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New Sister Pt. 03

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I spent some time in the closet. They took off together and got in the shower. I considered breaking the closet door but decided against it. Instead I waited and the two women came back ten minutes later. Bree stood naked by the bed while Mom put her clothes back on. I watched.

They kissed sweetly and Mom said goodbye.

“How long have you and Mom…?”

“A couple of weeks after I came back.”

“Is Mom leaving Dad for you?”

“No. She’s just leaving him… I mean yes she will come and stay with me at least for a while and we do plan to continue fucking but there’s more to it than that.” She picked up some shorts from the closet and put them on, then started walking towards the living room.

“I can’t believe you.”

“You’re asking too many questions.”

“Of course I am. That was a lot to take in.”

“And did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Did you take it all in? Mom is hot isn’t she?” I didn’t respond. “Don’t tell me it didn’t turn you on, don’t lie to me. You don’t have to.” There was a pause. She stood on the middle of the living room then knelt. “You stayed so nice and quiet inside that closet.”

“I didn’t have much of an alternative.” I answered.

“Except stopping us. I know what you really want so forget about Mom, come and finish what you started.” She dropped down with her chest against the floor and her feet dangling.

I felt turned on but also somewhat confused again. One thing was for sure, she put those shorts on for me to enjoy taking them off.

So I walked up to her. She put her elbow on the floor and her palm under her chin. She looked so innocently up at me. I walked around her. With my feet on each side of her I bent down and grabbed her shorts. Who am I kidding, this is all I ever wanted.

I pulled them off fast. “I like your ass so much.” My voice sounded defeated and horny.

“Then show me.”

I placed my bare hands on her bare ass first and gently squeezed.

“That’s not gonna be enough. You owe me remember?” Bree had to say no more.

I fell down on all four and kissed her ass cheeks. I kissed desperately first then caressed her cheeks again with my hands. It was all so good, firm and smooth.

I opened her cheeks with my hands and admired the view. She had been right. It was a nice butthole, it had been taken care of, bleached, ripe for what I desired.

I went straight to it with my tongue. I tapped it with my tongue before giving it two, three, four good licks.

“Oooooh.” She whispered, I felt goosebumps on her skin. “That’s more like it.” I had no ideas, just instinct. I licked more and kissed and whatever bit of her was accessible.

I quickly pulled off my pants and boxers.

“Someone’s in a hurry.” She joked.

My cock was so hard it was throbbing. I grabbed her hips and lifted them a bit off the ground. My cock drooling over with pre-cum on her ass.

“Not too fast cowboy, you need to get my hole ready.”

“What do you need?”

“Just spit on it and with your tongue you need to let the spit slip in. Using your tongue is…” before she finish I had my tongue inside her.

I moved my tongue around her hole trying to open it and succeeding. My cock wouldn’t wait much longer so I spit on her fast.

I moved closer to her, sitting up again, grabbing her open legs and resting them against my hips holding them with my hands.

My cock was solid wood so I just had to point it in the right direction. It bumped on her opening first. Her butthole reacted, it was if it tried to open for second, it ‘winked’ at me.

“Hold it in place.” She suggested. I tried again, holding it in place at her entrance. I put some pressure on it, pushing it ever so slowly.

I didn’t think I would make it in because the feeling of my head just resting on her entrance was driving me to the edge.

There was no way I was backing down however.

The slow and delightful act was working. Her hole opened, the change was almost imperceptible but inside my member progressed.

I began to moan. What my head was feeling was beyond what I had expected. Gloriously my head was out of sight. Her rim wrapped itself underneath it.

She moaned calmly. “Oh my god that feels so fucking good… ” She whispered, “Don’t worry little brother I know how you must feel, let me feel your seed.”

At which point all I was really doing was holding on to my seed. I placed my hands firm on her butt and pressed on. My cock slid into her farther, I could feel every crevice inside her as she moaned ‘aahh’ then I pulled back.

I had been a little too confident. When I pulled back by head popped out of her rim sending electric jolts through me, it was too much. As a desperate act, I managed was to return to her entrance as my head exploded.

I watched as some of my sperm went inside her but I had no control by that point. My sperm fell in her hole, on her hole, and all over her ass. I moaned.

My breathing slowly recover while we remained there for a few seconds.

She turned around.

We made eye contact topkapı escort and it was intense. Having just ejaculated I felt a bit vulnerable while she looked firm, determined, in control. I was only looking at her face, her pretty naked face. I did not noticed when her hand moved behind her, I only noticed it when her hand entered my view between our faces. Her fingers carried some of my sperm from her ass cheeks up to her mouth. She licked her fingers sensually.


I hadn’t expected it, my breathing stopped for a couple of seconds, I swallowed some saliva. She went down and I didn’t need to look. I only felt her mouth around my cock.

My cock was getting cleaned and only that after all, getting cleaned. She finished quickly.

“Don’t feel bad John, I expected that but we’re not done yet. Come with me.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to her room.

“You will have to put some effort into this, I know you just came and it’s all very new to you, I have cock after all, and even if you’re not lusting for more right this very second I am not yet satisfied so this is what we will do.”

She put her hands on my chest and pushed me back towards the bed. I sat on the bottom edge of the bed, then she turned around and stepped forward. In front of her was her dresser mirror.

“You know what to do.”

“Yes sis.”

She slapped her ass a couple of times as if calling a dog. Well that how I behaved, like a dog.

I got down on my knees and moved towards her. She bent down enough, I opened her ass cheeks and I began to lick.


There was still some of my cum there, it wasn’t something I had wanted but somehow licking off her ass felt right, it matched the level of lust running through my veins.

All the while she made use of the mirror.

After a few minutes she was ready. She turned around, I moved back and for the first time her cock was in full view in front of me. She pushed me with her foot and I dropped down on my ass. From the floor I had to look up and at her and she looked strong and firm. Now my cock was hard against. Standing.

She stood over me looking down. Then she grabbed her cock firmly and began to jerk off.

“I like your body little brother.” I didn’t move, she kept her eyes on me and it paralyzed me.

After a few minutes she bent down and grabbed my chin pulling me up to stand. Then she squatted.

She had applied some make up while I ate her ass. Rosy cheeks, smoked out blue eyeshadow with bright red lipstick and deep black eyeliner.

She kept her eyes looking up at me and her red big lips opened to take me in.

Two sucks later and I was not just erect but throbbing hard again. She sucked me some more and then pulled me out.

Bree was a playful girl, she moved her face under my cock. My cock covered her whole face, it rested on her beautiful face. Something about the makeup worked, she looked slutty and yet when she eyed me just right there was an innocence to her.

“No more games, now we’re going to please me and only me.” She moved me to the side and crawled in all four onto the bed. Her legs opened and I only had to take one step to insert my cock inside her.

The sensation was so strong but I could handle it. Somehow I knew this, I knew it was different from the first time.

My cock had to work a little but I was pushing in and out slowly soon after. She moaned, “Yes sir, that’s what I needed.”

After a minute or two she told me once again. “John, mm, don’t run off this time… I’m so hard too.”

I knew this moment would come again. Even though she had jerked in front of me her words had a strange effect on my mind. Yet, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“You better fucking not.” She moved forward leaving my eager cock to fuck the air.

She turned around, extended her hand and grabbed my cock. She guided me by the cock around the bed until I was on the right side of the room. She flipped her legs towards me.

She sat in front of me with an erect cock between her open legs. Then she moved her ass forward towards the edge. I decided to help. I grabbed her legs and pulled them towards me, she laughed in fun.

At the very edge of the bed she relaxed down on her back and I lifted her legs. I had access to her hole again.

I moved my cock to her entrance again and she received it just as easy as in doggy. I started fucking her again.

Her hand was soon on her cock and it began to move up and down as I thrust in and out.

She moaned and moved her head from side to side, eyes closed, in lustful expressions. My heavy breathing increased, can one get hornier and hornier indefinitely?

‘Just let go’, I kept hearing her voice in my head combined with her moans.

I removed her hand off it and took a hold of it myself. She opened her eyes, though her mouth was only good for moaning I saw a smile in her eyes.

I jerked her cock.

Up and down, she had a smaller cock than mine I kept thinking. I also liked the way holding on to it changed tuzla escort my own thrusting. It became more playful.

Coordinating my hand and cock, propelling myself stronger when entering her, I liked feeling in charge of her pleasure.

“Who’s going to cum first this time?” I asked her.

“It won’t be me.” She answered, her voice pleased and weak.

When she finally controlled herself enough for it, she threw her arms at my neck and pulled me down.

She kissed me and my cock remained inside her, then she moved her lips up to my ear and whispered, “Mom’s watching.”

I was taken aback by her words. “What!?” I tried to jump off her.

She held me closer again after kissing me one more time, “Sh, sh, calm down… Mom’s been in the closet for a while now, watching us.” Then she let go of me. I stood straight again, unmoving. I had to stop myself from looking up at the closet. When? … While I fucked her in the living room!”

Bree pulled herself back off my cock and got on her knees in front of me. She kissed me again and held my cock. “Do you want her to join us?”

I didn’t respond, it was one shock after another. She kept holding my cock as she got off the bed and led me around it to the closet. She opened the closet’s door a little. She was smiling and laughing, this all very fun to her.

Bree grabbed my hips and moved behind me. She then pushed me forward until my erect cock was inside the closet. Just a second later I felt Mom’s mouth on my cock.

Bree stood beside me and pulled my head down and my mouth met her nipple. While I sucked on her tit Bree stepped backwards slowly. I followed her lead and the mouth around my cock never stopped pleasing me as we moved.

It was Bree who had to separate me from her boob, I turned my head and looked.

Mom was on her knees, completely nude. Her assets were wonderful but her enthusiastic and busy cock-sucking mouth was unreal and working on my cock. Then a second cock came into my field of vision.

Mom smiled and looked up at me, my mother’s eyes had never looked so lustful before. She moved away from my cock to enjoy the other. Bree stood next to me. My hand wandered and found to squeeze Bree’s butt. Our cocks were being sucked next to each other.

Mom sucked on Bree’s cock and mine jumping back and forth. She was energetic and couldn’t help but smile in between jumping from cock to cock.

Suddenly she stopped.

“I was promised this by your sister John. Thank you for agreeing to it, I have been dreaming about having my daughter’s and my son’s cocks…” She placed our cocks against each of her cheeks. “and it’s now a reality.”

So she brought us together.

With a big smile on her face Mom pulled us carefully towards her mouth. Our cocks touched, she pressed them against each other and then into her mouth they went.

She couldn’t take us in too far but she tried and that was enough. The effort she put in putting both our cocks into her mouth was as hot as the feeling itself. So wet, she made slurping on our cocks.

Side to side our cocks seemed to stretch her mouth and her tongue worked devotedly, licking wildly.

And yet she didn’t lose her smile. That lust I saw in her eyes looked different to me then, that joy in them told me one thing, my mother was crazy for cock.

My right hand found Bree’s ass again. I turned towards her. “This is amazing.”

“I know it would be, but you kept resisting it. Even better I thought, it’s going to pay off eventually.” She kissed me.

One has to let go of thoughts in order to fully enjoy our senses. My cock was sensing.

The wetness of the mouth, her moving tongue, and yes the other cock next to mine, yes I felt it all and it was glorious.

Bree fell down to her knees and kissed my Mom quite passionately. Then she turned with her eyes up to me and her mouth wide open.

I redirected my cock and she gave it one long gulp. Just one because once it was out I pointed it towards the other woman’s open mouth.

She did the same and we repeated this a few more times.

Then I pulled out and stood between them. “Could you two?” I asked bashfully.

Mom smiled.

“Of course.” Bree replied with her unique mischievous smile.

Bree held Mom’s chin and directed the action. She moved her face and Mom’s towards each other and they kissed, softly, right in front of the tip of my cock.

Then they moved closer and closer until they kissed with my head in between their lips.

I started moving back and forth as well and they kept kissing.

“Do you want to fuck Mom’s pussy?” Bree asked with a smile.

I didn’t respond but

“Oh my god!” Mom answered laughing. “Just hearing you say that!”

Bree helped Mom stand and we all turned around allowing Mom to fall on the bed. She opened her legs wide.

I stood between her legs and only had to lower my hips a little in order to enter her.

My cock slipped right in and out.

“Oh, fuck!” The sensation brought me to the edge, I had gone pendik escort in too fast and almost finished then.

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” Bree asked before kissing me.

After the kiss she whispered, “Maybe you should eat your mother’s pussy with that mouth.”

She stepped to the side and my eyes opened up see Mom’s wide open and inviting legs. I went down to my knees and kissed and licked my mother’s pussy hungrily.

I liked her older pussy.

Bree placed her hand on top of my head and grabbing on my hair she pulled me back.

Back only a couple inches, only enough space for her cock to come in front of me and penetrate Mom.

Mom screamed as Bree fucked her one, two, three times. Watching her pussy open up as the cock entered her was a delight. Hot enough that I didn’t move and Bree had to pull me by the hair again for me to continue eating Mom’s pussy.

We did this a few more times with Bree in charge. Cock and mouth taking turns on Mom’s pussy.

Then I stood up while Bree fucked Mom and kissed her.

“It’s my turn sis.” I told her after the kiss.

She fell down to her knees and we repeated the fun activity. I fucked Mom’s amazing pussy a couple of times and then allowed my sister to eat vagina.

“Can I?” I asked without waiting for permission. I withdrew from Mom’s pussy hole to enter Bree’s mouth.

Back and forth, mouth to pussy, a couple of thrusts here and a couple of thrusts there.

Bree stood up once again and her eyes told me that a naughty idea had entered her head. She moved her arm around my torso so that her torso and mine were glued together both of us now facing towards Mom.

“They won’t go in like this sis.” I said catching on to her new idea. She wanted both our cocks to enter Mom but side to side wasn’t the way.

I got on the bed and helped Mom move on top of me without turning. With my back on the bed and Mom’s back to me I struggled to find her pussy. I even enjoyed that struggle, my cock against her skin in search for her love hole.

Mom was sweating and it was incredibly sexy. Her naked back sticking on to my body as she moved up and up on me.

Then it was Bree’s hand that grabbed my cock and helped it to its happy place.

I didn’t have much range of motion in this position. I moved inside Mom’s pussy as much as I could but it was minimal. Yet the real glory came when Bree joined the party.

It was nice. Bree easily went in and out with her whole length.

Her cock slid against mine and I liked it. I liked that the two cocks took much more space and the other side of my cock was pushed against Mom’s inner walls. Then the moans. Mom moaned so much at this, her pussy stretching with each thrust. Constant, loud, and joyful moans, music to my ears.

Mom had been quite wet from the get go but here she flooded. After she orgasmed her juices flooded over my cock.

At this I was ready to let my seed explode.

Bree stopped. “Don’t come yet. I’ve been looking forward to this for too long and won’t wait any longer.”

Mom slipped to my side liberating my cock.

“What do you have in mind Bree?” Was all I asked.

Bree pulled me to my feet by my cock. I took hold of Mom’s hand and pulled her along with us. Off we went in naked bliss hand in hand…and hand in cock.

We left the room and crossed the living room passing by the kitchen. We couldn’t help but laugh at this. It was the quality family time we never had before because this time we were all truly happy.

We went out to the back yard and I surprised by the plain daylight. We stopped in front of a chair.

The chair stood near the house’s wall in the shade. There was a white tall fence separating us from the neighbors behind, to the left and to the right of the house.

Bree explained.

“The neighbors can’t see us, but they might hear us.” She laughed. Her hand jerked me slowly as she continued. “When I saw this chair at the store I had a vision. In the vision the chair was where it now is. It’s not your typical back yard chair. It’s not reclining too much. Steel legs and leather seat. It’s wide which is good but most importantly though it’s strong, very strong.”

She pulled and pushed me toward the chair. I sat down and liked her taste in chairs immediately. In this chair I would not have a problem finding Mom’s pussy if she sat on me. There was less of a problem with what came next.

Bree came closer and turned around. She bent down. Women are so flexible. Right in front of me, right in front of my cock, she swayed her beautiful ass as she took tiny steps getting closer and closer towards me.

When she was close enough I helped her.

I helped her down towards me, her butthole meeting my cock’s head straight on. At which point we slowed down the entrance, Bree’s feet on the ground. Mom appeared next to me and I saw her eyes glued to her son’s cock slowly entering her daughter’s asshole.

Heaven on Earth. I put my hand around Mom and pulled her enough so I taste her tits.

I closed my eyes as my mouth engulfed her left breast.

My cock was inside Bree and she began to pull out slowly.

I kept my mouth busy and Bree kept her butthole busy as well. She gained momentum until she was finally moving up and down at will. After a few more moments of this Bree climbed up.

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