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Sexy Tina

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Sexy Tina
This happened a few months ago. I was having serious marriage problems, my wife, a nurse worked the day shifts I a factory worker had night shifts just to avoid each other. We were passing each on the downswing of our life together. Neither of us getting anything remotely satisfying out of the marriage anymore. I had already had two affairs and know for sure she has been fooling around too.
I started noticing the barely legal girl in our building who lives on the 2nd floor, her father is a friend of my wife, they are lovers I think but can not prove it. Not that it matters, we’ve stopped pretending our marriage is working anyway. It is our passive aggressive way of annoying each other. It is getting fun listening to her lame excuses to not be home.
The girl’s name is Tina she was about eighteen, blonde, hazel eyes, about 5 foot 2 or so, very cute, college student and liked to dress like a school girl when she went out clubbing, average body but last couple months has undergone a growth explosion of a last minute kind the spurt has given her tits that have doubled in size and her clothes are struggling against her now almost D-cup sweater puppies.
When I see her on weekends she is always in tight track pants, showing off her ever so slightly chunky booty, I decided to try to get into her pants, for the fun and sport of it. Let me tell you it did not take much convincing at all, shes as easy as she is hot.
I was downstairs to check the mail one Friday, my wife at work, I guess Tina’s parents too when I ran into her wearing tight pink track pants, and a tank top she was rapidly popping out of, no bra so I could see her nipples struggle against the thin white tank top. She was getting the mail too.
“hey Tina having a quiet day today?”
“naw worked yesterday and later today”
“ahh so you are starting a long work weekend” I turned to see her struggling to get the mail box open. The key was bent.
I watched as she jiggled in all the hot places and I decided to go for it as she was getting frustrated. I knew I could help her relax. I am always there for a damsel in distress, or in this case almost no clothes. I walked over and put my mind to it to get her now, and get her right now.
I put my hands on her hips. Standing behind her. Thinking I was going to help with the lock she dropped her arms.
“hey Teen, relax you have to relax” I opened the mail box, she thanked me and I gave her my charming smile. “you should relax with an orgasm!”
I began kissing her neck
“what are you doing ?” she asked
“Tina” I said running a hand to the front of her hip and rubbing her pussy through her tight track pants. She stopped me at first.
“I want to fuck you Tina, you are smoking hot you know that? would you like that Tina, you wanna fuck me”
She released my hand and turned to look at me and looked blank for a second. Thinking it over I guess. “but your married to that nurse lady, right?” I nodded with a sleazy smile on my face. “Guess you don’t like her very much either hey?” Then she kissed me. Hard. Left me panting.
We stood in the mailbox area making out. Not even caring who saw us. Her hand down my pants fondling and jerking my cock.
“you are not a virgin are you?”
“no way I like sex. Like it a lot, fucked a guy last night at the bar in the can”
“good, how about a one afternoon stand”
I presses her against the wall and pulled up her shirt and licked her nipple.
“wait, not here, lets be really, really fucking nasty”
She took my hand and led me down the hall to the custodial room where they keep the kaçak iddaa building maintenance supplies.
“lets fuck in here” she said opening the door.
As soon as the door was closed she dropped to her knees and undid my pants letting them fall to the ground.
“I give good head”
She took a long, slow, hard lick of my cock and then began sucking me off. Her strokes were great she went all the way down, and then up again. I knew if I wanted to last I had to stop her so I pulled her up to her feet pushed her across the room and put her up on a table. I ripped off her pants revealing an un-trimmed pussy.
“ah fuck that’s hot. I love wild pussy it tastes best”
“yeah then eat it bitch!”
So I did I went down on her flicking her clit and sticking my tongue right in her twat, fucking her with it, as she washed my face. She grabbed my hair and ground her twat into my face, it was wet and wild and fantastic! The smell of her sex was hypnotic. I would have eaten her all day if she‘d let me. “ya like that whore, ya like tongue fucking?”
She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet. She was so hot to trot it was a completely the hottest thing I had experienced in a long time. “stop and fuck me now! I wanna come on your pole”
I took her hands off my hair and knelt back down, knowing it was driving her crazy I wanted that to last too, It continued for a while licking her sweet cunt until she was close to coming. I could taste pre-cum.
I finally stood up and in one motion rammed my cock into her she screamed I delight. Ripping her top off as I slowly pulled almost out then back in hard. As soon as the twins were free I licked them hard and sucked them even harder.
“oh fuck yeah pound me while you suck my nipples” She dug her nails into my back. I could not wait for my wife to notice the scratches.
Still licking her tits I obliged and put her legs over my shoulder and fucked her as I kept licking and sucking her tits. She was so tight and wet it took only a minute as she dug her fingers into my back while she convulsed in a mind blowing orgasm. Her moans and screams not muffled at all they probably heard her in the lobby.
I pulled close and stuck my tongue down her throat, I then stood back and pulled out, forced her off the table and onto her knees and stuck my cock back in her mouth and came down her throat, huge string of cum, and she swallowed every drop. I stood over her on her knees, cum on the side of her mouth and gave her an approving smile.
I pulled up my pants and left her naked on the floor.
“thanks Tina I needed that”
“don’t mention it, its the least I can do for the guy who has a wife that is fucking my married Father” She stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek as she pulled her track pants back on.
A week later I moved out and started divorce proceedings. That was 6 months ago, I saw Tina again a couple of times. Even gave her some of my now ex’s lingerie. Tina wears it better for sure.
I then went about my life.

It had been about a year since I got to fuck Tina in the janitors closet of my old building. I had since moved out, gotten a divorce and moved on with life. I had no idea what had happened to Tina. I knew she told her Mom about her Dad fucking my wife as they are now divorced too.
I guessed she was still in school but no idea whether she was still living with her father, mother or if she found a sugar daddy to keep her hot ass fuck crazy ass.
There hadn’t been too many since Tina, sadly. It had been a long sex dry spell for me, I had only gotten laid four times since that day with Tina, perabet güvenilir mi and two of those were hookers. So when I ran into Tina that evening I had a lot of pent up sexual tension. She could tell right off I needed getting off.
It was a fluke really I was out on a Tuesday evening and stopped in a local coffee shop to get a cup and there working behind the counter was Tina. There was only one other patron in the place as it was only a few minutes till close up, and he left as I stepped to the counter.
She was still drop dead sexy. Even in a barrista uniform, covered in gunk. She had lost some weight, but still had those dangerous curves. Even in her golf shirt, her D cups looked lickable. An absolute fucking sex pot. She was wearing black tights with a big wide studded belt that showed off her ass. She was wearing wire rimmed glasses but her hazel eyes still shone bright and her hair was up in a bun with some having been pulled out after a long day and it showed off her long slender neck and the tribal tattoo on the back of her neck (that was new) the second I saw her I knew I wanted her all over again. She didn’t serve me at first she was cleaning a machine, but when she did she got a devilish little smile on her face.
“Hey Teen”
“oh my god! She said leaning over the counter and kissing my cheek “how are you?!” I actually kissed her right there on the lips. Then gave her a little wink. She returned the kiss.
“I am okay, how bout you still living at home?”
“Nah moved out about 2 weeks after you, your ex was spending almost all her time there and I decided to get a place with some friends…. Your ex and my Dad are together full time now I guess. So that is why I am here making money for school and bills”
“Aha, never talk to my bitch ex, had no idea” I said feeling myself stiffen up ” so you wanna get a drink sometime?”
She walked around the counter and locked the door and pulled down the shades. “We are closed now give me a few minutes to clean up and we can go get a beer”
“sounds good” I said loving she did not want to wait for that drink. Then as she sat me down right at the back of the shop. I watched her clean up and get the place ready for the next day. She had taken off her shirt and was in a black tank top with a red bra strap sticking out and from the front you could see the lace standing out against the tight tank.
I took a soda from the cooler and drank that as we chatted and she cleaned. It took about a half hour and she was done and had everything put away. I got up to use the bathroom and then said we could go to a local pub. I know one with great draft on tap”
She smiled and said she would be ready when I came out.
As I returned to the table I sat down to put my coat back on when I heard her voice, with a little pussy cat purr to it. Making the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and my dick with it. I turned back toward the counter she was standing in the opening in nothing but a pair of black panties, her clothes d****d over the counter and she was holding a squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce.
“I don’t think I need a beer baby” she said sauntering over towards me.
“Okay what do you need?”
“Cock, your cock” She put a drip of chocolate on her finger and spread it over my lips and kissed me.
“I see”
“do you lover”
“I think so”
“you know” she said as she walked across the seating along the wall and pulled the blind in the front window and came and sat on the table in front of me with a foot on either side of me as I sat on the bench.
“ever since that tipobet giriş day in the closet I come hardest in public places” she squeezed chocolate into two fingers and put them in my mouth. I sucked them clean.
“I love screwing were I might be caught. I even took my boyfriend down to the janitors closet in our building and had him get me off a few times down there.” She licked her own fingers. ”Not as big an orgasm as with you though. I could barely walk straight after you fucked my brains to jelly.
“Wow that’s hot, the thought of you being screwed in all sorts public places covered and full of come.”
“Mhm” she said as she rubbed chocolate onto her nipples
“you got me so wet that day, just out of the blue seducing me and fucking me hot and fast, I want more of that….. no I need more of that.”
I said nothing from then on I just sucked both her nipples clean. I then took the bottle from her and she leaned back grabbing the edge of the table as I squeezed out a lot of sticky brown fun and rubbed it into her stomach and she pushed some of it down her panties and into her pussy. I slowly licked and slurped the sauce off her making my way down to her waist line. I pulled off her panties and finished cleaning up the chocolate. But I wasn’t done with the chocolate.
I took the tip and rubbed it against her clit causing her to arch her back. As I worked the tip into the folds of her pussy and squeezed some into her eager slit and as I reached her opening I put the tip up inside her and squeezed some in. Then sucked the tip of the bottle clean.
“Oh fuck your nasty!” she moaned “now suck it all out!”
I did so slowly starting at her clit and working down. Getting every drop of sweet stuff making her come all over my face. By the time I began sucking and tonguing out her pussy she had wrapped her legs around my head, and was laying on the table her shoulders and head hanging off the other side of the table, still gripping the edge to hold on. Some of the sauce had dribbled out so I traced my tongue down from her pussy to her anus and licked up the last of the chocolate forcing my tongue into her tight ass.
“Oh god you are going to get such a blow job!”
I just kept licking her starfish but had now stuck two fingers in her hole and worked her to her second orgasm.
I stood up and undid my pants letting them drop. “Don’t want to come in your mouth” As I drove my dick deep in her hot, wet, sticky, tight hole.
“Oh yeah pound me” she said sitting up, wrapping her legs around my hips and guiding my hands to her tits. I fondled and kneaded the nipples as we ground our hip against each other getting her raw and aroused to a second orgasm. I stopped playing with her tits and grabbed the edge of the table by her head. throwing her legs over my shoulder. She gripped the other edge as resistance and we continued our grinding.
Using the table for leverage I slowly pulled almost out then drove deep into her again, each thrust met with a yelp from her pretty lips.
“I want it faster” she demanded. So I stood back up and grabbed her ankles and held them in the air and pumped my hips in a moderate but even pace. I watched her face grinning ear to ear and telling me to go as fast as I could as she came for a third time.
“my turn baby” I said as I dropped her legs and grabbed her thighs and gave several slow deep thrusts and shot deep into her. My whole body shook and twitched as I seeded my favorite curved hottie.
As I pulled up my pants she lay limp on the table, her arms, legs and head hanging off the edges.
“I need to give you my phone number”
“Fuck that babe” I said taking her hand and sitting her up into a kiss. “just come home with me and be my love slave” She giggled at the thought.
“I’ll come home with you for sure, but I won’t be your slave”
“how about fuck buddy”

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