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New House, New Rules Ch. 01

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My eyes opened briefly, before slamming closed. It’s way too early, I thought as I buried my head under a pillow. I heard my parents walking around the house as they got ready for work. I wish they’d be a little quieter so early. Squinting, I turned my head to avoid the harsh morning light and to check the time. Ugh, it wasn’t even eight o’clock. I wanted to go right back to sleep but my bladder had other ideas. Tossing on some boxers, I went towards the bathroom. My parents don’t have a problem with nudity, we sometimes swim naked since there are no close neighbors, but I felt a little weird about walking through the house with a piss hard-on. My mom passed me as I went into the bathroom.

“You’re up early.” she said mockingly.

I just grumbled a response. I wasn’t planning on staying awake. I rushed into the bathroom before she noticed my erection. After finishing, I stumbled back to my room and lay on the bed, planning to sleep for another couple of hours.

“He’s up already?” I heard my dad exclaim with a tone of wonder.

“I think he went back to bed.” replied my mom.

“Ah, to be eighteen again.” my father sighed.

I smiled to myself; it wasn’t too bad being eighteen. I was an only child; my parents were doing well financially and wanted to give me everything they could. They felt guilty since we moved in February, just as I started the second semester of my senior year of high-school. My mom had a job offer that she couldn’t pass up, it was what she always wanted to do and paid almost twice as much as she had been making. My dad worked for a large corporation and had no trouble getting transferred to the local office.

Moving sucked, but I had to bite the bullet. I knew mom taking the job and relocating us all was the best thing for our family, in the long run. In exchange for giving up my friends and everything I knew, I was the proud owner of a new car and my parents made sure that our new house had an in-ground pool. I had always wanted a pool and pestered them every summer for as long I can remember to get one.

Unfortunately, having a pool and a new car weren’t as fun as I’d hoped without the friends to share them with. Leaving everything I knew behind was hard, but as I said, it was for the best. Besides I was going to be leaving anyway to go to college, I was just getting a head start. Making new friends wasn’t hard, but came with frustrations. I was really outgoing with new people, but took awhile to build relationships. I hated wasting time with people whose friendships weren’t going to last. It was even worse if it was more of a romantic interest. I knew fairly quickly after meeting a girl if we had a shot at having a relationship. If there wasn’t a spark, I didn’t see the point in dealing with the hassle of a teenage girl I was only going to know for a few months before I left for school. I guess the fact that, technically, I had a girlfriend was also reason for not more actively pursuing the fairer sex. I only say technically because although I tried to point out that we were now on different sides of the country, and like with the rest of our friends we were going to different colleges, my girlfriend wanted to try a long distance relationship. We don’t talk as much as we used to, and we have yet to see each other. It’s not like either of us could afford to fly across the country for a weekend during the school year, and she went to Europe with her best friend for the summer. I have a feeling that by the time she gets back, I’ll be but a memory.

So in my first few months in the new city, I had made a lot of acquaintances, but next to no friends. One person I did spend a lot of time with was Julia. Julia was different than most of the other people I met. She was fun and easy to talk to. She got along great with my parents. And hanging out with her boosted my popularity; as she was very popular herself although she didn’t really have a lot of close friends either. Julia was about 5’5″ athletic, but curvy in all the right places, with straight black hair and amazing blue eyes. My dad said she looked just like my mom did when she was a teenager. It made sense, since Julia was the daughter of my mom’s sister. Having a gorgeous, popular cousin really helps when you’re a shy guy starting at a new school. The guys didn’t give me a hard time like they would most new comers, too many of them wanted to get into Julia’s pants and didn’t want to risk upsetting her favorite cousin.

And Julia’s cheerleader friends, with their pack mentality, made me a kind of pet project, always trying to out do each other to impress me. It was entertaining, but not one of them interested me in more than someone to shamelessly flirt with. I knew I could hook up with one if I wanted, but my damn conscience wouldn’t let me cheat on my near non-existent girlfriend.

So unless I was hanging out with Julia, I spent most of my days relaxing by the pool, going for long bike rides and generally chilling out.

As I lay on my bed, trying to fall back to sleep, my mind drifted. Julia popped into my imagination. As wrong as I knew şirinevler escort it was, she was my cousin after all; Julia played a big roll in my fantasy jerk off sessions. She just popped in there when I started fantasizing. It wasn’t my fault, she was damn sexy. The way her tan skin and black hair contrasted with her icy blue eyes gave me a hard-on every time I saw her. And her body was amazing. Our mothers commented fairly often that she had gotten the best of both of them. My mom and aunt looked very similar, some people asked if they were twins, but had a few features that made them stand apart. My mom looked like she had bigger boobs. Not massive or anything, but I guessed a c-cup. My aunt’s were probably more c-cups as well, but the height difference made them look smaller. Mom was short, about 5’2″ while my aunt was closer to 5’7″.

I pulled my shorts back off as I lay in my bed stroking my erection. I was thinking about Julia in her bikini. Maybe I’d see if she wanted to come over for a swim. My mom walked onto the patio naked the last time Julia was over and the poor girl went bright red with embarrassment when she saw my mom nude. Mom explained that when they had guests we used bathing suits, but since Julia was family she’d rather swim naked, if Julia was ok with it. Julia regained her composure and said sure, no problem. Mom told her it was ok if she wanted to swim nude too, but Julia didn’t take her suit off that time. I was tempted to take mine off, but thought it might be prudent to wait until she was comfortable with the whole idea first. Julia asked me about it after. Did I swim naked too with my parents? When I told her yes, her only response was “Huh, cool.” Maybe she’d be up for going nude. I started to imagine what could happen if we went swimming together naked…if I was sitting on the steps of the pool and she swam towards me, my cock rising slowly out of the water, bobbing in front of her as she approached, her mouth just inches from …

“Bye honey!” my mom yelled suddenly, causing me to jump. Hearing my mother bellow from just outside my bedroom door was enough to of an unexpected thought to drive the image of Julia from my head.

“Bye.” I replied, bummed that my fantasy was interrupted.

“Can you cut the lawn today please.” My dad added as his way of saying goodbye.

“Yeah.” I actually enjoyed cutting the lawn, then diving in the pool to cool myself off.

I heard the front door slam and sat up on my bed to look out the front window. My parents kissed each other goodbye, got in their separate cars and went off to their jobs, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I lay back down and tried, unsuccessfully, to get back into my fantasy. It was no use. I couldn’t stick with a scenario; my imagination was jumping around too much. Maybe I’d have some better luck if I had some visual stimulation this morning.

It was the days before the internet and I relied on magazines for my porn. I went to my underwear drawer and pulled out my stash of mags. I flipped through them briefly before deciding none of them were what I was looking for. I was bored of the tame stuff I bought from the corner store; I wanted something a little more hardcore and I knew where to find it.

Still naked, I made my way to my parent’s room and went to the drawer where my dad kept his stash. I wondered if my mom knew about them. I assumed she did, why would he hide that from her? Dad’s magazine collection wasn’t huge, but it did change fairly often. I guess he chucked the old ones as he added new ones. It was my lucky day, he had some new ones. I made a mental note to check the garage later for the trash that would be my treasure. These weren’t like the ones I had. Everything I had was like Playboy and other glamour type mags. The most I got to see was in mine was when Hustler showed a chick spread eagle. Those images always seemed so fake to me, they weren’t a turn-on.

The ones dad had were much more explicit. They looked like the pictures were taken from porno movies and showed everything. You name it; it was in one of his mags. Lesbians eating each others pussys, guys fucking chicks with full penetration, threesomes with two girls and a guy, two guys and a girl, gangbangs, orgies. My favorite thing was the cumshot, especially facials. I loved seeing some smiling chick getting a load, or more than one load, blown across her face. The picture sets were arranged so that you could imagine what it would have been like to see it in real time. The best ones ended with the woman licking up the cum and swallowing the cock to finish the guy, or guys, off.

I took the magazines from the drawer and laid them out on the bed to skim through. I decided on a few, leaving the rest on my parent’s bed. I’d put them away when I was finished. I went back to my room and lay down on my bed. I propped myself up on a few pillows and stroked my cock as I found the pictures I wanted to look at. I laid the mags out on my bed so I could see a few different women at once just by turning my head. The best şişli escort I saved to hold up with my left hand. On the left page was a woman, maybe Spanish, holding a cock that was erupting straight towards her mouth. She already had cum dripping from her chin and on her cheeks and you could see some in her mouth, hanging from her tongue. She had already finished the first guy off. The right hand page had the same woman, seconds later. Her face had even more cum on it, but the cock head was now in her closed mouth. She was swallowing the rest of the second guys load.

I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm approaching, dropping the magazine to my side. Julia’s face appeared in my mind replacing the Spanish woman as my cum covered fantasy. Julia’s face being coated with sperm as she smiled and laughed before taking my cock into her sucking mouth and swallowing my cum. I exploded, cum bursting from my cock, shooting up my stomach. It went everywhere, I heard it hit the wall behind my head and felt a drop land on my cheek. I was covered from head to belly button. It was matted in the small hairs on my stomach and chest, more coming out as I continued to stroke my cock. The rest dripped down the shaft coating my hand and settling in my pubic hair.

I lay there catching my breath for a few seconds before getting up, trying to gather the magazines in my one clean hand. I have got to remember to get a towel or something I thought as I carefully picked up the images.

I walked towards the door to my room when I suddenly heard the front door slam.

“It’s just me,” my mom yelled up the stairs, “I got all the way to work and realized I forgot….”

Oh shit! I stopped paying attention to hear words as I was about to slam the door in case she came upstairs. The magazines! I left them on their bed. I panicked. I ran from my room, still covered in my own cum, to my parents room down the hall. Shit, shit, shit. I could only use one hand, the other had too much cum on it. I had to toss the magazines I was holding onto the bed and open the drawer. Why the hell did I close it? I grabbed the magazines that were closest and tossed them into the drawer.

“Are you up yet?” I heard my mom ask. It sounded like she was right outside the door.

I turned to the magazines that I had been looking at and went to grab them when I heard a gasp. My mom was standing in the doorway, like a deer in the headlights. I’m guessing that’s the look I had on my face too.

Neither of us said a word for a moment.

“I was looking for a towel to have a shower.” I said. It was a lame attempt at a lie, but I hoped she either hadn’t noticed the porn on her bed and the cum on my body or at least would ignore it to avoid any more embarrassment.

She freaked. “A towel? What the hell are you doing? Why are our magazines out? What the hell is that on you? Is that…? Oh my god, were you jerking off in our room?”

I stood motionless. I thought I was going to cry. I couldn’t even look at her. How would I ever look at her again?

“No, I wasn’t…not in here. I just borrowed them. Sorry.” My voice cracked and threatened to break as I feebly tried to explain myself. I felt my eyes water, nearly crying as I tried to look at my mom. As soon as we made eye contact and I saw the look of shock on her face I started to tear up and had to look down again. “Sorry.”

“Oh honey,” she said, her voice much softer now. “I over reacted. You just surprised me. It’s ok.”

“You think I’m a freak.” I said. It’s not that I thought there was anything wrong with masturbating; I just thought there was something wrong with your mom catching you.

She stepped closed and hugged me, pulling my head to shoulder as I sniffled. “You’re not a freak, everyone masturbates.” I felt like such an idiot, not just for getting caught jerking off, but by breaking down like that. I couldn’t help it though, we had such a good relationship I thought I had wrecked it. She let go of me. “Sit down,” she said. I did and looked up at her. She was looking at the magazines on the bed. “I guess we don’t exactly hide them very well, your dad and I know you look at them, and you’re old enough now. It doesn’t make you a freak.”

“I know.” I said.

She continued, “If I’m not home, or even if I’m just not in the mood your dad masturbates with his magazines. I’ve even done it sometimes.”

“You look at them?” I said in surprise. I didn’t really think of a woman liking porn.

“Sometimes, if your dad’s away…he’s always in the mood.” She chuckled a bit at that statement. “Sometimes we look at them together.” She reached down and flipped through some of the pages.

My dick had been hiding away, shrunken right up against me after my mom’s outburst, but started to show signs of life as she talked about looking at porn.

“Really?” I said.

“Yeah. It’s fun from time to time. Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we don’t like to spice things up with fantasies sometimes.” She looked at my face…did she look down at my cock? No way, maybe taksim escort on accident…and continued. “What’s your favorite thing to look at?”

I was a little confused by her question, but it was a lot better than her yelling at me. I guess she was trying to make an awkward situation a little more comfortable.

“I don’t know.” I didn’t know how to answer. It’s hard to tell your own mother that you love seeing blowjobs and facials.

She flipped through the pages, glancing at me as she did. I swear she was glancing at my cock as well as my face. I was slowly getting hard; I couldn’t help it, I was looking at the pages as she flipped.

She opened to a two page spread like the one I was looking at before; a blue eyed blonde with cum on her face, as she licked at the head of a penis like a melting ice cream cone, gathering cum as she did. The second page was the same but with the woman swallowing as she took the head in her mouth. My dick was instantly rock hard and throbbing. I gasped a little when I saw the picture.

“I guess we found what you like.” said mom with a chuckle. I looked up at her and found she was looking at me, specifically at my throbbing cock. “Your dad loves blowjobs too.”

My cock bounced at her statement and I looked at her, glancing at her chest and her tits confined behind her shirt and bra. “Crap, sorry mom.” I said, still looking at her chest.

“What for?” she replied. She glanced down and saw what I had noticed. Her black shirt has white residue on it. My sperm had gotten on her when she hugged me. She laughed.

“Guess I better change.” She said and pulled her shirt off, exposing her tits enclosed in a lacy black bra. She turned towards the closet to look for something else to wear. Pulling out a white shirt she turned back towards me and walked to her chest of drawers. “Can’t wear a white shirt with a black bra.” She stated, tossing the shirt onto the bed. She reached up and unsnapped her bra taking it of casually. Her tits jiggling free, she flipped the bra at me with a laugh. I couldn’t take my eyes from her bouncing breasts, normally I wouldn’t stare, but normally I wasn’t covered in sperm, surrounded by porn with a raging hard-on. She turned and looked in her underwear drawer to find another bra. She stopped her search and looked over her shoulder at me. We made eye contact and she smiled, causing me to turn away nervously. I glanced back at her fairly quickly and she gave me a mischievous grin before turning back to the drawer. “You’ve never found anything in my underwear drawer have you?’ she asked.

“What?” the question caught me by surprise.

“You’ve never looked in here before?” she asked turning around to face me, her tits bouncing as she spun.

Her expression when she turned was one of questioning, but when she saw the confused look, mingled with fear, on my face, her expression changed to one of amusement. “No, never I wouldn’t…” I stammered. She thought I was going through her underwear drawer!

“It’s ok, calm down. I just wanted to know if you’d…” she paused and licked her lips. She smiled and I swear she was looking at my cock as she seemed to make up her mind to continue, “If you’d seen the pictures your father took of me that we keep them in here.” Still staring at my cock she ran her hands up her chest as she spoke. “They’re like the ones you like in the magazine.”

Oh shit. My cock throbbed and pre-cum flowed from the slit as I took in what she said. My dad had pictures of my mom taking a facial and she was telling me where they were. I wanted her to leave so I could see them.

She was still staring at my twitching cock when the pre-cum oozed out. “You really need to get cleaned up.” She said stepping towards me, her mission of finding a bra forgotten. “You’ve still got cum all over you and more is coming, it’s going to get on my bed.” She stood in front of me. Her hands absentmindedly stroked her nipples; I noticed that they were hard. “I used to wash you when you were little.” She said as she knelt in front of me looking me in the eye, “You’re not so little now,” she reached her hands out, one stroked my balls and the other planted on my chest, “but I can still clean you.”

She leaned forward and her tongue snaked out, lapping up the pre-cum from the tip of my penis. She engulfed me, taking the head of my cock in her mouth. Instinctively I thrust upwards. She slurped up and down my cock a few times, her left hand playing with my balls, her right moving to the shaft stroking in time with her mouth.

She raised her head and looked at my cock and up my stomach and chest. “You’re so messy.” Her head dropped down and she sucked my balls into her mouth, still stroking my cock with her hand. As she looked up at me, her blue eyes staring into mine. She worked her mouth up and around the base of my cock, sucking the remains of my sperm from my pubic hair. She ran her tongue across my stomach, kissing and sucking whenever she tasted more spunk, continuing up my chest. She got to my face and licked my cheek where the drop had landed. I was staring at her unable to speak. I could see the small drop of cum on her tongue as she took it in her mouth. She closed her lips and swallowed. She mashed her mouth against mine, her tongue forcing my lips apart as she kissed me. I could taste the slightly salty tang of my own cum as our tongues clashed.

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