Mayıs 28, 2023

My Uncle, My Teacher, My Lover Pt. 03

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When I awoke Brad had me his front on my back his cock on my butt crack, would he want to put his huge cock in my tight little hole? What would he teach me next, Brad held me close to him his cock grinding against my butt crack. I knew he would never hurt me, he was my Uncle after all, he held me close to him our bodies in tight to each other.

I could have laid here all day, his cock on my butt, his hands holding me close to him, Brad’s hands started to touch my all over, his left hand went to my engorged cock, he held it, he gently stroked it. Again I was so close to orgasm, I would blow soon if he continued to stroke my cock, Brad turned us around, he and I eye to eye.

His lips pressed to my own, his cock grinding on mine, Brad took both our cocks in his hand and stroked them together at the same time. Our cocks were pouring out precum, and I was so close, Brad got on top of me and continued to kiss me. I knew I wanted this man to take my hole one day soon, I hoped it would be today.

Brad got between my legs and took my cock into his mouth, my load so close to blowing, he released my cock and took my balls in his mouth. He licked them, he sucked them into his mouth, he let them pop out of his mouth. He lifted my legs and spread my butt apart, he leaned in and ran his tongue along my ass crack.

I was sure I would jump out of my skin, when his tongue hit my hole I screamed out loud, my cock shot me in the face and neck. Brad continued to run his tongue along my crack, he pressed his tongue to my hole, telling me to press outwards. He got the tip of his tongue in me, but not much more, he let my legs go and took my cock into his mouth.

He sucked and stroked my cock, my balls ready to blow, another load ready to shoot out of me. Brad sucked my cock in deep and swallowed and stroked my cock, I quickly filled him with yet another load of cum. He got on top of me but this time his cock right above my face, his cock rock hard and ready for me.

I took it as deep as I could, Brad pulled out and right back in, he would fuck my almanbahis mouth, I sucked, I ran my tongue all over his cock, his strokes got deeper, his cock right at the back of my throat. Brad was close, his balls ready to unload.

“Oh Fuck Billy take my cock, suck it yes like that, Oh My Yes Yes.”

Brad gifted me a huge load of cum, I greedily took it all and swallowed every drop, Brad laid on top of me. His full body weight on top of me his lips pressed to my own, I looked at him, I loved this man, not like an Uncle but more as my lover. Brad and I eventually got up and showered together, we made breakfast, talking about our day ahead, we were both off but planned to do some sight seeing outside of the bedroom.

Brad and I toured the city he showed me all kinds of things, I held his hand when we could, I would press my lips to his when the opportunity arose where we could safely do so. He and I had a nice lunch in the park, we sat and talked for quite some time. Just sitting close to the man my cock was at attention all the time, he and I heading home, it had been a beautiful day, being with Brad was the best.

When we got home I unlocked the front door, Brad was right behind me, his hands on my hips, he turned us and pressed me to the front door as it closed he kissed me. He was removing his own clothing as I quickly discarded my own. He and I naked at the front door, our cocks rock hard, mine dribbling precum like a leaky hose.

Brad pressed his lips to mine, he would pull back and look me in the eye, at one point I almost expected him to say he loved me. We made out at the front door, Brad picked me up my legs wrapped around his waist my arms around his neck, our lips meshed with each other.

He gently laid me on the bed, naked spread wide open ready for anything he wanted of me, I was his he could have what he wanted, what he needed. He raised my legs and went for my hole, he licked it he ran his tongue along my crack. I grabbed the comforter, balling it up in my fists, my body writhed as his tongue worked my hole.

Brad almanbahis giriş wet his finger and pressed it to my button, I could not release enough to let him in, he grabbed some lube and slicked up his finger. His index finger went in, it was hard not to try to squish his finger with my sphincter. I tried to relax as he told me to breathe, his finger felt so good inside me, I hoped he would get me loose enough so his massive cock could soon be deep inside me.

Brad fingered my hole he hit the one spot that had me on the edge of shooting so many times, he pulled out his index finger and replaced it with his middle finger. With me relaxing his finger went in easily, he could probe deeper this way. His middle was replaced with two fingers now, his index and middle, being honest it was hard to have that much in my hole but I would get through it.

I tried to relax and let his fingers do what he needed to do to get me to loosen up, Brad was very careful if I showed it was to intense he would stop and let me take a breath. He would eventually get his third finger in, it sure was a lot of pain to have three fingers in. Brad told me some guys like a whole fist in their anus. I knew I would never ever be able to manage such a feat.

Brad lubed up his cock, he really wanted to fuck me, he held his three fingers in me, his cock at the ready, he pulled out slowly telling me to relax, his cock at my entrance. I knew I wanted this man in me, I pressed out as his cock entered my hole. He knew by the expression on my face I was in pain, and I was at my limit.

Brad held his cock there, he leaned in and kissed me, any movement I tensed up, he kissed me his eyes on my eyes. I relaxed, I wanted this, I wanted him, I loved this man. He slowly pulled out and pressed back in, I knew we needed more lube, or maybe something more slippery, petroleum jelly was good but I was sure there had to be something better.

Brad was gentle, I could see by the look on his face he was enjoying my hole, his cock held so tightly by it. Brad continued to kiss me as he almanbahis yeni giriş gently made love to me, I was in heaven, euphoric, my cock rock hard and pouring out precum like a leaky faucet. Brad’s strokes gained momentum, his cock in and out of my hole, I knew he was close, his cock would fill me up.

When his cock was on the verge of exploding, Brad looked at me, his eyes on my eyes, his lips pressed to mine, he pulled back just as he was about to cum.

“Billy, I love you.”

“Love you too Brad.”

When his cock started to shoot its load in me, I felt it deep inside me, there is no way to describe it, to feel his cock filling me with its seed. Within seconds of his cock shooting my own cock shot hands free, my body shook, I had never experienced anything like this ever. Brad held me his body on mine, his lips kissing my own.

We both lay there, I could not move, I was no longer a virgin, my Uncle had fulfilled my fantasy of him taking my cherry. Brad pulled out and was about to get off of me, I held him to me, kissing him over and over.

“Billy Babe we need a shower.”

“Brad we need to lay here and enjoy each other, kiss me, hold me please, I love you.”

“Love you too Billy but I am sticking to you and we can still do more in the shower.”

My eyes opened up, did he say more? I smiled, what was this more he wanted to do to me in the shower, I would have to follow the man to find out. Once his cock was out of my hole I felt empty, my pucker quickly closed back up, I had his seed inside me, his cum was deep inside me now.

Brad showed me how a man cleans himself out for anal sex, I was amazed at what I would have to do, but better clean than a mess. Brad dried off and let me do what I needed to do to get the cum out of my ass and be ready for round two. I secretly wanted to keep the mans cum inside me forever, but like he said it would eventually drip down my legs and it really would not be a pretty look.

I joined Brad in the kitchen he was busy getting dinner started, I got in between him and the counter he was trying to chop up the veggies for dinner. I kissed him, I held his head as my lips were all over his, this man had told me he loves me. I wanted him to do me right here on the counter, put his huge cock deep inside me.

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