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Portrait of a Lady

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I’ve recently opened my loft to a friend of mine who is a photographer. She needed a space to setup a small studio for hew new business and I had the extra space. After work I would come home and find her taking portraits for her different clients and from time to time I would sit back and watch her work.

She was very good at what she did and was always to get that perfect picture everyone always dreams about. She had the ability to talk to people and make them feel comfortable with her letting her find the perfect angle to shoot them from.

“How do you do it?” I asked Kim one evening. “I see these people come in all nervous and tense and in five minutes they are as calm as can be and want you to take their picture all night long.”

“Just wait until tomorrow,” Kim answered. “I have someone coming in to take some portraits for her husband and I have a feeling she wants them to be a little on the naughty side.”

“That’s why I should have been a photographer,” I laughed as Kim put away her cameras for the night.

The next evening when I arrived home from work I found Kim already setup waiting on her client to arrive. I wanted to stay and watch, but Kim asked me to hide myself for a while until her session was done. I always enjoyed watching Kim work and the thought of her taking some nude pictures intrigued me even more, but I agreed to stay out of her way.

I was upstairs laying on my bed reading something new I’d picked up that morning when I heard the doorbell ring. I could hear Kim’s footsteps as she walked to open the door followed by a new voice greeting her. Her name was Ruby I heard her tell Kim and her voice seemed soft and sweet. I wanted to go down and at least introduce myself, but remembered what Kim asked and kept reading. I tried to ignore both of them talking about what kind of pictures Ruby wanted but I couldn’t help hear the words robe, silk, and panties. I was immediately turned on and knew I was going to have to sneak down and watch.

I stayed on my bed for a few minutes as I heard the clicking begin downstairs. I slowly put the book down and slid my shoes off as I made my way quietly downstairs. I walked down and from where they were they could not see me coming. I made my way to the couch and sat down slowly making sure I didn’t make a sound and simply sat there and watched Kim and Ruby while they took one picture of the next.

I was used to finding women getting their portraits done with all their hair and makeup all done but this girl was different. Her dark short hair seemed to frame her face perfectly but it was simple. She wasn’t layered in makeup and didn’t have that outrageous smile so many have when they are posing. She sat there quietly on a small chair facing Kim with a beautiful sweet smile while Kim asked her to drop her shoulders and move her chin this way and that. Ruby would obey Kim’s every command and every pose looked perfect to me. I found her completely captivating and wanted to join them both immediately but still I hesitated. She had an elegance about her that I had not seen in a long time and I couldn’t help but smile just watching her.

Kim put her camera down and made some sort of motion to Ruby. Kim smiled at me as Ruby walked behind a curtain to change. I stood up and walked over to Kim while Ruby hung her white dress up and walked out wearing a tiny little robe open all the way down the front.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” I mumbled as Ruby sat back down in her chair. “I didn’t know you had a client. I can leave if you’d like.”

“Ruby,” eryaman bayan escort Kim began. “This is Mark. He’s a good friend of mine and he happens to own this building. Do you mine if he watches or shall we ask him to leave?”

“I think it’s ok if he stays,” Ruby whispered in that same soft voice I overheard earlier. “So what do you think Mark…will my husband like me dressed like this?”

“I think any man in his right mind would love a portrait of you dressed like that,” I said trying not to let her see I was staring at her breasts through the silk cloth. “You look amazing and I’m certain your husband will love it.”

She simply smiled a sign of approval and Kim looked at me rolling her eyes at me and smiling. She knew what I was there for but as long as Ruby didn’t mind, she didn’t mind either and started taking more pictures again. I stood there behind Kim watching Ruby move on the chair without any direction from Kim. Ruby was a natural and knew exactly what she wanted. She stared into the camera with her beautiful deep eyes letting her tongue slowly glide over her bottom lip while her robe spread open slightly.

I moved my arms down over my crotch to try and hide the obvious bulge in my pants and Ruby immediately noticed and smiled. This seemed to only entice her to reveal more of herself and she let the robe slip off her right breasts while keeping her eyes on mine. The smooth skin of her breasts seemed to call me to her and I found myself licking my lips already dreaming of kissing her nipples. She knew I was hard and thinking about having her but she continued to tease the camera letting her robe fall to her side as she arched her back. Both her breasts firm and soft in her hands as she smiled for the camera again captivated me and drew me to her.

I wasn’t sure if I should stay or leave at this point and looked to Kim for some sort of answer, but she only smiled at me and winked. Ruby lay on her back with only a tiny black thong on that barely covered her pussy. The only thing I could think of was how lucky her husband was to be able to lay down in bed with this woman and enjoy her company.

“Maybe I should leave now,” I mumbled as Ruby reached down with her fingers and grabbed her thong as if to slide it off. “I should give you some privacy.”

“Don’t tell me a such a good looking young man like you has never seen a woman naked before,” Ruby laughed as she slid her thong down her legs while Kim continued to snap frame after frame. “If you have to leave…but it might be fun if you stayed.”

I pulled up a chair and sat down smiling at Ruby. She had dared me to stay and I wasn’t going to back down from this. I wanted to see where this was going and couldn’t help but notice that look in Ruby’s eye when she said the word ‘fun’.

Kim had walked away to change cameras and I found myself alone with Ruby. She sat there quietly staring at me and began to spread her legs in front of me letting me have the perfect view I’d been craving all evening.

“Would you like to taste my pussy?” Ruby asked. “It’s been so long since I’ve felt anyone do that and I’m dying to have you right now.”

“Kim will be right back,” I whispered trying to sound concerned about being caught. “What about your husband?”

“He hasn’t touched me in months. That’s why I’m taking these pictures but seeing you stand there with your hard dick in your pants is turning me on. I like the way your eyes watch me.”

I could hear Kim in the closet down the hall and didn’t waste any time. I walked escort sincan up to Ruby and knelt down in front of her grabbing her hands with mine. Her face looked so soft up close and I had to feel her lips on mine. Her body was so warm and her lips so soft as she kissed me back. I immediately wanted to have her completely in every way and all to myself. I could feel her kissing me back stronger and deeper and found her hands almost tearing my shirt off.

She leaned back against the wall and moved my hands down her body pressing my fingers over her nipples. Her body felt so good beneath my hands and I couldn’t wait any longer to taste her. I had heard Kim walk back and knew she was watching us but I couldn’t stop myself now. I slide down between Ruby’s legs and spread them gently while I kissed her thighs. My tongue soon felt the heat from her body and beautiful trimmed pussy. I loved how wet she was and couldn’t believe any man could lay in bed with her and not want to immediately touch her. I could hear Kim taking pictures in the background while Ruby closed her eyes and moaned while my tongue slid up and down slowly enjoying every taste.

Ruby slid her left hand down between her legs letting her red fingernails press against her clit softly while I began fucking her pussy with my tongue. I loved watching her rub her pussy faster and faster while I licked her deeper. I tried to get my pants off with my hands while my mouth stayed pressed against her pink wet lips and with the help of Ruby’s legs kicking my pants off I was soon completely naked.

I pulled Ruby down on the chair a little and sat up smiling down at her. My body was tucked tightly between her legs with my dick hard and wet pressed against her pussy ready to slide inside her. I leaned down over her kissing her warm lips again wanting to hear those words leave her lips and she didn’t keep me waiting long.

“Fuck me,” she whispered while we kissed over and over again. “Make me cum with you inside me.”

I looked back at Kim after realizing the camera had stopped taking pictures and saw her standing there with the camera down to her side in one hand while the other hand was down her pants between her legs. I smiled at Kim then back at Ruby who had wrapped her legs around me and quickly pushed me inside her. I watched her body move back and forth in the chair in front of me while I slide my dick all the way in slowly only to pull it back out. She was definitely enjoying every inch of me inside her and I was loving her pussy squeezing down on me and pulling me in like that. I wanted to go down on her again but she wouldn’t let go of me with her legs and kept pulling me in harder and harder until I was fucking her pussy as fast as I could…as hard as I could.

I could hear Kim moaning in the background while Ruby reached down with her fingers and began rubbing her pussy with my dick sliding in and out faster and faster. I was ready to cum already but I wanted to hold it back as long as possible. I could feel my body ready to cum hard inside her but I didn’t want her fingers to stop rubbing her clit. I couldn’t believe this was the same woman who walked in so soft and sweet wanting to take a few pictures for her husband. She lay here now completely naked with her fingers between her wet juicy lips rubbing fast and hard moaning louder and louder ready to cum with me.

The sound of her voice along with Kim’s behind me was too much and I finally let it go. I could see Ruby smiling up at me while I came inside her and knew she elvankent escort bayan could feel it while I thrust inside her hard a few more times. Her fingers never stopped and soon she was cumming with me pulling me in with her legs wanting my dick to keep fucking her. I stayed there slowly pulling completely out while I smiled back at Ruby who was slowly catching her breath. Her fingers slid around the head of my wet dick and stroked me back and forth slowly while I grew softer in her hands.

I kissed her soft wet pussy one more time licking her slow and deep before finally standing. Ruby sat up and moaned softly while she wrapped her fingers around my dick and quickly slid it between her lips and took me in her mouth. Kim walked over and sat down next to Ruby and had a hungry look in her eye I hadn’t seen before and she moved in and took Ruby’s place in front of my dick. Without looking up at me or saying a word she pushed my dick between her red lips and moved down on me slowly. I could feel my dick getting hard again while they took turns licking my dick clean and it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum again.

I stood there watching as both women took my dick in their mouths feeling it get harder and harder with each minute. Their tongues felt so good rolling over the head of my dick over and over again. I could feel my legs get weaker and simply closed my eyes for a minute and felt it rising inside me again. Both girls knew I was getting ready and seemed to suck me harder and faster taking me in deeper down their throats while my hips began moving back and forth faster and faster with them. I felt hands between my legs rubbing my balls then a warm wet tongue licking them and looked down to see Kim smiling up at me while she licked my balls. I grabbed Kim’s head with my right hand and Ruby’s with my left and pulled them in tighter back and forth until I was ready to cum and they both knew it.

“That’s it,” Ruby moaned. “Cum in my mouth…let me taste you!”

Ruby wrapped her arms around me squeezing my ass with her fingers pushing me deep inside her the instant she felt me cumming and I could feel my dick throbbing inside her while she drank me in. Her lips squeezed down on me while she moaned gently vibrating my dick inside her making me cum more and more while Kim eagerly watched. Ruby finally pulled me out slowly letting Kim move in and taste my wet dick licking every drop. Ruby’s warm fingers squeezed my dick from the base down the shaft slowly letting her tongue slide over the end while both ladies licked me clean.

The three of us stood there for a few minutes holding each other while we smiled and laughed a little at what had just happened. I could see Kim’s hands sliding up and down Ruby’s body while wet took turns kissing each other’s warm lips. This had been an incredible evening and I didn’t want it to end, but I knew Ruby had to return to her husband and I wondered if we would meet again like this.

“I think we will have some amazing pictures after tonight,” Kim said as she went back to her camera. “I can’t remember when I stopped taking them, but I know I got a lot of great ‘action’ shots.”

“I don’t think I’ll be giving those to my husband, but I will want copies,” Ruby whispered as she pulled her dress back on. “The three of us will have to enjoy the pictures next week when I come back to pick them up.”

I didn’t say much afterwards but instead quietly got dressed and thanked Ruby for the wonderful night and kissed her goodbye. I knew I would have the pleasure of her sweet naked body again soon and the anticipation was already building. As for the rest of the evening, I knew Kim would be staying with me and we had hours and hours ahead of us and god only knew what she would be up for tonight after the evening we had just experienced.

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