Haziran 15, 2024

Paris Bathhouse

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We were in Paris for the first time and only for a couple of days. We quickly explored the city’s most popular spots and while at it, we tried -unsuccessfully – some cruising. I guess the time of the day and rats were not helping. So we found a bathhouse not too far away and decided to check it out later that night.

When we got there we paid our dues, grabbed our towels and headed to the lockers. As we undressed, a black guy came close to a locker close to us – I was so excited that I couldn’t take my eyes off him, until my husband got me to snap out of it and told me to hurry up.

We hit the showers first, since we had been exploring the city all day walking around. The showers were very nice and kinky: they were in some sort of a cave, within the cave there were multiple showers with white glass doors, the one I went into had three shower heads! which was immediately an even more exciting surprise.

Next stop was the steam room, we walked in and there was sort of an open bay with showers to the left and a built in bench along the wall. Straight ahead was a wide hallway with built in benches on both sides, light was very dim (proper of a steam room). Those benches were almost full but there was a little room for us to sit on the left side.

It took me a minute to adjust to the light, and then understand the show right across from me: blonde white head going up and down on big black cock that was next to him. Blonde dude was definitely a good and experienced cocksucker, he was going deep down on that cock, obviously down to his throat. He would come up for air every now and then and thats when I realized how huge the cock was. He went back down to keep sucking, black guy grabbed a hold of his head this time to control the rhythm, we were all watching, my dick was hard, I had already opened up my towel and was slowly stroking. Blonde guy stopped and whispered something to his hung friend – it seemed like he wanted to take him upstairs to a cabin or home with him, I bet he was dying to devour that monster cock with his pink boy pussy. He had been working it for some time now so it was only fair for him to get is hole stretched out on top of his throat. Black guy was not ready though, so blondy left.

A minute after the show ended, we stood up and went to the istanbul travesti bay to which that hallway led. This one had like a pilar somewhere in the middle and built in bench all around. One of the corners of this room though had a sort of nook: a narrow “hallway” 1 person deep (sitting down on each side) that led to the nook, high as the bench but deep. – This nook got very fun later that night.

For the time being, the steam room got boring and hot, so we went to the hot tub. it was rather small, we walked down the stairs and sat on the right side, facing the stairs. I thought it was odd how some dudes would cover their dicks as they walked down the stairs.

We moved over to the pool, were me and my husband were kissing and hugging while we floated on the water – we were both completely naked of course. At a point, he hugged me and then grabbed my legs and lifted them around him. As we kissed, he started caressing my ass cheeks and probing my hole, then I felt his hard dick rubbing against my ass. He used his fingers to press his dick against me and rub it even more – I was extremely horny, rocking on it.

After a couple of minutes of playing like this, we left the pool. I went to the locker and grabbed my small butt plug and in the showers, I lubed up and pushed it up my ass.

We went back to the steam room, we sat in a corner in the second bay. As soon as we got there I squatted in front of him, opened his towel and started sucking him off. I tried imitating the blonde dude from earlier by going down deep, which caused me to gag a couple of times. Squatting, my plugged hole was completely open and up for grabs, so my husband was caressing it and playing with the plug, which has turning me on so much, I wanted to get fucked right there and then. I kept going though, working his cock with my hand as I sucked on it.

We then realized we were not alone, there was another cocksucker in the room, busy. He was kneeling by the nook I told you about earlier, his cock master was sitting down. That cock sucker was being loud, slurping and catching his breath often. I kept sucking the dick in my hand while we both watched those two, that then became three, a younger looking guy walked up to them and offered his cock, so cocksucker took it on his hand then istanbul travestileri his mouth. He alternated cocks for some time until he focused on the latter guy and made him in his mouth. The sitting guy was not interested in feeding him his seed, so cocksucker left.

This is when my husband told me to go up to him, and jerk the sitting guy’s cock. I did, walked up to him and slowly stretched my hand towards his semi hard cock. He looked at me and nodded, so I sat right across from him and started playing with his dick. My husband joined us so I had to move over, into the nook. There was no room for my legs so I had lean back and keep my feet planted on the bench: I felt like a pregnant women giving birth, and our new friend was the doctor.

My husband was now playing with this dudes cock while the dude started exploring me and found the plug. He seemed surprised at the beginning, but then started playing with it, moving it in circles, in and out – I was in ecstasy, lifting my ass to sit and rock on the plug and his hand. He pushed a finger inside me along with the plug and pumped slowly, and then I felt emptiness: he had pulled out his finger and the plug. Only for a second though cause he went right back in there with two fingers. My husband then joined him and they spread my legs more, they were both playing with my hole, taking turns fingering it, we had an audience now.

They kept it up for a few minutes until I had three of his fingers and two of my husband’s inside my warm and wet hole. My husband pulled his hand out of me and whispered to go explore upstairs, so I pulled my ass from the other dudes hand and we took off.

There was a lot of people upstairs, in the cabins and on the hallways, no one having any fun though. We found a small room with a swing and a sauna next to it.

We went into the sauna first.

There was a guy laying on the upper bench, so we sat next to him but on the lower bench. I closed my eyes to relax for a couple of seconds and when I opened them my husband was jerking this guy off. He was pretty hard already. I started stroking my self and caressing my wet stretched pussy with my other hand, sticking the tip of a finger or two in there. I couldn’t wait anymore, I told my husband to follow me. We went to the travesti istanbul swing room, I had been caring a small bag with my butt plugs and lube, so I lubed my hole up some more and climbed on the swing, legs wide open and raised high up.

As soon as he walked in there he positioned himself in between my legs and teased me with his cock head, I really wanted that cock deep inside me, I was moaning like a little bitch. My husband’s friend then walked in, he offered me his cock and I started jerking it when I felt this monster cock penetrating my hole, I had to let go of the cock in my hand and held on to the chains by my arms. My husband pulled half way out and started pumping me slowly, and then a hard trust, then slowly again, half way out or out just so that his cock head was inside me, and then push all 8 inches deep inside.

Our friend got a condom on and went behind my husband, but my husband had a different plan in mind: he pulled out, moved aside and signaled him to fuck me. Our friend was kind of confused, but he still positioned himself in between my legs, aimed for my leaking pussy and pushed in. He was not bigger then my husband so he slipped right in, he looked up to my husband as if looking for approval to what my husband nodded. That was all he needed, he started fucking me like there was no tomorrow, I screamed and wrapped my legs around him. He paused, repositioned and grabbed my hips, did some circles inside me and then pounded me again, rocking the swing to ensure not a single millimeter of his dick was left without meeting my insides.

My husband now signaled him “My turn”, so our friend pulled out, which caused me to gasp, and just a few seconds later, I felt completely full: my husband’s cock was buried inside my hole. He started pumping me slowly and then hard, very hard: “Im about to get you pregnant” he said right before trusting deep inside, I was able to feel his cock pulsating, shooting his seed inside me. He trusted into me a few more times, shooting a rope of cum each time.

Our friend had taken his condom off and was jerking his cock next to my face, that was the second load I took, this one landed on my chest, my own was next, landing in my belly.

We caught our breaths and I felt my husband’s cock moving out, then I heard that wet pop of a fat cock coming out of a just bred hole. I could totally picture the head of his semi hard wet cock dripping.

Our friend smiled at us and then left. We cleaned up, showered and went home.

Totally looking forward to our next visit to Paris.

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