Şubat 4, 2023

Playing Doctor Ch. 02

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As a requirement of my new job, I had to get a physical exam for insurance purposes. I did that, with unusual results. The Doctor I saw gave me a rectal exam with his very large penis. We scheduled regular follow-up appointments to continue this “treatment”.

I left my office at 3:00PM to go for my regular appointment at the Doctors office. The VP that I report to was curious about the appointments, but I was not required to tell him or anyone else what they were for. The company had to give me paid time off to keep my appointments, and that was that.

I have been back to the Doctor for two of my monthly appointments now, and each one was a very satisfying experience. The nurse observed from her postion against the wall, and masturbated while the Doctor fucked me up the ass and emptied himself into me.

This time, I had a different scene in mind. I have been planning to get the nurse into my place, so I could do the observing. She has never done it anally, and I wanted to watch as the Doctor pushes his long cock up her asshole.

As I walked into the lobby, the receptionist asked, “Are you here for your injection?” She had an annoying smirk on her face, she thought she was being funny, so I shot back “Don’t you wish you were getting it?” So now we could stop pretending that she didn’t know what went on in the examination room.

She said, “I do get it quite often, thank you! But not that way! And by the way, we have cameras in the exam rooms, and the whole staff gets to enjoy your “treatments.”

I was not comfortable with that, but it is too late now. I wonder how they will like today’s exam?

I went into the examination room as usual, and the Doctor and his nurse were waiting. They no longer pretended to do any kind of medical exam, I just stripped down and got on the table. The stirrups were in place for a vaginal exam, and I put my feet into them.

The Doctor completey removed his pants and underwear, and his massive cock was already erect. erotik film izle He stepped close to me, and applied some cold lube to my asshole. To make sure, he pushed his thick finger all the way into me. I just gave him a smile to let him know I was ready.

This time, the nurse didn’t stand over by the wall, she came up to my side, and moved in for a close-up view. I felt the Doctors cock touch my anus, and he expertly inserted it. I have learned to control myself and relax as he fills and stretches my asshole.

The nurse leaned in close, with her face practically touching my stomach, and watched as his cock disappeared into me. Inch by inch, it slid into me until I had it all. She tried to lick my clit, but she couldn’t reach it. Instead, she started rubbing and flicking my clit with her middle finger.

I have never seen a cock as long as his, not even in a porno movie. As usual, with each inward stroke my stomach swelled up as it made room for his thick shaft. The nurse put her hand on my stomach, and she could feel it lift up as his cock went in. This may be hard to believe, but I have learned to enjoy every inch of it.

I normally would clamp down on his cock with the ring of muscle at the entrance to my ass, and milk it like I was trying to suck the cum out of him. I avoided that this time, because I wanted his load to go into the nurse.

After a few minutes of enjoyable fucking, I stopped the Doctor in mid-stroke. He had a puzzled look on his face, so I explained.

“I want you to fuck your nurse this way,” I said. “I want to be the one that gets to watch.” The nurse had an apprehensive look on her face, but the Doctor had a slight smile, and he obviously liked the idea.

He withdrew his cock from me as slowly as he had put it in, and the head finally popped out. He helped me get up, and I said to the nurse, “Time for you to get naked!” She looked at the Doctor, hoping he would save her, but he sternly said, “Do as she says, and get up film izle on the table!”

She meekly obeyed him, and reluctantly undressed. When she was completely naked, I helped her get into position on the exam table, with her legs up in the air. Her vagina was wide open and wet, but her asshole looked tiny.

Maybe it was foreplay, or maybe just what they usually did, but he slid his cock all the way up her cunt. He fucked her for a minute that way, and the size of his cock caused her to make wet, squishy sounds as it slid in and out.

He pulled it out, and reached for the tube of lubricant on the stand. To my surprise, he actually inserted the tip of the tube into her asshole, and squeezed it hard. He must have squirted half of the tube into her, and she squirmed and made a face because it was so cold.

Now for the moment I had been dreaming of. He stepped close to her, his big cock swaying back and forth. She stared at it like a rabbit stares at the snake that is about to strike. Then she looked at me with a pleading expression as the Doctor touched her anus with the tip.

He began to push, and suddenly she opened up and accepted the head and about an inch more. She made a little grunting noise as it went in, but she didn’t try to stop him. She just closed her eyes and turned her head to the side, in complete submission.

Each time the Doctor pushed, his cock slid in a fraction of an inch. With each push, she made her little grunting noise, something like “Uhh”. I realized it would take a while at this rate, but at least she would not be injured.

I was amazed as his cock went deeper and deeper into her, because I knew how it felt, and I was the experienced one! I did what she had done to me, I rubbed and stroked her clit while the Doctor’s meat-pole went into her all the way.

He was like a stud Bull, finally doing to her what he must have wanted to do for some time. In and out, in and out, in and out, with a steady beat. I was enjoying this seks filmi izle as much as if it were me on the receiving end.

The inevitable finally happened, and he pushed the entire length into her and grunted and groaned. Her eyes snapped open , and I could almost tell when each spurt went into her by her expression.

I was overwhelmed with affection for her, and I kissed her fully on the mouth. She must have felt the same, because she kissed me back. The Doctor had caught his breath, and he pulled his cock out with his usual consideration.

He went to the sink and began washing his cock, and I walked around to the end of the table to have a look. Her asshole was stretched wide open, bigger than her cunt, and a small river of creamy cum was oozing out. I dived in and licked her clit until she came hard, in just a minute ot two.

We all got dressed, and became Doctor, nurse, and patient again. I said, “I hope I have given you two some ideas about what you can do to amuse yourselves.” The Doctor mumbled, “Yes, thank you.”

As for the nurse, I knew her life would never be the same. She said, “My God, I never knew it would be like that! It’s better that way!”

My answer to both of them was, “Sometimes the master learns from the student. I will see you both next month.”

My hope was that they would enjoy themselves this way on their own time, not during my appointments. I wanted the Doctor to finish in me next time.

As I left I stopped at the front desk, to confront the snotty receptionist. She had a blank expression, and it was clear that she had been watching the closed circuit video from the exam room.

I said, “You know, if he has never fucked you anally, you will be next! That will take the smug look off of your face!” She practically flinched, and looked at me in a way that said she knew I was right.

Her expression changed from apprehension to a look that I interpreted as imagining what it would feel like. I think she is looking forward to it.

I bet each time that she comes to work she will be wondering if this is the day she gets her cock-meat colon exam, complete with hot semen enema.

I hope the staff records it so I can watch it some day.

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