Mayıs 30, 2024

Pink Tea Lady!

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Pink Tea Lady!
If someone had told me, when I was still a married man, that within 5 years I’d be standing naked in just high heels and lipstick in an adult video store, a big handsome black man pushing his cock up my bare ass, well – I just wouldn’t have believed it! Don’t get me wrong; the aforementioned scenario was exactly what I was fantasizing – even when my wife and I were having sex! But I was so deep in the closet back then, realizing my fantasies seemed hopeless.

I had been an active closet queen since puberty, and had been crossdressing secretly since that time. Oh yeah, like most closet queens, I went through periods where I swore I’d never cross dress again, and I’d “purge,” which is what we queens call gathering up all our ladies apparel – dresses, high heels, lipstick, etc. – and tossing it in to a supermarket trash can, swearing never to indulge in such a loathsome activity ever again. And when we’re doing this, we sincerely mean it. We hate ourselves for being the disgusting faggots that we are, and we desperately want to be “normal,” meaning: heterosexual. Sometimes these periods last only a few days or weeks, other times, months. But we always end up right back at Walmart or Target, buying high heels, short shorts, dresses and skirts, lipstick and other cosmetics, and returning to dressing up and masturbating to internet porn.

In my case, I wanted to be “normal” so badly that, when the opportunity arose to marry a biological woman, I seized upon it. It happened during one of my purge periods, and I had joined a Christian church, hoping that the prayers and fellowship would give me the strength to fight off the demons of homosexuality and, in my case, transgenderism. I met Arlene during that period. She was older than I by a few years, but we hit it off. She was a little on the heavy side, and quite plain, but then, I was a slightly built little guy to whom no one ever gave a second look. We hit it off and long story short, I proposed tuzla escort bayan marriage, Arlene accepted, and we were married. She was an accountant and was making pretty good money, while I worked in an assembly line in a manufacturing plant.

Initially, sex was very difficult and uncomfortable for us – we were both virgins – but gradually we settled into a routine of sex once or twice a week. Arlene made it clear that she considered it a duty, and not something she particularly enjoyed. I, being a highly sexed male, sought refuge in masturbation and online porn. Then I began crossdressing again, when Arlene was at work. I hid all my female stash in my side of the closet, under some boxes, where Arlene would never look. I would prance around the house in lipstick and heels, fantasizing that I was some big man’s woman! Oh the disgusting fantasies I had – never once believing they might come true someday! Then I got laid off at the plant, and suddenly I had all this free time. Arlene worked unusual hours, basically a swing shift. I began sneaking out after she left for work, and going to adult video stores. One afternoon a guy came in the booth I was in, pulled out his cock, and I sucked a man off for the first time!

That was it! I began spending all my time at the adult video arcades. I’d go in, strip naked, leave the door to the booth unlocked, and suck off any man who wanted a blowjob. Initially it was just blowjobs, but a lot of men made it clear that they wanted more, and I knew it was just a matter of time that I’d run into a man who was just not going to take “no” for an answer. I realized that if I was going to get cherried, I wanted it to happen more or less on my own terms. Don’t get me wrong – I wanted to get fucked – badly! It was something I had been dreaming and fantasizing about since puberty – some big hairy hunk, with his thick cock, buried balls deep into my rectum! His big strong arms around me, his strong hands grabbing orhanlı escort and pinching, the feel of his rough sandpapery jaw on my neck as he nuzzled and bit at my ears and neck – oh yeah – I fuckin’ WANTED it!

I knew from my experience that when a man wanted some pussy, he’d reach down as I was sucking his cock, and feel of my bare buttocks. And until now I either just kept sucking, or tell them I didn’t fuck. And so far that had worked, although I had a few I had to fight off my ass. One night, I was giving this GORGEOUS nigga a hot blowjob, and he began feeling up my ass. So I pulled my head back, strings of cum and saliva hanging from my mouth and whispered huskily: “You wanna fuck me, sweet mister?”

I was feeling extra sexy that night. I had worn my black 6 inch pumps, and I had cute little pink ribbons tied in bows around both of my ankles. I had teased my poofy blonde hair up high, and had applied a very sexy shocking pink lipstick – and I wanted to get fucked! I chose him because he was my dream man – 6 foot four, black muscle man, lots of gang tats, and a huge cock – at least 10 inches of hot meat! While I was blowing him I could feel my rectum puckering involuntarily, so when I looked up at him and begged him to fuck me, I was MORE than ready. “You got a condom?” he asked me.

Oh no – I DIDN’T have a rubber! And because of that I was going to miss this opportunity? I was cursing to myself, when he took me by the arm and raised me to my feet. He sat on the bench, completely naked, like a black GOD, and said, “Lemme see that ass – turn around.”

I turned and felt this big hands spreading my naked buttocks. “Man! That pussy look TIGHT,” he exclaimed. “Nice and pink – ain’t a hair ON that ass! Get on the bench on your hands and knees, bitch,” he ordered. I whimpered in servile obedience and did as was told. I could feel the heat of his body as he got near me and covered me. I felt like a slave bitch about to be bred by a prize bull! aydınlı escort Then I felt his hardon near the mouth of my pink pussy. I began cursing – cursing god and praising my Lord Satan! “Dear Satan, please don’t let it hurt, but if is thy will, I will gladly bear the pain!”

Suddenly I felt a searing pain as the head of his rock hard cock tore through the clamped ring of anal muscles. I cried out in pain and tried to squirm away from under him, but I was held helplessly, like any whimpering bitch under the control of a real man! He had his muscular arms around me, so tight I was afraid he was going to crack my ribs. Then the pain left and I felt his penis sliding deep up into my belly, until he had penetrated me, balls deep. And as he began fucking me with long slow strokes, I could feel his balls bumping against the backs of my thighs, and I began wiggling my buttocks, like a girl, in time to the hardcore rap music playing on the overhead, naked and unashamed, as this big black bull bred me in the booth of the adult arcade. Every thought was running through my head, but one sweet thought, that of my wife, Arlene, and what she would say, if she could see the man she married, naked in high heels and lipstick, being fucked up the ass by a powerful black man!

I was jolted back to reality by the rough increase in the tempo of his strokes. He was fucking me like an animol – like a jack hammer gone wild – his sweaty pubis slapping loudly against my ass with each downstroke. My head was hitting the wall, and someone in the hallway told me later, that it sounded like a washing machine spin cycle with an uneven load. The entire booth was rocking! Suddenly he grunted loudly and I felt the spurts of hot semen flooding my guts! I felt his hard cock slide slowly out of my ass, like taking a hard constipated shit, and I leapt off the bench and squatted at his feet, for the privilege of nibbling and sucking his cock clean with my mouth. I could taste my own shit, mixed with his cum, and I used my pouty lips to clean him up good. I stayed squatting on the floor, watching him get dressed, my eyes full of admiration for his physical beauty, wishing I was a biological woman, so that I could bear him a son or daughter!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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