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Sibling Revival-ry Ch. 05

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Natalie and Rick have returned for another adventure.

My thanks to those readers that offered suggestions for this storyline. I sometimes get stuck, and need a little nudge to get the gears turning again.

As always, all characters are over the age of eighteen, and consenting adults.

Enjoy, and please cast your votes when you’re done.


I’m sure my Mother had a reason for her comments. I had always trusted her…she was my Mother after all.

Okay…that’s not quite right. Recent developments had exposed that she wasn’t ‘really’ my Mother, in the biological sense That didn’t really change anything. I knew she loved me, always had my best interests at heart, and had never hurt me…everything a Mother is supposed to be. So, while the revelation of my adoption was something of a surprise…an understatement, I know…it didn’t make a difference in how I felt about her.

I still had to wonder, though, why she thought that Love was a problem.

I had always loved my sister, since I was a little kid, and even when her attitude toward me changed that love to hate, it never eradicated the emotion. Moving into an intimate relationship with her let the love blossom again, and now, truth be told, it was stronger than ever. Learning that I was not truly her brother had thrown the doors wide open.

I was laying in my room, with my hands behind my head, contemplating the past and the future, when Natalie walked past. She stopped, and blew me a kiss.

“I’ll be right back,” she whispered. True enough, she was back in about a minute.

“Just making sure Dad wasn’t lurking about. His car’s gone, so we’re safe for a little while.” Mom had set the rules, and we were doing our best to comply, but I had to admit it wasn’t easy.

Natalie eased down onto the bed beside me, giving me that look…the one that seemed to be reserved exclusively for me, now. Those huge blue eyes locked on mine, and her lips approached slowly, finally meeting mine in a soft kiss, that made her eyes close, the way lovers kissed. Appropriate, since we were now lovers in every sense of the word. We were still fully engaged in the kiss, tongues burrowing eagerly into each other’s mouths, when Mom appeared in the doorway.

“It’s going to take me a bit of time to get used to this,” she said quietly. “I almost told you to stop that, but watching you together makes my heart feel young. I just need to remind myself that things have changed. I’m still trying to decide what, if anything to tell your father. I assume you don’t think he won’t notice when you get married…or are you planning to keep it from him forever?”

Ah. Now I get it. In my selfish, love induced haze, I hadn’t looked any further than my own interests. Now I saw the conundrum that faced my Mother. She had to choose ; admit knowing about us, and bring the shit storm on immediately, or keep her mouth shut, further deceiving my Father for who knows how long. If it had been just adolescent lust, she could have merely forbade our behaviour, but Love?…no, you can’t make the heart unlove someone, can you? Do the names Romeo and Juliette ring a bell?

“Your father will be home soon. Would you please come help me get dinner ready, Natalie?” She didn’t even wait for an answer, just headed downstairs to the kitchen.

“I guess that wasn’t really a question,” I whispered. We were still laying on our sides, hardly having moved since we paused our kiss to listen to Mom. I ran my hand up her side, cupping her breast softly. She moaned, and put her hand over mine, pressing her breast more firmly into my palm.

“Do I really have to go?” she groaned. “I’ve missed your touch.”

“And I’ve missed having you in my arms, but you heard Mom,” I replied. “It’s almost summer vacation, so I’m sure we’ll have our chances soon.”

Natalie sighed, and rolled away, standing up and walking to the doorway, where she paused.

“All that may be true, but I’m horny NOW. I guess it’s just me and my fingers, tonight.” She winked, and ran down the stairs.

Shit…why did she have to tell me that.

I tried unsuccessfully to get those images out of my head, finally giving up. I needed a distraction, so I headed downstairs, hoping a movie would do the trick.

When I reached the bottom of the flight, I could hear Mom and my sister talking in the kitchen. Not quite the distraction I was looking for, it was still an eye opener.

“I’m sorry Mom. I know we’re making this harder for you,” Natalie said.

“Don’t apologize, sweetie,” Mom said. “I know you didn’t plan this. Emotions take on a life of their own. I am a little surprised, though. To be honest, I thought you’d be more likely to kill your brother than fall in love with him, since you always fought like cats and dogs. What changed?”

“Truthfully? I never hated Rick, but I was jealous. He was younger, and seemed to get more attention…I know that wasn’t really the liseli porno case, but that’s what a little girl felt. Then it just became habit. I had to grow up before I could see that I had no reason for my bad attitude, and then I didn’t want to admit I had been being a bitch to him for years…for no reason.”

I was listening closely now. My sister…my love, was baring her soul.

“Mom…can I ask you a question?” she added.

“Of course, honey,” Mom replied.

“If Rick wasn’t my brother, would you approve of him? As my boyfriend, I mean.”

“Natalie!” Mom laughed, “you don’t really expect an objective answer to that, do you? Situation notwithstanding, he is your brother, and my son, or as close to it as can be. Perhaps you should answer that question. What is it that you see in Rick that makes you love him? And don’t just tell me ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’, or any other similar tripe, however true they may be. What do you see?”

Jeez Mom, pull those punches a little, will you? It’s not all her fault ; I was there too.

“Well,” Natalie began, exhaling loudly, “He’s kind, gentle, and funny. Honest. Handsome, of course, loving, and…”

“… And he makes your toes curl!” Mom giggled. “He’s done that to me, as well. Not such an easy question to answer is it? There’s only one answer that matters, and only one person’s opinion that counts.” There was a palpable tension in the pause that followed. “Do you love him…really Love him…and is he the man for you?”

I shouldn’t be listening to this, I thought, but I need to hear her answer.

“Yes,” was all she said.

“Well then,” Mom said, “that’s all that really matters. Everything else is just stuff, and stuff can be dealt with.”

I’d heard all I needed to, and slipped down into the basement. I put a movie on, but I don’t even know which one it was. The initial plan, to distract me from thoughts of my sister fingering herself, had been derailed, replaced by thoughts of my sister confessing her love for me. Even I knew it was one thing to say it in the throes of passion, and quite another to admit it with calm aforethought. I needed another distraction.


“Mmmmm, yes, that’s it, baby. Just like that. Your tongue is so good!”

Natalie was bent over the foot of her bed, with her near perfect ass high in the air, and I was behind her with a hand on each firm cheek, and my face buried in her pussy. My aforementioned tongue was spearing her moist recesses eagerly, with the occasional side trip to tease her puckered pink asshole.

Dad was at work, and Mom was out for the morning, so my sister and I decided to satisfy some long overdue desires. It had been weeks since we had been able to do anything more than steal a few kisses and grope each other in desperation. Of course, that only made things worse, and increased our need to get together, so when Natalie called me to her room, and I found her naked and in this position, it took her less than a second to convince me.

I remembered the first time I ate my darling, sexy sister’s pussy. The divine flavour of her juices… I think I described it as ambrosia, butter, honey and brown sugar, and those still applied. She was oozing her delicious secretions, and since she was inverted from the usual position for munching on her cunt, those juices were running toward her clit. I was hungrily lapping at the dripping, intoxicating fluids, and her clit was taking a lot of the attention. It’s a good thing we were alone in the house. It might be better if we were alone in the neighbourhood.

“FUCK YES! LICK MY FUCKING CLIT!” she screeched, her cries echoing through the house, and maybe beyond. “AHHHHHNNN! AHHHHHNNN! CUMMMMMMMING! NOWWWWW!” She was twisting and writhing desperately in my grasp, but I had a firm grip on her hips, and held her pussy close to my face while she gushed into my mouth. My lips sealed around her clit, I sucked her hard, slurping up the syrupy sweetness that continued to flow unabated. Natalie was still screaming, but her face was now in the blankets, muffling her shrieks, which had lost the ability to speak, but still communicated her joy adequately.

Her hands flailed about behind her, finally finding my head, and pushing back.

“Oh god, please stop! Too sensitive! Please stop!” she gasped, I gave her clit a parting lick, and released her, letting her flop limply on the bed. “Thank you, thank you…” she whimpered.

My turn, I thought, unbuckling my pants and stepping out of them. My underwear joined them on the floor, leaving my rampant cock standing straight out, looking for a warm place to go. Ah, there’s a good spot.

Yeah, I looked at her pretty, pink little asshole, and gave it a brief consideration. I remembered her saying that she loved it up the ass, and the thought of that tight little hole stretching open to accommodate my shaft was something that I definitely looked forward to seeing. I also remembered meet suck and fuck porno her saying that her butt might need some time to get used to my size. No, not today.

The other choice was hardly settling for less. Her pussy was still drooling, soaking wet from my tongue, and pouting open, eager to be stuffed full. I leaned closer, and whispered to her.

“Ready, honey?”

“Mmmmm, yes, baby. Fuck me,” she breathed. She spread her legs a bit more, and dug her toes into the carpet on the floor, bracing herself. I dragged the head of my hard dick up between her lips, getting it nice and wet with her residue, before plunging it home. Natalie exhaled. “Ooooooo, yes…that’s it.”

That’s it, indeed. This was probably my favourite position. Sure, it was always fun to just lay back, and let Natalie or Mom fuck themselves silly on my hard cock. I loved to watch them riding me, their big tits bouncing wildly with their frenzied actions, a look of lusty satisfaction on their faces. I also liked to look deep into their eyes, while we slowly, gently made love, face to face, in the old standard missionary position.

This…gripping her hips and drilling her hard from behind…was a great way to fuck. You know what I mean. Fuck, with pure selfishness, caring only about stimulating my cock to orgasm. Fuck, using her pussy as a tool. Fuck her hard.

I was looking down, watching my shaft split her open, over and over. Her ass jiggled each time I slammed into her, and her tight pussy released me reluctantly each time I pulled back, her lips stretching out as though trying to pull me back in. She was moaning and grunting softly, absorbing my assault gratefully.

I could feel my balls tingling, and knew that I would soon be flooding her pussy with semen. I pounded her harder, the slaps resonating through the room each time our bodies collided. A froth of her juices began to form on her lips, whipped into existence by my furious thrusts. Her moans escalated, becoming cries of bliss, monosyllabic gasps and urgings that told of her desire.


The countdown to launch was well underway, and the abort button was broken. I couldn’t have stopped it if I had wanted to…and I didn’t want to. My hips were a blur, stroking into her cunt at warp speed. Three, two, one…

“FUUUUCK!” I groaned, slamming in one last time. I held on tight to her hips, gasping for breath while rope after rope of hot cum basted her inner folds. Natalie’s legs curled behind me, hooking up around my hips, like twin scorpion tails, and she arched her back, lifting entirely off the bed. At last, I could cum no more.

Natalie melted, turning to jello in my grasp, collapsing down onto the bed, and I followed suit, dropping on top of her, if only for a moment. I took my weight on my elbows, before gathering the strength to stand again, wobbly as it may have been, and withdraw my softening spear from her sheath. A stream of pearly goo began a slow journey down her inner thigh. Her legs hung limp, splayed awkwardly.

“Holy…shit,” she whispered, trying to rise. Her arms quivered, then gave out. “Help?”

I wasn’t sure I was in any better shape than she was, but I had to try.

“Here comes the cavalry!” I laughed. “Roll or lift?”

“Lift, I think,” she said, rising on her arms again. I hooked an arm under her midsection, and pulled her upright, letting her get her legs back under her. She turned, and looked up at me. “Thank you.”

“I feel like I should be thanking you,” I replied, bending to kiss her luscious lips.

“Oh no,” she laughed, when the kiss ended, “I think I got the better of the deal, believe me.”

“So, call it even, then?”


I would be attending the same college that my sister was, starting in the fall. She was the one that first thought of getting an apartment together, closer to school. Purely to be closer to the library there, you understand.

We started scouring the papers, and came across several possible locations, mostly because we were looking now, at the beginning of the summer, rather than waiting until the last minute, as most of the students did. The loft apartment over the garage was too small for two, the spiffy studio in the highrise was too expensive, and the one in the rat infested tenement was… well… rat infested. I was beginning to get discouraged, but Natalie was nothing if not tenacious.

Tenacious, and resourceful, as it turns out. She somehow got a lead on a two-bedroom apartment, on the top floor of a three story building. It was clean, affordable, big enough for both of us…and wasn’t even supposed to be on the market yet, but the property manager was a guy, so…yes, my sister flirted us in. Best of all, we could move in right away. There was only one obstacle ; Mom.

While Dad, still blissfully unaware of the true nature of our relationship, thought that us moving in mobil porno together was a great idea, Mom had reservations. Dad was sure she was just having the usual emotional reaction to her children leaving the nest, but, like I said before, he was blissfully unaware. Mom did eventually relent, with conditions.

“Okay, you two,” she said sternly, sitting us down to talk. “Here’s the way it’s going to be.” Her tone left no doubt that the subject was not up for debate. “I will allow this, under these stipulations. First, and foremost, you must keep your grades up. If you spend more time fucking than studying, I’ll know, and this little love nest experiment will be over, understand?”

“Yes Ma’am” we said, together.

“Second, all the other rules still apply. Your father will undoubtedly pay you a visit at some point, likely unannounced, and you must appear to be what he thinks you are, not what I know you are. I don’t know when I’m going to tell him, but until then, don’t make it worse.”

“Will you be visiting too, Mom?” I asked, with a smile. Mom fought back her own smile, but it was too strong.

“Um, yes. I will,” she said, looking embarrassed. “That part applies, too.”


The move went easily. There wasn’t much to pack really, just our clothes, books and stuff. The apartment was already furnished, which cut down on necessary purchases greatly. Our TVs moved with us, and our computers, but not the beds, as there were already two there ; a double in the small bedroom, officially mine, and a king in the master, which would be Natalie’s. Everything was clean, as this building operated essentially as a long term hotel, meant for contract employees, and was well maintained. It was perfect.

Mom and Dad helped us move, of course. Unpacking was almost as easy as packing was, and we soon found ourselves settled into our new digs. Dad wanted to stick around for dinner, but Mom convinced him otherwise. She knew what was on our minds, and knew what we’d be doing as soon as they were gone, so she dragged Dad out as soon as possible.

“Remember,” she said as Dad went to get the elevator, “no arrests for noise violations.” A wink, and she walked away. Natalie closed the door. We went to the window, and waved as our parents’ car drove away.

“Alone at last,” she whispered. “What to do?”

I’d seen this act before. The look in her eyes. The swing of her hips. I was so going to get fucked unconscious. Well, so be it.

Natalie pounced on me, hanging from her arms around my neck, and kissing me wildly. I grabbed her ass, taking the strain off both of us.

“So, I believe the traditional way to christen a new apartment would be best. Why don’t we start with the living room?” she smiled, dropping to her knees in front of me. Within seconds, my pants and underwear were around my ankles, and my cock was being sucked lovingly to full erection. It didn’t take long. Her task complete, she stood, and sauntered toward the kitchen.

“One down,” she laughed, undoing her own pants as she walked. She peeled them over her hips, and kicked them off, wiggling her nearly naked ass at me. Her shirt followed, and her hands reached back to unhook her bra, which she held in place with one hand when she turned to look for me.

I was still trying to get my feet free of the handcuffs that my pants had turned into, but I saw her smile and drop the bra. I never tired of seeing my sister’s big tits in all their glory. I finally got loose, and by the time I made it into the kitchen, she had already shed her thong, and was perched on the countertop, her legs spread fully ninety degrees along the adjoining wings of smooth granite.

“No additional prep necessary,” she giggled. “I’ve been so horny all day, waiting for this moment, I don’t think I could get any wetter if I tried.”

“Okay, baby,” I said, stepping within range of her grasping hand. She pulled me to her, slipping the head in, then grabbing my ass to seat me completely. “My god, you are dripping, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm, yes, I’ve missed you,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around my neck. She pressed her lips to mine, moaning softly as I gave her a few gentle strokes. Her hands tugged the shirt off over my head, letting me feel all of her full, firm breasts as they mashed into my chest. “Fuck me good.”

She hooked her legs behind me, and patted my ass. I started to shaft her firmly, while we kissed each other. She was absolutely drenched, and I felt her juices dripping off my balls as I fucked her.

So, this is what it feels like to be a couple, I thought. I’d never been in a relationship before, only having had a few girlfriends prior to Natalie, and never having been intimate with any one girl more than twice. I know that most guys my age were trying to run up the score, fucking as many girls as they could, as often as they could. I had been that way, too, but once Natalie and I hooked up, I started to see the appeal of a longer term arrangement. Mom and Dad were happy, and setting the example, so I guess I grew to want what they had, in my own way. I just never thought that the perfect woman for me…the girl of my dreams…was also the one who tormented me so gleefully from the very next bedroom, for as long as I could remember.

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