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Private school for Lesbians – part 2

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Private school for Lesbians – part 2
Margo and Irene
In the first part, we met :
Students: Nellie (third year) who is the niece of teacher Ms Roberts
Melody, a jock and attractive butch
Nancy, a sizzling blonde who is in her first year
Teachers: Ms Finch (a.k.a. Amanda) Science teacher
Ms Roberts (a.k.a. Margo)- Math teacher and Nellie’s aunt
Ms Conway (Irene) – English teacher at odds with Ms Roberts
I won’t attempt to describe all the relationships, breakups, love triangles, and other activities which naturally happen when you put together a large bunch of lesbian students with a good-size bunch of lesbian teachers. In this situation, as in prisons, there is a pecking order which appears and based on the woman’s personality, physical strength, sexual prowess, amount of masculinity and power to dominate.
We saw how Ms Roberts and Ms Conway had had a disagreement over a student (read ‘they both wanted to fuck her”). Ms Conway backed away from asking for disciplinary measures against her colleague in exchange for some sex with Nellie, a willing niece of Ms Rogers.
In this case Irene Conway is a good 10 years younger than Margo Roberts. She is attractive, athletic and has a very strong libido (i.e. she is always horny). Irene was at the top or very close to the top of the pecking order among lesbian teachers (only a few were straight). Irene felt that Margo Roberts was clawing her way up the ladder. She is also very attractive but, at 40, less so to most students than Irene at 30. Margo has class, she dresses well, wears nice perfume and even has her teaching rivals horny for her. The whole school is following this rivalry which is about to erupt in broad daylight.
Nellie was the centre of attention and bombarded with questions about the confrontation between her aunt Margo and Ms Conway. Irene had had sex with many students and the fact that Nellie got into a 69 with her didn’t really impress the girls. It was more the fight between Margo and Irene that got the girls excited. Some took wagers on illegal bahis what form this confrontation would take. Most had ruled out a fist fight or hair-ripping catfight— although all would have wanted to watch it, including Nellie —- because it would leave marks on their pretty face and would draw questions from parents and other people outside the school. The consensus was that the two lesbians would clash in a sexual way and see who could make the other woman have a resounding orgasm. The one provoking the other’s sexual release would be the most “butch” teacher in the school and could ask any student or teacher to submit to her sexual cravings. The stakes were high. The fight could erupt any time any where, either in private or in public. Designated students, including Nellie of course, were assigned to watch the movements of both women and tweet in any possibility that a clash was imminent.
Margo and Irene were well aware of the buzz concerning their competition to be the top butch. There was also the fourth-year student who was at the centre of the quarrel, the trophy if you wish. There was a mystery there also as no student was quite sure who this student was as she had kept very quiet about her involvement. Margo had an additional beef with Irene and that was the 69 with Nellie that Margo had had to witness.
Since the Nellie incident, the two teachers had exchanged nasty phone calls, especially late in the evening, when both were generally involved having sex with a student or simply masturbating in bed. The women described in crude details what they would do to each other or make the other do in front of all the students. One can imagine what some of these things would be and it is surprising that it came out of the mouth of sophisticated women. Of course they also threatened to tear each other’s eyes out, rip their tits off, or make the other permanently bald. Of course, it was only to get out their hatred for each other and they had no intention of doing any of this.
What was also intriguing, as in all of those sexfights, was the sexual attraction between the two women which was also mixed up with the hatred. If things had been different, Margo and Irene would have gladly sucked each other until their cunt was raw.
The asyabahis “red alert” was sent on Twitter to most students by Nellie, of all people, who had just seen her aunt sneak out the back door of the teacher’s garage. She wasn’t carrying anything, which was suspicious, and was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Lectures were over for the day and some teachers were using their car to go out to eat or visit friends. Nellie was sure Margo was going to meet Irene somewhere near the edge of the forest which was a few hundred feet from the school.
Students gathered and carefully approached the designated area. The word was “silently” as they didn’t want to scare off the two belligerents. Nellie had entered the forest from the other side and confirmed on Twitter that Irene was leaning against a tree in a short skirt and t-shirt.
Finally, Margo was in sight of Irene and the two women approached each other in a small clearing. Dozens of students were hiding in the bushes waiting for the clash. The two lesbian teachers faced each other and were talking. Irene was the first to pull her t-shirt over her head, her boobs springing out. Margo did the same, her tits being a bit larger but not as erect. They both wore running shoes. After the t-shirt Margo continued by pulling off her shorts and was soon followed by her rival. The students could admire both asses, quite full and probably firm. Both women were in thongs. Much to the surprise of onlookers, the thongs came off. Students could see one of the teacher’s bush or the other. Both women threw their thong at the other’s face and they yelled as they collided and fell to the leaf-covered ground.
The students slowly came out of hiding and made a large circle around the two struggling teachers. Most were a bit shocked at seeing the elegant women they knew roll around on the damp forest ground, squeezing each other’s tits and kissing (remember, this is a sexfight). The younger Irene was on top but Margo was a bit bigger and stronger. Nellie’s aunt threw her opponent off her and was now on top. An early attempt by Margo to rub cunts fell through as Irene closed her thighs and avoided an early fuck which would have been in Margo’s favor.
It may have been spontaneous or a quick exchange of words, but the two women fell into a 69 with Margo on top, then asyabahis giriş Irene, then Margo again. The two experienced lesbian cougars were locked mouth to cunt within seconds. Students were jumping up and down, excited at the sight of their two teachers sucking each other. Some were taking sides, others had their hand under their skirt and were openly masturbating. Of course, the purpose of the sexfight was for each woman to get the other to reach her orgasm first.
The mutual sucking lasted a good 5 minutes and the women rolled off each other without an orgasm. They looked exhausted as they lay there for a few seconds before they jumped up to confront each other toe to toe. Their bodies were partially covered in dried mud, dead leaves and twigs. They were breathing heavily. They bumped boobs, grabbed each other’s asscheeks, and began making humping movements and bumping tummies. Faces were covered with cunt juices as they leaked on each other even without an orgasm. Their hair was a mess and stuck to their sweating forehead.
Irene grabbed Margo’s cunt and began to rub her. Margo agreed to a mutual rub off. The two women wanted to end this. One hand was for the cunt, the other hand for the asshole, a finger being inserted all the way to the knuckle and the culmination was a savage tongue kiss and boobs rubbing boobs. Students wondered how they managed to stand up while they masturbated each other with such v******e. They kissed and spit at each other’s face. Nellie smiled as she watched Irene’s finger penetrated her aunt’s asshole. It brought back memories. Both rivals were moaning. Suddenly Irene started to cry, putting her head on Margo’s shoulder. Nobody had had an orgasm (except some of the students). The teachers had lost their energy to fight. The hatred had been extinguished by the fight. They hardly remembered what they were fighting for or against. Irene was shaking in Margo’s arms, then she broke her hold on Margo and turned to piss. Margo also had her little piss. The students looked in awe as the two women, in a final gesture of mutual respect, took turns liking the last drops on each other’s pisshole.
Nellie ran towards Margo and took her by the arm as another student picked up her clothes. Other students helped Irene. They tried get back the naked women into the school without making a spectacle of themselves. But that was a bit too late. By the next day, most of the school had heard of the incident. Would there be sanctions ? Who was the student they were fighting over ? What would she do ?
We’ll have to wait for part 3.

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