Şubat 2, 2023

Playing Piano has its Perks

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Guy was sitting alone at the bar nursing a shot of Jameson. He had been talking with friends but they had left for a dinner date with another couple. The jukebox ran out of songs and the sound system automatically switched back to the television, too loud as usual.

“Dougie,” Guy addressed the bartender, “can you turn it down a little? Thanks.”

“No problem,” the barkeep responded, motioning toward the jukebox with a handheld remote.

“Hey, do you mind if I tinkle the ivories a little?” Guy frequented this bar largely because of the well-tuned upright piano against a wall, not far from the dartboards.

“Sure thing. Have at it.” The barkeep encouraged.

Guy wandered over to the piano and sat down, briefly considering what to play. He decided to play Desperado, by the Eagles, to warm up his voice. As he began to play, the level of conversation diminished noticeably, but that was not unusual. Most of the patrons were familiar with Guy, and had heard him play and sing before. Guy did not care if people were listening or not, he mostly played for his own enjoyment. However, it was nice to receive compliments from time to time.

Guy came to the end of the song and brought it to a close with his own personal flourish, ending with a chordal run all the way up the keys. As he turned to the right to reach the last octave, he was startled by a very attractive young lady in a floral print dress standing a few feet away, holding a wine glass in her hand and listening intently. He smiled shyly and turned back to the middle of the keyboard, pondering what he should play next. He was a little distracted by her presence and was having a difficult time deciding what to play. She was not overly tall, but not short either, thin, with a small but perky chest and long wavy hair that was not really blonde, but not quite brown either. She wore glasses that made her look not frumpy, but intelligent, and sexy as hell.

The young lady stepped a little closer and asked him if he could play Piano Man. Despite being somewhat shy and socially challenged, Guy was fairly confident behind the keys. The large ivory and wooden instrument was like a security blanket. When he sat at the keys, he forgot that he was forty-something, overweight, and largely forgettable.

“I think I can manage that,” he replied with a smile. He began to play and the attractive woman took another step closer. During the la-da-di-da section he tilted his head back and really sang out. As he did so, the back of his head brushed right into the woman who had crept up very close behind him. She made no effort to move, so he continued to touch what must be her chest with his head as he sang.

As he brought the song to an end, he immediately played the first few bars of Sister Christian.

“Ooh. I love that song,” the beautiful woman gushed, placing her hands on his shoulders. Despite feeling slightly awkward being touched while playing, he performed brilliantly and when he tilted his head back to really wail on the chorus, his head was firmly pressing against the perky breasts of the pretty young woman. Guy wasn’t positive, but he thought he might feel erect nipples pressing against his noggin.

Finishing that song, he rose and said, “I need a drink.”

“Oh, don’t stop. You play so beautifully.”

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he croaked. “My throat is dry from singing.”

“Oh, let me buy you a drink.”

Guy smiled warmly. “Thanks. That would be great. My name’s Guy. What’s yours?” he asked.


“Well, thank you Emily. Why don’t you pull up a stool and let me wet my whistle before playing some more.”

“OK.” She sat next to him at the bar and Dougie magically appeared with a shot of Jameson and a pounder of Coke.

“Another white zin, miss?” Dougie asked.

“Please.” Emily confirmed.

“Coming right up.” Dougie took her empty wineglass and refilled it.

Guy took a healthy gulp of Coke, and chased it with a sip of Jameson.

“Aren’t you doing that backward?” Emily asked.

“What’s that?”

“Drinking. Aren’t you supposed to take a shot and then chase it with the pop?”

“Not with Jameson. I wet my whistle with the Coke, and then sip the Jameson for the flavor. Following up Jameson with Coke would be sacrilege.” He declared vehemently. “It is a fine Irish Whiskey and as such deserves respect.” He declared with a hint of false Irish brogue. He winked and smiled to show that he wasn’t too serious, just being a little flippant. Emily giggled.

The banter continued with a fair amount of frivolity. Nothing of any import was discussed, and Guy was really enjoying the company of this beautiful lass. Several of the regulars had given encouraging looks to Guy, and while he was fairly certain that this conversation was as close as he would ever get to this gorgeous girl, he was going to hope and pray and make every effort to continue this discussion as long as possible. His bucket of Jameson was nearly empty and he was contemplating what songs he could play to woo this eryaman escort bayan lady when the Jukebox suddenly kicked back into life.

“Shit,” he exclaimed. “Now I can’t play anymore.”

“Really?” Emily sounded so disappointed.

“Really.” He confirmed.


“Indeed.” He agreed with a wan smile.

“I really wanted to hear you play some more.” Emily pleaded.

“Well, I do have a piano at home.” Guy suggested, knowing that this ploy would never work. After all, he was forty-plus and fat, and she was twenty-something and absolutely lovely.

“You do?” she asked excitedly. “Is it far from here?”

“It’s exactly one mile.” Guy responded matter-of-factly. He tried to remember what condition his place was in. He wasn’t always the tidiest of individuals. Well, how bad could it be?

“Can we?” Emily asked excitedly.

“Certainly,” Guy confirmed. “Just let me pay my tab.” He reached into his pocket, pulled out a small wad of bills, extracted a twenty and a ten and pushed them across the bar. “Thanks, Dougie.” He said loudly so that Dougie, who was at the other end of the bar, would hear. Dougie waved while simultaneously pulling a draft and talking to another customer.

Emily began to dig in her purse. “I got it,” Guy said. “You only had wine, right?”

“I had two white zinfandels,” she confirmed.

“That’s what I thought. Thirty will cover our tabs. Dougie can keep the change. Let’s go.” He grabbed her elbow gently and steered her towards the exit. Several patrons smiled or winked at him as he led her out the door.

Arriving at his house, one mile from the bar, as promised, he opened the door and was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cleanliness. It was certainly a bachelor pad, with most flat surfaces covered with various tools, piles of paper, and the random dirty dish. There was little art on the walls, and no trinkets or do-dads to indicate the presence of a woman. However, despite the lack of a woman’s touch, the floor was clear of debris, the kitchen counters had only small piles of dishes, crumbs, and other remnants of previous meals, and there was no odor to indicate the presence of pets, rotting food, or lack of hygiene. If he ignored the accumulation of dust and empty grocery sacks in the corners, it really wasn’t bad at all.

Emily stepped in after Guy and took an appraising glance around. “Let me take your coat,” Guy suggested. He did not hang it in the closet, but just placed it on the back of a dining room chair. Emily set her purse on the chair, as well.

In one corner of the living area stood an ancient piano adorned with numerous scraps of paper, scribbled lyrics and chords as unreadable as ancient hieroglyphics. The top of the piano was covered with music books, hats, a few candles, and a hurricane lamp on a glass block.

“So, that’s your piano?” Emily asked.

“Indeed. It’s over a hundred years old, but still plays great.” Guy declared. When Emily said nothing more, Guy filled the silence by offering her a drink. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any wine, but I do have a beer if you’d like. I’m going to have another Jameson.”

“I’ll have a Jameson, too, if you don’t mind.” Emily said.

“Sure. Just a second.” Guy grabbed two buckets and two pounders out of the cupboard. He filled each of the pounders half full of Coke and pulled a fifth of Jameson from his collection of liquors on the top of his fridge. Pouring a healthy shot into each bucket he brought her a shot and a pounder, and then returned to the kitchen to retrieve his drinks. He noticed that she had stepped out of her heels and was shorter than he thought. She looked so vulnerable and beautiful, and her dress accentuated her body so well that Guy was having a hard time thinking of anything else.

Guy took a drink of his Coke, a sip of Jameson, and then sat down at the piano, setting his glasses at the ends of the keyboard, one to the left and one to the right.

“What are those?” Emily asked, pointing to the myriad mismatched scraps of paper all over the front of the piano.

“Those are songs I’ve written.” Guy replied.

“You write music, too?” Emily asked as if it was the most amazing thing she had ever heard.

“Sure.” Guy confirmed. “I’ve been writing for years. I just wish I could sell some of my songs, but nobody ever really hears them. I just write them and then put them in the box.” He pointed to a cardboard box on the floor at one end of the piano.

“Ooh. Can I hear one of your songs?” Emily asked.

“Sure,” Guy replied, “What kind of song would you like?”

“Surprise me.”

“Ok.” Guy looked at the most prominent piece sitting on the top of the stack. “Here’s a song I have been working on lately.” He began to play, and Emily immediately stepped up and pressed her whole body against his back as he played. As distracting as it was, Guy was thoroughly enjoying her proximity. The heat of her body was mirrored elsewhere and Guy was really hoping that this would go the way he wanted.

As he finished the etimesgut escort song Emily said, “Wow. That was so good. You really wrote that?”

Blushing from the praise Guy said, “Sure. I’ve got lots of ’em.” He began playing a pretty love song with lots of twinkly piano parts. Despite being relatively easy to play, it sounded very complex and, he hoped, impressive. As he was playing this song, Emily, whose hands had been on his shoulders, moved them down onto his chest. By the end of the song, she was fairly hanging on his neck, which was making playing difficult. However, Guy was happy to rise to the challenge.

“That was beautiful,” Emily purred into his ear, and when he turned his head to look into her face, she kissed him. His already semi-erect member stood at attention and threatened to tear right through his blue jeans.

He rose from the bench, took her in his arms and kissed her softly and soundly. He slid both arms down to her lower back and ran a finger suggestively lower.

“Wow. You’re a good kisser.” She complimented him. “You have such soft lips.”

He took a step back, grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. Just inside the doorway, he stopped and took her back into his arms. They started making out as he kicked off his boots and began unbuttoning the top of her dress. She stepped away from him just long enough for her outfit to slide to the floor. Standing now in her slip, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him with a growing passion. He grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and pulled gently but firmly as he explored her mouth with his tongue. She growled, but in a good way.

Then, he released her hair, still kissing her deeply, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his body. This caught Guy a little off-guard and he wasn’t quite balanced. However, with only a slight stumble, he carried her to the bed and fell backward with her on top of him.

Now straddling him, Emily began to unfasten Guy’s button-down shirt. Guy meanwhile was sliding the straps of Emily’s slip off of her shoulders. As her breasts were exposed, Guy marveled at the sheer perfection. They were somewhat small but exquisite with small dark aureoles surrounding perfectly round nipples that were firmly erect. Gently grabbing one in hand, Guy sat up far enough to place his mouth on the other. Emily threw her head back and moaned. Guy kissed his way up her chest to her neck and then kissed her on the mouth again while gently tugging her hair.

Emily reached down and fairly ripped Guy’s jeans off barely lifting herself off of him in the process. She was now wearing only thigh high white nylons and had stripped Guy to his black cotton socks. Guy reached down and roughly grabbed her ass. It was small and firm, like her breasts, and felt really good in his hands. He continued to kiss her as his fingers began to explore. She was moaning encouragement and kissing him back with all her might.

Guy shifted his weight and rolled Emily onto her back. He rose over her and looked down at her with overwhelming lust. She was stunningly beautiful and he was rock hard. He knew that he wouldn’t last five seconds inside of her and didn’t want to disappoint her, so he lowered his mouth to her breasts again, and slowly worked his way downward, kissing her the entire way. His hands caressed her as he slowly lowered himself to her hairless mound. As he got closer, he could feel her anticipation by the tension in her body.

Instead of just going straight to it, Guy licked down the crease of her leg, and then switched to the other side, nuzzling near her swollen folds, but not quite touching them. Emily was wiggling; trying to guide him to her treasure, but Guy knew what he was doing and persistently avoided her labia. He began to kiss his way down one of her legs, and rolled her nylon with both hands as he followed the roll with his tongue. He licked the back of her knee, then worked his way down her calf, and finally placed a few of her toes in his mouth as he began pulling the other stocking free. Once the second nylon was removed he switched to her other foot and nibbled her toes while strongly massaging her foot with his musician’s hands. He could feel Emily relaxing as he massaged her feet.

Working his way up this leg, he could feel Emily tensing again. He paused briefly at the knee and used his hands to encourage Emily to roll onto her belly. Kissing his way up the back of her thigh, he admired her firm butt. He couldn’t believe how perfect her body was. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was that she was sharing it with him. As his mouth zeroed in on her labia, he inhaled deeply, smelling the natural scent of her womanhood.

With his fingers he gently spread her open and stroked her pussy with his tongue in an even consistent pattern. She groaned in pleasure and her juices flowed. He continued to build pressure and worked closer and closer to her clitoris. As his stroking tongue nearly escort elvankent touched it, he used his fingers to pull the hood back oh so gently, then placed his mouth full on it and began to hum while wiggling his tongue back and forth rapidly. Emily fairly screamed in pleasure and began to buck. Guy wrapped his arms firmly around her legs, and continued to suck her clit while his nose was buried in her ass. Fight as she might, Emily could not escape the onslaught of his tongue and began shrieking in ecstasy.

In the heat of passion, Emily rolled and slithered, trying to escape Guy’s ministrations but only succeeded in rolling onto her back with Guy’s head firmly pressed into her ass, his tongue still over-stimulating her swollen nub. Try as she might, she couldn’t breathe, and when she finally stopped coming, she sucked air rapidly trying to retain consciousness.

Emily tried to reposition herself so she could take a more active role in this exchange. Guy was having none of it though, and roughly flipped her onto her belly again. Using his hands to raise her pelvis from the bed, he brought one hand around and slipped his thumb into her sopping slit while massaging her pubis with his fingers. With his other hand he pulled her butt cheeks apart and began to lick her tiny anus. Emily responded immediately and Guy could feel the tension increase as he probed her ass with his tongue.

Moments later, Emily began to convulse again in ecstasy and Guy Rose above her, sliding his raging hard-on right into her slick pussy with a single thrust. Emily shouted in surprise and overwhelming pleasure. She pressed back against his torso with reckless abandon as he thrust in and out as rapidly as he could manage. As predicted, he came almost immediately, his grunts and groans contrasting with her screams as they came together.

Rolling onto his back, Guy put his arms behind his head and relaxed, catching his breath. Emily lay beside him regaining her own composure. Then she slid closer and began to kiss him again, tasting herself on his breath. Reaching down between his legs, she could feel his ardor returning with little coaxing needed.

She was not going to let him dominate her again this time, so she climbed astride his waist and lowered herself onto his cock. Slippery with their combined juices, she had no problem achieving full penetration on the first thrust, even though Guy was not completely hard yet. Stopping at maximum depth, she began to swirl her hips in a circular pattern. Guy’s mostly-erect penis hardened firmly under this motion and it was his turn to be dominated.

Emily began raising and lowering her hips, stroking Guy’s cock with her sweet little pussy. Guy reached up and firmly cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. Staring into her eyes, Guy was again amazed at her beauty. How did he get so lucky?

Emily continued to bounce on Guy’s pudgy belly with reckless abandon, her body making smacking sounds against his. Just as his hands were pawing her breasts, so was she pawing his slightly hairy chest. Her fingertips kneaded his pecs as her pulsing mound massaged his aching cock. Guy felt his pressure rising again and knew he was not going to last much longer. He lifted Emily off of him and rolled her onto her back. Putting her legs up onto his shoulders, he leaned in with all of his weight and shoved his cock right into her sodden mess. Thrusting furiously, he pressed her knees right up to her shoulders. “Oh god.” He murmured in her ear. “You are so beautiful.” He continued to pound mercilessly, knowing that he was approaching climax. “Oh yeah, baby, here it comes.”

Emily was not quite there yet, but she was not about to complain. She had already come more than once. So, she used her legs to force Guy back and pushed his member out of her swollen pussy. Leaning up and grabbing him under the arms, she urged him up her body until she could place her lips around his pulsing cock. She cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with her other, all the while sucking gently on the tip and swirling her tongue rapidly on the bottom side of his head.

“Oh, shit!” he cried as he shot his load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop, as spurt after spurt of hot semen erupted from his penis. “Oh, god. You are incredible. Wow…”

“You weren’t so bad yourself,” Emily smiled up at him and winked.

“I’m not done yet.” Guy declared, and sliding back down he grabbed her knees and lifted them up to her chest. He began to lap at her pussy, his tongue darting all the way down to her puckered asshole and sliding all the way up to her clitoris. He thrust his tongue into her vagina. Cradling her firm ass cheeks in his hand, he drank from her pussy like a dog from a bowl, thrusting his tongue in and out. Covering her whole pudendum with his mouth he began to suck her pussy lips in and out of his mouth rapidly while humming as intensely as he could. Concentrating again on Emily’s clit with his tongue, Guy began thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy. Emily was shaking uncontrollably and screaming obscenities. “Oh yeah… Fuck me harder. Faster. That’s it. Don’t stop! Don’t stop! DON’T STOP!!” Emily gushed in Guy’s face and all over his thrusting hand. Guy lapped it up and continued thrusting until Emily pushed him away.

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