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Tell Tale Tingle

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Groping Breasts

My name is Sara, and I am twenty-six, single and work in marketing support from a high-tech computer company. I had to go to Las Vegas for a four-day trade show and at the end of the first day of standing in heels talking to customers for ten hours me feet and legs were killing me. One of our sales reps, an attractive brunette from Seattle asked me if I wanted to share a cab back to the hotel. We had struck up a good friendship during the day and I was happy to have her company. Her name was Laura and she appeared to be a year or two older than I was. During our brief lunch break together I found out that she was divorced and lived on her own. She had been with the company for three years and was very good at sales.

While working at the booth I caught myself admiring Laura’s slim figure and her legs were long and she wore her skirt about mid-thigh. She got a lot of second glances from the men that wandered into our booth. Her eyes were a deep shade of emerald green and her dark walnut coloured hair flowed down below her shoulders. Between the two of us we seemed to spend more time turning down propositions for dinner that discussing computer technology. As the cab pulled up at the end of the day we got in and it pulled away from the convention centre and headed towards the Vegas strip.

“If I have one more guy hit on me today…” Laura began to say.

“Tell me about it” I said interrupting her.

“Is getting laid the only reason these guys come here?” Laura asked.

“I spend all my time fighting them off” Laura then added.

“I just want to get to my room and collapse as my feet are killing me” I now said to Laura.

“Oh, I feel the same honey” Laura said bringing her right leg up and taking her high heel off and rubbed her foot.

Her long legs parted, and her dress rode up her bare thigh.

I’d kill for those legs I thought realizing that I also saw a hint of her black panties. I was very proud of my legs but seeing hers made me determined to start working out again.

“I think I’ll order room service, that way I don’t even have to go out again” I then said trying not to be obvious that I was ogling her.

Laura caught me looking and smiled.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea…why don’t we order room service together and we can get a bottle of wine and just relax, it will take our minds off the show” She then suggested to me.

“I love it” I said intrigued with the idea of spending the evening with this gorgeous woman who gave me a more that casual glimpse at what most of the men at the booth were dying to get at.

All the people from our company were staying on the same floor of the hotel so when Laura and I got off the elevator we found that our rooms were adjoining, and we started laughing.

“You didn’t plan this did you?” She asked with a wink.

I wasn’t sure what she meant but it did make for a very convenient evening.

“I’ll meet you inside” I said as we unlocked our respective doors.

After I tossed my purse on the bed, I slipped my heels and pantyhose off, removed my earrings and bracelet and then went and opened the door between our rooms. Laura did the same on her side almost simultaneously and we both laughed again. I really liked the way she smiled as it made me feel warm and at ease.

“So what shall we have?” Laura asked as we sat side by side on the sofa and she placed her arm around my shoulders and leaned into me to study the menu that I held open in my lap.

She had applied a subtle perfume before she let me into her room, one that I didn’t think she was wearing in the cab. Was it just to freshen up or was it meant for me…either way the delicate fragrance was enticing. After scanning the selection, we chose a couple of Italian dishes and a bottle of Chianti. istanbul travesti While waiting for the food to arrive we relaxed and talked about the show, the company and life in general. I felt very comfortable with Laura, and I thought she did the same with me. She told me about her divorce and how she hadn’t dated much since. While she spoke, she brought her leg up and rested her foot on the edge of the sofa and again I received an alluring view of the inside of her thighs and a hint of her crotch. I assumed she was just relaxing, and I tried not to stare as I gave her the rundown on all my failed romances too. I had to admit that I was intrigued with what secrets might lay hidden just out of view.

The food arrived and it was delicious, and the bottle of wine was quickly killed off, so we ordered a second one. I don’t much and the alcohol went straight to my head. Judging from Laura’s silly giggles it was also having the same effect on her too. Finally, we just sat there and stared out the window at the Vegas strip below.

“If my feet would only stop aching, I can’t believe I have got to endure this for three more days” I then said.

“I’ve an idea” Laura said as she placed a gentle hand on the back of my neck.

“I used to work as a therapeutic masseuse…what if I give you a massage…I guarantee I can make you feel better” She then said to me.

“Oh, Laura that sounds wonderful” I replied despite the pain of my feet I was feeling very warm and relaxed from the wine and figured a quick massage and I’d be off to bed.

“OK, but first you’ve got to get comfortable, I want you to strip down to your underwear” Laura then said.

“Honey, just massage my feet” I asked her.

“Sara, I said I was a therapist, if I can make your feet feel better, think what I can do to your legs, back and arms, all of you” She said with a big smile on her face.

“This is sounding better all the time” I now said thinking of how much I needed to relax before having to do the show again tomorrow.

Without hesitating I slipped out of my dress and blouse and stood there in my bare feet with only my bra and panties on then turned around to see that Laura had taken off her clothes as well. I couldn’t hide my surprise as I ogled her shapely body, and she was more beautiful than I imagined. Her skin was a flawless olive colour, and her boobs filled her black silk bra fully. Laura wore string bikini panties that tightly clung to the sexy bulge between her legs. So much so, that I could clearly see the lips of her pussy through the thin material.

“Are you all, right?” Laura then asked me.

“Sorry” I said shaking my head.

“I stood up too fast and the wine made me dizzy” I responded to her.

What was I doing I thought…here I was alone in a bedroom practically naked with this beautiful woman, and I was staring at her crotch. Suddenly my body was hot and I felt my face flush and then the unmistakable tingle appeared between my legs…I couldn’t believe I was becoming aroused.

“OK, lay down on your stomach” Laura now said to me.

It was a king size bed and I moved into the middle of it and rested my head on my arms. I now felt Laura climb on to the bed behind me and I closed my eyes wondering where this whole thing was leading too.

“Now just relax and breathe normally and let me do all the work, you just enjoy ok?” Laura then said to me.

“You’re the boss” I added as I took in a deep breath.

At first, I didn’t think she was going to do anything at all as it was a full thirty seconds before she touched me. Finally, she took my left foot and began rubbing and kneading the bottom and gently working the tender flesh of my foot.

“That’s really nice” I said amazed at her ability istanbul travestileri to make the aches go away so quickly.

Laura massaged each toe and then my left heal after that, she then took my right foot and did the same to it quickly relieving the pain and replacing it with pleasure. I was floating on a cloud and letting my mind drift with the warmth of the wine and enjoying her gentle by firm touch before she went back to my left foot and this time she brought my foot up so my lower leg was sticking up in the air bent at the knee. I then felt her scoot her body up and positioning her bare legs on each side of my leg. The touch of her warm skin against mind made me tremble. Next Laura let my foot rest on her chest and with a surprise I now realized that my foot was touching her naked boob. Now I knew what she had done in that thirty seconds before she began…she had stripped naked.

Laura positioned my foot so her nipple was resting on my big toe. As she continued the massage, she swayed her body so her nipple gently rubbed across the top of my toes, and I could feel it grow hard. Then she slid her hips forward until my knee was in her crotch and I felt moisture on my skin, and I gasped. I had never touched another woman there in my life. She was wet and didn’t seem to want to hide the fact as she rubbed herself on me using my knee to masturbate with. I felt my pulse quicken and my breathing increased. What was happening…should I stop her? Between the wine and her intimate touch my body was on fire. I didn’t know what to do as I had never been intimate with a woman before. I’d certainly thought about it from time to time but that was as far as it went…only fantasies. Did I want to keep going? Was she seducing me? Planning to make love to me? Did she have any idea how turned on I was right here and now?

Then ever so gently she took my big toe into her warm mouth and caressed it with her tongue. That sent me over the edge and my mind raced as I was so aroused that I couldn’t think straight, I was burning up with the forbidden desire to have sex with her. I opened my eyes and looked towards the dresser and in the mirror, I could see Laura making love to my foot. Watching her was the sexiest vision that I had ever seen. With one glance I knew this had been no accident, no spur of the moment idea. From the instant she had parted her legs for me in the cab and shown me her forbidden fruit she had planted the seed of lesbian lust. The spider had its victim, I thought, and the victim was dying a sweet death. While she watched me watching her in the mirror she took each toe of my left foot into her mouth, licking, sucking and ran her velvet tongue between them. With my foot now resting on her boob she brought my other foot to her mouth, kissing, licking and loving it.

Laura’s hips moved in a slow, sexy rotation as she ground her pussy into my bent knee, and I could hear her breathing increase and felt her wetness flowing onto my leg. Then she slowed down and moved my leg from between hers. She leaned forward and with the touch of a feather she took the top of my panties and slid them over my bottom and down my legs. Slipping them off my upturned feet she then spread my knees apart and started rubbing the back of my calves and thighs. As she worked her way along my legs Laura bent over and I felt her warm breath on my ass. She kissed my cheeks and her tongue slipped into my crack. When she found my asshole, she moaned as she spread my cheeks apart.

“You smell heavenly” Laura whispered.

I watched her reflection in the same mirror through a sexual fog knowing that I never wanted her to stop, she was electrifying my body, setting me on fire…my desire for her was overwhelming now. Laura probed travesti istanbul my asshole with the tip of her tongue letting her warm saliva drip onto it before licking me clean again. Laura pushed her nose into my crack and spent what seemed like an eternity smelling me and giving out little moans as she explored my bottom. Spreading my legs, a little wider she lay down between them with her hot wet mouth moving down until she was softly kissing my pussy. I was about to explode as the heat built between my legs. I couldn’t wait for her to put her tongue in me. My clit was throbbing and begging to be sucked and the insides of my pussy walls quivered in anticipation of her entering me.

I could feel my love juices flowing out of me as my heart raced. I closed my eyes and let her take me to a place only two women can go together. As I experienced the first lesbian orgasm of my life, I couldn’t wait to hold Laura in my arms smothering me with her kisses and spending the night making love which was exactly what we did.

The next day at the show I could think of nothing but Laura. As we talked to customers or wrote up orders, we would sneak a smile or a wink at each other. Once she was standing next to me and over the noise of the crowd she leaned into my ear.

“If you are not too busy tonight maybe we could get together and fuck each other’ brains out?” She whispered into my ear, and I hoped no one saw me turn bright red.

We found ourselves alone once in the small employee break room and for a delicious thirty seconds we held each other tight and French kissed. I adored the sweet taste of her lipstick, the allure of her perfume, the softness of her boobs pressing against mine and her hot breath as she moaned my name. Another time Laura squatted down behind a counter to get some brochures out of a drawer and when she saw me just a few feet away from her watching her she slowly spread her legs and my eyes grew wide as I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Are you trying to make me cum right here?” I whispered to her a few moments later.

“Of course, not” She whispered back with a giggle.

“I’m going to make you cum tonight after dinner…I just wanted you to see what you be eating for dessert” Laura whispered back to me.

Each day we played our little sexy games all day keeping each other on the edge of arousal, and I have never been that wet constantly in my life. Then after work we would rush back to our hotel to make love. One night we completely forgot to eat…dinner that is. It was a tearful scene at the airport when we finally had to say our goodbyes at the end of the week. We had made love that morning in bed and again in the shower and almost missed our planes. We spent our last moments kissing in a stall of the ladies room and as we kissed Laura reached under my dress and caressed my pussy.

“God, I’m going to miss you” She then said.

“Especially my girlfriend down there” She had started calling my pussy her girlfriend and now she used her finger to push the thin material of my panties up inside me.

“I’d die if I thought I wouldn’t see you again” I said holding her tight.

“There is a trade show coming up next month in New York, will you be there?” She asked me.

“Only if you’ll be there” I replied.

“Good, I can’t wait” Laura responded while working her finger into me and getting it soaking wet then she brought it to her nose and smelled it.

“Oh Sara, I want you so bad” She now whispered into my ear as she nibbled on it.

“Promise me you won’t fuck anyone between now and then and save every drop of that sweet girl cum up for me” She then told me.

“I’ve already began” I said.

We headed for our planes and as we hugged goodbye Laura ignored everyone round u and kissed me hard on the mouth then whispered into my ear.

“Sara, I love you” She whispered.

Laura then broke from my arms and ran down the concourse and as she turned and waved, I knew I was just as much in love with her and couldn’t wait for her to be in my arms again.

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