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Both principle characters are over the age of eighteen.



The anticipation was almost unbearable as she drove to the airport to pick him up. He’d only been gone for four days, but the nights alone in bed were unbearable for her, along with the knowledge that he was so far away from her, and so far out of his element. She waited impatiently at the gate, watching people greet their families, lovers, business partners, and the like. She was nervous, waiting to see how the trip had treated him–– how they had treated him. As he entered the terminal she knew the news was not good. His face was pale and haggard, his jaw covered in light stubble, and his normally slight limp painfully obvious. His light hair was up in spikes, something he did when he wanted to look aggressive and cruel. It worked. She knew better than to try and kiss him here. He would be made of ice until they got back to the apartment. Then she would have all the time she needed to melt him.

As soon as they were in the car she turned his face to hers and made eye contact. His eyes had been blue when they met. She had been mesmerized by their color and piercing clarity, and the vulnerability in them that was revealed when he came. She remembered the first time she’d seen it, her vision clouded by her own passion as she sat astride his hips, feeling her center skewered by his stiff organ… She’d gazed down at his face as orgasm took him, and what she saw there had sent her over the edge as well. His face revealed nothing of that now. Not yet. He was angry at the way they treated him and it showed silently but unmistakably every time he returned from one of these trips. His anger broke her heart, not because it was directed at her (it wasn’t) but because she knew what lay beneath it–– hurt. He believed in his work more than anything, and its rejection stung him every time. She couldn’t tell if it was somehow a result of this or something else entirely, that his eyes were turning gray.

He lay back on his fully reclined seat as she drove, lying still, eyes closed, but not asleep. She could tell. No matter how he tried he could never pretend to be at rest, and he was never at rest when he was awake. And he was never asleep when he was away. Knowing that he was aware of his surroundings drove her desire to painful heights. If she could touch him now, feel the heat that radiated from his body, capture his mouth with hers… Her breath grew shallow as she stared out at the road ahead. There would be time. She drove faster.

He heard the wind outside of the car, felt the pavement fly by beneath them. His thoughts were jumbled, as if the barriers between them were decaying, allowing them to bleed into one another. He felt resentment, rejection, and insult. The conversations he’d had with them echoed in his head. What sincan escort bayan he’d said to hem, what he should have said. He was dead tired now. Still, there was no denying his physical reaction to seeing her again, being near to her after four nights awake and alone. He was slightly aroused, his penis beginning to creep down his leg. He ignored it and continued to shut out the world. There would be time.

When they finally arrived she turned to him after parking and saw that he had dosed off. She took the moment to observe him in his moment of peace. His features seemed permanently concerned, even in sleep. His hands were folded across his stomach and she thought, disturbingly, that he looked like a corpse. She could see his chest rise and fall tough, and was far past putting up with waiting. She observed his unwitting form and pressed her thighs together, savoring her last moment of anticipation. When she couldn’t take it anymore she leaned down and kissed his mouth, gently but deeply. In a moment he was drawn up through his dim subconcious world by the feeling that his soul was being drawn out through his mouth. It was almost painfully intense, and he arched upward, breathing with her until she released him. She was caressing the side of his face and staring at his eyes. He thought of speaking but she kissed him again, more forcefully this time. She lost herself in the kiss as he responded to her probing tongue, forgetting where they were and thinking only of plundering his mouth. She had been starved for this, and having it now made it sweeter than it had ever been. She only broke contact when the heat between her legs became too much to tolerate. She had to have him, and that demanded a change of location.

As soon as they were in the apartment she made her move. He stood head and shoulders above her, and his bulk made her seem frail by comparison, but her touch never failed to exert complete control over him. Now was no different as she spun him around and backed him up to the wall. She kissed him again, then again, then held him against the wall with a hand planted in the center of his chest as she stepped back to arms length. She was panting now, as she slid her hand below the waistband of her own pants, fumbling to slide into her underwear as well. She never lost eye contact with him as she caressed her dripping slit, sending pangs of ecstasy through her pelvis, making her knees weak. She touched her clitoris gently, still staring into his bizarre blue-gray eyes. She couldn’t contain a moan as she slid her finger into herself, coating it with her essence.

She knew nothing would unleash his passion like what she was doing. Just one more thing to do… She pulled her hand free and smeared her glistening fingers across his mouth before pushing them in. She knew the smell and taste drove him to distraction, and loved eryaman escort the way he gently cleaned her fingers off. Some perverse part of her enjoyed the idea of immersing some part of herself in him, as opposed to the other way around. And given the sensation of his velvety tongue at her fingertips, and the softness and wetness of his mouth, she couldn’t really blame him for wanting to be immersed in her. She pulled her fingers from his mouth and moved in, pressing her body to his and kissing him, tasting herself, taking the opportunity to grip the bottom of his shirt and pull it over his head- he raised his arms to help her. She cast his shirt aside and took in his bare torso. Her need overtook her completely.

She crushed herself to him, ravaging his mouth. His hands moved to caress her. She gripped his wrists and placed them firmly at his sides. She kissed down his jaw line to his neck, becoming intoxicated with his scent, and the taste of his skin. She bit hard at the junction of his neck and shoulder and heard his breath hiss. She sank her teeth in more. She kissed his collarbone, then his chest, finally dropping to her knees and dragging her nails down his back. His back arched violently, thrusting his hips forward. They met her mouth. She pressed her open lips to his erection and tortured it with a long hot breath through the fabric that enclosed it. He gasped, and she moaned, and undid his button. Remembering his shoes he kicked them of, her hands still working to unclothe him. Soon shoes and pants joined his shirt on the floor scattered across the room. She admired the way his member strained at its confines and pressed her cheek to it as she stroked his thighs. Still impatient, she slid his last garment down making sure to feel his buttocks as she did. His member stood naked and utterly erect before her. For the first time in four days, she was overjoyed.

He was never prepared for the feeling of her mouth closing on him. Now was no different, and he groaned as she took him in. She had always loved doing this. She loved the smooth skin, the masculine taste, the pulsing, living feel of it in her mouth, and passion it evoked from her lovers. No matter how experienced the lover, she found, they could never keep their hips still as she sucked them. At some point they all lost control and bucked toward the warmth that engulfed them, the tongue that teased. He was no different, and as she pulled her mouth up his shaft, sucking hard all the time, he tried to push back in. She was too quick for him though, and pulled him out entirely, licking under his glans and sending him to new heights. He made needy sounds; she knew she was tormenting him. She waited until he looked into her eyes and then plunged him into her mouth as far as she could manage without choking. He was on the verge when she let it flop from her mouth, slapping etimesgut bayan escort wetly on his thigh. He was panting uncontrollably and his eyes were screwed shut.

She left him leaning against the wall and idly sauntered over to the bed, shedding her cloths as she went. she was almost there when she felt his body press against her from behind, his hardness nuzzling between her legs as his hands slid around to caress her breasts, on sliding down to stroke her clitoris and finally dip two fingers into her. She crooned as he did, and was rewarded by him bending her forward onto the bed. She knew he was in control now, and the thought made her even wetter. She knew he was looking at her but couldn’t see him. She imagined the storm in his eyes, his pale skin, his powerful form, his throbbing desire… Her thoughts were interrupted by two fingers entering her from behind. She quivered. They slid in and out slowly, teasing her with what was to come. They left and she could her him licking them off. And then he was there.

Her breath caught in her throat as the head of his manhood spread her outer, then her inner lips, and continued to slide deeper in one agonizingly slow push forward. She was keening with each breath by the time he was done. She could think of nothing but they way her insides were filled, and the feeling of his hips pressing against her rear. She could smell her own juices, and taste him on her breath. Every one of her senses was flooded with sex as he pulled back and eased back in, the wet sound of penetration adding to the cacophony of breath and wanton moaning filling the room. He twisted his hips deftly as he picked up speed, earning an urgent cry. He did it again, faster with each thrust until they were rutting like beasts. Every nerve was filled with pleasure and still she wanted more. She tilted her hips back and climaxed as he sank in to the hilt, touching a place inside of her that only he had ever touched. The sound of her primal cry set him off and, he poured his own release into her, pressing his entire body against her as he clutched her hips filled her with liquid heat.

They lay like that for a moment and then he abruptly disengaged. She felt their combined fluids trickle from her as he left, and was about to turn and see why he’d gotten up when she felt a tongue clean the sticky residue from her thigh. She didn’t comprehend at first and was about to ask what he was doing when she felt him give her a very different kind of kiss. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling as the tongue moved from her thigh to lick at her outer lips. Soon enough, she couldn’t think at all. She was still sensitive from her last peak, and his mouth probing and lapping at her sent her over the edge twice more before she begged him to stop. They crawled into bed together and she watched him as he fell asleep, wondering how someone so cold in the outside world could display such fire in the bedroom. Perhaps one was because of the other. Perhaps not. She draped her arm across his chest, knowing that it would not be there in the morning, and allowed her dreams to take her away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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