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Sex With The New Secretary

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Last week was a week full of celebratory events.  Agatha Smith finally retired.  She gave thirty years of service at Anthony Roma’s company.  He made sure that she got a nice pension and his company gave her a retirement party.  She was the best administrative secretary he ever had.The best part of her retirement was interviewing dumb blondes to take her place.  There were many that were perfectly qualified.  Mr. Roma wasn’t really looking for somebody who would be able to get her work done efficiently.  He was looking for a hot piece of ass to fuck at his every whim.  So many women applied for the job. There was one bimbo that made Mr. Roma’s eyes twinkle.  Her name was Lisa Jasmine.  She was the perfect bimbo for the position.  She had a set of knockers that made Mr. Roma’s cock hard in his pants.  She had a nice round ass and curvy hips.  He imagined her long legs sprawled open, so he could eat her bare snatch.  She looked like a girl who was nicely shaven all over her nice body.Mr. Roma offered her the position which she gladly took.  He gave her a nice salary that would make her eyes roll.  He paid her so well that her extracurricular activities wouldn’t make her bat her eyes.  He made sure she’d be heavily compensated for the tasks that he would slowly get her used to.  He told her to start the following Monday.  She was very gracious and thankful to get the job.It was now Monday and human resources had already spoken to Lisa and brought her over to where she’d be sitting.  Mr. Roma had one of the other secretaries show her how to answer the phones and how to do some of the applications that she was not familiar with.  He told her to check in after lunch to meet with him.Mr. Roma had a lunch meeting and when he came back he buzzed Lisa at her desk and told her to come into his office for a chat. He was anxiously waiting to fuck with her brain.  He wanted to see how beylikdüzü escort dumb she was.  He’d flirt with her and see how she responded.  He was a dirty old man after all.~~Lisa walked into his office and stood nervously by the door.“Come over here, Ms. Jasmine.  Tell me how you’re doing?”“I’ve had some training by Sally who showed me around the office.  She’s also shown me the phones and a few of the applications that I need to use.”“I imagine you’ll be a pro in a few weeks.  I hope she showed you the coffee machine.  I have a bit of an addiction.  I probably drink more that I should.  I have a lot of stress and the coffee gives me a nice jolt.  Do you drink coffee, sweetie?”“She did show me the machine.  I can say that I’m pretty good at making coffee.  I drink it too.”“Why don’t you fetch me a cup and get yourself one too.  I like mine black with a little sugar.  Please be a dear and get it.”“Yes, sir!”Lisa got up and went to fetch the coffee.  Mr. Roma enjoyed watching her walk.  She had a nice ass that she wiggled.  It was making him horny.  It didn’t take much to make Mr. Roma horny.  Just the sight of a woman dressed in nice clothes made his dick hard. Mr. Roma was used to ladies pleasing him.  Even his old secretary Agatha, blew him when he needed his dick sucked.  She was an old bag but always lifted her skirt up for a little afternoon nookie.  Agatha was a good lay, but she was older than he was used to.  Mr. Roma liked the young sluts that liked old men and their big pockets.Lisa came back into the room.  She looked great in her outfit.  She wore a blue suit with a white blouse.  She had on stockings and nice pumps.  Mr. Roma wanted to see a little more of his hot secretary.“You can put the coffee down on the desk.”While she was getting his coffee, he raised the temperature high and at an uncomfortable level.  He could see she beylikdüzü escort bayan was starting to sweat.“It’s awfully hot in here.  Why don’t you take off your jacket?  I’ve told the maintenance men to check the unit.  It feels hotter than it does in summer.”“It is very hot.  I think I will take my jacket off.”Lisa took off her jacket and Mr. Roma licked his lips.  She was wearing a white blouse and a lacy white bra.  She wasn’t wearing a camisole over it.  He could see she had watermelons for breasts.  He liked skinny broads with big tits.“I left some filing on the table.  Could you be a dear and file it?  It goes in the bottom drawer over there.”“Certainly, sir!”Lisa got up and grabbed the filing.  She had to bend down low.  Mr. Roma stood behind her and admired her buttocks.  They were nice and round.  He walked in front of her and got a nice view of her large breasts in her bra.  He wanted to squeeze her tits and hold her butt in his hands.  His mind was dreaming of pouncing on the hot blonde.  He imagined she was a hot lay who loved sex.  He hoped she was as horny as he was.  He wondered if she knew how to squirt.  He’d like to lick her pussy while she orgasmed on his tongue.  His mind was racing with filthy thoughts.He couldn’t help himself and swatted at her behind.“Oh my!  Why did you do that?”“There was a bug on your skirt.  Sorry about that!”“No worries.  I just didn’t know why you would spank me.”“I do like to spank my secretaries, but only if they do something bad.”Lisa looked at Mr. Roma, expressionless.  Her baby blue eyes looked as if she were crying.“I’m just kidding.  I don’t really do that.  Only if you like that, it could be arranged.”She just stood there, shocked.  She didn’t know what to think.  Again he swatted her ass, but this time he cupped her buttocks in his hand.  He leaned into her and told her how good escort beylikdüzü she smelled.“Thank you!  Do you need anything else?”“That’s it.  Thanks for your help today.  See you tomorrow.  You don’t have to wear suits every day.  A nice dress is always a good choice.”“Okay!  I didn’t know that.  I’ll be sure to wear a dress tomorrow.”“I’m sure you’ll look lovely.  Looking forward to seeing it.”Lisa walked out fast.  I think Mr. Roma made her uncomfortable.  It was a good thing he was attractive.  He liked that she was sexy and hot, and would continue to make her uncomfortable.  She appeared ditzy and he could probably get away with a lot of things that would go right over her head.~~Mr. Roma left her some work for the following day.  He left enough filing so he could be a pervert again and look at her chest.  He also left a step ladder against the wall and would ask her to water his plants.  He had them hanging from the ceiling.  He could get a good look of her pussy in her panties.  He prayed that her skirt would be bouncy and flouncy.  Those were the best kinds to look right up and see hot and juicy panties.Mr. Roma hurried home to jerk off.  He put on a porno tape on and took off his clothes.  He liked to watch lesbians fuck themselves with large dildos.  He held his dick in his hand and jacked off.  The sluts on the television were eating each other’s pussies and ramming huge dildos into their cunts.  It didn’t take too long for him to blow a load in his hand.  He was hoping to get some head from his little secretary tomorrow.  He had a plan and was pretty sure it would work.~~Lisa arrived early and made the coffee.  She typed the letter that Mr. Roma left for her.  She turned on his computer and put his messages on his desk.  He texted her and said he’d be in shortly.  He asked her to bring him his coffee and to grab him some breakfast at the food truck in the front of the building.She went to the food truck and bought him a breakfast sandwich.  She also went upstairs and made his coffee.  She noticed that he was already in and he called out to her to bring his breakfast to him.“Good morning!  Did you get yourself some coffee too?”“No!  I just brought yours.””

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