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Two Moms, Two Sons 24: Josh And Will Discuss What To Do With Their Wives

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POV: Josh”Seriously, man, what the hell was going on last night? Granted, we were both a little buzzed still, we both know what we saw and what they were doing too,” I said, coming to his desk. “Can it really be that cut and dried?””Fuck if I know, man, but how do we bring it up to them though?””Maybe start by asking what they did last night because we just happened to go back to your place. Could they want to be new moms again so badly that they both hooked up with their sons’ best friends? If that is accurate, they truly must really want new babies. Granted, they have their new grandchildren, but that only triggered their wants. Their seeds for this probably just finally bloomed after all the time they’d spent with their grandkids now.””Valid theory, should we just tell them that, or maybe just ask them if they ever thought about being new moms again?””And what if that backfires? Do we want to be new dads again? Are we going back to changing diapers full time? Little London and Sandra have their own parents for that now, but we’d have the responsibility of the new babies though if we get them pregnant. It wouldn’t be fair to tease them, and we know it would be, considering we saw them have sex with each other’s sons. Maybe they turned in that right too when they cheated.””Again, that’s valid, but we can’t stay silent. In the end, this is a Dexter-like secret, so it’s big, to say the least. What went through their heads, and Keisha and Gia’s heads too? We have to know our sons were just horny and loving too, but we have to know their wives were the ringleaders here. I can’t imagine our wives cooking up this plan alone because our daughters-in-law have definitely embraced having moms. Neither of them has had mother figures up until them, and our wives have treated them better than biological daughters, even before they just decided to give away the rings we proposed to them with to Keisha and Gia. Not that either of us is upset with that, but still.””What, are you confirming that everyone, but us knew this is going on last night?””Yes, they could have planned it last night, because they knew they’d be alone, so why not, Josh?””I’m not debating with you, Will, I’m trying to find the best solution of what to do considering all the facts. I don’t think it’s going to do any good to dissect the situation; we just know they did it. When it comes down to it, we know they didn’t want to come to us about it, and that’s where we’re at right now.””And let’s not forget they got the better of us too, considering we both had to whip out our dicks and jack off to them too.””And here I thought that it was just implied that we wouldn’t even mention that,” I laughed.”Sorry, but obviously that also proves that we can’t be that mad at them. Maybe it was because our wives caught us off guard, and they displayed this odd, but hot scene for us. Did my daughter-in-law get intimate with your wife?”I broke eye contact and sucked my lips into my mouth.”I thought so, and your daughter-in-law has quite the body. Her MILF boobs are coming in quite nicely. Is it fair to say you think the same of Gia?”I couldn’t resist, but to close my eyes and envision Gia naked as I saw her the previous night. I stayed silent and sucked my lips into mouth too. He did utter a word, and I could only guess that he had a thing for Keisha.”Why the fuck does the male mind make a woman seem so much hotter just because she’s a MILF now, Josh?””I couldn’t tell you, Will, but I’m guessing we both noticed each other’s daughters-in-law’s nice figures, and maybe we do have crushes now. That could solely be because of our wives too; you know what I mean?””Yes, but now come to think of it, do you think this isn’t the first time they’ve done it though? I mean, really, our wives frequently visited our sons in college, again, even before Gia and Keisha came into the picture.””That would imply that the young ladies would forgive their adultery.””Well, who knows about them? They could be kinky wenches for all we know; we’re not around when they’re intimate with our sons. They could get off on that kind of thing; we don’t know.””Again, I think we’re discussing the wrong thing here. We need to figure out how to go about this; we can’t just let it slide. We need to hear London and Sandra out obviously, but more importantly, have a serious discussion if we’d be willing to be new fathers again, especially when we’re already living under roofs with our young grandchildren. Would you consider it, even for one second, Will?”His eyes widened, and his hands went up too.”Well, you seem just as clueless as me, but considering how neglectful we were before we found out Gia and Kiesha were with child, we might owe it to them.””It doesn’t sound like you’re clueless now, Josh. You might just be onto something, but that’s a big payback though. We struck gold with our jobs, so we’ve been able to pay for our sons’ college, beylikdüzü escort even though they dropped out, but still, we’re better off financially.””Although, at the cost of our marriages taking quite the hits. I know my sex life with London has gone down the toilet, so it could also be that our wives needed to get laid too,” I said before a pause. “You know what, fuck it, I’m just going to tell her I want another kid.””What, just like that?””Why not, can we both agree that we’re probably just heading that way, or getting divorced? We both know for sure they cheated once, so what’s the most likely endgame here?”He placed both hands on his face and kept them there for a moment. I couldn’t help, but keep my eyes on him as the idea washed over him. I couldn’t be completely confident about it either, but I had to think ahead.”Well,” he said, dropping his hands. “I don’t have any better ideas; you still suck though. Maybe we’re both to blame as we have the same problem, but its true.””Here’s a hot idea: how about we invite them here to the office, and do it here? Knock them up and make them happy with a promise that we’ll pay even more attention to our new kids? We’ve already learned to prioritize our time a lot better with our grandkids, so why not?””Fuck our wives in front of each other though?””Why not, now we have crushes on each other’s daughters-in-law, and now we need to bury them. We can do that by creating new memories of how we got our wives pregnant, right here in the office in front of each other. Are you afraid you’ll have a crush on London when all is said and done?””I have no idea, dude. You’re right: fuck it, let’s do it, but let’s try not to look at each other though.””And that would go without saying, my friend,” I laughed, bringing out my phone and dialing London’s number. “Hey, babe, Will and I were just wondering if you’d like to come by the office for a few minutes, we just have something we’d like to talk to you about in person. We both have a few other people living in both of our houses, so could you and Sandra make a quick trip out here?””Um, sure, I guess, what’s this about, Josh?””Don’t worry, its nothing bad, we’d just like to chat, that’s all.”Even with those words out there, I failed to hear any words back from her, but I still heard her breathing somewhat heavily though.”What, dude, you have your eyebrows up there?” Will pondered, closing the gap.”London seems uneasy,” I whispered.”Why?” he asked.I shrugged my shoulders. “So, how about we go out to dinner afterward, just the four of us? Could you two pry yourselves away from your grandkids for just a few hours?””Um, sure, I guess, as you’re certain this isn’t going to be something bad.””Is something wrong, London, you sound unhinged?””No, no, no… I don’t think Sandra or I can remember the last time all four of us went out to dinner by your suggestion, that’s all.””Well, there’s no time like the present, and obviously we’re overdue. So, let’s just have some good times tonight, and we can leave right from the office, what do you two say?”Once again, I didn’t hear anything back for a moment, and then Will closed the gap between us. “I think they’re feeling guilty, what other explanation is there?””I don’t know, but I think I definitely caught her off guard. I heard it in her voice, and it seemed difficult for her to put sentences together.””Then maybe we shouldn’t do it then, Josh. If they’re feeling like shit, how can this not go bad? This could backfire, and shit could hit the fan, we don’t want that.””Come on, dude, we still can’t just let them off the hook for cheating. We have to say something, don’t you think? Don’t let them talk you out of this; just stand your ground with me. Our wives want babies now and have gone to each other’s sons to get them. Buck up,” I ordered him, hitting his arm.He bit down on his bottom lip.I could certainly see his emotional discomfort, but I yet I still went for it though. “So, are we on then, London?””Fine, Josh, whatever, we’ll be there in an hour, is that okay?””Yes, that’s fine, babe,” I replied before moving the phone away. “What the fuck? We’re married, but she seemed to treat that like a chore. As if she’s doing me a pain in the ass favor. Maybe it is that cut and dry: they’re feeling guilty about cheating. Now we’re asking them to come here and go out to dinner, maybe that’s just too much for them. I still think we should confront them, but maybe do it extra nicely, I guess.””Crap, man, maybe this is bigger than we think. There could be a long history of this kind of thing; we don’t know.””Will, you might be my best friend, but shut the fuck up already. We decided we’re doing this; we don’t need to go over the pros and cons, we just need to go about this sweetly for their benefit. Maybe this will be an uphill battle, but we have to do it. Stand our ground. Maybe they gave those rings away beylikdüzü escort bayan to Gia and Keisha, but we put them on their fingers, and both said yes to marriage. So, they need to uphold that binding contract. Maybe our work has made us unavailable a bit in the past, but we never cheated on them.””Okay, I’ll shut the fuck up, and you can do the same. Let’s just quit talking, and get this over with, Josh.””It’s not a colonoscopy, so don’t treat this as one.”I couldn’t get another word out of him, but nevertheless, he didn’t protest either. We just worked at our desks, but we absolutely didn’t have anything else on our minds though. He knew I was right, and I stuck to my guns.”Maybe they cheated, but we still love them, and they love us too. I can’t imagine this truly being dealbreakers from both of us. I mean, they didn’t hook up with random strangers, they went to someone close to them already, so how upset could we even be?”I didn’t get an answer, but I also couldn’t resist, but to think of Gia rocking body though. We failed to look at each other, but I was confident we both had to think of each other’s daughters-in-law as we waited for our wives to walk through our door.”Oh, Gia’s jugs were definitely erection worthy, there is no doubt about that. Maybe we could work out some deal so we could bone each other’s daughters-in-law. I know you’d love to get your hands on Keisha, wouldn’t you, Will? There is no shame in admitting it, I’d love to have Gia down on her knees in front of me, so just scream it from the rooftops,” I laughed silently before a gap. “I want to pull out my rod and yank it, but I can’t right now. Will is already on edge, I don’t need to push him off it, but I am sweating my ass off just thinking about getting with Gia, or fuck, even Keisha. Maybe I’m a sick bastard for even thinking that, because she is my daughter-in-law, but I know she is a feisty one. Keisha is Joe’s age, but still, I’d fuck her if I got the chance. I still have to wonder if she was the one in the shower as I caught Joe in an awkward moment that one day. Maybe, maybe not, I definitely gave Joe that ‘dog’ gene. I wonder how long London knew he saw Keisha before I met her. She visited him in college every five minutes. Crap, stop thinking of your daughter-in-law like that.””You’re over there thinking about Gia, aren’t you?””And Kiesha hasn’t crossed your mind, Will?””I can not confirm or deny that.””Would it be weird if we just fantasized about them?””Yes, moron, its extra taboo for you to think of Gia like that.””That’s weird, but a little hot too, but I met with each other’s daughters-in-law.””Still yes, Josh. We saw them once and had our pleasure time too, and we should probably leave it at that.””Oh, bullshit, Will,” I whined, coming towards him. “We know our wives cheated, so what’s a little harmless fantasizing?””Are you looking to get me to admit I want to plow Keisha?””Or even Gia if you got the chance?” I pondered, stopping at his desk.”No, man, that’s out there, but still wrong. You thinking about Gia in that way would be wrong, but your own daughter-in-law? That’s taboo, and messed up.””Don’t judge me, or hide your perverted side. You watched and jacked off to my son and daughter-in-law as they were with your wife. Get off your high horse.””I’m not judging you, but have you to know that’s too far. Keisha is the mother of your grandchild, and obviously, we’d both have to be blind not to notice their moneymakers, but still, we can’t go there.”I scratched my head for a moment and broke eye contact. “So, you can say with absolute certainty if either of those young ladies made it clear you’d get laid, and no one would find out, you’d still turn them down?””Even if it was both of them, Josh. Regardless of how horny you get, you can’t go there. Put a chastity belt on that subject, dude. As soon as you shoot your load, you’d just see them in a whole new light again, and you’d feel terrible.””Damn, you’re still the buzz killer of the two of us. How the hell you let yourself get horny enough to masturbate to them, man?”He sighed. “This never leaves this office, correct?””Yes, dumbfuck.””Fine, I might be interested in exploring my feelings towards Keisha at least. She’s not in my family even remotely.””Not really, we’re like one big family. We’re best friends, our sons and wives are too, and then you add Gia and Keisha to the equation.””Okay, whatever, you got your confession, now drop it and get ready for our wives to walk in here.””Don’t you feel better now?” I asked, strolling back to my desk.”No.””Our wives aren’t here yet, so shove that stick back up your ass when they get here,” I proposed before a pause. “Fuck you too, Will,” I chuckled.Then we both peeked at our door as we heard it open. Neither of our wives spoke, but they both had worried looks on their faces as they both made their ways to their husbands’ escort beylikdüzü desks. They both kissed us and just stood in front of us in silence for a moment.Will and I had to peek at each other a few times, and I knew my fists began clenching a bit. ‘Shit, I was feeling strong seeing the obstacle in the distance, but now, I’m cringing.'”What did you two want to talk about, Will?” Sandra asked with her head down.London and I peeked at them as Will bit down on his bottom lip. Even after twenty seconds, he failed to speak, and I couldn’t utter a word either. Although, I had to peek right at his face, and I got the finger yet again.”So, are either of you going to say a word? You called us over for a reason, so one of you needs to spit it out. We both have grandchildren we’d like to spend time with if we’re here for no reason,” London whined.”You’re both shaking and clenching your fists, so what the hell is going on here? We both need answers, so come on already,” Sandra added, waving her hands looking at both of us.I bit my lip again and closed my eyes for a few seconds. “Will and I just wanted to ask you something simple: did either of you have any idea of what to do on our anniversaries?”They both crossed their arms. “Are you serious, you oddly request our presence here, and want to go out to dinner just to ask us what we want to for our anniversaries?” Sandra asked.”Well, ours is next month, dear,” Will reminded her.”Will, our anniversary is in six months, and Josh, your anniversary is in eight months. You two are lying, and now we’re getting more than concerned. So, what’s going on here? Are you two cheating on us, is that why you called us?”Will and I backed up, and I knew we both had our eyebrows raise too.”No, we’re not cheating on you two, we never would,” Will made clear, getting up out of his chair. “Really, that’s what came to mind? You think we’re cheating?”Needless to say, they both covered their mouths with one hand and failed to speak. I had to come out from behind my desk as well, and get close to my wife as well. We both surely knew we weren’t about to do something terrible to them, but they did kind of insult us though.Although, with those words, it gave us more confidence to stand our ground. We just stayed in front of them for a moment looking at them, but they kept their eyes on our feet though. It just seemed like a game of chicken.’I wonder if they think we know.’I wasn’t sure, but I calmly moved my hands towards her.”Don’t,” London objected, backing up.”Did you think I was going to hit you, London?””Yes, what the fuck, Josh?” she cried. “Are you two on crack? Do you even remember asking us to come over to your office?”We both stayed silent again, but Will calmly let his hands come towards Sandra’s hands. “Well,” he said, taking them. “What do you two think about having another baby now?””What?” Sandra questioned, yanking her hands. “You can’t be serious; you want to get us pregnant now?””Yes,” I added, taking London’s hands in mine. “We have little London, and they have little Sandra. Maybe we all just have baby fever now, who knows, but what do you think?””You’re both ready for the diaper changing, late-night feedings, and all that other crap?” Sandra asked.”Maybe, if you two want it, Sandra. We want to give you both something consideringly big, we’ve both neglected you two, and now we’re just aiming to please you both.””And this just came about today or recently?” London asked.”Who cares when it came up, Londo?,” I groaned, backing away. “We’ve both seen you two with our grandkids, and we can tell that you’d both love to push another one out. Even if you’re both in your forties and they’d be younger than their nieces, we both just know you’d love it. Don’t fight us, and tell us you want it.””It’s just not clear why. Why the fuck are you proposing this now? We both had brought up the idea of having another baby months before you two started working here. You both willingly let yourselves drown here, and let us drift too. If it wasn’t for our sons, we very well could have gotten divorced. Now, you two are going to what, quit?” Sandra asked.”Calm down, hun,” Will told her. “We want to make things up to you two, simple as that. Maybe we could have split up if it wasn’t for Pete, but we’re still married, and…” he got out, clenching his fists.”And what, Will? Come on, spit it out. First, it was our anniversaries, and then you just want to knock us up, but there is definitely some other element that is pulling your strings,” Sandra laid out, placing her hands on her hips. “You can’t just out of the blue decide you want another baby. It can’t be that cut and dried just because of our grandkids. It definitely goes back to something bad you two did to make up for this, and we don’t mean the neglect from you both working so much.””Why the hell are you both poking the bear?” I bitched, stomping my feet. “We’ve been faithful to you two, and now we want to give you both new life, and it could certainly relight the spark in our marriages. Gia and Keisha seemingly got pregnant close together and gave birth just days apart. If you two get knocked up close together, then it might be even cooler, you know what I mean?”

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