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Open Windows Ch. 05

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned, expect to find mistakes.


The Sunflower Apartments complex went up quickly. One day there were just fallow fields at the intersection of Highways 331 and 12-A in Mordbrand, Kansas. Then a crew with bulldozers leveled the field. Then came the massive cement trucks and semis loaded down with building materials. Before long, forty eight apartments spread over four uniform buildings were available for rent.

Teri Jones lolled on the couch of her apartment. She’d rented Apartment 307 A the moment she’d received her third paycheck from her job at the recycling plant and told her step-father he would have to get a job. He would no longer be able to charge her rent.

“You’re not going to have my paycheck to support your fat ass,” Teri declared the moment she saw that she’d managed to save enough money for first and last month’s rent plus the deposit on Jayel County Public Utilities.

Howard Fineman tried to spin the story when Debbie Fineman wanted to know why Teri was moving out. Howard tried to paint a picture of a spoiled, narcissistic brat that chafed under his firm but loving hand.

“No, Teri, really. Why are you moving out?” Debbie asked; not buying Howard’s explanation.

“Because, Mother, I bust my ass in that sweaty, smelly warehouse all day, come home and this ass hole takes half my check, says its rent to live here,” Teri said.

“He what? You what? Howard? You, Teri, how much has he taken from you so far?” Debbie demanded, shocked.

Right now, Howard Fineman was working as a bus boy/dishwasher at Rio Del Sol Mexican restaurant; Debbie did not give a tinker’s damn that the position was beneath him. So far, in the three years that they’d been married, Howard had yet to find one job that was worthy of a man of his caliber and intellect.

“Well, you just need to elevate the job, rather than waiting for that right job to find you,” Debbie had said, teeth gritted. “Okay? Bring the job up to your standards, but God help your fat hairy ass if you somehow lose that job.”

Teri’s furniture had been accumulated from various family and friends and garage sales. Teri had gone down to Falwell City, Oklahoma to Wilson Fabrics and had used the sewing machine she’d inherited from her grandmother to fabricate slipcovers for the love seat and couch and chair. She’d bought yards of iced lemon faux suede material and covered couch and chair and loveseat. Then she had made throw pillows of light pink and peach and lime faux suede and scattered the soft pillows around, creating a soft and inviting area.

Donna Aldridge, Teri’s best friend had said the place just made her hungry for lemon sherbet. But Donna agreed, Teri’s apartment was a lot nicer than her own apartment; Donna rented 305 C, a tiny studio apartment.

As she lolled on her comfortable couch, casually flipping through television channels, movement caught Teri’s eye. She got off the couch and approached her living room window, which faced Apartment building C. Her living room window looked directly into the living room of Apartment 302 C. The beautiful and very pregnant tenant of 302 C was dressed in only lacy bra and matching panties as she raised the blinds of her living room. As there was a light breeze, Teri had her own blinds up and her living room window cracked halfway open.

“I, Keremy, how would I know what happened?” Teri could hear the beautiful woman speaking. “One minute we have power and the next minute we don’t. And, God, being knocked up? You know I need that air on. God I’m burning up here!”

When the neighbor turned, Teri groaned. The skimpy panties showed off the neighbor’s luscious ass.

Watching the beautiful woman’s delicious ass, Teri worked her fingers down the front of her shorts, over her bald mound toward her wet lips. Teri wasn’t surprised to find that she was already quite wet.

Teri was fairly certain she was gay. She’d had a few fucks with guys, mostly when she was in high school. Despite numerous opportunities, in spite of several offers, she’d not had any fucks since starting her job at the recycling plant. But for as long as she could remember, Teri had been attracted to women. And the unnamed neighbor was constant fantasy fodder for Teri’s masturbation sessions. The neighbor’s big round belly and her sweet innocent round face and her large jiggling breasts and sweet ass had Teri frantically rubbing herself whenever she had a few moments of privacy.

“Okay, Gerry, be right back,” Teri heard a deep male voice say.

“Hurry,” Gerry ordered.

Teri hunkered down, waiting, hoping to see more of her neighbor. She now had a name to go with the sweet face and sexy pregnant body. Teri wondered what Gerry would think if she knew that, twenty feet away, she had a female admirer? Would the young woman close the blinds, preventing istanbul travesti Teri’s voyeuristic pleasures?

Apparently, the electricity was off at Apartment 302 C. Teri watched as Gerry lolled on a soft couch, listlessly fanning her sweating body.

Teri got up and fixed herself a drink; her mother had given Teri a bottle of Nulough’s vodka, a fifth of Iron Barrel Whiskey, and a fifth of Virgin Island rum. So far, Teri liked the rum, but her best friend Donna vacillated between the rum and the vodka. Teri made herself a whiskey and Seven-Up and gave a slow satisfying sip of the fizzing drink.

Soon, the murmur of voices floated into her window and Teri again crouched down. Her eyes opened wide as she saw a handsome man and her pregnant neighbor sitting on the floor, on a towel. Jeremy must have run to the convenience store on Highway 331 and bought a bag of ice. As Teri watched, Jeremy took a chunk of ice and ran it over Gerry’s neck and shoulders. Gerry leaned forward and moved her thick waist length brown hair aside.

“Oh God yes,” Gerry groaned aloud, loud enough for Teri to hear her.

Like that, huh?” Jeremy chuckled.

“Uh huh,” Gerry agreed. “Oh, get my back. Oh!”

Teri found her cell phone and hit ‘4’ for Donna’s number. When Teri wasn’t masturbating to thoughts of her sexy pregnant neighbor, she was pleasuring herself to thoughts of Donna, with her large giggly boobs, sweetly rounded ass, long blonde hair and big cow eyes.

“Hello? Hey, listen, can’t talk long; stupid phone’s about to die and I can’t charge it’ power’s out over here,” Donna said immediately. “You, the power off there?”

“No, you, you got to come over here,” Teri hissed and almost squealed as Gerry unhooked her industrial strength bra. “Bring your charger; you can charge your phone here. But you have to see this.”

“Be right there, don’t know what happened,” Donna said. “One minute we…”

Teri did squeal as her neighbor flung her bra aside. Teri watched as Jeremy now held a piece of ice in his two hands and massaged Gerry’s large breasts with the pieces of ice. The way they were seated, Teri had a perfect profile or side view of the neighbors. She could just make out Gerry’s right nipple, dark and puffy. Teri masturbated as she could see Gerry’s full, round breast all wet and dripping with melting ice. Teri let out a low moan as her first orgasm crested.

It took Donna longer to meander across the drive than it had taken for Jeremy to grab the ice for Gerry. Teri now had her phone on ‘Record Video’ and set it on the windowsill, recording the erotic images of her sexy pregnant neighbor being rubbed down with ice.

“Damn it, quit it,” Teri hissed, hoping Donna’s obnoxiously loud knocking could not be heard by her neighbors.

“Hey, I swear, one minute, I’m just sitting there, and…” Donna said, shuffling slowly into the apartment.

“Shh, shh, come see,” Teri hissed, waving her hands for Donna to be quiet.

Teri made Donna crouch down at the living room window. Both girls peered through the window into the open window of 301 C.

Donna’s beautiful brown eyes opened wide as she watched Jeremy’s large hands massaging and squeezing Gerry’s full breasts. She tore her eyes away from the erotic sight and gawked at Teri. Turning, Donna saw the handsome man gently rubbing a piece of ice over Gerry’s distended belly.

Teri and Donna both heard the woman giggle that the baby must like the ice; the baby was kicking happily.

Jeremy again iced Gerry’s neck and shoulders and smooth back with a chunk of ice. Gerry moaned her approval as the ice traversed over her warm flesh.

“Get my butt. Don’t forget my butt,” Gerry ordered, wiggling onto her hands and knees.

“Mm, man!” Teri breathed out as Jeremy eased Gerry’s panties down, revealing a magnificent ass.

“I, oh, oh God,” Gerry grunted loudly as Jeremy trailed a piece of ice along her deep furrow.

“Oh my God!” Donna squealed, unable to stay quiet any longer.

Donna and Teri ducked down as Jeremy swiveled his head, looking to see if he could spot the source of the squeal. Teri glared white hot hatred at her best friend.

“Sorry,” Donna sheepishly whispered to Teri.

“I, I swear I could just kill you,” Teri promised.

A moment later, both girls chanced poking their heads up and peeking. Teri dug her fingernails into Donna’s forearm as they saw Gerry on hands and knees, mouth wrapped around Jeremy’s manhood. Both girls let out a squeak as Gerry bobbed her head back and forth, sliding her mouth up and down a very substantial sized cock.

“God damn! I, damn, Jeremy! Why you never told me you’re this big?” Gerry asked, pulling her mouth off of Jeremy’s long, thick cock.

Neither Teri nor Donna could hear Jeremy’s answer, but his answer made Gerry laugh a deep snorting laugh.

“Fuck!” Donna breathed out as Gerry managed to swallow the entire length of Jeremy’s cock until her nose was pressed into Jeremy’s dark brown pubic hair.

“No istanbul travestileri shit,” Teri agreed, sliding her fingers down the front of her shorts.

“Are you…oh my God, you are!” Donna hissed as Teri unzipped her shorts to give her hand easier access. “I’m right here and you’re…”

Turning, Teri pressed her lips to Donna’s lips. It had been a move of impulse and need. Teri knew Donna claimed to be one hundred and one percent heterosexual, not a lesbian bone in her body.

Donna did not pull away from the kiss. Donna did not scream in outrage, did not push Teri away. Donna opened her mouth for Teri’s probing tongue. Donna slid backward until she was lying on the floor, Teri straddling her.

Teri pushed Donna’s tee shirt up, baring Donna’s industrial strength bra, Donna’s slightly soft belly, and the silver cross Donna always wore. Donna did not protest as Teri kissed Donna’s soft belly and along Donna’s ribcage.

Donna helped remove her tee shirt. Donna herself reached her hands back and undid her bra, releasing her breasts. Teri cupped the magnificent orbs in her hand as she again kissed Donna’s lips. It was Donna, straight, non-homosexual Donna that thrust her tongue into Teri’s mouth. It was straight, not a homosexual bone in her body Donna that helped Teri out of her top.

“I know they’re not…” Teri started to apologize for her smallish breasts when Donna cut off the remark with a soft kiss.

Donna rubbed her 34D breasts against Teri’s 30A/B breasts. Their nipples rasped against one another, causing both girls to moan in pleasure. Again, Donna reclined on the plush carpeting, pulling Teri to straddle her.

Teri leaned forward, mashing her slim torso against Donna’s torso. Donna opened her mouth for Teri’s tongue and they kissed in a frenzied passion.

“Mmph! Erk!” Teri grunted in surprise as Donna reached down and shoved Teri’s cutoff denim shorts down, exposing Teri’s boyish buttocks.

“Mm, oh,” Teri groaned into Donna’s mouth as Donna’s polished fingernails dragged over Teri’s compact buttocks.

Across the way, Gerry and Jeremy left from sight of Teri’s living room. Reviewing the recording later, Teri would be able to make out Gerry’s unruly thatch of brown pubic hair, then Gerry’s slightly large buttocks as the man and pregnant woman walked away from sight.

“Um, oh, oh God yes,” Teri hissed as Donna’s fingernails dragged over Teri’s buttocks.

“Ack!” Teri tensed, then shuddered as Donna’s middle finger rasped over Teri’s tightly clenched anus. “I, augh, oh, that, that’s so, that’s such a sensitive…”

“You like it?” Donna whispered, gently raking her fingernail around Teri’s rosebud.

“I, augh, oh, oh God yes,” Teri hissed, feeling her guts tighten as Donna teased her secret place.

Donna’s next kiss was a soft, tender kiss, just lip touching lip. Then, Donna wiggled onto her side, depositing Teri softly onto the carpeted floor. Donna managed to heft herself into a sitting position. Then, standing, Donna pulled Teri to her feet.

Donna held Teri’s hand as they walked to Teri’s bedroom. In the dimly lighted room, Donna wiggled out of her jeans and full brief ‘Granny’ panties. Teri sucked in her breath, looking at Donna’s neat triangle of light brown curls. Teri dropped her shorts to the floor and kicked her flip flops under the bed.

Now nude, both girls stretched out on Teri’s neatly made bed. Teri shuddered as Donna’s fingernails raked gently at Teri’s scalp. Their lips touched softly, then Donna opened her mouth for Teri’s tongue.

Teri softly combed her fingers through Donna’s thick straw colored hair. She used her blunt fingernails to gently massage Donna’s scalp, the way Donna was massaging hers.

Teri brought her hands down to Donna’s slightly rounded shoulders and gently raked her fingernails over Donna’s warm, soft flesh. She marveled at the warmth exuding from Donna’s skin as she slowly worked her fingers from Donna’s slim neck to Donna’s pale arms.

“Mm, you, your touch is so soft,” Donna murmured.

Teri felt lightheaded as she continued to stroke, caress Donna’s flesh. She worked to bring her fingers closer and closer to Donna’s areolae and rubbery nipples.

Donna also caressed Teri’s flesh with short light strokes of her own. Donna’s fingers gently traced up and down Teri’s spine, occasionally finding Teri’s boyishly slim buttocks.

“Ooh!” Teri let out a soft moan as she dragged her fingers over Donna’s heavy breasts, finally reaching Donna’s tightly crinkled areolae.

Teri hefted Donna’s left breast in her hands and marveled at how heavy the breast was. She bent her head and took Donna’s left nipple into her mouth and gently, lovingly suckled at Donna’s nipple. When Teri heard a moan escape Donna’s throat, Teri braved becoming more aggressive in her squeezing the heavy orb.

“Mm hmm,” Donna gave an approving grunt.

Almost reluctantly, Teri pulled her mouth from Donna’s nipple, but hefted Donna’s right breast in her travesti istanbul hands and brought her mouth down on Donna’s right nipple. She could taste the cheap lotion Donna smeared onto her skin as she sucked on the rubbery nipple. Teri could aslo taste the cheap bargain brand soap Donna showered with and thought that if Donna would just splurge a few bucks more on better soap, she wouldn’t need to smear so much of the cheap, ineffective lotion onto her beautiful flesh.

Teri could also taste Donna’s sweat underneath the chemical tastes. Teri could smell Donna’s sweat and lotion; the two scents filled Teri’s nostrils as she suckled on Donna’s breasts.

Teri moved to begin licking the undersides of Donna’s full breasts. Donna pulled Teri up, though. After delivering a few kisses to Teri’s lips, after giving Teri’s tongue a forceful suck, Donna bent her head and traced her tongue around Teri’s right areole. Then Donna delivered a few slaps to Teri’s hard nipple with her tongue. Finally Donna tried to suck all of Teri’s small breast into her mouth while her tongue continued to lap at Teri’s nipple.

“Augh, oh, oh my God,” Teri wheezed when Donna released her right breast and approached Teri’s left breast.

“Augh, I oh God,” Teri cried out as Donna gently gnawed Teri’s breast.

Donna then kissed Teri’s gasping mouth as she pulled Teri tightly against herself. Her hand ran up and down Teri’s back, then behind Teri’s head, pressing Teri’s lips firmly against her kiss.

Releasing the kiss, Donna thrust her chest forward in invitation. Teri sucked Donna’s nipples again, then kissed her way underneath Donna’s left breast. Teri could smell the sweat and the cheap lotion and even traces of Donna’s laundry detergent as she licked along the underside of Donna’s breast. She then bent her head and tasted Donna’s right breast.

Teri kissed and even nipped at Donna’s soft belly. Playfully, Teri stuck a finger into Donna’s navel and caused Donna to giggle.

Then Teri softly kissed Donna’s soft curls. Again, she could smell Donna’s cheap soap and lotion. But she could also smell Donna’s excitement.

“Augh! I, oh!” Teri grunted as Donna suddenly rolled on top of Teri, pinning Teri to the mattress.

Twisting, Donna straddled Teri’s head. Lowering herself, Donna pressed her crotch against Teri’s mouth and nose.

Teri licked up and down Donna’s fragrant slit, then used her thumbs to open Donna’s pussy. Teri jammed her tongue up into Donna’s depths, tasting Donna’s nectar.

“Mmng!” Teri grunted when Donna’s hot breath blew across her bald mound.

“Mmng!” Teri groaned as she felt Donna’s fingers tracing along her slick lips.

“Ack, oh, oh my God!” Teri cried out when Donna delved two fingers into Teri’s depths.

Teri located Donna’s fat clitoris and batted the nub with her tongue. She thrust two, then three fingers into Donna’s depth while lapping at Donna’s clitoris.

“I, oh, oh yyyeeesss!” Donna cried out and Teri felt her face become wet with Donna’s climax.

Teri tensed, then bucked as Donna’s hot mouth sucked on Teri’s clitoris. Teri cried out a long ‘yes’ when Donna thrust a finger into Teri’s anus.

“Ack, ack, oh, oh my God,” Donna cried out as Teri sucked on Donna’s clitoris.

Teri brought Donna to another climax, then shuddered and sobbed through her own climax.

Pale sunlight filtered into the bedroom. Teri looked over at the peaceful face of her best friend as Donna slumbered.

“Well, probably ain’t my best friend now,” Teri thought, remembering the evening before.

Donna’s lovemaking had been somewhat clumsy, but she’d managed to bring Teri to a few shuddering, groaning orgasms. And Teri had lapped, sucked and fingered Donna’s sweetly fragrant pussy to quite a few climaxes.

Afterward, they had lay, limbs entwined, lips softly touching. Staring into Donna’s eyes, Teri had nearly blurted out her love, her need for her best friend.

Glumly, Teri got out of bed and wiggled into her favorite sleep shirt, a softball jersey from the Myndee University Lady Jays. The hem reached to her knees and the three-quarters sleeves were just the right length on her slim arms. Teri pulled on some fuzzy socks and shuffled to the kitchen.

Teri did not look at the recipe; she knew it by heart. Using vinegar, she created ‘buttermilk’ and sifted the stone ground wheat into the mixing bowl.

Ground cinnamon, real Vanilla extract, whole eggs, real eggs, not egg substitute. Teri rolled out the cinnamon rolls extra big and cut five of them from the log.

Then as the rolls baked, Teri whipped together Donna’s favorite icing, a maple syrup glazing. She then started the coffee maker.

“Hey,” Donna said sleepily, shuffling into the living room/kitchen/dining room area.

“Hey!” Teri said, trying to exude cheerfulness.

Inside, Teri was anything but cheerful. Inside, Teri was terrified that Donna would remember their previous evening. Teri was terrified that Donna would scream hateful, hurtful words, would declare that they were no longer friends.

“Making cinnamon rolls got that glaze you like so much I’m sorry I’m all out of pecans or I would have made that butter pecan frosting but I’m going to the grocery store later on today and I’ll pick up some pecans then okay?” Teri rambled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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