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Richard and Nikke in Chicago

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Six months after our trip to Cabo San Lucas, Nikke and I were on another trip. I had a couple days in Chicago for work. I talked Nikke into coming with me, not that it took much convincing.

She planned to shop and sightsee while I was in meetings with clients, then we’d go out dancing at the clubs.

Nikke is my luscious wife. 5’4″, with large natural breasts, and a curvy figure. We had an adventure in Cabo San Lucas involving a Police Inspector and his huge cock. Nikke was normally sexually reserved, but after the time spent in the jail, and with the Inspector, our love life had made a huge change.

She loved huge cocks now and had gotten a monster dildo to fill her up when the mood struck her. We still had sex together, but she frequently teased me about my small dick when she was ramming her dildo in her cunt.

That day in Cabo had revealed that having my penis humiliated, and being made to watch my wife get the shit fucked out of her turned me on. Unfortunately, we hadn’t been able to meet up with anyone around our small village outside London. So, we fantasized instead.

When my trip to Chicago came up, I raised the idea with her of meeting with a hung stud in the states to fill her up and make me watch.

She jumped at the idea, and immediately researched clubs we could look for a playmate for her.

The first two days, I had meetings all day. Nikke shopped on Michigan Ave, in the high-end shops, and took some tours of the city. She went to the Sears Tower and said she could see four states from the top.

We enjoyed the restaurants and had good food. On the second night, Nikke raised the issue of our nighttime activities.

“Richard, when do you think we’ll be able to meet someone to scratch my itch? I really want to find someone that we can play with.” She had a look of hunger on her face that had nothing to do with the meal in front of her.

“Tomorrow will be light, I only have meetings until noon, so we can relax a bit before looking for someone to take care of you.”

“Not just me, I want you to be involved too.”

“Of course, but you’ve done without for so long, I can manage as long as you get what you need.”

We finished dinner and went back to the hotel.

After my meetings the next day, I surprised Nikke with a couples massage. A pair of masseuses came to our room to work on our bodies.

When they arrived, I took the male masseur aside and asked him if he could take extra special care of my wife. He hesitated until I offered him a $50 tip.

He worked her body over during the massage, giving her the standard treatment. My masseuse finished and packed and left.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Miss, I have a special treatment for you.”

She turned to look at him, a question on her face.

“I have an extra service for you today.”

“Okay, I wasn’t expecting anything, but sure, why not.”

“Relax and enjoy, it’s a gift from your husband.”

Nikke turned to me. I had a smile on my face, and said, “this is for you, enjoy it.”

She laid back down on the table. The masseur continued the massage for a few minutes, concentrating on her butt and upper thighs. His hands circled her ass, working toward the junction between her legs.

She moaned as he pressed into her, releasing her tension.

His hand slid along her crack, teasing her butthole. He pressed into her rosebud, lightly circling it. She moaned and raised her hips. She wasn’t normally into anal, but he was changing her mind. He slipped the tip of his finger into her anus and she jerked her head up in surprise.

“Oh my god! I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

“Do you want me to stop, ma’am?”

“No, it’s…different. Just be gentle back there.”

He continued rubbing around her butthole, never slipping more than his fingertip inside.

She moaned from the intrusion and spread her legs for him.

He took his other hand and caressed her mound. She was wet and leaking from her pussy. His hand stroked along the outside of her lips, dipping between them, and back out, teasing her.

She rolled her hips trying to get more contact. The combination of him teasing her lips and backdoor had her moaning.

Moving between her legs, he inserted a finger into her sopping-wet canal, while rubbing on her clit. She was rocking her hips now, moving in motion with his fingers.

I was getting excited watching Nikke being fondled. I opened my robe so I could play with myself. I slowly stroked myself. Seeing Nikke enjoying herself in another man’s hands excited me.

The masseur pushed his finger in and out of Nikke’s pussy, still teasing her backdoor.

A few minutes of this and she was close to coming on his fingers. She was shaking and moaning every time he pushed into her.

“Oh yes, I’m close. Keep doing that.”

He kept on. Sensing that she was almost there, he pushed his finger deep into her anus and pussy at the same time.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming!”

He wriggled both fingers inside her as she came.

She was shaking and sweaty from her orgasm and collapsed istanbul travesti onto the massage table.

The masseur gave her a final once-over all along her body. Nikke slowly sat up, breathing heavily from her orgasm. I went over and helped her up, and onto the bed, where she flopped down.

I went to get money from my wallet and discreetly tipped the man. He thanked me and broke down his table to leave.

Before walking out of the room, he said, “I hope the massage was to your satisfaction ma’am.”

“Oh yes, it was fantastic. Thank you.”

“You are very welcome. I hope the rest of your stay is pleasant.” He turned and left.

“Richard, that was great. Thank you for that.”

It was my pleasure, my dear,” I said with a smile.

“Come over here and lay with me.”

I laid next to her, snuggling close. I was still in my robe, my penis peeking out.

Her hand reached for it, taking hold.

“I think you deserve something for setting that up. Lay back and I’ll take care of you.”

She pulled back the robe, showing my small penis. It was still hard and leaking pre-cum. Without another word, she scooted down and took my dick. It fit in her hand, the head barely peeking out.

She stroked up and down, twisting her hand. She did this for a few minutes, leisurely stroking me.

She lowered her mouth onto me, taking the head inside. Her tongue swirled around, teasing me. I groaned at the feeling.

“You like that, Baby?”

“Oh yes, it’s wonderful.”

“You’ll like this then, I’ve been practicing.”

She took me back in her mouth and took me completely in her mouth. It wasn’t exactly deepthroating, but she had her nose pressed against my pubes.

She sucked on me, bobbing her head up and down, taking me fulling in her mouth every time.

“Nikke, that feels so good. Keep sucking me.”

She worked my cock for a few minutes, cupping my balls, stroking them as she got me close to cumming.

“I’m close, Baby.”

She just kept going, holding me in her mouth, her mouth squeezing me as I got close.

“I’m cumming!”

She looked up at me while I spurted in her mouth. My cum hit the back of her mouth, and she swallowed everything I had, right into her belly.

Pulling off me, she said, “that was a nice treat.” She snuggled up to me and we lay there holding each other. “Thank you for the massage, it was great.”

“I thought you might enjoy that before we went out tonight.”

She got a gleam in her eye, “It was a nice start. I’m looking forward to the main attraction. Let’s relax a bit before we get ready.”

We laid there, taking a short nap.


We had room service for dinner after our nap.

Nikke got ready to go out. She had a low-cut dress that showed off her large, natural breasts. The bra gave her great cleavage.

The hem cut diagonally across her thighs, rising high on the left.

“Let’s stay in, Baby. I could eat you up right here.”

“Down boy,” she smiled. “I want to dance and find a friend. We’ll have our fun when we get back.”


We caught a cab to the club the concierge recommended.

The city was hopping, people were walking through the streets, the night lit up with the buildings. There was an energy in the city. I was feeding on it, and Nikke was watching the sights pass by.

At the club, we waited in line to get in.

It took only a few minutes, and the bouncer pulled back the velvet rope.

Inside, a seething, shouting, roaring mass of people was dancing and grinding on the dance floor.

“Let’s get something to drink!” I had to lean close and almost shout into her ear, the noise of the club was almost deafening.

A few minutes after waiting in the queue, I looked for Nikke. She had found her way to the dance floor.

She was grinding up against a tall hunk. He had his hands on her hips as her ass rubbed on him.

Her dancing companion was good-looking, with curly blond hair.

I found a spot to stand and watched Nikke enjoying herself. She looked up and saw me. She winked and smiled.

I held up her glass and she nodded. She turned to the stud and pulled him down to her. Whispering in his ear, she pointed over to me. He glanced over, sizing me up. I felt a prickle of heat feeling his judging me.

They walked over arm in arm.

She leaned over to me, shouting in my ear, “this is Steve. Isn’t he a doll?”

“He looks nice.”

“We’re going to dance some more.” She took a big swig from her drink.

She turned to Steve and tugged him back for more dancing.

They were out dancing and grinding for several songs. I was enjoying seeing her having fun, while I chilled.

They came back to our table. She leaned into me, “Steve is going to watch our drinks, come dance with me, quick!”

Steve and I nodded to each other and took Nikke to the dancefloor.

She hugged me, “Richard, I really like him, can we take him with us? He’s been getting me worked up all night. I think he could be what we are looking for.

We left the club and called for a ride share.

Steve istanbul travestileri pulled his phone out. Typing quickly, he put it away.


I swiped the keycard and opened our hotel room. Steve and Nikke followed me, arms wrapped around each other.

“Would either of you like a drink? We have whatever’s in the minibar.”

“Honey, I’ll take a screwdriver. Steve?” she asked, looking up at him.

“I’m good.”

I mixed her drink and she gulped it down nervously. We knew what we wanted to happen, but this was the first time we’d brought someone home to play with.

Steve’s phone dinged and he typed something into it.

“Nikke told me that you like to watch her fuck other guys. What’s up with that?”

“We found out after an ‘incident’ in Mexico that Nikke loves to be fucked by large cocks. We haven’t been able to arrange anything since then, but she found you, and here we are.”

“So, what do you get out of it? Like to watch her get railed? Can’t get it up or something?”

Contrary to his suggestion, my dick was already hardening. I blushed in embarrassment, “it turns me on to be humiliated by my wife’s lovers.”

“Got it. You are a cuck. Probably have a small little weenie too. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I said in a small voice.

“I can’t hear you. You have a tiny dick, yes?”

“Yessir. I do.”

“Well, I’ll be taking care of your lovely wife tonight. You will sit there and do nothing but watch.”

I didn’t say anything and sat on the chair at the desk.

“Now, Nikke. You lovely little thing, I love your curvy little body. We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“I know we will, I felt your hard cock rubbing on me when we were dancing.”

“Take it out and show me what you think of it.”

She knelt before him and unzipped his slacks. She pulled down on his pants and his massive cock sprung out. Even expecting it, Nikke was surprised at his size.

“Bigger than you thought?”

“Oh yes, it’s beautiful.”

“Go to work on it.”

She placed his large cockhead in her mouth. She moaned from having a large cock fill her mouth again. After Cabo, she bought a large dildo that she used to practice her deepthroat skills on. Steve’s cock was slightly bigger and she barely fit it into her mouth.

My dick was hard as a rock now. Even though he’d told me not to, I rubbed my small, five-inch dick through my pants. Nikke looked excited to have a monster in her again, and I was happy for her. She’d been looking forward to this.

“Hold up Nikke.”

She pulled her mouth off his cock, and asked, “what’s up?”

“Your small dicked husband failed to follow my instructions, and he needs to be taught a lesson.”

He stood up and walked over to me. I was getting nervous now.


I was dazed. He slapped me silly.


He hit my other cheek.

“Hey cuck, you seem to have a problem following instructions. Strip.”

I couldn’t process what he was saying. “What?”

“Take your fucking clothes off. Now!” He practically yelled at me.

Nikke was looking at us nervously. This wasn’t how she saw tonight happening.

I took my clothes off, stripped to bare skin.

“Hand me your tie.”

I gave it to him, not sure what he was going to do.

“Sit down, arms behind the chair.”

He tied my arms behind the seat back. He made sure to loop it through the seat so I couldn’t move.

“There, you little cuck, you will watch me take your lovely wife.”

Just then, “shave and a haircut” sounded from the door.

“Ah, the other part of the entertainment is here.”

He opened the door and another large man walked in. “Hey man, we good to go?”

“We are, just getting things ready.”

He walked in and smiled at Nikke still kneeling on the floor. She looked scared now. She wasn’t expecting two men tonight. This was more than she wanted.

“What’s up with little dick over there?”

I blushed in embarrassment at being called out for my penis size.

“That is the husband. He gets off on watching dudes fuck his wife.”

“Nikke, this is my friend George. We are going to have some fun together. Have you ever had two cocks?”

She looked back and forth between them. She covered herself as best as she could with her hands. “No, I’ve only been with one man at a time.”

“This is your lucky night then. George here is just as big as me, and we’re going to fill you up.”

He stood in front of Nikke again, his large cock in her face. She was nervous but moved to take him in her mouth again. Meanwhile, George was taking his clothes off. When he pulled his underwear down, I was shocked at his size. He was long and skinny, longer even than Steve’s cock.

Nikke was slobbing on Steve’s cock, working it slowly into her mouth. He held her head, pulling her further onto him. She moved her head up and down on him for a few minutes, trying to get him all in.

He got to her throat and she started gagging on him, struggling to breathe.

George was getting impatient waiting for his turn. He was pacing around watching travesti istanbul her suck on Steve’s cock.

Steve looked at her and said, “George’s turn.”

She looked over at him. He was shorter than Steve, but thick and stocky, almost fat. She looked at his long dick with apprehension.

“Suck bitch!”

She put her mouth over him, easing him in her mouth. He grabbed her head and slammed her head down as far as he could, forcing himself to her throat. She gagged and struggled as his cock head forced its way down her throat. She was struggling, trying to push on his hips to get air.

I jerked at my tied hands, trying to get free to help her. Steve looked over. “You aren’t going anywhere little man. She’s ours now.”

He had tied me tight and I couldn’t loosen the knot.

She was hitting George, trying to get him out so she could breathe. She was starting to turn blue. Steve walked over and pulled on George. “C’mon man we aren’t trying to make her faint.”

He looked at his friend and then down at Nikke. He pulled his cock out and she gasped and coughed, roughly breathing in as color returned to her face. She fell back, leaning against the bed, as she tried to recover from his assault on her throat.

Steve lifted her onto the bed, legs hanging over the edge. He fingered her pussy as she lay there breathing heavily. “Check this out man, she’s soaking wet.”

He pulled her legs up and wide and lined his hard cock up with her dripping wet pussy. He slid it over her lips, teasing her. She moaned when his cock rubbed along her clit.

“You like that, don’t you? You little slut. You are about to get fucked by two hard cocks while your shrimp dick little husband watches. Look at him. His baby dick is hard. Getting off on real men fucking you. Giving you what he can’t.”

She looked over at me. My dick was hard. I was a little afraid of the two of them, but I was excited by it at the same time. Nikke was going to get more than we had planned on, and I couldn’t wait. I nodded to her and smiled.

Steve lined up with her dripping wet pussy and slid into her. She moaned as she felt him for the first time.

He was stretching her with his large cock. Her pussy lips wrapped around his shaft as he slowly pushed in.

Steve finally bottomed out inside Nikke. “Ughhhh, you are filling me completely. Fuck me, please.”

He drew out, dragging her lips with his cock. He left just the tip in her cunt, and started fucking her. She moaned and grunted with each stroke of his thick cock. He was pistoning into her, fucking her hard and fast.

George wasn’t about to miss out on the action. He climbed on the bed, straddling her chest. “Let’s try this again. Suck my dick, bitch.”

She took his head back in her mouth, sucking on his long, thin cock. She worked the head for a bit, her jaw stretched wide to fit him in. He was taking it easier this time, not trying to ram directly into her throat, yet. His eyes were wild and he looked like he wanted to choke her on his dick.

I didn’t like George; he was too much of a wildcard. Unlike Steve who just wanted to fuck.

Steve kept fucking her pussy, filling her up and slamming his hips to hers each time hit bottom. George had worked a good portion of his dick in Nikke’s mouth. I could hear her gagging as he reached the entrance to her throat. He sped up and fucked her face, holding her head still as he pounded against her face.

Steve tapped George on the shoulder, “let’s swap.” He pulled out and I could see her pussy gaping open. She never gaped like that when we had sex together.

George pulled out of her mouth and hopped off the bed. He flipped her onto her hands and knees and stood between her legs. He inserted his long cock into her, sliding easily into her stretched pussy.

Steve laid on the bed, lining his cock up with her mouth. She was moaning at being filled by another large cock. She leaned down and licked up and down Steve’s shaft, tasting her juices on his member. She took him in her mouth and blew him. Her head moved up and down on him, taking as much of him as she could. He didn’t force her to take more than she could, enjoying feeling the suction. Her hand stroked up and down on the shaft that wasn’t in her mouth.

George was fucking her from behind, hard and fast, like a jackrabbit. His long cock wouldn’t fit all the way inside her. He held her hips while he slammed in and out of her.

Nikke was sucking on Steve, and fingering her clit. She was being spit-roasted and was enthusiastically pounding her ass back to George’s thrusts. She was covered in a sheen of sweat from the exertion of these two, very well-hung studs fucking her.

I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying watching my wife being taken by two men at the same time. It was more than I could have hoped to happen tonight. My dick was hard and I wished I could take care of myself. I was more turned on than I could remember.

Back on the bed, George was pounding Nikke’s pussy. He was red with exertion, his short hair already soaked from the effort of fucking her. He started grunting and, if possible, humping her even faster. It looked like he was close to cumming in my wife. He pushed all the way in, and held her hips, keeping himself as far in as he could. “Fuckkkk, I’m cumming. Take it, feel my baby makers in your hot pussy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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