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Plums Get Some Sugar

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“Are you sure about this? Ben asked probably for the hundredth time that day.

“Shut up and just put it on.” His sister Gwen went.

Ben was too backed up at this point to launch any more protests and did as he was told. He put on the device his sister had pointed to, a fashioned together blindfold and headset. Then went and laid down on the bed.

Functionally blind and deaf now, Ben jumped a little when he heard the soft hiss and click of the headset turning on.

“Testing, testing.” His sister went, her voice coming in clear.

“I can hear you.” He replied.

‘Okay, good. I’m turning on the camera and, in a bit, I’ll have the audio start playing.”

“Sounds good.” Ben replied casually, though he felt anything but.

The house had been deserted. HIs parents, off to go pursue their newest passion, birdwatching. They had left to find some brown-something or other. His sister had gone to hang out with her boyfriend. The time had been perfect.

No one would admit it, but everyone knew that Ben had been testy lately. A touch more sensitive than normal, more prone to outbursts. No one said it but everyone knew. Ben needed to get laid. Well, that or have a good jerk off session.

One fruitless Tinder search later, Ben decided to make do with his hand. After scrolling through, he found a video and started it up. Pumping up and down, he enjoyed the feeling of pressure that was growing as he stroked himself. The pressure never subsided though. He started up another video and kept stroking himself. Then another video, then another.

Finally, he flung his phone in frustration. He couldn’t cum. It just wasn’t happening, nothing he tried worked. He had tried normal, JOI, anal, interracial, BDSM, teen, mature, lesbian, group, bukkake, you name it he had ran through it.

His dick blazed hot with the friction of jerking off for so long, the stubborn appendage refusing to go back to normal as it stayed erect.

There had been one that he hadn’t tried yet. Ben walked over to his phone, picking it up. There on the screen was the videos he had been scrolling through, on there was the video category he hadn’t tried yet.


Having a sister of his own, Ben never got it. To him, there was nothing sexy about it. Sisters were tattle-tells, personal space pushers, eat your dessert when you weren’t looking, complainers, candy stealers,built-in bullies. Not to mention any of the others. Having sex with your own mom just sounded gross and the idea of a dad doing his daughter almost made Ben gag.

Yet still, Ben though. If he turned off the volume, then it’s just two people in a house having sex. The reason Ben was so willing to go to such length was that he had been aware of how he was acting. He knew that he was getting mean to his parents. His sister might piss him off, but recently he was laying way more into her than she deserved. He needed to cum no matter the cost.

So, he turned the video on, laid back down on the bed and was about to stroke himself when he heard, his door open.


There had not even been a full sentence when he heard the door slam shut. Ben raced around the room as he picked up his underwear and pants. Had it been his parents, his sister? Ben didn’t know and was quite okay with never knowing the answer.

Unfortunately for him, he was presented with the answer.

“Hey, you decent?”

It was his sister. She must have returned early from James, her boyfriend.

“Uh, yeah.”

Creaking open, his sister reopened the door. Much more bursa escort slowly this time, Ben noted dryly.

Ben and Gwen always joked that they looked nothing alike. Gwen was twenty-one, her hair was a bright red, almost orange. Her skin was pale enough that a computer screen could give her sunburn, though ironically the sun brought out her freckles more. Ben had been around long enough to know that she drew her eyebrows in as they were too light to see without that. She was about his height, which she loved to ridicule him with. As a crowned prom queen, sufficient to say, she was pretty.

“Well, sorry for, ah, ruining your alone time.”

“Ew, can you please not talk like that.” If there was one thing that the Plum siblings did was mince words, it might come off harsh but skating around topics just wasn’t they’re style.

“Yeah, your right.” Gwen said, shaking her head as though she was readying up for something. “Backed up, are you?”

That was much more to how they were.

“I think we both know how I’ve been.”


Ben watched as Gwen seemed to have an uncharacteristic amount of interest in his room, as she poked around. Unable to meet his eye.

“What do you want?”

Gwen turned around and opened her mouth. Then closed it. Opened again. Closed.

Ben was about to congratulate his sister on her rendition of a fish out of water when she finally spoke.

“It looked a little red.”

Ben felt embarrassment start to creep back in.

“I was trying for some time before you, well, you know.”

“Do you usually watch videos like that.”

“You saw that?” Ben was amazed how eagle-eyed she was. “No, I usually stay away from that category.”

“Those videos are pretty laughable, huh.”

“Yeah, they’re freaky.”

“That’s not how real siblings would have sex.”

Ben paused a bit at the weird wording. “Yeah, I wouldn’t time so.”

“That’s actually not what I wanted to say before.”

“What were you going for?”

He watched as Gwen paused. My idea was more business minded. I was thinking I could jerk you off.”

Ben froze.

Gwen pounced, using his shock to press the idea. “Just think about, jerking someone off is strictly physical. Nannies used to do it for their charges all the time. I looked after you went mom and dad went on date nights, this would be like that exact same thing but sexual.”

As Ben thawed out, his mind amess with the suddenness that the last few minutes had presented him, one thought floated to the top of his mind.



Why?” This time it was spoken stronger as Ben thought about it more. “Why do you want to jerk me off. You said it was business minded.”

“So, you know how the job market isn’t the strongest right now?”

“Uh huh.” That was an interesting turn.

“Well, I’ve been posting… videos to help me get by.”

Ben’s eyes widened.

“All of them faceless.” Gwen hurriedly said as she recovered. “Just me, either encouraging them to jerk off or masturbating myself. Plus, it helps build my portfolio.”

Gwen had graduated with a bachelors in filmmaking. Ben wasn’t too sure that porn videos were the desired examples a prospective employer were looking for, but he figured his sister had some idea of what she was doing.

“So, if I let you…” Ben trailed off.

“I already have everything set.” Gwen picked up, excitedly. “You’ll be covered, no one will know it’s you. I just need more videos that aren’t just me.”

“What if I’m not able to complete.” Ben bursa escort bayan asked.

Gwen chuckled. “I know my way around a cock.”

“That’s not…”

Don’t worry, I have everything figured out. My friend, Sara is into making erotica audio. With a headset and a blindfold, you won’t even know it’s me stroking you.”

Ben felt a physical repulsion when he heard his sister talk about stroking him, but he was against a wall. Nothing he had tried worked and he was willing to try anything at this time.

“Alright, I’m in.”

Gwen can come in and set up the camera and everything else. She had changed into a white pair of yoga pants and sports bra, her hair brushed back.

His dick had lost the angry red, coming back to its natural color. It was still as hard as a rock, though it had also cooled down significantly.

The audio clicked on as Sara began talking, her voice had a tomboyish attitude to it. Deeper than most girls. It was relaxing and nice, Ben liked the voice. Found it sexy.

Ben willed his mind away from the fact his sister was the one about to touch him. He focused on the voice that was now talking to him. Sara. He created an image of her, made her a punk rocker, tats, piercings, big boobs. Yeah, Ben thought. That works.

He felt the chills around him, his naked body on top of the blankets.

“Hey, I heard you been having troubles.” Sara was starting.

Ben muttered a yes.

“Well, I’ve heard I have quite a magic touch. Let’s see why don’t we?”

As the voice said it, he felt fingernails scrape gently against his thighs. His senses were much stronger now. He could feel the edge of the nail against his flesh, felt the warmth of the hands, even the breath of the hands’ owner.

“This is such a nice cock.” The voice purred. “Can I touch it, please let me touch it.”

Ben nodded his okay. A hitch in his breath as he felt the fingertips curl around his shaft. Another hand gently fondling his balls. The strokes were slow. They were done purposefully and with his pleasure in mind.

“Oh, I can feel it move. I like the way it twitches and grows.”

Ben felt the hands quicker, more urgency. He felt the familiar pressure beginning to grow. His hands were at his side and started to grab hold of the sheets.

A sudden chilling sensation told him that lube had been applied to his dick.

“This is such a nice dick. It’s so smooth on the head. I like having fun with this one. I know you like this.”

Ben couldn’t disagree. He did enjoy this. The sensory deprivation and quality attention brought to his dick was another level that he never had attempted before.

“It’s so warm and heavy. How backed up are you? Are you going to cum? Are you going to cum all over me?”

In his mind eye, Ben watched the skater girl he had created bending down before him, begging for his cum. It was exciting. Her calling his dick hot and heavy was turning him on more than he knew that it could.

“I can see your pre-cum bubbling out of your head. You’re getting closer. I want you to cum. It’s so hot to watch you getting ready to cum. I can feel your dick practically pulsing.”

The sheets had been trapped in the balls of his fist. Ben’s feet started to curl as he grew nearer.

“Moan for me, won’t you? I love it when guys are desperate to cum. I love seeing your hips moving as they desperately try to cum. Let me drain you.”

Ben reluctantly let out a moan. He felt himself be instantly rewarded with a few kisses on his hips. His moans coming out escort bursa a little bit easier.

“Thats’ right, pump your hips. Fuck the air. You want to cum. Show me how bad you want to cum.”

Ben felt every lower muscle contract. The growing pressure compounding and compounding. The felt sweat start to form on his brow. The hands that were pleasuring him were at a fever pitch as they stroked him.

At last, he couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose.

It came in spurts. One. Two. Three. Each one a full contraction as rivers of pleasure pooled from out of his brain into his body. One long continuous moan leapt from his lips, unbidden.

“You’ve covered my hands. You came so much. Oh my god.”

Ben had to move slowly and with great difficulty as he took the device from off his head. His body rebelling from any effort after the great fountain of cum that had spouted out of him.

He looked over the aftermath with widening eyes. More cum than he thought possible coated his dick, spilling unto his hips and chest. His blanket thoroughly ruined. And then there was Gwen.

Gwen still gripping his dick, stunned. Cum coated her face and shoulders. At some point she had taken off the sports bra, his white load dripping down off her deceptively hidden huge breasts. Ben felt an odd stirring in his loins from the image.

“That was amazing.” It had been the voice, but it had come from Gwen. The voice wasn’t Gwen’s, but she had said them. Somewhere along the way she must have learned to change her voice.

Ben’s eyes widened as he realized there had been no Sara. It had all been Gwen. If she had realized that her secret had been revealed she said nothing.

“Oh, my god. I have to get this all edited and post it.” She exclaimed excitedly. Ben watched as she looked down at her cum-covered hand and seemed to pause for a moment before rushing over to the bathroom.

When she came back, she looked over the aftermath again.

“Get yourself cleaned up. We’ll clean the rest of this up then.”

Taking a brief shower to clean off, Ben and Gwen worked hard to get everything cleaned out. Ben felt freer than ever, and the work took less time than either of them figured. They quickly found an old blanket and switched them. Throwing Ben’s old ruined on away. Gwen promised she would get him a new one when the money from the new video came in.

The idea of what her boyfriend might think of this crossed Ben’s mind, but he banished it. His sister knew what she was doing, even if this entire thing was batshit crazy.

“Hey,” Ben said finally breaking the silence the two had been work with. “This doesn’t change anything, right?”

“Why would it?” Gwen said perplexed.

“I just don’t want this to have, like, meant something.”

“‘Meant something’, what could this have meant? Gwen’s face turned a sickly color. “Oh my god, you don’t have a crush on me or something? Ew, gross. NO!”

“NO, NO, NO!” Ben cried out, a similar shade of sickly. “I just want to make sure that everything’s good.”

Gwen had a curl to her lip, suggesting that she didn’t fully believe Ben. “Look, loser. You needed to get off because you were making life here way harder than it needed to be. I needed content. Simple as that.”

“Okay, good.”

“What, you need aftercare or something?” Gwen asked, mock concern on her face.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Aw, it’s okay to be a bottom bitch.”

“Fuck you.”

“If you need some foreplay next time just let me know.”

“Aren’t you like forty? Move out.”

“The fuck you say to me, you demented child.”

“I’m telling Mom!”

“Oh, so she’ll make me put a dollar in the swear jar? Big boy telling mommy!”

“No, I’m telling her about how you took from her good whiskey.”

“You soft-bellied bitch!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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