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My beautiful mother

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My beautiful mother
If I make a list of the most courageous women I know, my mom will be right at the top of the list. Being a single mom who raised her son alone was enough for her to earn her place at the top. She was pregnant with me at the very young age of 18. By that time she had only graduated from the high school. So, I never knew my dad and I don’t want to, because of the sufferings my mom had gone through. Her parents had suggested her for an abortion as mom was their only c***d. But mom needed some hope in her life and that was me. So she decided to give birth to her c***d and start a new life.

After 9 months I was born and mom had felt like she had won the whole world. But she was 19 by the time I was born and she hadn’t had any knowledge or experience about raising a c***d. So, her parents had been really supportive in raising me. Meanwhile, mom had been attending to a college to get more qualifications for her future carrier in order to make my life better. So, my grandparents had taken care of me during college hours and it was my mom who took care of me during each second except it. Mom was graduated from college when I was 5 and then she got a job as an auditor at a local audit firm.

After getting her job mom had wanted to live with me in a separate home. My grandparents had objected it, but she had insisted about it. So they decided to buy a small apartment for mom and gifted it on her 25th birthday. Soon we moved to our new home which wasn’t far away from grandparent’s home. Soon I started schooling and even though mom was busy with her job she never forgot the parents meetings and every other important thing in school. She helped in my home work too. Simply, she was there with me every time I needed her support.

As the time went on I grew up, but mom showed no signs of getting old. Even though she worked hard for her company we had a very close mom-son relationship. We had a very strong emotional bond. When she was crying for something, I too started to cry even if didn’t know the reason why she cried. When she was happy, it was a happy time for me too. It was the biggest evidence for me to show that our souls are linked tightly. I helped her in household chores as I could and she helped me in doing my homework. She kissed my cheeks every night and I would hug her tightly after that. It became our nightly ritual and I didn’t mean it in a sexual way.

I can’t exactly remember when I first noticed how beautiful my mother was. She was the youngest among the parents in my class. As she had me at the age of 19 she was still very young and I had heard what some of my friends and even the senior students told about my mom. So one day I decided to look at her in a way which I would look at a normal girl. That day I realized how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful mother and keep getting good night kisses from her every night.

My grandpa died when I was 16 and grandma followed him 6 months later. As mom was their only c***d, she got their home and inherited all the savings that grandparents had done. Their lawyer informed us that we will receive a sufficient monthly allowance which was enough for us to live without any financial problems. So, we sold our small apartment and moved into grandparents’ house. It was quite bigger than our little apartment, with only ground floor. It took us 2 more days to settle down into our new home and then lives went back to normal.

I turned 18 and then graduated from the high school. I didn’t do a part time job because we were financially stable and mom didn’t think that I needed a job. Even at 18 I was still a mama’s boy. I would do anything to make her happy. Sometimes I brought her some chocolates or some nice gifts with my saved pocket money she gave me everyday. She loved them and each time I gifted them I was rewarded with hugs and loving kisses that I craved most. I didn’t go out much with my friends because I wanted to be with mom as much as I could. We were in house together during nights and evenings only. So, I didn’t want to waste that time just by hanging out with friends. I didn’t have a girlfriend either. I’ve had 2-3 girlfriends in high school. But none of them were serious relationships. So, I was still a virgin. Every girl I dated had some sort of similarity to my mom. Finally I figured out that there’s no substitution to mom and I needed her badly.

My mom was my fantasy queen since I could remember. But I was 18 when I first used her soiled panties from the laundry bucket to masturbate. The erotic smell of her pussy was so intoxicating. It doesn’t take much time for me to climax when I’m using mom’s panties. I knew that it was so wrong to have such sexual feelings towards your own mom. But I couldn’t help it. I was in love with my mom, my own mom who gave me birth and took care of me whole throughout these past years. Sometimes I too felt guilt about fantasizing about my mom in a sexual way. But always another voice in my head said, “How can love be so wrong?”

I’m Jason Smith, 18 years old by the time this story starts. I maintain my body in quite good shape even though I’m not a regular visitor to the gym. I’m 5′ 11″ tall and my cock is not much big, but it is about 6 and half inches long when erect and has a nice thickness too.

Mom’s name is Jessica Smith. She was 37 years old by that time. To give you a clear picture about her, she looks like a sister of porn star Kendra Lust. She is 5′ 7″ tall and had a nice pair of 36DD tits which would make even a dead man stare at them. Even at 37 she maintained a beautiful figure which could turn the heads of males from teenager to an old man. She was neither very slim nor chubby. She had that full figure which had curves and fat at right places. One of her features which always fascinated me was her legs. Her thighs were slightly fatter than usual but nevertheless added such a nice shape to her legs. Her hips were quite wide which enhanced her motherly figure while her waist was slightly slim to give so beautiful shape to her body. she had a beautiful round butt as well. I always loved the smell of her black hair which cascaded towards the middle of her back.

She had been promoted as a senior auditor 2 years ago. But she could’ve worked over time and get those promotions quickly. But she always had time for me. She has never worked over time during last 12 years and she always came home on time to spend some time with her son. She hadn’t changed a bit during all these years and my love for her too was still strong in my heart.

As I didn’t go for a job I spent daytime surfing internet, playing games and visiting friends. But I never failed to get back home before her to welcome my tired mom to the home. After coming home in the evening mom always keeps herself busy with household chores. Then at night we would cuddle on the sofa and watch TV together. Altogether, she seemed a happy woman. But, I knew that there was a big gap in her life she does not like to fill, a Partner, husband. I was worried about it and same time I was happy about it. I was worried because she needed someone special to be with her. I was happy because it gave me a chance to be with my favorite woman and sometimes fulfill my fantasy of becoming her man. So, I decided to pull the topic out as quickly as possible.

Next day, everything was normal and mom was home from work as usual. She prepared dinner for us and we had it silently. We did the dishes and she came to the living room to switch on the TV. But I needed to talk with her. So I asked, “Mom, I need to talk with you about something important.”

She put the remote controller aside and turned towards me, “It’s OK son. You can talk with me about anything. You know it.”

“Mom, don’t you feel lonely?”

“Thanks for asking son. But no, I’m not feeling lonely. I have good friends at work and a great son at home. So, why should I feel lonely?”

“No, mom. I didn’t mean that. I meant about a man in your life. A boyfriend or a husband.”

She smiled and rubbed my face with her right hand. “Oh Jason, you care so much about me. Why would I need anyone when I have a young handsome man in front of me?”

“Please mom. I’m serious. I’ve never seen you go out on dates and you never even talked with me about a man. You always asked about my girlfriends but you always changed the topic when I asked about your boyfriends.”

“I’m not interested in that honey. Actually, I haven’t gone on a date since your father. It’s been almost 19 years. I don’t want anyone to come between us.”

“Oh my god, mom. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen hasn’t gone out on a date in almost 19 years! I can’t believe that. Do you know how many heads you turn when you go to a place? Almost all the men from teenager to old man turn their heads at you to see your beauty. Men would be fighting each other to take you out on a date.”

“Yes, some of my work colleagues too have asked me out on dates. But I refused all of them by telling different reasons. I never trusted any man after your father. Even though he broke my trust, I never regret about it because he gave me the most precious thing in my life. That’s you, my darling. I’m not going to trust any man, but you.”

Her eyes got swelled with tears and 2 drops of tears started to run down her cheeks. I think reminding about the past hurts her. The last thing I needed to do was to make her cry. So I hugged her and kissed her head. “I love you mom. I’ll never break your trust.”

“I love you too, baby.”

I hugged her for some time and I started to notice her big boobs crushed between our bodies. That feeling was enough for me to get my cock back to life ümraniye escort bayan and it started to make a noticeable tent in my shorts. I didn’t want to embarrass my mom with her son having a hard on just by hugging her. So, I pulled away from the hug. “Mom, shall we go out for a dinner tomorrow? You and me. You need to relax your mind and refresh it. I think it will help.”

Mom looked surprised. “That would be nice. Are you sure you want to go out on a dinner with this old lady?”

She always calls herself as an “Old lady”. But the truth is she doesn’t look more than 30. “Mom, you aren’t old. Any woman would be dying to get a figure like yours.”

“Thanks for the complement, son. I’m OK with the dinner.”

“That’s going to be a great evening mom. Be ready at 7 o’clock. I need you to look like an angel.”

She stood up from the sofa. “I’m sleepy. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day, at least for me. So, I need a good rest. Good night, my sweet boy.”

She kissed my cheek and then planted a soft kiss on my lips. It was my turn to get surprised. I stood there shocked looking at her for a while and mom patted my arm. “Hey, what happened?”

“Nothing mom. I just got a little bit surprised.”

Then I hugged her tighter than ever without bothering about her feeling my erection. “Good night mom. I love you.”

She had a beautiful smile on her face and she walked to her room. I watched from behind as her wide hips swayed nicely. I too went to my room and masturbated once again fantasizing about her ass and tits. Then I drifted into a deep sleep dreaming about making love to my beautiful mom.

When I woke up next morning, I could smell omelets she was preparing for the breakfast. I went to the bathroom and then put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen. She always wakes up early and has a bath. She was wearing her white bath robe and preparing the breakfast. She didn’t notice me entering the kitchen as she was too busy preparing the meals. I kept looking at the beauty of this woman for 2-3 minutes and my cock began to respond.

I slowly tip toed towards her and then I hugged her tightly from behind. She was startled by my hug and screamed so loud, I thought my ears became deaf. I covered her mouth with one hand, but still she was trying to scream and get away from me. “Shhhh……… Mom, it’s me, Jason. Please stop screaming, otherwise neighbors will come here to see what’s going on.”

Then she became calm and screaming stopped. I moved my hand away and she turned herself towards me. “Are you mad, Jason? I thought you were a criminal trying to **** me. I almost died of fear,” she yelled at me and her face had turned red because of both fear and anger.

She is usually a calm character. Even if she gets angry, she quickly gets back to her calm self.

I turned my head down and waited until she calmed down. After about 5 minutes I slowly muttered, “I’m really sorry mom, I just wanted to surprise you and say good morning. I never thought you’d get so angry on me for it.” And I turned to go back to my room.

But, mom was quicker than me. She hugged me before I could leave and suddenly started to cry hiding her face in my chest. “I’m really sorry Jason. Please forgive me baby. Please forgive me. I just blamed you for nothing. I accused you for a thing that I know you would never do. I have been a bad mother to my baby boy. Haven’t I?”, and she looked at my face with tearful eyes.

My eyes too swelled up with tears after I saw the tears in her eyes. I held her closer to me with my left hand and wiped her tears away with my right hand. “No mom, you are the best mother a son could have. I’m so lucky and proud to be your son. You are the light that shows me the right path in my life. I love you mom. I always will. Nothing can change it.”

She rubbed my cheeks with her delicate hands and smiled. “Thank you very much Jason. You are such a sweet boy and you are the best son a mother can have. I love you too, my sweet boy,” and kissed my cheeks.

Then there was a deep silence between us and we kept looking into each others eyes. All I could see was her love for me which went beyond the limits. I’m sure she must have seen my love with forbidden lust. My cock began to respond to this beautiful woman who was wearing only a bath robe. Then onward my cock took over the control of my body from my brain. The evil voice in my head said, “This is the best time to seduce your mom. Just do it.”

But another voice said, “This is your mother who always looked after you, nourished you. How can you do it with your mother? Your mother will always hate you for it.”

With my brain malfunctioning for the time, I decided to listen to the first voice. “What’s wrong with it?” I said to me, “It’s not just a fuck. I need to make love to her. Show her how much I love her. It will only take our love to another dimension which most mothers and sons do not explore.”

I slowly bent down and kissed her soft, full lips. Her lips felt so soft on mine and it was better than all the girls I’ve kissed before. Even though she has kissed my lips a few times before, it was mom who did all the action. This was the first time I began kissing. For the first few seconds she didn’t respond, but she didn’t show any resistance too. Suddenly she began to kiss me back and she kept her one hand on the back of my head while the other on my back and pulled me closer to her. Mom’s kisses in the past were innocent motherly kisses to her son. But today it has changed to kiss between man and a woman.

I wanted more from the kiss. So I pushed my tongue towards her lips. She did resist slightly at first, but then tentatively opened her mouth and let my tongue in. I pushed my tongue inside and began to explore each and every corner of her mouth. I was so obsessed with mom that even her saliva too tasted like honey to me. Then her tongue started to duel with mine for the control and it really turned to be a wonderful kiss.

I knew mom was so turned on and I started to fondle her left breast over her bath robe with my right hand. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples which hadn’t had a man’s attention in 19 years, stiffened under my palms in seconds. My cock was rock hard by then and I thought I would cum just by kissing her and fondling her tits. It was poking her crotch and to my amazement, mom began to slowly grind her hips on it. This new sensation was too much for me. I began to moan into her mouth and she too began to moan simultaneously.

Part of my mind wanted to cum so badly while the other part needed to hold it on for some time and enjoy this moment. While I was battling with my own mind, mom suddenly broke the kiss and pushed me away. “No Jason, stop. I just got carried away. This is wrong. This is i****t. You shouldn’t do it with your mother. It’s a sin, Jason.”

“How can it be wrong mom?” I asked. “We are two consensual adults showing our love to each other. No one is ****d here. Is it? This is going to be a sin if one of us is forced to have sex with the other. God always blesses for the true love, mom. He will never abandon us. Believe me.”

But, she wasn’t easily convinced. She asked, “OK then. Let’s assume there’s no problem with it. But what are we going to tell others? Your friends, my friends, neighbors. When they get to know about such a thing, they’ll call me a slut who is fucking her own son. What are we going to do then?”

“Fuck them mom,” I said. “We can be mother and son when we go out and lovers at home. Otherwise we can move to another state where no one knows us. Then we’ll have full freedom to do anything. Besides, we are not living in a tribal society. This is modern society, mom. I’m ready to face any challenge if you are with me, mom. I love you so much.”

With that I held her beautiful face with my hands and kissed her luscious lips. She too kissed me back, but mom pulled away after a short time. “Time for breakfast,” she said and then took both our plates to the dining table. I stood there watching mom’s elegance even she is wearing only a bathrobe.

“Come on Jason. I’m getting late.” Mom’s voice brought me out from the trance.

I wanted her to stay at home today so that we can make love the whole day. Initially I wasn’t going to throw my idea as I knew that she wouldn’t change her decision for anything. But it’s always good to have a go.

I pulled a chair and sat next to mom. Even while having my breakfast my eyes were always fixed to her beautiful body. I hurriedly finished my meal before her and turned to her side. “Mom, can’t you stay home today? I mean you can call the office and get a sick leave so that we can have whole day.”

“Look Jason, I’m not going to call for a sick leave today. I have some important work at the office. But I have some time left before I get ready. I think it’s better to talk and clear our doubts. Isn’t it honey?” Mom asked me.

I said, “Of course mom. It’s always good to clear our doubts before everything.”

She stood up and took my hand. “Come to my bedroom Jason. It’s a better place to discuss.”

I followed her towards her bedroom watching the swaying of her wide hips. We entered the room and she didn’t bother to close the bedroom door as there was no one in the house except us. My mom is a very neat and tidy person. It could be seen by the arrangement of her room. Everything was in the right place and the room was so clean and I could smell mom’s favorite fragrance, Rose. She sat on the bed and pat on her mattress signaling me to sit there. I sat very close to her and as soon as I sat there, she began to speak. “I don’t have much time. So, let’s come to the point directly. How ataşehir escort long you’ve been having these feelings about me, Jason?”

I knew that it was the start of decisive few minutes of my life. My answers could ruin my relationship with mom forever or it could further strengthen our bond by giving it a new dimension. O started to speak. “It’s been few years mom. I’m not quite sure how it came to my mind. I think it may be because you and I were the only ones we had for each other since my c***dhood. You were always there for me, mom. I think those feelings have turned from a son’s love towards his mother to a man’s love towards a woman. I love you mom. I’m in love with you.”

She had a much more serious look on her face. Then she asked, “Why me, son? Girls would be fighting each other to be with a handsome young man like you. They are young, hot and attractive. I’m too old for you Jason. You should be going out with girls of your age.”

I wasn’t ready to give up. I said, “Mom, I always wanted someone who can understand me and who can be with me in hard times and support me. I wanted to love someone, to be loved by someone. All my girlfriends in high school just needed to have some fun with boys. I’m not that kind, mom. It was you who provided all the love and affection I needed. You were always there with me in hard times and supported me. Besides, you are not old. You look like 28 or 30, not 37. Any girl would be dying to get a body like yours. Even some of my friends told me that you are one of the hottest mothers in the school. Have you ever noticed how many men and women turn their heads towards you when you go somewhere?”

She was looking at me with a look of disbelief in her eyes. She said, “Oh honey, you are so sweet. But don’t exaggerate about my beauty. I may be beautiful, but not that much like you said.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Believe it or not, mom. That’s the truth. I’ll prove it tonight.”

“OK then,” She said with a smile.

My cock was rock hard all throughout our conversation and I needed mom so badly. So, I leaned towards mom and planted a soft kiss on her lips. She too kissed me back and once again we started a passionate kiss. I held her face with both of my hands and tried to push my tongue into her mouth. But, disappointing me, she pulled her face away at the very last moment. Then she stood up in a panic. “I’m really sorry honey. I need to get dressed for work. So, you better go to your room.”

I was thoroughly disappointed with her response. But I was horny and I needed mom so badly. So, I pleaded, “Oh mom please, are you really getting late? I thought we would have some time before you leave.”

She smiled and rubbed my cheek. She said, “Baby, just look at the time. By this time I should’ve finished dressing. So, be a good boy and let me dress,” and pulled me from her bed.

Then I showed her the obvious tent formed on my shorts. “Then what about this?”

She pushed me out of her room and said, “Take care it on your own like you are used to.” Then she winked me and closed the door.

Even though I needed to masturbate so badly, I suppressed my feelings as I didn’t want to miss the good bye kiss from mom. So I went to the living room and watched TV for about 15 minutes. After sometime she came out of her room and rushed towards me. She was wearing one of her usual office dresses, but I felt that she looked more hot and seductive rather than other days. May be it was because of the special time we shared that morning. I automatically stood up as she came to me. She kissed my cheeks and planted a quick kiss on my lips. She gave me my pocket money and said, “Be a good boy today behave well.” They were her regular advises for me in every morning. “And don’t forget, we have to go out on a date tonight.”

She smiled at me and quickly rushed out of the door. I waited until I was sure that her car had left and I took my cock out and masturbated fantasizing about making love to mom. It didn’t take much time to blast my load of cum all over my hand and closed front door. Yes, I couldn’t wait until I reached my room. So I masturbated right there as soon as I closed the door. I climaxed very quickly and shoot my load on to the front door.

I returned back to my normal self as I came down from my climax. Then I made the plan on how we would spend our evening. As it is our first date, I thought about a dinner and then we would walk along the “Marine Walk”, a small foot path between the beach and the main road. I knew that mom always loved to walk along it and we went there many times when I was small.

The next thing I had to look after was restaurant reservation. I checked my bank account to make sure there is enough money to give mom the treat of her life. Then I made a telephone call to “Citrus”, the best hotel in town and reserved a table for us. I asked them to reserve a table at a corner so that we can have some privacy.

I spent the whole day playing video games and surfing internet. But it was hard for me to concentrate on anything because the only thing in my mind was my date with mom. In the afternoon I brought a bunch of red roses and kept them in my room. I knew that my mom loved red roses so much.

Evening arrived very slowly and mom came home about half an hour earlier than usual. I was in my room watching a movie when she came home. I heard her car door close and then she opened the door and shouted, “I’m home, sweetie. Where are you?” I quickly ran to the living room as soon as I heard her voice. She seemed excited and there wasn’t even a hint of tiredness on her pretty face. She came to me and kissed my cheeks. I could smell the remains of her perfume which she sprayed this morning. Just that smell and her kiss made my cock rock hard in seconds. She said, “I need a good bath and then get ready for our date.”

Then I started to talk like I was in a trance, “I need you to look like an angel, mom. I want every man to turn their heads at you. I want to be the envy of the men in town to accompany the most beautiful woman in town.”

She smiled and rubbed my cheeks with her soft hands. “You are such a sweet boy. You always make me flatter with those lovely words,” and she went to her room.

I too went to my room to get dressed. I shaved my facial hair, had a nice bath and dressed in my best suit for the date. Then I sprayed some perfume and made my hair to have a nice look to couple with my beautiful mother. After I got ready I went to the living room with the bunch of roses I bought for her and waited until she got ready. About 15 minutes later mom appeared from her room looking like a goddess. She was wearing an open shoulder black dinner dress which showed a little bit of her large bosom and gave a slight hint about her deep cleavage and it was long enough to reach her ankles. Her hair was done in a manner that part of it was falling over her left breast while the rest was falling on her back. She had applied her make up more than usual and for me she was looking very much younger than her age.

She seductively walked closer to me and posed herself to show me the dress. I was speechless for the whole time. I don’t know for how long I’ve been staring at her. Then she grabbed my shoulders and shook me, “Hey Jason, what happened?”

Then only I came back to my senses, “Wha…. Oh, I…. I’m sorry mom. You are really gorgeous tonight. I’m out of words to describe how beautiful you are. Any man who will see you like this will go nuts for sure. That’s what just happened to me.”

After she heard it, her face got blushed like a teenage girl. “Thank you, honey. I’m so happy to know that this old lady can still turn a young man on.”

It was so annoying to hear her tell herself “an old lady”. “MOM, you are not old and you don’t look old. How many times I have to tell it to you?”

She accepted the defeat after my loud shouting. “Okay. Okay. I’m not old and I don’t look old. Right? By the way, which lucky girl is going to get that bunch of roses from you tonight?”

I started to walk to her. “She is the most special woman in my life and she is the most beautiful woman I know. But tonight she looks more beautiful than ever.”

Then I presented it to her. “This is for you mom,” and then I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close.

She looked at the flowers and said, “These are so beautiful baby.” Then she looked at my eyes with so much love, “I love you Jason.”

I replied her, “I love you too mom,” and kissed her full lips softly. If the kiss went on for too long, I knew that I would lose myself completely in her. So, I pulled my lips away quickly even before mom could respond. Then I stepped back from her and asked, “Shall we go ma’am?”

She smiled and held my arm. “Let’s go.”

We went out and I asked her the car keys, “I’ll drive today. You are my date tonight.”

She handed me the keys and I opened the door for her to get in to the car. She smiled at the door and kissed my cheek. “You’ve turned into a fine gentleman.”

“That’s because of you, mom,” I replied.

I closed the door after she sat and then I got onto the driver seat and started to drive. She turned to my side and asked, “Where are we going , honey?”

“That’s a surprise, mom.”

Mom said, “Really! Oh, you are so good at them.”

Hotel Citrus was about 30 minutes drive away from our home. Mom was silent almost all the way to the hotel. Looked like she was thinking about something important. May be its about our relationship. But, when I turned the car from main road to the hotel her facial expression totally changed from that blank thoughtful look to a look of utter surprise.

“Oh my god, Jason. Isn’t this bostancı escort too expensive for us?”

I parked the vehicle and then kissed her cheek. “Nothing is expensive when it’s for you, mom. Besides, I have saved from my pocket money. So don’t worry about the price. It’s all taken care of. So just relax and enjoy it.”

I went out and opened the door for her to get down. She held my hand and we went to the reception. The receptionist directed us to the table and while we walked in between the tables mom became the center of the attraction of most male eyes as usual. But unlike other days, she was noticing about it and I held her closer to me to show them that I am her man. Photos

We went to the table and I pulled the chair for her to sit down. I sat in front of her and we had a little talk about my c***dhood and her office work. She looked so happy that day. We spent a really nice time. We ordered Chinese foods, her favourites. Then we ordered some dessert and had some wine too. I had only one glass of wine as I had to drive. But mom had 2 or 3 glasses. All the while we kept chatting. While we were having wine the orchestra started to play music. Few couples joined the dance floor and after a while I to wanted to dance with mom. So, I asked her, “Would you come to dance with me, my lady.”

She stood up from her chair, “How can I refuse the invitation of a handsome young man?”

Then we too joined the dance floor. Actually we didn’t dance. We just held each other close and just stepped to the music. I really loved the feeling of her boobs getting crushed on my chest. They felt so soft on me. It had a direct effect on my cock and it started to stir inside my trouser. I wanted to feel her the effect she had on me. So I lowered my hand on her back slowly towards her ass and pushed her bottom more towards me. She looked at me with a smile on her face. “Looks like someone is so excited to dance with his mom.”

“That’s the effect you have on me, mom. To be honest, it’s like this whenever I’m with you,” I replied.

She rubbed my cheek with her soft hands and made her mouth pointy to make such a funny facial expression, “Oh my poor baby. I can’t help with that. Can I?”

I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing her face. I bent my head down and whispered to her, “You might be able to help me with it. But who is going to help the other men whom you caused the same effect tonight?”

Her face blushed after my words and she hid her face on my chest. “I wasn’t joking mom. Didn’t you see how men were looking at you when we entered the hotel and most of them are still looking at you. Just look around,” I said.

I slowly turned around with her but she was looking nowhere except my eyes. “I don’t care whether anyone is looking at me or not. All I care about is whether the man holding me right now is looking at me or not.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard and I was so glad to hear that she didn’t want any other man except me. Those words were really a positive signal from mom. She was still looking at my eyes and all I could see was her eyes which were filled with so much love for me. Even though I knew that she too needed me as much as I needed her, I didn’t want to make things rush. I wanted to make our first night very special.

I brought my face closer to her and whispered, “I love you so much, mom,” and then I kissed her lips. Mom also responded me by kissing back and it went on for good 45 seconds until the song was over. It wasn’t a deep passionate, tongue dueling kiss, but it was far from an innocent mother-son kiss too.

We went back to our table when the song was over. It was about 9.30 pm and because I wanted to take her to the Marine Walk I asked her, “Shall we leave now mom?”

She replied me in a playful manner, “You are the man. It’s your decision.”

Then I paid the bill and we left the hotel. Once again we were holding our hands and we slowly walked to our car. She stopped close to our car and turned to me, “This is the best night I ever had, Jason. Thank you.”

I kissed her cheek, “Don’t thank me yet mom. The night is still young.”

She looked so happy that night and I had never seen her so happy till then. Then we drove along the main road and stopped by the beach. She asked me, “Why did you stop honey?”

I opened the driver’s door, “Come out and see yourself mom.”

She also got down from the car. I took her hand and walked towards the Marine Walk which had become empty by that time of the day. It didn’t have electricity, so the path was lit only by the full moon. “Do you remember this place mom? We used to come here when I was young and we would walk along this path until I became tired.”

She smiled, probably because of those sweet memories. “I think you were 5 or 6 years old by then. You never listened to me when I said that I was tired. You kept walking and I always had to come after you,” she chuckled.

We walked down the path for about 45 minutes and then turned to come back. All the way through we were talking about my c***dhood and how she enjoyed being with me. She stopped me when we came closer to the car. I couldn’t understand why she did that. So I turned to her. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. She looked so beautiful under the moon light and she was looking at my eyes. “May I thank you now?” she asked.

“I think you can thank me now.”

She pulled my head down instantly for another kiss. But this time it was more passionate than the last. I also wrapped my arms around her waist and responded to her kiss. Then I felt her tongue searching for entry into my mouth and I opened my mouth to welcome her searching tongue. Her tongue ran to every corner of my mouth, so did mine in hers. Little “mmhhh,”s and “aahh,”s escaped from both our mouths but all of them were muffled with each other’s mouths. My hands went all around her back and ass while she kept her arms wrapped around my neck the whole time. I didn’t want to ruin the moment just like that morning, so I didn’t try anything other than that.

Eventually, she broke the kiss and we still held each other close while keeping our foreheads in contact. She looked at each other again and mom was the first to break the silence. “How was that for a thank you, baby?”

I was in quite a shock. “Wow mom, if that is the way you are going to thank me, I will take you out everyday.”

She was smiling and said, “You are so sweet, baby. There’s something I need to tell you.”

I was curious to know what that was. “What’s that mom? Please tell me.”

She took a deep breath in, “This will change our lives forever. But I can’t keep it within myself anymore. So I decided to tell you.”

I was listening to her curiously. She said, “I thought about what you told me this morning. honey, I to have been having these odd thoughts about you for some time. Sometimes when I was masturbating all I could think about is you. I tried to imagine any other person, actor, work colleagues, neighbors, but all those faces become your face when I climaxed. At first I thought it was just a motherly attraction towards you. But those imaginations became more and more frequent. I started to think about the size of your cock and without realizing, I was checking you out when you weren’t looking at me. Then I realized that something should be horribly wrong with me.”

Her eyes were tearful and a drop of tear was falling along her cheek. I kissed her cheek where the tear drop was. She continued her story. “I told Megan about it without telling that it was you. She told me it was the images of people that we lust most are the ones we see in these fantasies. Then I came home and thought about it. But it was not the pure lust I had about you. I wanted you to hold me, kiss me, make love to me, cuddle with me, whisper your love to me. I didn’t want just a fuck. I could’ve got it from any man. But all I needed was something that I’ve never felt in my life. I needed to feel loved by a man. To feel loved unconditionally. I was craving for it. I noticed how you were checking me out lately. There was lust and so much love in your eyes. I tried so hard to bury those feelings about you. But your eyes only re-ignited them. I just didn’t have the courage to take the first step.”

She was turning her head down, but was still speaking. “I know that such thoughts about your son is a sin and the society won’t accept it. But honey how can love be wrong? But I can’s hide these feelings anymore, baby. I love you. I love you like a woman loves her man. I love you my baby,” she covered her face in my chest and started to cry.

That was the happiest moment in my life. I couldn’t believe she just told me that she loves me as her man. As usual, I also started to cry with her. “Oh mom, why didn’t you tell me before. We would’ve been lot happier if one of us had the courage to confront our feelings. Let’s not worry and face the future.”

Mom lifted her face off my chest and looked at me. Her face had become a mess with the tears rolling on her cheeks and some make up & mascara had disappeared. “I’m really sorry, my love. Let’s go home and I need you to make love to me tonight.”

Those were the words I had wanted to hear from her since I knew what love was. I swept her feet off the ground and took her to my arms. “You bet I will, mom.”

I carried her to the car and placed her on the passenger seat. Then I closed the door and quickly jumped to the driver seat on the other side. She knew that I was excited and going to drive like a mad man. So she warned me, “Drive slowly honey. We don’t want to face an accident, do we? We have all the time in the world. So drive slow and carefully.”

I drove home slowly and carefully as her instructions. Her hand was rubbing my thighs all the way to our home. That was a real torture for me, but somehow I managed to drive home without facing any accident and stopped it on our drive way.

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