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Siblings with Benefits Ch. 15

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It was Thursday night and I was in my room painting frantically. There was really no other way to describe it. When inspiration was upon me I painted at a rapid pace that had a couple of my instructors shaking their heads, not only at how well the paintings would come out but how I managed to do it so quickly without the painting becoming a mess.

I was only using a half a dozen colors for this one and a brush for each. When I switched I would simply drop one and pick up the other barely looking at the easel and when I’d start slapping the paint on it would splatter, as soon as it did however I would hit it with another brush and quickly blend it in. Because most of my paintings were very dark and I figured creatures of the night would never allow themselves to be fully seen and the odd colored shading and blurred figures added to the effect of my nightmarish landscapes.

I finished adding red eyes to several of the demonic figures on the canvas, using savage jabs with the narrow brush which, rather than leaving them with perfectly shaped red eyes it appeared that they were glowing unevenly from their shadowy faces. When I painted like this I splattered quite a bit so I was wearing only a ripped tank top that barely went down past my tits and a pair of panties. Let dad come in now and he’d see why I liked to lock my door I thought to myself.

Finishing the eyes I dropped the brush and reaching over grabbed the bottle of coke from the table next to me. I took a couple of swallows closing my eyes and smiling as the alcohol spiked soda left a warm happy trail down my throat. When I looked back at the picture it was blurring. I sighed, putting the bottle down, blinked and shook my head. Between the liquor and not having slept since early last night I could feel myself getting light headed. Good maybe after another drink or two I could sleep. Last night had been a rough one and could have very well been the last night my brother spent in our house.

When Mark had brought me back to Vinnie’s a little after six Jack was waiting outside by my car smoking a cigarette. After warning Mark to behave I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I would see him at home in a little while. I wished I could have given him a real kiss good bye but Jack was watching.

When I got out of Mark’s car and walked over to him Jack said that he had waited for me because he wanted to tell me my father had stopped by looking for me. I felt suddenly nauseous. Once again I should have listened to my brother. Mark had mentioned Dad stopping by to check on me and he had been absolutely right! Now Dad would think I was with Mark. I would have to call Mitch’s to see if Dad had gone there as well, oh my god I had fucked up again! All this had raced though my head in an instant I simply looked at Jack speechless.

Noticing the instant look of panic on my face Jack said he had told him that the driver had called out sick and since we were dead they had sent me in the van to do some delivery’s. I thanked him and Jack then told me that my father had asked if Mark had been coming around. Once again surprisingly Jack had covered saying that he had seen Mark in here with Krissy the day after Christmas but that was it.

Jack said dad seemed to believe him then handed him $20 and gave him his work number and said to call him if Mark showed up looking for me. This was getting worse by the day. My father was convinced he was right and he was going through any length to prove it. If Jack hadn’t covered for us when we had got home Mark’s bags would have been packed or worse the police might have been there, as on one of his rants just before we left the hotel my father had said he would get a restraining order against my brother.

Mark was in pre law and told me Dad couldn’t do that but it showed not only how far my father would push this but that he still seemed to think my brother was forcing me into something. The ironic thing was, besides the fact dad was right about us in general, was the fact that I was the one who instigated it, coming into my brother’s bedroom that night six months ago and seducing him.

I thanked Jack again and this time gave him a hug. Jack put his arms around my waist and returned the embrace whispering in my ear how good I felt. I was no fool; Jack hadn’t covered out of the kindness of his heart. He was looking to get back in my good graces as well as my pants, but still I was grateful and told him so, even giving him a kiss. Jack smiled and told me he wouldn’t rat my brother out but was wondering what the hell Mark had done as my father hadn’t seemed to happy. I shrugged and told him it was a long story. Jack’s smile then got bigger and he said when I was off my punishment he could clear a night for me to tell him.

Being smart enough to play the game and keep Jack’s loyalty I told him that I would let him take me out to dinner next week to make things up to me, but only dinner. Jack had kissed my hand and told me thank you. He then frowned and commented on how nervous I looked, did I want mofos porno to come in for a drink? I told him no I had to get going. Besides I had taken enough stupid chances already the last thing I needed was to show up buzzed.

When I arrived home I bit the bullet and told Dad that Jack had said he’d stopped by and asked if anything was wrong. Dad shrugged and told me he was checking up on me. I had asked if he had swung by Mitch’s. At that Dad had shaken his head and said he really didn’t care where Mark was as long as he wasn’t with me. I felt another of those sinking feelings go through my stomach, this did not sound good for my brother. Mom however snapped at my father telling him not to talk like that. Dad rolled his eyes and we finished dinner in silence. When he finished Dad kissed mom and thanked her for dinner like he did every night before he went into his den to watch the news and read the paper.

The other part of the ritual was to also give me a kiss as well and tell me goodnight in case I went upstairs and he didn’t see me again. I watched as Dad walked past me and started to leave the dining room. I put my head down sadly. Up until this point all I had been worried about was Mark and I being separated. Now however it hit me that it had also affected my father’s relationship with me. I had always been his little girl and despite his tough old school demeanor he had always eaten it up and loved being affectionate with me. I heard Mom clear her throat and a moment later felt my father come up behind me and putting his hands on my shoulders kissed the top of my head.

“Good night hon,” He said softly.

Before he could move his hands I put my hands up grabbing his and holding them. Dad moved his arms around my shoulders and hugged me.

“Dad…” I began.

“We’ll talk Friday night Megan, when I get home, not before.”

Dad let me go and left the room. I looked up at mom with tears in my eyes. She reached across the table and took my hand for a minute and told me not to give up that she was still working on it just keep doing what we were supposed to.

Mark showed up a few minutes later and I stayed at the table while mom heated up his dinner. Mark sat and ate listlessly, he looked more tired than when I had seen him a few hours ago. I noticed his hand shaking as he ate and his leg was tapping constantly. Mom asked him if he had taken what the doctors had given him to sleep and he mumbled something about no but he would tonight. That was a lie my brother hated medication, like me he never wanted to be put in a place where he might not be able to wake up right away. Having spent two years being assaulted at night I understood completely.

I had hoped that after having spent some time with Mark, which had included two amazing orgasms as well as a nap in his arms that I would be able to sleep that night. I did fall asleep around ten, but woke up from a nightmare I couldn’t remember the details of I just knew I felt scared and uneasy. I laid there for awhile then giving up set up my easel and putting a blank canvas up started painting. Apparently Mark couldn’t sleep either as a few minutes later I heard three small thumps, then again a minute later. Mark had a dart board in his room and all I heard all week long was the sound of the darts hitting the board.

I became absorbed in my painting, blocking out huge areas of grey where I would put the ghoulish figures that populated my paintings then leaving a space in the middle for something what I wasn’t sure yet but it would come to me. When my stinging eyes made me stop, I got up and went into the bathroom. I could still hear Mark tossing the darts. I looked at the door longingly. Less than ten feet from where I stood was my brother’s bed where I would give anything to be right now. I knocked softly on the door and Mark opened it a few inches.

“Megan we can’t.” He said simply.

I nodded and poking my head through the door kissed him gently on the lips.

“Good night my beautiful little brother.” I whispered.

Mark smiled sadly and said;

“Sweet dreams my sister.”

I went back and lied down to no avail. There was a fifth of brandy between my mattress and box spring but I forced myself to roll over away from it. I would not give in tonight. As a reward for my holding off I fell asleep sometime around 4 am and slept to a whopping 7am. Today had been a long one. They only needed me at Vinnie’s until 2 and after yesterday I wasn’t taking any chances. I had come right home and been painting and drinking ever since. Tomorrow was the day, and there was no way I was not going to sleep tonight. I had also noticed that even my painting flowed better when I had a bit of a buzz.

I had slowed down an hour or so before dinner then ate quickly in silence and went back upstairs where I now sat staring at the canvas. The painting was of a large room where every dark corner was populated by some type of demonic creature crawling out of the darkness and reaching for the center moms girl porno of the room, they were coming from the floor and ceiling as well, each stretching their long claw tipped arms out towards the two figures kneeling in a small circle of light in the center of the room. The figures were on their knees hugging, trying to protect each other.

The figures were my brother and I.

I had painted us small but the resemblance was there I had even managed to dot my eyes with a sky blue color. The border of the painting had been done last night and was dry. Picking up a black sharpie I wrote in the corner; Demons of the past. Underneath with a flourish I signed De Costa. I jumped at a knock on the door. Mom poked her head in and told me that she and dad were running out for a couple of hours to go to a wake. It was Thursday so Mark was working the bar and wouldn’t be home until one. When Mom left the thought crossed my mind to call Mark and see if he could come home, but I had learned my lesson with yesterday’s near miss.

With a sigh I went into the bathroom and took a shower scrubbing the paint off of my face, chest and everywhere else it had ended up. As I stood there in the steam, the hot soapy water running down my body I closed my eyes envisioning my brother in here with me. Standing behind me slowly shampooing my hair, his hands would then caress my shoulders before reaching around and fondling my tits. At that thought my own hands reached up and cupped them, my fingers making slow circles over my erect nipples. My breath picked up as I slid my right hand down past my stomach reaching my smooth wet pussy I slipped my middle finger inside. I let out a low moan and reaching my other hand down started stroking my clit. I leaned against the wall playing with myself. Then stopped and listened, I swore I heard the downstairs door.

Shutting the water off I tossed on my robe without bothering to dry off and going back into my bedroom looked out my window which overlooked the driveway. Mom’s small Toyota was there, but they had taken Dad’s car. I shrugged must be hearing things. I went into the bathroom and dried off then slipped on a tank top and a pair of shorts to sleep in and went back in my room and froze; I had just heard a creek on the steps that led up to the hall. More than a little nervous now I ran over to my bedroom door and locked it wincing at the loud click it made. I had a phone in my room and thought about calling the police but didn’t want to look like a fool in case there really was no one there. Leaning my head against the door I listened carefully then jumped and let out a startled yelp as someone knocked on the door right where my head was.

“Hey Meg it’s just me.”

It was Mark!! I laughed out loud in relief. Not just relief but joy. Mark must have known the folks were going to the wake and had left work to be with his big sister. I hurriedly unlocked the door and opened it. Mark was leaning against the wall opposite my door. He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans both were snug enough to not only show what he had on top but below as well. Damn did I want some of that.

I smiled at him and stepping into the hallway reached out to put my arms around him. Mark got a funny look on his face, his eyes darting to the side. I stopped and turned to look towards his room. Krissy was standing there.

“Hey Megan.” She said looking a little nervous as she always did when she knew that I knew she was going to be in my brother’s bed. I managed a small wave then looked at Mark who avoided my gaze. I was pissed. How dare he sneak her over when he knew I needed him. Probably sensing my thoughts he looked at Krissy and said;

“I’ll meet you in there in a couple of minutes okay beautiful?”

“Okay.” Krissy said then after giving Mark a wink and sexy little smile said;

“Don’t keep me waiting baby.”

Once she went into his room. I stepped back into mine and he followed.

“Mark are you crazy?” I asked him. “She’s not supposed to be here!”

“I know Meg,” He said. “But I knew they were leaving, my car’s at Mitch’s and if they stop in Cynthia’s going to tell them I went with Mitch to work the door at Baby head. Trust me Doug’s not going down there.”

Baby head was a punk slash goth club that Mitch was part owner of and Mark worked there as a bouncer once in awhile when they were going to have a big crowd. Mark was probably right but still why wouldn’t he come home to me? Didn’t he know how bad I needed him? Mark was still speaking;

“I had Krissy park around the block and we walked over.”

“Mark,” I shook my head. “If you get caught…”

“Doug will be glad it’s Krissy in there and not you.” He said.

“Yeah well speaking of,” I looked up at him pouting. “Why isn’t it me?”

“Look sis,” He started but I cut him off.

“Why wouldn’t you want to spend the time with me Mark? You love Krissy more than your big sister?”

As I said this I could feel my eyes starting to fill up. Why was I momsbangteens porno so damn emotional lately?

“Of course not,” Mark said coming forward and hugging me close to him. “But after yesterday Meg, I can’t take a chance.”

“And Krissy’s not taking a chance?”

“They think I’m not going to be home until after one. We’re going to…” He shrugged. “You know fool around then I’m going to set the alarm for a few hours from now and sneak her out the back like I always do.”

“What if Dad checks the door?” I asked as I held myself tightly against him.

“All he does is turn it to see if it’s locked, he hasn’t come in.” He pulled away so he could look at me.

“Besides I…I need to sleep sis. I’m so fucking tired and tomorrow’s the day and I just I need her Megan I need this.”

I started to cry.

“And you don’t need me?”

“More than anything sis but not tonight, we can’t, please Meg.”

His eyes were so bloodshot you could barely see any white around his pupils and I could feel his hands trembling on my shoulders.

“Megan you know you’re exactly what I need but…”

I realized I was being selfish. I still wanted him with me but I understood how desperate he was and he was right. God forbid he snuck into my room and we fell asleep and dad caught us.

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble.” I said hugging him again.

“I won’t but Meg?”


“Speaking of trouble; be careful sis because I can smell your breath five feet away.”

“Yeah well, I don’t have anyone I can sleep with so I guess I just have to do what I can.” I said bitterly.

“Meg please…”

“Go little brother.” I told him pushing him out the door. “Go fuck your little Krissy and curl up with her while your sister cries herself to sleep.”

Before he could respond I slammed the door in his face and locked it. I walked over and lied down on my bed ignoring him as he called my name. After a couple of minutes I heard his bedroom door open and shut. I lied there and did cry for a few minutes. It should be me in there with Mark not her, it wasn’t fair. But Mark was right nothing had worked out for us this week and we were both exhausted and would fall asleep and dad would catch us.

After a couple of minutes my tears dried up and I pulled the sheet over myself. I lied there thinking by now Mark had Krissy naked and they were fucking. Mark would be going easy with her like he always did, then they would cuddle up and Mark would sleep, maybe. He had said before that he couldn’t always with her only with me. Realizing that I had left the door locked I got up and unlocked it in case dad tried it later and remembering what Mark said brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash before going back to my bed.

I found myself thinking of my brother with Krissy; envisioning Mark on top of her, playing with her huge tits, and licking that sweet little pussy reminded me that I was horny earlier. Reaching over to the nightstand I removed the slim purple vibrator from the drawer and opening my legs slid it up inside of my wet pussy and turned it on. I groaned and closing my legs to hold it in, started playing with my clit with my right hand while my left found my nipple. I closed my eyes once again picturing Krissy on Mark’s bed, her legs spread, and his face buried between her legs. I came hard, biting my lip to hold back my squeals and removing my hand from my tit I started working the vibrator in and out of my pussy in time with the thrusting of my hips.

I sighed and putting the toy back in my drawer laid there and hoped to go to sleep. A minute later I heard Krissy let out a long loud moan from the other side of the bathroom. I needed to sleep. Now. Sitting up I grabbed the bottle of rum laced coke and chugged the rest of it. I closed my eyes as I felt my head spin. Putting the bottle down I picked up Scooby Doo and rolling over on my side hugged him close to me.

“Good night my beautiful little brother.” I whispered into the darkness and closed my eyes.

I woke up suddenly quickly sitting up and just as quickly brought my hand to my head, which felt like it was going to pop. I felt incredibly light headed and as I took a few deep breaths realized I was probably drunk. A quick glance at the clock showed 9:30 I had fallen asleep around 8. I had gone out like a light, what had woke me up? Reaching over I turned on the small reading lamp on the nightstand. Then Dad’s voice came through from the other side of the bathroom.

“I can’t believe you Mark! How dare you disobey me and bring her in here!”

Oh my god!! Dad had found Krissy. I jumped out of my bed and put my robe on. I didn’t know what I could say or do but I had to help my brother. I heard dad yell again. I thought I heard Mark’s voice but it sounded as if he were talking not yelling. I was just crossing the room when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I stopped and opening it found myself face to face with Krissy, who I realized was completely naked holding her clothes in front of her.

“Oh Megan!” She exclaimed.

The poor thing was beet red and looked scared as hell. I stepped away from the door and as she came in she quickly turned to the side so I couldn’t see her back. Little did she know I had seen a lot more than her ass.

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