Şubat 27, 2024

Power Play Pt. 16

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Jill knew nothing of any of this, of course, when sitting on that bed with in the afternoon on the same day. But of course she had applied for the service, had shelled out the thirty quid and come to the Dreams hotel for sex. But none of us had expected the sheer force of emotions beyond the desire that would befall us.

As for me, after the meeting at the university and getting that phone call, I had taken a taxi through busy London streets; it took about 30 minutes to get there. I used some of that time looking at Jill’s profile that she uploaded to the website and at the wording of her request.

Her list of sexual fantasies was not unusual, but two things that the list indicated stood out like a sore thumb. One was that anyone who lists “69” and “cunnilingus” as their fantasy admits that these are things they’d not done before. She was young, of course, but she did have a boyfriend, so chances were the guy was entirely focused on himself and never really pleasured her or tried any position beyond the missionary or was completely inept. Or both. The fact that she wanted to have a romantic start but hoped to add rough fucking later only added to this impression – she lacked in her relationship both emotion and sexual experimentation.

The other thing was her opting for a surprise partner and one my age – in their 40s, suggesting (beyond the fact she might be just attracted to men older than herself) she was seeking more experience than people her age.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was really impressed by what they’ve done. It was a quite beautiful building, certainly not giving any sort of “cheap” vibes – not only was it a hotel, but a swish posh-feeling one at that. Hollie met me at the reception. Jill was on her way, with just 15 minutes for us to spare. She admitted to the lie: when she’d texted me with You’ve got a Jill waiting for you, she just meant to get me there as soon as possible since it was getting late, and they could not have her waiting.

Some rooms upstairs were occupied by couples or groups, so she was not able to show me those at the time, but I saw enough. The place was quite simply spectacular. Spared no expense indeed. There were three floors of rooms, each having ten rooms. These were really sizeable and it was obvious some previous smaller hotel rooms had been merged into larger ones. There was the “glamour room” for couples, which was the one for me and Jill that evening, but I was impressed by two others on the same floor: one rustic-style large room with a fireplace and Victorian-style furniture, including a large sofa with a beautiful rug. Another on the same floor was quite modern – and included an open plan kitchen with a large bed in the middle of its light-brown vinyl floor.

The second floor, a flight of stairs up, some of the rooms were for people after more naughty and submissive experiences. One room, arousing just to look at it and imagine action there, was essentially empty of furniture, with four fully-mirrored walls and a mirror ceiling and a leather GP-style examination room couch with a fucking machine next to it. I whistled at the sight of this – never seen one before. The room next door to that one was empty of furniture as well, but with a series of glory holes in the walls and space behind for women or men to sit or stand comfortably.

Finally, upstairs, on the highest floor, we were able to visit two rooms: one was a classroom – with a board, teacher’s desk and six student desks. On the other end of the corridor, there was also a fully furnished GP room for those wishing to enact their nurse fantasies.

I gasped several times during this tour. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but it was not this – the place was extremely well done, catering to so many different tastes and desires; it was not ad hoc and all the wallpapers, furniture and decorations were high quality. Hollie added that the other rooms were usually decent-sized bedrooms, including those for romantically inclined with rose petals on the beds and fragrant baths in the attached bathrooms. How they funded this, I was not asking, but I would be able to ask later, I was sure.

Walking downstairs, we would occasionally hear some muffled moans and screams coming through the doors, but the sound was mostly well-contained to the rooms, meaning it also felt 95% private. Hollie added that she was not able to show me their swimming pool and their “gangbang” room with, apparently, a raised boxing ring in the middle of it. Both these were on the same ground floor as the reception, and it was also there where hers and Katherine’s office was; she promised I would meet Katherine later, but for now, I needed to get prepped for Jill.

I had just five minutes now to try and somehow cool down from the tour before entering Room 12A.

* * *

Despite her plea to take her, at which I pulled her into a deep, long and passionate kiss to which she eagerly succumbed, it was still quite clear from her body language that she was entering eryaman genç escort bayanlar deep waters. On that day, at that point in time, Jill was a curious blend of a young innocent girl, anxious and shaking, and her drive pushing her to experience new things. I cannot possibly imagine anything sexier than that.

I knew, of course, it was her decision to be here in the first place, but it was clear she would need gentle breaking in if that’s not too much of an oxymoron. I let her lead, at least at first, to use the force that was driving her to her advantage.

Rather surprisingly, she got off the bed first and pulled a chair up. She set it at about my arm’s length away from the bed. I watched her slender body and her shapely firm ass as she was setting the chair in place and sighed deeply. It was hot in here already.

She sat down and extended her left leg onto the bed forming a bridge between the chair and the bed. I lied down on the bed on my stomach, lowered my head and kissed her ankle and her shin. Not the tiniest hair against my skin – she was flawlessly smooth. She smiled a delightful smile, watching me for just a few seconds. This gentle start gave her the breathing space – she rose to her feet, making me realise she was actually quite tall – and bent over to kiss me again.

It seemed like something has clicked in her. The kisses were still very soft, like delectably moist velvet against my lips, and gentle, but she was their originator now, and obviously bolder, not stopping at one kiss but following one with another and another, each more passionate than the one before. I don’t know when my hands slipped up her cheeks to her caress her earlobes – they just did.

She paused and looked at me with yearning, “Take it all off?” It was meant to be an instruction, but came out as a question. She was still building up her confidence.

I kicked off my shoes first. When I started to unbutton my shirt, she contradicted her own command and replaced my fingers with hers on the buttons. “Wow,” she whispered, looking me straight in the eye, lust and affection merging in her own eyes. I shivered at the slow, almost torturous glide of her fingers and palm across my chest after my shirt had dropped to the ground.

She retraced the step back to sit in the chair as I began taking my trousers off, she licked her lips. “Do-” she hesitated. “Do take your pants off under the duvet.” She rolled her eyes knowing she was speaking against herself next, “I don’t want to see until later.”

She did want to see, but was purposedly delaying gratification. Getting under the covers as she requested, I looked at her in admiration – pretty certain I would not have been able to delay myself like that! Suffice to say, I had been hard there for quite some time now. Now, pushing my pants down, being keenly watched by her, shifting in her seat, my cock stretched and pushed against the duvet material at its sudden freedom.

She wasted no time coming back onto the bed. She knelt just on the edge. I sat up to meet her with my legs stretched; she was kissing me already leaning down from above me, driving me mad with her breasts grazing my chest with the material of her bra. I was panting heavily when I nestled my face once again in the crook of her neck, this time, though, kissing her more passionately, tugging at her skin. She whimpered, and in the split second available to me it occured to me she acted like she’d not been treated this way for a long time, perhaps never. I kissed my way down her cheek to her chin. The deep sounds of her gasps now matched mine.

Her large round eyes opened after fluttering under my kisses and gazed down at me, watery with emotion. She reached back for the clasp of her bra; her fingers quivering. I kissed her through it until the straps slipped down her arms, then looked.

Lush and voluptuous. “Beautiful,” I whispered to her. They really were – young, firm and looking very bouncy; with dusky, rosy areolas and two already-swollen nipples extending out. I wrapped my hands around her, pulling her closer for another kiss.

Soon enough, her left breast was under my tongue. Kissing first, then licking, then tugging gently. Then did the same to the breast’s sister. Their texture, firmness and responsiveness was phenomenal. She wrapped her silky hands around my neck pushing me down onto her breasts, resulting in more intense, more passionate sucking.

Her whimpers were morphing into louder moans now. I could spend longer with those young, fresh titties, but she pulled me into another kiss – this time quite insistent and very passionate. I was back to her breasts soon enough before she demanded my lips again.

The tension and demand for each other’s bodies was building, and fast. The desire was beginning to overtake her properly now. She was still soft, gentle and very graceful, but she was being overwhelmed fast, beginning to forget to be anxious. She pushed me lightly to lie down on my back, lying above me, straddling my hips (surely feeling ankara escort bayan my cock through the covers) and kissing me deeply, slipping her tongue past my lips for the first time. In between the kisses, I shot aroused looks at her tits, juggling just over my chest, occasionally gliding across it. They were swinging erratically, appearing larger and fuller. She was grinning like mad, happy and aflame. very satisfied with the effect she was having.

She was also now ready for my cock, which by now was beginning to peek from under the duvet anyhow. She sat next to me and pushed the duvet aside. My manhood was throbbing crawling up towards my abdomen. She opened her mouth, gaping. “It’s huge!” she exclaimed, and wasted no time wrapping her fingers around it.

She might have been acting shy, modest and innocent, but if she was a novice, then it meant she was a natural. Holding the cock at its base in vertical position, she dripped a trickle of spit onto the top of it as a lube, then, ever so gently let the fingers of her other hand slither around it. She was admiring it from above, eyes wide open. These feathery exquisite moves of her hand were already enough to make me groan. I watched her from my half-sitting position as she now applied slightly more pressure moving both her hands up and down my length in perfect unison. Only the sounds of the handjob and of my panting broke the silence of the room.

It felt like millennia have passed, even if it was just a few seconds, but finally she bent further down taking the throbbing cock into her mouth. Fire engulfed me. I moaned loudly, “Oh sweetie-” broke out of me. This was no ordinary blowjob – but slow, passionate sucking, appreciating every single moment of contact with my penis’s skin. Her eyes with their long black eyelashes were shut, giving her divine expression. My chest was rising erratically. She slithered the cock out of her mouth ensuring that her moist tongue applied as much pressure to it on the way out as it was possible. Holding the throbbing manhood upright with her wrapped up fingers, she cast me an alluring look over it.

She grinned widely and slipped it back in her hot mouth. She went shallow first swirling her tongue around the tip, immediately driving me mad, while her hand went up and down from the base towards her lips along it. Then, just for me moment she went deeper. My hips had to writhe under this. She took it for a good sign and when she renewed her efforts, she went deeper again, but closing her lips firmer around it and sucking harder.

When she slipped out again, she grinned widely at me. “How is it?”

“Amazing,” I gasped out in response, realising any words I said would have been the understatement of the century anyhow.

She gave me a short break when for just a few seconds she kissed around my balls before paying attention to my cock. It seemed to be made for her mouth and tongue. This was not just bliss, but incomprehensible bliss. I spread my legs wider and whimpered under her ministrations. She was on her fours, her back forming a delightful downwards arch and her breasts swaying along with the movements of her neck. With my lips parted, I panted and kept watching in aroused amazement.

She slipped it out for a moment, predictably pulling some of my cum already, now dangling off the tip of her tongue. Her face lit in an enchanting smile and she spread it around her lower lip so sweetly as to give an impression she was tasting tea from a dainty cake shop cup. “So beautiful,” she whispered, forming eye contact with me again.

I didn’t manage to respond. Didn’t really fully understand what was going on any longer.

Maintaining deep eye contact, using the cum she’d just extracted as lube, she now wrapped her right wrist around my top, rubbing more vigorously; the sloppy wet sounds made it even more exciting. “Oh yes-” I managed, just before she slipped it back in her mouth. Like last time, this was slow, ardent and intensely passionate. Both hot and cold air seemed to be rushing down my body and my chest was glistening with seat already. She went a bit deeper again – her tongue seemed to be gliding everywhere around me. She then pulled out and giving me another of her sweet smiles, kissed me on the tip.

Then she did something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. With her lips just slightly parted and the moist tongue touching my glans, she wrapped both of her palms around its girth, gently pulling it towards her, obscuring it from my view; the impression was of her protecting it like a Christmas gift or some deeply cherished gift that one presses against their chest. “Oh darling- oh dar-” I breathed out.

These types of meetings are not usually supposed to developing deep feelings. Well, it was too late for that.

She was sucking me again, leaning closer over me now and holding the cock at the abdomen; Throbbing, it had a slightly curved shape just now as she was pressing tightly her pursed lips letting it inside her mouth just slightly so she etimesgut escort could use her ubiquitous tongue to torture its slit. Then, though, her hand began moving up and down its length and her head started bobbing; within seconds, she switched from gentle, almost soft action to harder, more insistent and wet suction. I was wheezing – this was hot, demanding and produced quick results: even though the hard cock was firmly ensconced in her greedy, wanting mouth, inevitably, some of my cum was trickling out of it down the sides of the cock onto her fingers. Obviously, because of both her mouth and hands rhythmically moving up and down my length, this added cum lube just added to things and fired them up. Positive feedback loop – more cum, more wet around my swollen sensitive glans, leading to more cum, more wet, more sensitiveness, and so on. Another one was human loop – the more inflamed I felt, the more I gasped, panted and moaned, the faster, more aroused and harder and rougher at sucking the dick she was. She was loving it, shoving it into her wet furnace of mouth at speed, each time her tongue pressing against and each time the maddening overwhelming sensations heightening. The loud slurping noises only added to it all.

I was already writhing there, feeling the “antsy” feeling in my limbs as if there wasn’t enough of my body to accommodate the pleasure. She left my cock with a popping sound rising slightly. I was panting erratically. The top of my cock, completely on fire, sensitive to the slightest movement of air now, was covered with thick beads of cum and Jill’s spit. Her expression was now transformed into raging arousal – her hand never left my girth and was now as if in a trance, keeping on with the handjob, She wanted to go in with her hot young mouth on it again, but the moment she did, I shrieked, completely overcome, now completely horizontal with my arms spread, sensations so great that it urged my body to wring and try to get away while wanting it bad at the same time.

She continued harshly and ruthlessly with the handjob, her fingers tight against me and gliding with ease against the cum-dripping cock. It was just too much now; I was feeling the tsunami arriving like I don’t think I’d ever done before. My chest and abdomen twitched and jerked and then rose in an arch and a wave of sweltering heat coursed through me.

It was with extreme effort that I wheezed and begged her, “Stop! Stop!”, not really wanting her to stop – but knowing we couldn’t just let me go spent this early. But what a gargantuan effort that was!

She immediately responded and with her face undergoing an astonishing metamorphosis from arousal-possessed temptress to an ethereal maiden, she stopped the handjob immediately and reverted to the very slow and loving sucking now from before, stemming the wave.

Still gasping unevenly, I was regaining control, though. Laughter burst out of me, the kind that gets out where you need to force the bliss and happiness out. On seeing this, she raised herself onto her elbow and on her fours crawled up to me, her countenance beaming with such radiant youthful joy that a second later, when she kissed me, my lips were quivering and eyes welling up.

She gazed into my eyes so soulfully that if it took any longer than just a second or two, I don’t think I could keep the eye contact – but she pulled me in for a deep, loving kiss.

Once we broke off for air after the deep French kiss, my eyes travelled slowly from her eyes, down her neck, past her breasts to rest on her panties, lingering.

She knew what to do. Smiling, the unexpected shyness in her expression there again, she rose up onto her knees above me to push the lacy material down her legs. I shot up a quick look up her body, now noticing her puffy nipples, hurriedly return to look towards her crotch.

Just now, her legs close together, I couldn’t fully appreciate her pussy and its lips, but it was enough to see already: it was extraordinary. Pink, swollen and smooth-shaven. It was gorgeous and hot. In an act of incomprehensible modesty, she titled her head downwards as if suddenly losing confidence.

“Darling Jill-” I stepped in hastily, extending my hand and raising her chin with my index finger to help her meet my eyes. “You’re so beautiful.”

Her lips joined together in a grateful smile. I made a gesture for her to lie on her back. Not breaking eye contact, she did. “Show yourself off,” I whispered, my voice husky, unable to contain desire while attempting to make her comfortable. I pushed her knees gently apart; she took the hint and continued looking at me so intensely and with such pining that it was impossible to not see she had dreamed of what she was about to get forever.

I lied down on my stomach, my hard-on throbbing against the sheets, trapped. I gasped as her scent hit my nostrils. She was dripping wet. First lick followed up her clit against her wet smooth pink glistening skin. She was starting at me down her body with saucer-like eyes, dark pools of desire and expectation. “Really?” she whimpered, not quite believing her fortune. I repeated the licks now, but this time repeatedly and quickly, then finding her folds and sucking on them, tugging them in between my lips. She tasted so good! She was moaning already, tiny whimpers of pleasure.

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