Ocak 28, 2023

Pictures in the Park

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To my friend and inspiration, thank you always for showing me love and courage. You know who you are.

To my readers, enjoy and don’t forget to vote!


I closed the car door behind me. Slung my bag over my right shoulder and made my way towards his car parked along the street. My stomach lurched and my palms were sweating. Was I really going through with this? I had planned for weeks for this day, but anxiety almost made me get back in my car and leave. He stepped from his car, casual, relaxed like this was a totally normal meeting. I was here for photographs, not just any photos…nudes. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this. Our meeting place was a small public park within the city, just a green belt. He directed me to the trail leading into the trees, and beyond into the creek bed carved through the limestone. I was over dressed, jeans and a long sleeve shirt. My shoulder bag weighed heavily on me as we wound our way deeper into the creek. It contained some props, and other clothes, bra and panties and the box of wine it would take to give me the courage to strip in front of a total stranger in the center of the park.

A few minutes later, we reached our destination, a landing of sorts, where the limestone formed a wide shelf above the lightly flowing creek. Above us on the sidewalk at the edge of the park I could hear women’s voices as they walked by, oblivious to us in the creek below. I dropped my bag and surveyed the area. My hands were shaking as I rummaged through my bag. I poured myself some wine in a paper cup. I offered some to him. He declined, politely though, as he took light readings and began to set up his cameras. I gulped the first cup quickly followed by a second.

He called me over to the edge of the rock, me still clothed, warmed by the sun and the wine I had downed so quickly. He took a few test shots and some more light readings, and reached out to rearrange my long blonde hair. His hand brushed my cheek sending warm sensations through me.

For the first time I looked at him, really looked at him. His sandy blonde hair was slightly wavy and I watched as every so often he raked his hand through it. He did it with out a reason, didn’t even seem aware he was doing it. His green eyes were intense, like an Irish meadow bathed in sunlight. His arms were muscled nicely, but not overdone. Overall a nice package.

He raised his camera and began taking shot after shot of me. Talking quietly to me all the while, move here, turn there, look at me, look away. The commands flowed from him, softly calmly working to relax me and make me more at ease. A few minutes in he asked me to open my blouse revealing my lace bra. He strode over to rearrange my hair and to move my blouse to show off my full breasts in the best manner. Again his hand brushed my skin, again I felt the heat from the contact. This time, I looked him in the eye as he brushed against me. I felt his hand linger just a bit against the side of my breast, was I imagining this? He moved away, as he turned back toward me, I watched him suppress a grin.

He raised the camera again, and directed me to lean back more, propping myself on my elbows, I did as he said. My breasts pushed upward as I followed his directions. Take your jeans off, he directed. I stood and unbuttoned my jeans and slowly slid them eryaman bayan escort down my hips, and on down my legs. Suddenly glad I had been working on my tan. I could hear the shutter on the camera clicking in rapid succession as he kept shooting. I focused my eyes on the front of his jeans. Was it my imagination? Or was his cock rising? Chin up he told me, tilt your head to the left. I did, a devious smirk crossed my lips. “What was that look?” He asked. “Oh nothing,” I replied.

I eased my shirt off my shoulders, letting is slide down my arms. Now clothed only in my bra and panties I stood on the limestone shelf. Still very self-conscious, but gradually becoming more comfortable with the situation. I flashed a smile as I turned my back to him. I walked back to my bag, carrying my shirt and jeans. I gulped a little more wine before returning to my previous location.

I slowly turned away again and began removing my bra. My back to the camera, I glanced provocatively over my shoulder. I heard him approach, snapping shots as he did. He rearranged my hair over my shoulder so it lay across the top of my right breast. He placed the palm of his hand against my back. I leaned into his touch, craving it wanting to feel more of him. He slid his hand around to my side, curling his fingers against the side of my bare breast. Then he circled me, raising the camera once more. I looked down at myself, the sunlight playing across my bare skin. I raised my head, looking toward him, I slowly sank to my knees, hooking a finger in my panties. I looked at him, my fingers stretching the waistband of my silk and lace panties away from my hip. Teasing, suggesting I was going to slide them off, but not quite yet. I slid my hand inside my panties, my long fingers grazing the top of my closely trimmed bush. I shivered slightly with the sensations this brought and the anticipation of what was to come.

From the sidewalk above, the noises of the busy neighborhood filtered in. Dogs were barking, cars passing, and children playing nearby.

I grinned at the camera mischievously as my hand dipped lower to cup my pussy. My middle finger grazed my wet opening, sending chills up my spine. All the while the camera kept clicking away, in rapid-fire succession. I dipped the tip of my finger inside my now wet opening. Moaning softly I looked straight into the camera. I pulled my hand from my wetness and brought it to my lips. Playing it up for the camera, I flicked my tongue out to lick the juices from my finger. I moaned aloud as I tasted my juices. A wicked smile crossed my lips. I closed my lips around my finger and sucked it as I pulled it from my mouth.

I saw him draw a ragged breath, hiding behind the camera. I watched as he moved to get the perfect shot, his jeans were now bulging in front. I stood turning to face the camera, slid my panties down slowly, very slowly, drawing out my striptease for the lens. I looked down slightly, easing my panties off over my hips, I exposed my heated pussy. The cool air hitting my wetness made me shiver. The sun felt as if it was caressing my skin. I continued to pull my panties off, stepping out of them one foot at a time.

Now totally naked, surrounded by nature and the sounds of the city, the only person close seemed impersonal, distant somehow, hidden behind the camera and its lens.

I escort sincan continued to move for the camera, seductively swaying, turning this way and that. Still standing on the rock outcropping bathed by the fall sun. The shutter clicking away. He would approach, check light readings make adjustments, pausing here and there to move my hair or lift my chin in such a way that appealed to him and the lens.

Gradually his touches grew more certain lingering longer against my sun warmed skin. I craved his touch, wanting to feel his skin against mine and feel his lips over my body. My passions fueled by the moment and the wine. He stepped in to touch me once again, this time I too stepped into him. My lips brushing against his palm as he reached to move my hair out of my face. I closed my eyes, as his lips covered mine. The desire sparked between us like a live flame. My hands reached for him, his hands closed over my hip and breast at the same time. His camera trapped between us held by the strap around his neck. I moaned, aching to feel so much more. Responding to his fiery kiss, I slid my hands under his shirt marveling at the smooth expanse of warm skin that met my hands. He pulled away slightly. First removing the camera and then his shirt off over his head. He leaned down to carefully place the camera on the rock shelf and tossed his shirt at my feet.

As consumed by the raging need as I was, we reached for the button on his jeans at the same time. Both sets of hands fumbling, tangling, we giggled softly at the urgent need that flustered both of us. I moved my hands from his path, tracing his rigid cock through his jeans, relishing the feel of him through the heavy denim. Finally, he freed himself, and I reached eagerly for him. Wrapping my hands around his throbbing cock, enjoying the soft skin in my palm and the engorged shaft that lie just beneath. I arched my back, pressing my breasts to him as he dropped his jeans to the ground. He kicked himself free from his clothes. His strong arms pulled me roughly hungrily against his hard body. His mouth covering mine in a kiss branded with fire. Tasting and twining delving deep into my very soul.

I trembled at his touch, craving all he was willing to give me. He broke free from the kiss, our breathing ragged. I traced a path down his chest with my fingertips, followed quickly by my tongue and lips. I lowered myself down his body to his waiting cock. I flicked my tongue out to touch his rigid member. He drew a ragged breath, as I buried his cock deep in my mouth. Moving tentatively at first, growing more sure of myself with each stroke down his hard shaft. I sucked softly at first, then more insistently as I heard his breathing change to a rapid pant. His cock grew firmer in my mouth, the head swelling as I stroked him with my tongue and lips, bringing him closer to his release with every stroke. He gripped my hair tightly with both hands and forced me to stop.

Gathering me to him once again he laid me down on the rocky shelf. His strewn clothing barely enough to cushion my hips and buttocks from the rough rock below me. He lowered himself above me, hovering for just an instant as I wrapped my long tan legs around his waist and aided him as he drove into me. With his first stroke he buried himself deeply inside me, so much so that I could feel elvankent escort bayan his balls against my ass. We paused, shuddering together at the intense feelings brought forth by that single stroke. My body arched towards him as he withdrew almost completely, craving him wanting him to stay buried deep inside me. He thrust into me repeatedly burying his full length deep in me. I shuddered with the intensity of each stroke. My body was fueled by wine, lust and the thrill of coupling in the center of the park.

I felt the intensity growing with each stroke. He kissed first my mouth, then my breasts, his strong hand warmed my skin as he traced a path down my body. His hand traced across my stomach, reaching lower, between us until his fingers found my clit. I gasped as he stroked me with his cock and his fingers. Bringing me closer to orgasm with each stroke. I could feel his head swelling deep inside me as I began to shudder. The sensations were building within my very core. My body clenched and shuddered as I came violently. He came too, thrusting deep inside my quivering tunnel as my body gripped him milking every drop of cum from his spent body. For several long minutes he lay over me, his cock still buried inside me, both of us struggling to breathe.

Gradually our breathing returned to normal. The voices and sounds of the neighborhood filtered through the trees.

He slipped from inside me, and leaned down to kiss me, deeply and passionately. I circled his neck with my arms. Drawing him back to me yet again. Panting, he broke the kiss and offered me his hand in order to help me up. I became suddenly very aware of the rock digging into my shoulder blade and lower back. I took his hand and stood, shaking pebbles and debris from my hair. He turned me gently around and helped me dust the dirt and rock from my back and buttocks. Leaning in to kiss my shoulder as he did so.

He stepped back still smiling and began to pick my clothes up and offer them to me one item at a time. I took my bra and panties and stuffed them in my bag. Opting to put my jeans and shirt on with out them. He slowly began to dress as well, shirt first, then jeans, then socks and shoes.

Once clothed, he picked up his camera and flipped on the view screen on the back. He grinned as he scrolled through the photos stating that there were quite a few useable photos from the shoot.

I sat on the rock shelf and watched quietly studying him as he packed his equipment. A few minutes later he was ready. We walked silently up the trail, me trailing him just slightly. As we reached the cars, we stopped at his car first and spoke casually as he loaded the cameras and equipment into his car. He walked me to my car and promised to send me the pictures as soon as he had a chance to edit them.

I threw my bag into the passenger seat and turned back to him. Caught slightly off guard as he covered my mouth in a deeply passionate kiss that left me breathless. Grinning I waved as I drove away.

Two weeks later I got a large envelope in the mail, marked only with my address and “Photos Do Not Bend.” I rushed inside and opened the package. On top was a hand written note, “Hope you don’t mind, but I made a copy of this one for me. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.”

The photo the note was adhered to showed me, naked from head to toe, a slight grin beginning to show on my lips, a sparkle in my eye. I liked it, and most of the others as well.

I still grin when I look at those photos, reminded of a passionate afternoon in the center of the park, surrounded by nature and sounds of the neighborhood.

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