Mart 4, 2024

Rachel: An Angel With a G-Spot

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I studied her legs.

We were desperately in love, and I strove to learn every inch of her body, so that I could make love to it; so that I could know her.

On our very first date, I had told her I would caress her entire body, inside and out forever.

After only five minutes, after entering her home I looked Rachel straight in the eyes and said, “up until now I explored the earth, because I wanted to know me. Now I will explore you, because I want to know truth.”

Rachel was an angel. She was not for this earth… I cried when I thought of her. She was too good. I wanted her to swing out at me; take things from me; I wanted her to tell me I was selfish and a no-goodnick.

But she never did. She would say, “To understand all, is too know all.” She was like the person so few ever meet — the one’s who exhibit great amount of love, elegance and compassion for our world and for others. And the kicker is that we believe them. They are truly good.

They speak gently and their touch is soft as soft could be. Their way, their walk, their mode of disagreeing – it’s angelic; they are more soul than body.

You’ve met them. We crave to be like them, or at least be with them. I do. Why was she with me?

We lay in bed, and I looked out from my bifocals like Ted Kennedy. I ran my hand up her left leg and let my fingers tippy toe over her thigh. Every inch I covered, I would say aloud, “I love you. I love you forever,” and Rachel would smile at me like there was no other choice but to love one another.

As I shifted my fingers from thigh to thigh, I asked her how it felt to have a man inside of her? I was constantly wondering about this and what it was like to be a woman. I hoped that if there is a God, and reincarnation was real, I wanted to return this earth as a reubenesque, dancing girl from the 20’s.

I laughed, and so did Rachel, when I said, I will never leave my house, so that I can play with my pussy all day. She felt the same about having a cock. (and exhibited childlike silliness when she would strap on her dildo. Rachel loved having a cock).

“To have a man inside of me is ethereal. Nothing is like it. When you fill escort kızılay me with your cock..when you enter me and I am exposed to you..with my legs opened for the entire earth to see…I am naked in everyway and my body ticks.

“I let go of any inhibition, every wall…so that nothing will stand in the way of my joy for you and our oneness. And when you first touch my lips, a clock rings in my head, my body awakens, the tingling happens and I want to hold you with an unclaspable grasp.”

“When you enter me, inch by inch, I am a tiny baby suckling on my mother’s breast, and I am the Emperor of Rome commanding an entire legion of soldiers. Nothing would take me away from the explosion of lust inside of me – not a lottery winning, a boat launching or a bomb dropping on my head.”

“And finally when you are deep inside of me, live is no longer as it was. I am not alive and I am not dead. It’s like a sneeze lasting for hours, the mundane is gone, and cheese means nothing to the pallet; and hunger and thirst mean nothing to the stomach.”

“We are souls at that point, void of other thoughts and feelings. I could live with you like that forever. If I never moved, I would be fine. I could live and die with your cock deep inside of me and I would be happy. Your cock in me? I am at peace and I am home. I know that because of what I feel when your cock leaves me. Sad and adrift.”

Then I asked, what is it like when I cum inside of you.

“You my dear, are me. Your cum is mine and when it explodes inside of me, you are only giving it back to me what is righfully mine. I am the owner of your semen and you are the owner of my juices. God chose us for each other and now we are simply trading cups of sugar, giving back what is ours.”

“When you explode inside of me, I feel like I am sliding down a vine in a rainforest, into the cool deep waters at the end of a falls; our existence is red and purple and green and yellow and white and black.”

“WE are nature and all is at peace. Oh god, when you cum inside of me my toes wriggle and my breasts sway and my nipples become hard, oh so hard. My pussy drips and it sings and it is incredibly hot and frantic ankara yabancı escort with hiccups.”

“When you cum inside of me, I could yell so loud that everyone would hear my love for you. I love you so badly; I could never live without your cock inside of me. When you leave my earth, I will follow you. Your cock is beautiful and my pussy is beautiful to you.”

I stared at her and a tear came to my eye. It was Sunday, and there she lay, so lovely with me between her legs. I was learning and studying her skin and her ways.

I bent down and kissed her thigh and asked it to love me. I moved my tongue forward so that it tasted the well-water of her pussy and I lapped at her thanking fate for bringing me to her.

I loved her so much that eating Rachel’s pussy was a thorough pleasure. “Why would anyone not want to eat their lover,” I asked. “Why? I will stay between Rachel’s legs forever. Even if my tongue leaves me I will taster her with my eyes.”

I extended my tongue deep inside of her and her legs crossed above my head. I could feel her long, sexy fingers messaging my hair and she cooed and yelled out softly, poetry of love.

“Taste mine cunt you lover you friend, Eat me and lust for me, until I writhe and bend, Inside your mouth, my clit is about to sing, My cum pours on you, annointing you like a king.

My finger reached for Rachel’s clit, which was shing outwardly, growing to an inch.I rubbed it. I licked my finger and I caressed it. It was most curious, a tiny cock. It was so lucky to always be between Rachel’s legs. I dreamed I would one day be her clit.

Rachel was writhing with desperation. Her movement seduced me like no other woman and I could have cum until there was not a drop left inside of me; until our lunchhour tea.

Rachel’s green eyes rolled back and then caught me. Her puffy lips were full of sexuality and her breasts were like a young girl’s, perky, perfect and superlative. If she would have been born a native, Rachel would have been on the cover of Reader’s Di-chest.

My tongue was deep inside of her and fucking her faster and faster. My fingers made their rounds on her etlik escortlar clit and she was approaching the moment I craved to see. “Faster, faster,” Rachel yelled. “Harder, deeper”, please make me cum.

I did as she asked and searched for her G-spot. I found the soft fleshiness of it and set about satisfying her.

“Oh Yes, OH yes, Oh yes…. fuck, Christ,” She said. She spoke words that would only come out of her mouth while we made love.

I masturbated Rachel faster and harder and deeper and harder. My tongue licked her clit. My fingers made love to her G-spot.

I looked up at her, increased my speed, and in an audible whisper yelled, “Rachel I love you.”

Oh Goddddddddddddddddddddd. I’m cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (She could see lights and stars and lightning against a black sky, in her head).

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you”, she yelled.

I was wet with her ejaculation. She sprayed my face with her juices. her cum tasted like a sweet guava and I tasted her as she shpritzed over and over into my eyes, my hair, my nose, my lips, onto my tongues.

As quickly as it came, it ended. I moved up to her and kissed her on her face. She was crying. She did that after deep, deep cumming and i thought of my mother.

I began to tear once again.

It was the happiness of being with her, combined with the pain of knowing eternity could be different than this; combined with the yearning to be inside of one another always. We wanted to be connected somehow, our bodies and soul.

“Rachel fell asleep and I watched her all night. At 6 in the morning she stirred and looked up at me. You know I have to go to work, as much as I don’t want to,” Rachel whispered.

“I know baby,” I said. But before you do, could I learn more about you. I wanted to get my Ph.d in your ass. Assologoy!

Roll over. I want to know your anus inch by inch.”

Rachel conceded to this request and rolled over. I watched her shapely, heart shaped ass as it settled into my view. Before I could touch it, I simply studied it.

I closed my eyes and smiled inwardly knowing that soon, I would take back what was mine. The comfort of being inside my lover’s ass.

God I love her. We will die on the same day. This I assure you. This I know.

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