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People Who Smoke

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I wasn’t expecting anything when I slipped out of the reception. I just needed a smoke.

The air was cold, Wisconsin can be brutal in late October, and I had lost my jacket right about the time my sister and her new husband had finished ruling he dance floor. It wasn’t exactly my favorite kind of scene, weddings tended to make me maudlin, especially after seven years single and almost as long without sex. The kids and grandparents had all left, just the twenty-something’s and one forty-eight year old smoker who had promised his sister the bride that he would run designated driver for the evening.

Weak, Timothy, I thought to myself, but you’ve always had your sisters’ backs, part and parcel with being the oldest.

I sucked hard on the cigarette, hoping to finish up quick when the side door of the reception hall banged open behind me, sending me stumbling into the dumpster on my left.

“Fuck! Watch it assho….” And I shut up quick. The curvy little brunette standing behind the door had her hand raised to her mouth in horror at hitting me, and her huge green eyes sucked all my anger away.

“Jesus , Tim , I’m so fucking sorry! Are you ok?”

It was Ellie, the groom’s younger sister, youngest of my sister Lucy’s bridesmaids. Her sleeveless blue dress was unflattering on a busty little figure that needed very little flattery, and her brown curls were şirinevler escort mussed and sweaty from the dancing.

“I’m fine, thanks. Need some air?”

She smiled, relieved, and it was like the sun coming up. Wide soft lips, perfect teeth, and those eyes like summer grass. Those boys on the dance floor were some lucky little shits.

” Yeah, but I really needed a smoke.” She rummaged around in her bag, a tiny little black clutch, and pulled out a hand rolled joint. I knew the smell instantly.

She caught me staring and hesitated “You ok with this? I can find another spot.”

I waited perhaps a half a second before I threw caution to the wind and chuckled. I grabbed the joint from her and lit it, inhaling deeply , “No problem, little one, just as long as you share.”

The smoke hit me hard, it was very good and I hadn’t smoked pot in almost two decades, so I was grinning at the eighteen year old like a fool in no time.

We passed the joint back and forth for a while in companionable silence till I noticed her shivering. I didn’t have my coat, but I slung my arm around her shoulder and tucked her in next to my chest. My chin rested on top of her head as she murmured thanks. After a while I noticed her shifting in my grip, her breasts pressing against my ribs. I glanced down and gave a different kind of shiver. Some şişli escort exceptional cleavage was rubbing against me right on front of my eyes, and it seemed as though Ellie was trying to adjust her dress without being obvious. As one erect pink nipple slipped momentarily into view of my bulging eyes, I realized that she had slipped off her bra inside, or perhaps hasn’t worn one at all.

It took a bit longer before I noticed that she had caught me staring.

I couldn’t say a word, barely started to apologize before she put her finger against my lip. She bit her own lip and shifted again. She glanced around us, but the parking lot behind the reception hall was empty and dark.

“Fuck it.” She sighed, and with one smooth motion she flipped the rest of the joint into the shadows and slid to her knees.

I might have started to babble some nonsense about my age, and what she thought she was doing, but she scooped her heavy breasts out of her dress and rested them on my thighs.

I had no words after that. The blood had left my brain and rushed down to where Ellie was rubbing her cheek on my thigh.

“You are a very nice looking man, Tim. And weed always gets me horny. May I suck your dick, Tim?”

Her voice was husky and mine was just a whisper

“Oh god yes.”

Ellie flashed me that smile one more time, before fishing suadiye escort my erection out of my fly. Her smile widened briefly as she pumped it with her hands, hefting my balls and making throaty moans.

Then I was in her mouth, and the wet , slick heat of her tongue made me close my eyes on shock. It had been a very long time since I had felt a woman’s mouth on my cock and I was harder and redder than I had ever been. She was very good, her age notwithstanding, and she guided my hands to hold her heavy breasts as she worked me with teeth and lips and tongue.

I knew I wouldn’t last, this kind of thing had never happened to me before, and just the thought that my cock was buried in the mouth of this young woman moaning at me was tightening my scrotum in anticipation.

When the release came, it almost blacked me out, and she held tight, swallowing my seed as fast as I could pump into to her mouth.

I staggered back against the dumpster when she released me, and she zipped me up with an affectionate pat on my still throbbing groin. Ellie stood on her tiptoes, kissing me deeply with my seed still on her lips. Her whisper sent another shiver through me as my blood slowly cooled

” I will get our coats, Tim. I’m going to need you to drive me to the hotel.”

She slid back inside and I fumbled in my pants for my phone.

I had some friends who owed me favors. They could drive the drunks home, I wasn’t planning on leaving that hotel when I got Ellie there.

I sent the texts while I lit another cigarette.

“Holy shit.” I murmured over and over as I waited for Ellie to come back out with the coats,

“Holy shit.”

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