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Slummin It – Kaylin and Lena Ch. 06

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This story is fiction and contains smoking, rough sex, group sex, pissing, scat and rimming.

Eight Months Later

What began as a weekend getaway for two best friends to relive their wonderful times from ten years ago has now become an addiction. The two beautiful 34-year-old women had been loyal to their husbands since saying ‘I do,’ until Lena ran in to Slick and Big Mo. Since then, both women have started smoking. They now drink whiskey instead of wine. And they rarely make love to their husbands anymore, choosing instead, to be gang banged once-a-month by 20 – 30 homely, smelly overweight black men. And of course, at least once-a-week, they venture out to search for Big Mo and Slick to get their slutty white bodies serviced by the men’s dirty black cocks.

There are times when Kaylin wishes that Lena had never run into Mo and Slick. But then in the dark hours as she’s lying in bed, she thinks of Big Mo. She doesn’t know why she’s so infatuated with the six-foot, 350-pound, ugly, slow witted, smelly black man. But she does know that, when she thinks of him, she dreams of having her tongue buried deep into his massive smelly ass hole. And at least once-a-week, she actually does bury her tongue in his big ass. And sometimes, she buries it in Slick’s ass too. And anyone else that Big Mo tells her to service with her tongue and her twat.

The two friends were walking through a park planning their next weekend gang bang getaway. Both are on their third cigarettes, a habit that they kicked 10 years ago when they gave up black cock, and have just recently begun again with both.

“Well, Mark seems thrilled that we’ve allegedly taken up birding, and go on a birding weekend every month. Since I spend a little time each week with the Birds of North America book, I can talk just enough about birds to make him glaze over.”

“Yeah, Tom is convinced that we’re really in to all these birds. I wonder how long we can ride this train.”

“I don’t know Kaylin, but I hope we can ride it for a long long time.”

“So, how many times have you tracked down those teenagers that fucked you in the alley several months ago?”

Lena chuckled, took a deep drag on her cigarette, and said, “Those kids have fucked this old slut at least six times. And I have to admit that their stamina is getting better. The first time, I left those punks laying all over the alley, but now, they leave me that way.”

“Maybe you could let me go with you sometime. I might like licking out all those firm young asses.”

“No way, bitch. I’m not sharing. Besides, you have all your playmates from that old bar.”

Kaylin grinned as she remembered the bar that Big Mo took her to almost eight months ago. After her first two visits sucking and rimming the dirty old man with the smelly cock, she eventually did the same to all the customers. But only if Big Mo said it was OK. She always had to save time for Big Mo.

“That’s true, Lena. And I’m learning most of their names so I know who I’m fucking and whose ass I’m licking. And it gives Mo street cred when his white slut fucks whoever he says to fuck, so I’m happy to do it for him.”

“Do you think he’s pimping your ass to the customers?”

“No. I think he just likes them to know that I’m his and bursa escort I’ll do what he says.”

“That’s good, slut. But I think Slick is pimping me to the teenagers. Once he realized they enjoyed dumping their loads into a 35-year-old married woman, he decided that he should make a few bucks off my pussy.”

“So, he gets the money and you get to fuck all those 18-year-old black boys. Sounds like a good deal to me.”

“I t really is. I’m not complaining at all.”

Kaylin lit her fourth smoke and said, “Well, we’ve come a long way in the past eight months. We were so careful in the beginning because we wanted to be 100% sure that our families wouldn’t find out. And now, I’m sucking black ass holes in a bar and you’re banging teenagers in an alley for money.”

Lena chuckled again and said, “And we’re both counting down the hours until our next gang bang at the cottage.”

The following weekend, the two women stopped at the end of the cabin’s driveway and put on see-through negligees to tease the guys. When they drove into the cabin’s yard and stepped out of the car, the men grabbed their cocks as Big Mo quickly ripped the negligees from their bodies.

“Well, that didn’t work,” said Kaylin.

Mo grabbed Kaylin’s hair and led her to the front of the car. He dropped his pants and leaned over the hood and said, “Eat my ass, slut.”

Kaylin dropped to her knees and buried her face in her favorite ass hole. She loved rimming Big Mo, and her tongue quickly went deep into his rectum. She knew by the smell that her face would have shit stains when she was finished. She licked and sucked and reamed his massive ass as she was cheered on by the other men waiting their turn to have their ass holes swabbed out by the beautiful woman’s tongue.

Lena was dragged into the cabin where she was lowered on to a big black cock and had another shoved into her ass. A third black cock was shoved into the white slut’s mouth making her air tight. “Ahhhh fuckkkk!” She screamed as the men pounded her white body.

As Lena was reaching her second climax, Mo was dumping his cum down Kaylin’s throat in the yard. “Fuck that slut, Mo,” was being yelled by the observers. “Own that white whore, Big Mo.” “Make that white trash eat your shit, Mo.”

Kaylin swallowed Mo’s cum and then looked up at him. She whispered, “Will you clean my face, Honey?” The big man grinned evilly down at the white slut as he rubbed his cock on the brown stains on her face and then shoved his cock into her mouth. Mo repeated it three times and each time, his cock was perfectly clean when he pulled it from the shit eating slut’s mouth. When he was finished, he helped her to stand and then escorted her into the cabin and turned her over to the rest of the black men. One of the men quickly shoved her face into the piss-stained mattress and began fucking her from behind while pulling her hair and slapping her ass. After dumping his load into her ass, he had her clean his cock with her mouth. She was then triple-teamed and made air tight, and then sucked off two men.

She had been being fucked and sucked for almost an hour and was desperate to lick a someone’s black ass hole. Finally, five men leaned on the kitchen counter and she crawled to them and bursa escort bayan began licking their asses. She almost came as soon as her tongue entered the first black man’s ass. The man leered at her and said, “You’re nothing but a piece of white trash. You’re a whore. You’re not even good enough to suck my cock, you skank.”

Kaylin realized he was right. There was a time when she was a trophy wife and a mother who hung out at the country club with her friend Lena and their children. She knew that many of the club members secretly lusted after her, and she used that knowledge to tease them with her bathing suits and tennis attire. Although she enjoyed her time in college being gang banged by black men, she rarely found herself in the company of blacks because they didn’t tend to run in her social circle. She sipped wine and enjoyed her time with the community’s socialites.

And now, she rarely spends any time at the country club. She much prefers being with Big Mo. She now drinks whiskey, smokes a pack a day and fucks, sucks and rims the most repulsive black men she’s ever seen. And Lena’s story is exactly the same. Two beautiful, intelligent, and desirable 35-year-old women have become two sleazy trashy fuck hole whores that will do anything for black cock. And they love their lives.

The two white whores were used hard by 32 men that weekend. Lena had cocks in all her holes all weekend. She had two cocks in her ass hole more than once and three in her pussy. She swallowed cum and had it rubbed in to her white body. Her ass was fisted and her pussy was fisted with two hands, which made her pass out in pain and pleasure. She even rimmed three men before being dragged outside to be hung by her hands and whipped. When she was cut down, the men pissed all over her and went back inside leaving her in the mud.

Kaylin tried two cocks in her pussy, but she screamed in pain and passed out. The men all laughed at her discomfort and then did it again. She was air tight several times, but gradually fell back to her favorite activity of eating black asses. She licked and probed everyone’s ass at least twice during the weekend and had shit stains on her face many times. Most of the men just threw a napkin at her to clean up, but a few wiped the stain onto their cocks and fed it to her.

When the black men were finished with the white trophy wives early Sunday morning, they dragged their unconscious bodies outside and threw them in the mud where they had been relieving themselves all weekend. Then they pissed on the two trophy sluts. When they were finished, they looked at the once beautiful women lying in the mud. Their white bodies were covered with mud, piss, shit, cum, spit, cigarette ashes, and anything else the men threw on them. Mud was caked in their hair and in their cunts and asses. The women looked and smelled revolting.

The men stood around the disgusting whores and spitting and flicking their cigarette ashes on them. It took the sluts a while to regain consciousness, and as they were slowly coming around, the men were laughing and making fun of them.

“Dese whores took a beating, didn’t they?”

“Shee-it. So did we. I don’t think we could get one hard on between us. Those cunts drained all escort bursa of us.”

“Why do you think two hot bitches like this keep coming back here to let us treat them like this?”

“I don’t know. When they show up on Fridays, they look like the hottest bitches I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to get m y cock into them. And when they leave, they are so foul that you can’t even recognize them, and you couldn’t pay me to fuck them.”

“I’d like to fuck either one of them without all you guys around,” one of them said after flipping ashes on Lena.

Slick grinned and responded, “I rent out that one on the left a few times each month. She makes me a couple hundred dollars each month. Let me know if you want her for an afternoon and I’ll set it up.”

“Get out! She lets you whore her out? Are you serious?”

“She don’t know people paying for her pussy. She doing it cuz I tell her to.”

“Look at the shit on that other one’s face. I wonder if her husband knows she’s a black-ass shit-eater. What a fuckin whore.”

“Yeah. She had her tongue in my ass at least ten times. I gotta say that her tongue is like velvet.”

“Ha Ha Ha. Like velvet toilet paper.”

“It’s gonna take them sluts a while to clean all that mud outta their cunts, especially the one on the left. She’s got a huge mare hole. She took three cocks a bunch of times and then she took both of Johnny B’s fists. She probably has a couple of gallons of mud in that big cunt.”

“That’s true. When I fucked her, I was afraid I was going to fall in and not be able to get back out.” Both men spit on Kaylin and then broke out laughing.

The women finally came around and were sitting in the mud looking at the men leering down at them. “Anybody got a smoke?” Kaylin asked.

“Watch this,” one of the men said as everyone watched him drop his pants and stick the filter end of a cigarette up his ass. He then turned towards Kaylin, who smirked as she reached up and removed it from his ass and put it into her mouth. The men all laughed and several spit on her.

“How about a light?” She asked. One of the men lit her cigarette and she sucked the smoke down in to her lungs.

The men slowly drifted off to their pickups and the women were hosed off in the yard before limping inside. After using the bathroom, they returned to the big room of the cabin here just six men were left. The fully clothed black men ogled the naked white women, and Lena asked, “Are we on for next month?”

The men had briefly discussed what they were going to say while the women were in the bathroom. One said, “I don’t know, slut. We probably need to think about it for a while. What do you think fellas?”

Another one said, “Mmmm. I, uh… I, uh don’t know wha… “

“Please,” Lena begged. “Please let us come back next month.”

“Well, uh… I don’t know if… “

The women fell to their knees in front of the men and Lena pleaded, “Please let us come back. I need your cocks.”

The men laughed at the two pleading white whores. “Well, I suppose you could come back if you want your slutty cunts worked over again. Do you?”

Lena sidled up to the man and put a leg on each side of his and lightly humped his leg as she whispered, “I definitely want to come back so I can suck your big black cock and you can fuck me again.”

The man looked down at her and said, “Tell me what you are, slut.”

“Mmm. You know what I am, baby. You made me that way. I’m a black cock whore and I’ll do anything for your beautiful black cocks.”

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