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The Board Meeting

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story. To get the full understanding i would recommend the reader searches for my previous story The Office Xmas Story as this is a follow up. I dedicate this to my new Lit friend Celia, because these stories are true. All names are made up to protect the innocent. But there is a company in the South of England where the finale to the days business is fucking the two delectable secretaries. All are willing participants and nobody is forced to do anything they don’t wish to.


It appeared to be just a normal Wednesday morning as the staff wandered in for another day’s work, and for the majority it was. But not for Celia and Jane.

Management meeting. Both of them had arrived early to prepare the boardroom on the fourth floor for the quarterly meeting. They were secretaries to the Directors for the local company which supplied stationery across the UK. They were both single, Celia 38 just parted from a long term boyfriend and Jane 40, recently separated from what she thought was the love of her life until she found out he’d been cheating on her for years. Celia had ensured that on a post separation night out that Jane had not only her second cock ever but also the third as they’d both enjoyed a foursome with two guys they met at a local nightclub.

The offices were located on the third and fourth floors of an old building set amongst many other similar buildings. The boardroom was very impressive. A set of double doors at its entrance which opened out to a large room dominated by an mahogany boardroom table, polished to a deep lustre and big enough to seat twelve comfortably. The room was light and airy, with windows to two sides and the walls painted in elephant’s breath, one of the trendy grey colours manufactured by Farrow and Ball. The quality of the table was matched by the chairs, deep and comfortable, and the whole room was complemented by a deep grey, thick piled carpet. In the corner stood a large well filled drinks cabinet. At the end there was a large whiteboard which doubled up as a screen for presentations and alongside an old desk covered in office paraphernalia which included the company intercom system and a laptop computer which connected up to the screen.

There would be seven directors and senior management in attendance. A group of successful individuals who enjoyed the best things in life brought to them by their individual successes working for the company. One or two appeared to an outsider as being brash and loud, they headed the sales team and their demeanour was an integral part of their success.

Celia and Jane were setting the table up for the meeting. Preparing tea and coffee in the nearby kitchen, cutting cake and emptying biscuits onto a large white porcelain platter which they then took through to the boardroom

Both ladies were lost in the their own thoughts as their minds turned back to that night of the Xmas party when an office prank led to a disciplinary meeting with the directors and the choice was simple, become the directors fuck toys or be dismissed. As Celia and Jane loved their jobs and also sex in equal measure it was a pretty easy decision once the initial shock had worn off and they went on to enjoy an extremely intensive, energy sapping, office orgy with all the management team and both of them taking several cocks in all their holes. They were then told istanbul travesti they would be in attendance at all board meetings in the future. The underlying tone being plain and obvious to both of them.

Celia had prepared herself carefully that morning. Going to bed early the night before, ensuring she got a good night’s sleep. She showered carefully using her special Givenchy shower gel which she used for special occasions and carefully shaved 2 days growth from her pussy, ensuring she was smooth and silky. She wrapped herself up in a large, white, fluffy bathrobe and then took time over drying her long blonde hair. She would wear it down today, with just two small clips holding it back off her face.

She rummaged through her underwear drawer looking for a new waspie she had bought specially. Black in colour, the twelve inch wide lace bodice setting off the thin suspender straps perfectly. A matching bra held up her pert 34B breast perfectly. All this complemented by fine black stockings and black Jimmy Choo shoes with 4 inch stiletto heels. She chose her special black suit to cover herself up, its mini skirt only barely saving her modesty as it layed on the tops of her thighs, just covering the lace tops of her stockings. A thin white embroidered bodice covered her breasts and could just be seen once the jacket was buttoned. She set off to the office that day with knots in her stomach, but excited as to what might transpire as the day wore on.

At the same time Jane was having similar thoughts as set off the office. Thinking about her recent separation and opened her eyes up to what was available. Previously monogamous, now insatiable for cock and secretly couldn’t wait to lick Celia’s pussy. Something she had not yet sampled. She had tied her dark reddish hair back and wore bright red lipstick. She’d generously squirted Chanel 19 all over her neck and breasts and even a small squirt over her smooth pussy. She wore a simple skirt which finished just below her knees covering her black panties and suspenders. All complemented by black stockings and black shoes. A simple gold chain adorned her neck.

The meeting started promptly at 10.00 and would normally finish by 4.30 with several breaks for coffee and a longer break for lunch. Celia and Jane were expected to ensure that the food and drink was always topped up and would be called in at 4.30 to tidy up.

The ladies were wet with anticipation as the day wore on. Several times as they poured drinks they felt a hand on their arses. Celia had allowed Marlon, the Sales Manager to put his hand up her skirt so he could put two fingers in her pussy. Withdrawing them quickly and placing them in his mouth savouring her musky taste. Marlon had the biggest dick. 10″ long and very thick, Celia well remembered how it had fit in her pussy that evening before Xmas. Jane had even managed to take that monster in her arse, though she had found in painful and hoped Celia would be taking him on later.

At 4.30, Matt the Managing Director brought the meeting to a close and called out for Jane and Celia to come in and tidy away.

Celia entered first and found Nick the Company Accountant going round the windows and pulling down blinds. She went to the table and started clearing crockery onto a large tray which she removed and took to the nearby kitchen. Celia meanwhile found Marlon’s fingers up her istanbul travestileri skirt again and he was thrusting into her hard. She moaned loudly.

“This filthy cunt wants it like she had at Christmas.” Marlon announced to the room

Before she knew it Marlon had undone her zipper on the back of the skirt and pushed it to the ground. The other guys came round and quickly Celia found herself undressed and laid on her back on the table. Jane came back into the room at that point and knew in no uncertain terms what would be happening to her shortly. Her skirt was removed, followed by her panties, top, bra and then pushed onto the table alongside Celia.

Marlon continued pushing his fingers into Celia’s pussy, sawing in and out making her groan loudly. Matt also had his cock out and standing opposite Marlon pushed his 8″ inch cock into Celia’s willing mouth which she proceeded to hungrily suck. Nick was busy pulling on Celia’s nipple with one hand and pulling on Jane’s with his other. Marvelling in the feel of the different sizes. Jane’s much bigger than Celia’s with large reddish nipples whilst Celia’s small and pert.

John, the Sales Director meanwhile had his mouth glued to Jane’s pussy. Like Celia’s freshly shaved. He ran his tongue around the outside of her lips and then licked up her wet slit to her clit. Already protruding, clearly hungry for more, Jane groaned loudly.

Josh the company secretary has pulled his cock out and was thrusting it into Jane’s willing mouth. An average size, 6″ or so. Jane could take it easily as he proceeded to face fuck her. She had freshly attended to her red lipstick and Josh’s cock began to turn reddish as he continued to thrust. Jane opened her mouth wide as he entered her throat, making sure she continued to breathe through her nose to contain her natural gag reflex. Nick’s hand pulled up harshly on her nipple, squeezing it between his finger and thumb. The pain inflicted, combined with John thrusting his tongue into her pussy and Josh in her mouth caused her to scream as her first orgasm hit her. Her sound muffled by Josh’s cock but John certainly got the benefit as Jane’s juices hit his tongue which he hungrily drank. He ran his tongue lower over her arse hole and he had the delight of Jane clenching it onto his tongue as she continued to moan.

Meanwhile Celia alongside had been struggling with Matt’s cock as he continued to saw in and out. Drool ran out of her mouth and all along Matt’s cock. He drove himself forward into her throat. Celia struggled to breathe and coughed which caused him to withdraw. He allowed Celia a second or so to recover which Marlon took the opportunity to drive his cock into Celia’s gaping pussy. 10″ in one thrust which she took like a champion porn star. Celia loved big cocks in her pussy. Having had many over the years her pussy needed 8″ plus for her to achieve orgasm. Will, the latest member to the board and not present at the Xmas party, had undressed and revealed his rather nice 9″ cock with a large purple mushroom shaped head. He got alongside Matt and the guys started to tag team Celia’s mouth. Alternatively pushing forward one at a time the face fucking became quite intense. Marlon matched their thrusts as Celia’s orgasm built. Suddenly Matt started to come in Celia’s throat. Reams and reams of hot cum filled her throat which she tried her best to hold down.

Will travesti istanbul took Matt’s place and continued to face fuck Celia. He withdrew, took hold of his cock and hosed Celia’s face with his cum, her blonde hair covered. Marlon also decided to join the cum fest and pulled out of her pussy and came all over body particularly ensuring her tits got a good covering.

There was an unseen signal between the guys who switched. The three guys with Jane moved across to Celia and continued to hose her down with their cum. Soon Celia was covered from head to toe with creamy goo. Nick turned his attention to Jane who found herself face down on the board room table and Nick lining his cock up with her arse. Marlon put his monster in her mouth, Jane tasting Celia’s pussy mixed with Marlon’s cum. She wrapped her tongue the best she could against his cock cleaning it as Nick opened her arse up with his cock. He pushed his cock head in, her sphincter opened out as he slipped in. First an inch, followed by another. Jane grunted and wriggled hips trying to get comfortable as Nick pushed all the way into her extremely tight arse. He felt the friction causing his own orgasm to build, the only one who hadn’t dumped on Celia.

“Can I cum in your arse?” He asked somewhat considerately, especially considering the circumstances.

“Yes! Now!” Demanded Jane, totally lost in the moment.

Nick pushed hard and bottomed out in her arse and spewed his seed right into her bowels. He pulled out and a trickle of his spunk slowly dripped onto the plush carpet.

Jane clamped down on Marlons cock as he came for the second time. Jane swallowed as he kept cumming, desperate to ensure she didn’t miss a drop.

Matt went to lay on the carpet and pulled Celia with him. She sat down, using her arse, on his cock, reverse cowgirl style. John, now recovered, placed himself between her stockinged legs and Iined his cock up with her pussy. Having no problem at at all to enter he thrust home and he and Matt built up a rhythm, fucking Celia hard in both holes. She struggled for breath as her two bosses rode her without care. Her arse tried its best to clench the cock within it as she panted, breathlessly.

“Harder!” She challenged them.

They both fucked harder and harder, their cocks hurting as they tried to bring Celia off.

Josh joined in thrusting is cock forward, Celia opening her mouth willingly as she became airtight. The three guys plowed on. Celia now an utter mess. Her expensive stockings laddered, cum dripping out of all three holes. Eventually all three guys came again. Once again filling Celia up, not as much as the first time, but enough to mix all the spunk together. Jane rushed forward and clamped her mouth to Celia’s pussy drinking in the cocktail of spunk and pussy juices whilst Marlon once again fucked her from behind. Pushing harder, her face against Celia’s pussy.

“Put your tongue in my cunt.” Celia managed to gasp as Jane tongue fucked her. Jane pushed her tongue into Celia’s pussy as far as she could, lapping up the cocktail of juices and hungrily swallowing it down, whilst Marlon pumped her pussy hard. She was addicted to Marlon’s dick. Every thrust of Marlon pushed her tongue harder into Celia. Eventually, Celia could take no more as she screamed loudly as her orgasm took old, momentarily passing out. Marlon came again and withdrew. Both girls on the floor panting for breath. The guys all looking on, stroking their dicks, cheered.

Matt brought over vodka and orange each, which they thirstily drank down. The guys high fived each other.

“Meeting closed.” Announced Matt.

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