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Best Buddies Ch. 02

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Greg and Mac have known each other since elementary school. They have agreed to give blow jobs to each other, with their wives watching. Chapter One led up to the night it was to happen. We left them naked, erect, and shaking hands. This chapter describes the evening the boys did the deed. I recommend you read Chapter One before beginning. This is a work of fiction, and all characters are over 18 years of age.


Judy was tempted to say something snarky about two naked men with erections shaking hands. But she held her tongue. The friends stared at each other for a few moments. Both were handsome men with muscular bodies. They showered together at the gym, but this was different. In short order they would be touching the other’s body. In that context the man before them was different than the guy standing next to them in the shower.

They were looking at someone they were about to be physically intimate with… exchanging bodily fluids. The other was still their friend, but was soon to become something else… a lover? Both men found themselves staring at their friend’s erection. Mac broke the ice and said, “I haven’t seen your boner since I walked in on you rubbing one off in our dorm room at college. That was freshman year, I think.”

Greg laughed aloud. “And you said, ‘It’s gotten bigger, since Charlotte wanked us both off at the Lake house.'”

“You’re right. I noticed that. Tells you I was paying attention. I’d like to touch you. Is that OK?”

Greg quickly said, “Yes, as long as I can reciprocate.” They reached out at the same time and held each other’s cocks. Greg continued, “That feels nice Bro. Really, really nice.”

They continued to stroke each other for several minutes. They had both achieved tent pole statuses with their erections and were stroking rapidly. Both eventually had dribble dick and covered with pre-cum. Greg said, “In for a penny, in for a pound,” and kneeled down. He brought Mac’s glistening cock to his mouth and licked it several times before placing it tentatively in his mouth.

Linda whispered to Judy, “Oh my Lord, that is so erotic. It makes me wet.”

Judy replied, “Me too and I’m not wearing panties.”

Linda reached over beside the couch and picked up a hand towel. I thought this towel might be cleaning up some other kind of sexual juice. Judy took it quickly and sat on it.

Greg was being less and less tentative and had begun holding Mac’s cock at the base, while plunging his mouth further down. Mac was quivering each time Greg went down on him. After a couple more minutes, he said, “Hold on, slow down, Greg! I am about to blow my load and I’d like to enjoy it a while longer.” When Greg kept going, he then reached down and pulled Greg’s head up and away from his slippery, hard cock. Even with Greg’s mouth and hands removed, Mac’s rocket looked like it was about to blast off. “Lay down on the quilt and let me work you over for a bit while I settle down.”

Mac and Greg lay on the quilt in the ’69’ position. Mac was actively sucking Greg and fondling his large balls. Greg didn’t want Mac to cum, so he just held his cock in his mouth. He didn’t move his tongue or head, simply held it in the warmth of his mouth. He found it thrilling to have this contact with his friend. It was certainly sexual but felt more personal than actually giving Mac a BJ. Since Mac had almost cum before, he was leaking pre-cum. Greg loved the taste and he felt like he could do this all day. Having Mac ‘do’ him, while he held on to his friend in this way was one of the moments of this first encounter, he would treasure.

Linda turned to Judy, “They look uncomfortable on the floor. Let’s get them to move into the guest bedroom.”

“Great idea.” Judy agreed.

Linda asked, ankara evi olan escortlar “Would you be more comfortable in the guest bedroom, instead of the floor?”

Mac seemed startled and pulled his lips off Greg. He had been so focused on Greg’s cock; he had practically forgotten the wives were in the room. He actually was uncomfortable now that Linda mentioned it. He responded, “Absolutely, thanks dear.” The boys jumped up and headed for the bed.

“No wait, wait a second,” Linda said urgently. “My grandmother stitched that quilt by hand. I’ve got to get it off the bed. I don’t want boy juice on it.”

The boys helped her remove the quilt with huge smiles on their faces.

“Alright,” Judy continued. “Please resume. We’re really enjoying this.”

Greg enthusiastically asked, “Y’all are welcome to get naked with us!”

“Not happening tonight. But we are going to enjoy watching you,” Judy replied. The boys assumed their previous positions on the bed and Judy stood on the side of the bed that Greg was on. The boys resumed their oral exercises. They both got hard especially quickly.

Linda was on Mac’s side down by his butt closely observing her husband’s cock sliding in and out of Greg’s mouth. He pulled his mouth off and looking up at her, smiled, then went back at it. Linda smiled in return and then walked to the other end of the bed. She leaned over and licked her husband’s ear, then whispered, “How does it feel to have that penis in your mouth?”

Mac took Greg’s cock in his hand while removing his mouth. While stroking Greg, “Marvelous! It’s like we are working together on one orgasm.”

“I like that description. I feel like that when we do sex like this. I’m going to watch what you do, so I can do it to you later tonight.” Linda said softly.

Judy had moved up to Greg’s head when Linda came down. She had been fascinated by seeing the cock she knew so well pumping in and out of Mac’s mouth. Having fellated Greg for years it was a very odd sight. She moved in close to Greg’s ear and told him, “I am so fucking turned on I might burst into flames.”

Greg responded, briefly removing Mac’s cock, “How long do we have before I’ll need to call the Fire Department?’

After looking over to see Linda was blocking Mac’s view of her, she pulled Greg’s right arm back behind his back (like she was going to handcuff him.) Taking his hand, she placed it palm up on her crotch. She still had no panties, and his hand came out soaked. “I can wait. But you’re going to get raped when we get home.”

“Promises, promises,” Greg replied.

Judy laid her cheek on Greg’s. Mac’s cock was an inch below her mouth, sliding in and out of her husband’s kisser. She was so close to her fantasy… but she knew it would blow up the friendship. She stayed in that position and her hand slipped beneath her dress. She was wantonly fingering herself and her juices were starting to slink down her leg. She realized she was going to drip on the bedroom rug if she kept it up.

“I’ll be right back. Please don’t cum or do anything new until I get back!” When she was outside the bedroom door, she reached under her dress and cupped her womanhood, hurrying to the living room to get the towel Linda had handed her earlier.

She was drying her labia and thighs when Linda spoke. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m just so aroused from what we’re watching. I’m dripping and was afraid I might get some on the rug.”

Linda was nonplussed. “Me too. But I’ve got panties with a pad. I could use with a change. Let’s go upstairs to freshen up. I can loan you a pair of undies… and a pad. By the way, I told the boys to wait and if they, uh, finished before we came back, we wouldn’t have sex with them for months.” Judy laughed and they went upstairs.

Left alone, elvankent olgun escortlar Mac slowed his efforts on Greg. “God damn, boy holding my cock in your mouth has kept me teetering on edge since you wrapped those hot lips around me.”

“Yeah, and it tastes good too,” Greg responded. He then flicked Mac with his tongue several times and pulled Mac back into the warm cocoon. Mac copied the technique on Greg.

Upstairs, Judy asked, “How would you like to do something really naughty that will surprise them both and make them cum a lot?”

“Sounds like fun. I like naughty surprises and I can’t wait to see them both cum.”

“Great, I know you’ve got a lot of lubricant. So, here’s what we will do…”

It ten minutes or so, the girls walked back into the guest bedroom to find the boys contentedly laying with each other’s cock in their mouth. Both were fully erect but laying perfectly still.

Harking back to the building the house metaphor, Greg quipped, “I guess we have to get back to work since the supervisors are back.”

“A man’s work is never done,” was Mac’s rejoinder.

Playing up the role of supervisor, Judy barked, “Back to the grindstone boys. Suck those cocks. Make ’em hard.”

Of course, the boys needed no encouragement. Both found the experience of having their life-long friend’s cock in their mouth mind blowing. Greg felt as though he was having an out-of-body experience at times… living a fantasy, but the feelings were real. He was flashing back and forth between astonishment this was happening to intense sexual pleasure. He wanted to lick Mac from his toes to the top of his head and every body part in between. This time it was he who had to pause the action.

“Mac, I gotta take a break or I’m going to blow my load. Lay back bro and let me give you a tongue bath.”

“I’m all yours buddy. Have at me,” Mac invited. Judy had told Greg many times that he had a ‘magic tongue.’ And Greg set out to prove it to Mac. Even though tonight was their first intimate sexual encounter, they knew each other’s bodies well. Greg knew Mac was highly ticklish, so he started at the other end. He had Mac move down in the bed a bit and sat behind his head. He buried his nose in Mac’s hair and inhaled deeply. His mouth moved to Mac’s left ear, and he breathed hot breath on it and licked around the edges. He bit the lobe and gave his friend a wet willy. Mac groaned at the intimacy. He repeated the treatment with the right ear and slid his tongue down Mac’s neck.

Moving forward on all fours, he suckled and bit Mac’s nipples, alternating between the left and right. He wanted to lick under his arms, but he knew Mac couldn’t stand it. As Greg moved his tongue down the center line of Mac’s chest, he tasted his friends sweat. It was a masculine, salty flavor and Greg’s cock throbbed.

Sensations and thoughts battled through Mac’s brain. His mind kept saying, ‘This can’t be happening!’ Then that thought was washed away by ‘Oh my god that feels so fucking good.’ When Greg licked the sweat off his chest, he thought he would cum, and he could feel himself dripping. Since Greg’s face was right there, he saw it too. Mac felt him licking his pre-cum off his stomach and out of his closely trimmed pubic hair. That prompted even more ‘leakage’. Greg moved over to Mac’s thigh and as he did his droopy swingers dragged across Mac’s face. He got his tongue out and licked as they passed. Evidently that felt good because Greg backed up a bit. Knowing Greg played hard with his balls, Mac lifted his head slightly and gently caught a section of his scrotum with his teeth. Greg’s continued movement away created a tug and Mac pulled back.

Linda whispered to Judy, “Is Mac going to hurt him?”

“No, Greg likes that kind of play,” Judy etimesgut sarışın escortlar replied.

Greg playfully said, “I seem to have gotten my balls caught on something. Maybe I can pull ’em loose.” He leaned forward, but Mac held on. Greg redoubled his effort and rather than bite a hole in his friend, Mac allowed the sack to slip away from his mouth. “I’m free now and it’s a shame it was just starting to feel good,” Greg observed. Mac made a mental note.

Greg continued trailing his tongue along the outside of Mac’s thigh and then turned inward. When his nose bumped up against Mac’s balls, he pushed them around and inhaled his friend’s musky scent. Using his tongue, he ‘washed’ the scrotum and the base of Mac’s cock. He slowly worked his tongue up the stiff cock, paying particular attention to the frenulum. Greg repeatedly flicked his tongue across this sensitive spot and Mac began begging for ‘mercy.’

“If you’ve going to torture me like that, I want to be able to dish it right back. Lay down and give me your cock, dammit!” Greg quickly lowered on to his side, giving Mac access.

They had hungrily engulfed each other, when Judy spoke up, “Linda and I want to thank you both for tonight. It has been sooooo hot watching you both.”

Linda repeated, “So HOT!”

Judy continued, quickly, “I know tonight is about you two getting acquainted in a new way. Linda and I would like to play a small role in the finale’.”

Greg perked up, “What do you have in mind? Are you going to take your clothes off?”

“That was never going to happen tonight, Greg,” Judy said. “But what we’d like to do is play with your really nice looking butts, while you finish. I know you guys can get off without us. But we want to participate a little bit.”

“What do you say Mac?”

“I assume you mean play with your husbands’ butt?”

Linda answered, “Yes Mac, your beautiful bottom.”

“Go for it!” “Yep, my butt is your butt” They both agreed.

The boys took up their pleasant task again. The girls moved behind their husbands, squirted lubricant between their butt cracks, and began working it down in the crevice. Quickly, they were stroking over their man’s sphincter. The husbands were getting desperately excited and were sucking with conviction.

The wives began working their fingers against the brown star. Greg and Mac jumped a little at the sensation but were preoccupied with the cock in their mouth. The girls waited. The boys moaned. The girls gently moved their finger on the balloon knot, probing ever so slightly. The boys groaned with lust.

Their breathing increased. Their ministrations to the cock in their mouth intensified. The girls’ fingers were in a holding pattern, waiting for an opportunity to land.

First Mac inhaled sharply and then quickly thereafter, Greg gasped in ecstasy and then both began pumping a load in their friend’s mouth. The girls drove their fingers home. The boys cried out as their bodies experienced unexpected pleasures. Admirably for their first time, both boys swallowed some cum. But both had large loads and it was an unfamiliar experience. Consequently, they pulled back and let some cum fly, hitting their face and chest. Even some they had caught with their mouths ran out and dribbled down their chin.

Judy went to Greg and began licking the cum off his face and body. Linda was a little startled to see Judy eating her husband’s cum. But then she thought that was better than licking her husband’s face. She immediately began cleaning Mac’s face and swallowing Greg’s cum.

For the guys, coming off their orgasmic buzz, the sight of their wives eating their buddy’s cum was almost an overload. They looked at each other with quizzical expressions and then broke into wide grins. Both of them saw a tad of their future and it was good.

When most of the cum had been licked off, Linda jumped up, saying, “I’ll get towels from the guest bath.” She returned quickly and handed out warmly wet washcloths and towels to everyone. There was an ‘afterglow’ mood and therefore little conversation, as they were all cleaning up.

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