of her building towards Richard’s apartment, her bra-less tits swinging heavily. She passed a pair of teen boys in the hall, and heard them mutter “Daaaamn.” She smiled as she knocked on Richard’s door, and didn’t even blush when she heard one of the teens call her Richard’s new side piece. Instead, as the door opened and Richard greeted her, she turned and gave the boys a lewd wink, posing with her hand on her hip to accentuate her curves.

“You looking comfy, girl.” Richard said as he ushered her in, clearly appraising her barely concealed body but remaining polite. “Hope you don’t mind but I have a friend over to smoke with us.”

Lucia could barely hide her disappointment, wondering if she would miss her chance to suck Richard off. As they entered she could see a burly black man already sitting on Richard’s couch lighting up a joint. As he turned to say hello, she recognized him in an instant as Damon, one of the regulars from the bar. Richard began to introduce them, but Lucia cut him off. “I actually know Damon!’ she said with a grin. “He’s a regular at work! Nice pendik escort to see you Damon.”

“What up girl.” Damon replied. “You lookin fine.” he croaked as he took a hit.

“Thanks.” Lucia replied, blushing. Moments ago she had been confidently bounding down the call to give a casual blowjob to an older black man; now suddenly she found herself feeling nervous in the presence of Damon. She wondered if he knew about her tryst with Richard two weeks earlier. Before she could ponder further, Richard offered her a seat and Damon passed her the joint.

Wanting to calm her nerves, Lucia took a deep hit and slouched back on the couch next to Damon. She took a second and passed the joint on to Richard, sitting in a chair across from her. “Long day?” Richard asked.

“Oh god it seems like they all are lately.” Lucia replied, running her tongue across her teeth while remembering the foul taste of Pete’s cum.

“I’ll bet they are.” Damon said with a laugh. “Pete’s been keeping you busy!”

Lucia blushed again and attempted to deflect the issue. “He’s a demanding boss, and the patrons keep me on my toes” she said.

“Demanding.” Damon laughed again. “That’s one way to describe it.”

Lucia chose to ignore his provocation, and reached out to take the joint back from Richard, skipping Damon’s turn.

“Oh don’t be like that!” Damon said, feigning injury. “Do what you love, I always say.”

“I don’t love what I… do for him.” Lucia retorted, blushing as she made the tacit admission. She glanced at Richard to see if he was disgusted, but couldn’t read his impassive face.

Damon said nothing, but stared at her as if gauging her seriousness. Under his gaze, she felt her cheeks grow hot, sensing like she could see through her, to the secret she didn’t want to admit. That she really did enjoy having her mouth used for Pete’s pleasure, in spite of all the reasons not to. She took another hit and passed the joint to Damon without meeting his gaze.

“That’s what I thought.” Damon laughed. “Don’t worry baby, there ain’t no shame in it. We can all tell you loving it.”

Lucia looked up at last. “How?” she demanded plaintively. “How can you tell?”

“Girl, even when he fuckin your face your nipples hard as fuck and your hands keep rubbing at that thang.” Damon replied earnestly. “Girls who hate suckin a dick ain’t drooling all over it and smiling after they eat that nut.”

“She a soul snatcher.” Richard muttered to himself.

Lucia was still confused. “How can you know all that?” she demanded. “We only ever hook up in the back room!”

“Baby,” Damon replied. “You know he got cameras back there right?”

Lucia was horrified. “He what?!?!”

Damon just laughed. “Like I said there ain’t no shame in it girl. You lookin cute on your knees suckin he fat old dick. Better than Trish does takin it up the ass looking like the walkin’ dead.”

“That dirty old mother fucker.” Lucia said, enraged. “He showed you the tapes?”

“Don’t worry baby, just me.” Damon said. “He ain’t looking to get in trouble. He just makes them for himself. But he shared with me on account of me telling him what a good cocksucker you are.”

“How would you…” Lucia began, before turning her gaze to Richard.

“You left an impression on me.” Richard replied with a shrug. “What’s a man gonna do when he get the best head of his life?”

Even through her outrage Lucia felt a flush of pride at his words. “Really?” she asked, clearly seeking his validation.

“You a soul snatcher.” Richard said, implying that was the only answer required. “You a once in a lifetime cocksucker.”

“I don’t think it’ll only be once in your lifetime.” Lucia said, surprising herself with the audacity.

“God damn this girl is legit!” Damon said beside her. “What about me?” he asked.

Lucia turned her head to look Damon in the eyes. Eyes still burning with outrage, she answered him. “I don’t see any reason why I would want to suck your cock.”

Damon just stared back and slowly stood up in front of her. Loosening the draw string on his pants, he dropped them to his thighs, reached in and hauled out the biggest penis Lucia had ever seen in her life.

“Shit.” Lucia exclaimed involuntarily as she stared while he bounced it before her eyes, less than a foot from her face.

A long moment passed in silence as Lucia’s brain attempted to comprehend the sheer size of the equipment dangling in front of her. Even in his semi-flaccid state, it was enormous. Just… enormous. Unconsciously, Lucia’s jaw dropped open as she contemplated whether or not she could even fit this monster into her mouth. She felt a shiver roll down her spine and Goosebumps maltepe escort form all over her body as her arousal grew to new heights. She didn’t realize just how long she had been staring until Damon finally spoke.

“Can you think of a reason now?” he asked, teasing his cock inches from her face. He gave its length one stroke and she saw it stiffen slightly, the wide pink head protruding from his foreskin as he did.

Lucia licked her lips. “Shit.” she said again. Without thinking she reached out and took a hold of Damon’s shaft in her hands. She was amazed by its weight and heft, and she toyed with it exploring this newfound wonder of the world.

As she played and pumped his length in her hands, she felt it pulse and jump, stiffening to the touch. Its size did not increase much, though that was no disappointment. Any bigger and Lucia feared having her lips torn open. He was at least eight inches long, Lucia estimated, and the colour of dark chocolate. The uncircumcised head was a pale pink colour, and his foreskin large and lose as it slid back and forth. His girth was impossible. Wrapping her hand around it, Lucia found her thumb and forefinger nowhere near touching. As Richard had claimed the other night, it was like he had an elongated coke can in his pants.

“Whatchu think, baby girl?” Damon sneered at Lucia. “You wanna suck this dick now?”

“More than anything on earth.” Lucia replied honestly. She found herself literally drooling with anticipation.

“Brace yourself!” Richard laughed from behind Damon. “I know that look, she ’bout to steal your soul!”

Damon grinned down at Lucia, and took his cock from her hands. Hefting it himself, he moved closer and began to lightly slap his cock onto her head and face. He was certainly trying to be fairly gentle, but even so, his cock made a loud *thwack thwack thwack* on each connection. Lucia closed her eyes with bliss, feeling his meat batter her serene face.

“Beg for it.” Damon ordered. “Beg to suck this big black cock.”

“Please.” Lucia moaned, leaning in and mouthing his heavy, dangling balls. “Pwease wet me swuck youw big bwack cawk.” she pleaded through a mouthful of scrotum.

“Take out them titties and its all yours.” Damon said, releasing his shaft and letting it rest across her face.

Lucia paused for a moment, reveling in the sensation of Damon’s massive manhood draped across her face and head. His proportionally huge balls dangled to her chin, his sack meeting the shaft below her nose, with the rest if his length stretching away well into her hairline. She shuddered and felt her clit throbbing, begging to be touched. She let her hand drift briefly between her legs to tease herself before pulling her tank top over her head, causing Damon’s cock to flop down into her face, the middle of his shaft now pressed to her lips. She kissed it and kneaded her large round breasts, pinching her pink nipples, which caused her to let out a moan like an animal in heat.

With her hands busy, Damon took it upon himself to get his cock into her mouth. He lifted it in his hand and began to rub the impossibly large head against Lucia’s full lower lip. He traced her lips with it and she snaked out her tongue to lash it, while her hands continued to play with her own tits. Damon began to push his head into her mouth, and Lucia found she could just accommodate it by opening as wide as possible and relaxing her jaw. She felt utterly full, even with just his head in her mouth, and drool began to slop freely from her lower lip, splattering her hands and chest.

“Lets switch places.” Damon grunted down at her. “I wanna play with those white titties while you work my cock.”

Damon sat on the couch where Lucia had been, and she slid to her knees on the floor in front of him. She glanced over he shoulder and saw Richard watching closely, massaging himself through his pants. She wondered if he had set this whole evening up. No ulterior motives eh? She thought as she turned back to Damon’s cock. Fully hard now, and from this angle he looked somehow even larger. Lucia shuddered as his large, powerful hands took hold of her breasts and began to massage them, and she in turn began to baste the entire length and width of his shaft with her tongue.

Damon watching intently as Lucia methodically worshiped his cock. Starting with licks up and down the shaft, she began to kiss and swirl his head with her tongue, working it around and inside his foreskin. He groaned as she slowly pumped his length in her hand while she worked. She knew she wouldn’t be able to take him down her throat like she had with Richard – that was a bridge too far. So she devoted herself to maximizing kartal escort his pleasure by combining her hands and mouth, keeping his length well lubricated as her hands twisted, stroked, and teased. She lost herself in the moment, completed dedicated to just giving Damon sloppy wet pleasure.

Before long, Lucia was taking as much of his huge cock into her mouth as she could. She gagged and coughed as his head battered her gag reflex, but never broke stride as she smoothly worshiped him. Damon seemed content to just sit back and watch her work, playing with her tits and keeping up a steady stream of verbal encouragement. He kept referring to her as a “snow bunny” which Lucia made a mental note to look up when she got home. She was overcome with arousal, but fought the urge to rub her pussy, focusing instead solely on Damon’s pleasure.

After about twenty minutes of watching her slobbering, Damon decided to take charge again. “Wrap them big white titties around my cock and titty fuck me, bitch.” he ordered.

Lucia, the lower half of her face shining with saliva and precum, smiled widely and sat upright, shifting in closer to Damon so she could lean over his cock. She shelfed her large, soft breasts on either side of his rigid pole, and cupped them in her hands, squeezing them together. Even with her ample cleavage, his cock head stood out in dark contrast to the white skin of her chest. Drooling on his head to keep it wet, Lucia began to bounce her tits up and down in his lap, causing wet slapping sounds to fill the room.

Damon was content to watch for a while as Lucia jerked him off with her tits, craning her head occasionally to kiss, lick, or drool on the head on the down stroke. After several minutes of this, she could tell that the new sensation and steady pace was bringing him closed to climax, as his chest began to heave with deep breaths and the veins on his shaft bulged. Without a word, he reached out and replaced his her hands with his own, smashing her tits together tightly around his cock. Lucia moaned softly as he began to buck his hips, pumping himself between her flesh. She found she needed to lean her head back in order to avoid the head hitting his chin repeatedly, as he fucked her tits with speed and intensity normally reserved for a pussy. She placed her hands over his adding more pressure, and Damon began to growl as he approached orgasm.

His eyes ablaze with lustful insanity, Damon suddenly and powerfully pushed Lucia backwards and stood over her. She caught herself with her hands on the floor behind her and sat down on her heels, her body reclined slightly and neck arched as she watched him. Damon stroked his cock with one hand, pointing it directly at her face. Lucia opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue, craving the taste of his cum. She let out a yelp, followed by a moan as Damon reached out with his free hand and took a grip of her head by a handful of hair, tilting it to a better angle so he could watch his cum plaster her face.

“You ready for this nut, ho?” Damon asked rhetorically. “Tell me you want this nut.”

“Please feed me your cum…” was as far as Lucia got before Damon unleashed a deluge of semen all over her.

She could hear his cum squirt and splatter between his heavy breathing and groaning. He didn’t cum in discrete blast, but rather salvos of spurting cum that flew in all directions as he continued to stroke. Her face, hair, and body were quickly drenched and Lucia unconsciously opened wider to try and catch it on her tongue. Damon responded by stuffing himself into her mouth as his cock pumped its last few heavy spurts. He continued to stroke it as it began to deflate – still massive but not as stiff. Lucia struggled to swallow his salty load and gagged several times as his slick cock head pushed against her throat as he continued to pull her head forward against his cock despite his flagging erection.

Rather than push Damon away as she choked on his cock and cum, Lucia shot a hand down the front of her shorts to her clit. Instantly upon her touch, she had an earth-shattering orgasm that make here eyes roll back in her head. She forgot the need to breathe as she rocked her hips back and forth, fucking her own hand as waves of pleasure rolled over her entire body. It was by far the most intense orgasm of her life, and she came very close to passing out from lack of oxygen before Damon finally snaked his soggy, dripping cock from her lips.

As Lucia coughed and gasped on the floor at his feet, Damon collapsed backwards onto the couch, utterly ruined. “God mother fucking damn.” he muttered.

Richard laughed as he watched, lighting up another joint. “I told you man. This girl will steal yo soul. She the devil.”

As if possessed by the word, Lucia whipped her head around. Still covered in cum and running mascara, panting for breath, and naked from the waist up, she smiled maliciously at Richard and winked. “You’re next.”

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