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My StepMom

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My StepMom
Brad trotted down the carpeted stairs. He heard pots and pans clanging in the kitchen and headed that way.

“Good morning Hatty!” He cheerfully said to his Jamaican stepmother.

“Good morning to you, Brad, you little hungry or lot hungry?”

“Just coffee for me.” He answered, taking a seat on a chair at the counter.

He studied his step-mother as she moved around the kitchen preparing breakfast for his father. She was 5’6″, 32 years old, perhaps 135lbs, very dark skinned, shoulder length black dark hair, combed straight, highlighted with sandy colored strands, a well accented bubble butt touted on short legs, smooth skin and a pretty face, big, but not overly so, lips, accented with red lipstick. She wore hip hugging white jeans, barefoot, a bright red shirt tied off slightly above her belly button. He marveled at her large breasts pulling the shirt taunt.

Hatty had been his father’s secretary for 10 years now. He and his father, being Caucasian through and through, he had been a bit surprised when his father had married her two years ago. It had been just six months after his mother had passed away. Knowing his father had complained to him repeatedly about his mother’s refusal to do her duty in the bedroom, he figured his father had been fucking Hatty for years. His mother had suspected as much and his infidelity had only added to her hatred for the man.

Now, his mother’s nemesis was his step-mother.

Three months before she had passed, his father had left midweek on a three day business trip. Having become custom, Brad sat with his mother on her bed watching TV most evenings. Second day in, she had had a good day but within an hour of Brad joining her she had begun to cry, telling him how sorry she was to leave him, him, hugging, consoling her, telling her how much she was going to be missed. She had asked him to kiss her. When he went to give her a peck on the cheek, she turned her head and their lips met. She turned a simple little peck on the lips into a more passionate, lengthy kiss, then, when he became passionate back, she begged him to make love to her. He had said nothing to persuade her otherwise. They hugged and kissed more, then, he had maneuvered to delicately pull her panties off from beneath her light nightgown. She spread her leg. He positioned himself carefully on his knees between her legs, then, pulled his erect cock out of the top of his shorts and offered it to her. She acquired it as he cradled her carefully and delicately. She placed the head of his cock to her forbidden treasure, and he pushed, entering her slowly. For both, it was an intense, warm moment, as he held deep for a few long moments. Weak and still crying, she had hugged him tightly, with effort bringing her legs up, wrapping her feet together to keep her in place. “I’m okay now, sweetheart.” They began to fuck very slowly. Their rhythm remained slow.

Eventually, she begged him to come into her, telling him she did not have the strength to achieve orgasm. He carefully tried to extricated himself from her hold, to maneuver down to give her oral, which she tried in vain to keep from happening. She finally relented. He pleased her slowly, exploring a bit before concentrating on her clit, and, eventually she did orgasm. Her voice sounded frail, as she pleaded with him to come back up. He did so, instructing her to put her feet flat on the bed. Recoupling, him placing his cock this time, he held himself aloft and stroked into her slowly, as they looked into each other’s eyes. She begged him not to look away or stop until he came. Keeping a moderate rhythm, he did not find it difficult, under the loving, i****tuous circumstances, to easily ejaculate into his mother.

Afterwards, and for days, his mother, Cindy, was consumed with anxiety for the guilt she thought she had caused him. He repeatedly assured her he was fine with what they had done, actually, glad they had done it as it would be a lasting, loving memory for him. After happily accepting his reasoning, she had commented she wished they had been intimate sooner. Three times before her passing, her husband out of town, she had found the strength to beckon him to lay with her.

Hatty came close to him to sit the cup of coffee on the counter. “You know, some of the best pussy I ever had was with a black girl.” He whispered.

“Your father hear you talking to me like that he will kick you out of the house.” She chided, keeping her face straight. Brad only chuckled.

It was not the first time Brad had said something inappropriate to his step-mother. She had not ratted him out and he eventually became more brazen, touching her inappropriately.

After once patting her ass, she freaked out, telling him his father had cameras secretly positioned all over the house, as, she had discovered a few while dusting. His degree in college was electrical engineering, so, while his father was away on a three day business trip, he had located the hiding place his father had set up electronic surveillance and was aware of where the cameras were positioned. Wide angle lenses, did indeed, cover most of the house, even the bathrooms. But, no voices were being recorded and video flash cards erased every three days. After learning of this, he reframed from touching her and only made the occasional inappropriate comment.

He greeted his father as he came into the kitchen, immediately closing on his wife, kissing her on the neck and feeling her butt. With a smile, she squatted his hand away, telling him to behave himself. By the way his father was acting Brad knew they had probably fucked that morning.

He talked with his father about various things as his father ate breakfast until they reached the topic he dreaded.

“Have you made up your mind to go back to school?” His father started. “You know, if you don’t go back to school, then, you have to find yourself a job and get a place of your own. You sure as hell are not staying here in this house.”

He knew what his father mean. His father was a very jealous man of any of his possessions. He certainly was not going to allow a younger male, not even his son, to be left alone in his house with his trophy wife.

“Look, I have two months to make a decision. I will either have a job and an apartment, or, be headed back to school. Does that meet with your approval?”

“Fine! Fine! I just don’t understand why you would turn down güvenilir bahis şirketleri a paid education, is all! You’ve only two more years.”

Brad had all intentions of going back to school. He just wanted time to work on Hatty as she had never squealed on him, or, got mad at him for his inappropriate behavior. Actually, she had treated

him more affectionately after his indiscretions.

His father had married his mother at the young age of 23, when he was 42. He did not know why his mother hated his father so much. Probably, because he had messed around on her early on, or, his birth having been unexpected, and, by his father, unwanted, his wife alotting too much time to their c***d. Growing up, he had been pretty much ignored by his father, and it only got worse as he grew older.

His mother was 46 when she passed. Now, his father had another young wife. Brad, though he had not initiated the i****tuous relationship with his mother, had had one of his father’s wives. He was determined to have the other. His mother, bless her heart, deserved that much and would probably cheer him on.

A number of weeks passed before his father announced his trip. He tried his best to get Brad to spend nights with his friends, or, for him and his friends to go on a road trip. He said he would pay all expenses, but Brad told his father he had job interviews he had to attend. Haddy, in Brad’s presence, had told his father she did not feel comfortable staying in the large house alone and she was happy to have Brad there at night, adding, that Brad usually did not come in until late or the wee hours of the morning.

Still, his father left in a huff, knowing his son would be in his house at night with his young wife.

A week later, Hatty reentered the house after kissing her husband goodbye and wishing him a good trip.

Brad had said goodbye to his father in the house and watched from the living room window until the Mercedes disappeared from sight. He found Haddy in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast. He asked for another cup of coffee. He waited until she moved close.

“I have found a way to freeze the cameras so my father will not be spying on whatever happens in this house.” He said to her as she sat the coffee on the counter. “There is no voices being recorded or heard. I checked and rechecked.”

“And you did that because?” She queried, straight faced and mono-toned.

“I was thinking maybe you want to give me some pussy?” He boldly said.

“You think because you’re handsome and have a cock stiffer than your father’s that I should act all starry-eyed, get bald ass naked with you and let you fuck me!” She sarcastically replied, dancing around and holding her hands aloft, moving her hands like twinkling stars.

She believed he was good at checking for sound and disabling his father’s cameras. Still, there was a limit to where she would go.

“I was thinking that we would fuck… each other… you know, together.” He retorted, pointing at her, then him, then, bringing his hands together.’

“Okay. But still, you want us to fuck because I belong to your father. Maybe, you lied to me the other day when you said the best pussy you’ve ever had was a black girl and you want me just because I am dark skined.” She challenged.

“No! Boy Scout honor!” He professed. “Her name was Rhonda. She was not as dark as you and African-American, a big boned gal with a big lipped pussy, but, she was one great piece-of-ass. And yes, certainly on the father part, but I really owe that much to my mother. And, if your breasts and ass is as smooth as your shoulders and neck it will be a joy to kiss and nibble on them.”

“YOU! A Boy Scout?” she laughed. “A Boy Scout would not want to fuck his father’s wife. I am sympathetic with your mother wanting you to. I was fucking him a year after he hired me! But, I can tell you one thing! We are not fucking in any bedroom in this house! I don’t care what you can do to the cameras.”

“The upstairs hall then?” He advised. “No camera shows the hall. A few thick blankets and we’re good to go! Look, you can go to bed your regular time. If he is checking when you call him to say good night, which he probably will, he’ll see in bed and watch you snuggle down. 10 minutes later, I will freeze the cameras. That gives us approximately three hours to have a good time! I’ll reset the cameras and all will be well.”

“I have to think about it.” Were Hatty’s only words before she returned to the sink.

Brad looked flustered.

His father was going to be gone seven days which was unusual for most of his business trips. He could be setting them up for a surprise early return. He told Hatty as much.

The third day, as he and Hatty were finishing up supper, she whispered to him at the sink that late this evening she was willing to meet him in the hall. They finalized the time and what she was to do as far as bathing, getting in bed and making the call. Brad had found a way to get the blankets and pillows into the hall, warning her not to trip on them.

“Sometimes he likes me to masturbate for him.” She said in a concerned tone.

“I would regret that.” He said, with his own concern. “But, if you have to, you have to. You can tell me when you meet me.”

The evening went slow for Brad as he switched channels on the TV and watched Hatty do needlepoint.

Finally the time had arrived, he excused himself to go to shower for his “date”. He left the house and drove away, parking around the corner. Knowing, where there were dead spaces in the yard and house, he managed to get back into the “boot” room. He had another hour to wait. At the appropriate time, he went to the room with the cameras. Typing a few things, the cameras froze in place. Confidently, he walked through the house, up the stairs and into the hall. He waited another five minutes.

Hatty opened her bedroom door and stepped into the hall. The entire upstairs was near pitch black. All Brad could see of Hatty were the white bikini underwear and white bra she wore. Her body was invisible in the dark hall. She came towards him and he began to strip his cotton pants and T-shirt off.

“I am scared to death!” She whispered, coming up close to him, her arms hanging at her sides.

“Relax. Everything is cool.” He assured her. “He is not going to know or suspect a thing. Did he asked you to masturbate?”

“No, thank goodness. He’s probably got some bitch canlı casino siteleri in his room! She can masturbate for the bastard.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her softly. She put her arms around his waist. He kissed her more firmly as her arms came up to his back and they began to kiss passionately, embracing tightly. He tried to unsnapped her bra from the back. “Here, let me do that.” She said, stepping back a bit and reaching to the front of the bra, “it unhooks in front”. As she removed the bra, he cupped her very ample breasts with both hands, caressing, squeezing and thumbing the nipples. “They are very sensitive!” She sighed pleasurably, “I think sometimes I could orgasm just having my breasts man-handled”. He took her at her word and maneuvered her up against the wall and began aggressively man-handling her breasts and sucking her nipples, alternately, sucking on one, then, the other. Hatty was instantly moaning and breathing heavily. She sought and found his rock-hard erection and began squeezing and pulling it.

They kissed, they groped, he sucked her nipples, she bit his shoulders and yanked his cock, and their feet got tangled in the heavy quilts Brad had placed on the floor along with the pillows. The action ceased for a brief moment as Brad stripped her of her panties. To an alien, it would seem as if two creatures were struggling to subdue or devour one another. After many minutes, it all led to one outcome! Brad pinned her against the wall, took control of his cock and put it between her legs. Hatty, rather than bend her knees, her legs being short, hopped and flung her legs around his hips. A bit of searching by Brad and she moaned pleasurably as his cock entered her and went deep. Brad grabbed a handful of black ass with both hands. A lot of heavy breathing and moaning ensued. Hatty’s back scrubbed and her buttocks tapped heavily against the wall, as Brad shoved upwards sending his cock deep with almost every thrust. The heels of her feet yanked in rhythm, trying to pull him closer, to send him deeper.


“Damn, your pussy is good! Sweet, sweet pussy!” Brad praised with labored breath.

“Your cock… your cock… is wonderful! So much better than your father’s short, limp cock. He can never keep it up for very long.” Photos

“It’s going to be all right to come in you, yes?” Brad queried.

“Of course.” She answered.

“How long is your cock?” She queried with labored breath.

“How the hell do I know. I’ll take a chance! Is it to your liking?”

“Yes, yes, very much I like. When you push deep it feels like it’s up inside my belly!”

“Like this!”

“Oh, fuck, yes! Again! Do it again!” She groaned. “It felt thick and long in my hand! Now I know it is! Again! Fuck, it’s good!”

The praise caused Brad to fuck her with a rapid rhythm, stabbing her deep, all, as indicated by her moaning and groaning, to her pleasure. Brad had a great urge to mark her pussy as his, at least for now, but he restrained himself, wanting to bring Hatty to orgasm first, as it would show her he was a compassionate lover. Besides, he wanted a taste of her pussy before he came inside of it. So, on they fucked.

Brad finally felt Hatty’s body tense for a brief moment before the orgasm gripped her and she wailed like a wounded a****l. The sound could have been heard anywhere in the house. With all the checking he had done, he secretly prayed there were not microphones picking up or recording sounds. He did not slack his rhythm, but continued to pound her against the wall, stabbing her deep. Her body soon relaxed, but she continued to fuck him enthusiastically.

She did not relinquish the grip she had on him, as he moved her to the thick quilts, dropping her gently onto them, his rigid cock still inside her

“Stay, baby! Stay!” She begged, still trying to hold on to him, as he sought to get free

“Just relax, Hatty. Come on now… stop hugging me so tight… I need a taste. Give me a taste”

Reluctantly she untangled herself and let him loose. She actually preferred a good cock orgasm over oral, but she knew how some men enjoyed the taste of pussy. Hers was wet and juicy! He would love it.

The orgasm had gripped her more strongly than any she could remember and she laid there trying to relax. It did not help that he immediately began to suck her nipples, squeezing her breast. After all, they were extremely sensitive. But soon, he began to kiss her body dropping lower and lower, his hands sliding down her sides and hips. She fondled his head and ears. She felt the kisses on her belly, then, him, nuzzling her hairless mound. She reached to grip the back of her knees, to bring them back against her, widening her thighs to give him access. She waited, expectantly. She did not feel his tongue, then, opened mouth, she inhaled a large breath of air as the tip of his tongue flicked her lip-less, baby-like, pussy. The crack ran for more than 5 inches. A surprised moan escaped her.

“Ohhhh, you sweet boy!”

Brad, now on his belly, scooted his hands under her buttocks, lifting, and began to explore her pussy and near vicinity. Consciously, he did not concentrate his attention on her pussy or clit quite yet, but returned to it often enough for her to desire more.

Hatty lay contently enjoying his lips and tongue exploring her most private and sensitive areas between her legs. Every time he moved his attention to her thighs she wanted to complain, but, she let him have his reign.

Brad was enjoying himself listening to her soft moans, but he figured it was time to concentrate his attention to her pussy. He started with feather-light flicks of his tongue to her clit, then, he rotated his tongue around the base. Hatty responded as expected. Her ass began to respond, pushing to get a firmer touch from his tongue. Brad did not allow it.

“Stop teasing me.” She hissed.

With her holding her legs back, Brad having had rediscovered her hole during his exploring, he shoved his tongue into her pussy. The effect on Hatty was immediate as she began to thrust her ass in an effort to send his tongue as deep as possible. He pushed as deep as possible. Brad had never had a woman, of the few, lubricate like Hatty. Her juices had his cheeks wet and his chin dripping with her juices.

If they could had been seen, Hatty’s eyes had widened with surprise when Brad’s tongue entered her. His casino şirketleri father and eaten her pussy too many times to count, but never had any man, of the few, tongue fucked her. Her ass was proactive in thrusting against his face.

“Don’t stop! “Please don’t stop!” She begged. “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t stop!” She pleaded. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCKKKK!” She bellowed, as the orgasm swept over her. “Lordddd, boy!”.

Brad found Hatty’s Jamaican accent mesmerizing. She even moaned with an accent.

A first for both, was the tongue-fucking orgasm she had experienced. Brad should be applauded for his ability to keep his tongue planted inside of her as she humped his face vigorously.

“Come up. Come up, now, and put that cock in me.” She demanded.

He was quick to comply and without any guidance his rock-hard cock found and slipped easily into her pussy. With her still contracted vagina muscles, she gave out a surprised moan. Neither, paid it much attention as they began to fuck each other aggressively.

Hatty could not remember having such a strong desire to fuck.

Brad grabbed a handful of ass and fucked her like it would be the last time he would have her black ass to fuck. He had no doubts that he would come into her belly, whether, she really desired it or not, he was going to come into her.

“Fuck me hard! Harder, damn you! Push it deep! Just like that, ahhh, yes! Again!” She whispered into easier.

Hatty’s knees ratcheted along his sides as her ass lifted in rhythm with his strokes. She was bedded down in the heavy quilts, her hand on a soft pillow. She had orgasmed twice but was actively engaged for however long Brad wished.

Brad soon relinquished to grip he had on her ass. His arms moved to cuddle her. His shaft immediately came into contact with her clit. Her ratcheting hips told him so. He shoved hard into her.

Hatty was soon breathing heavily, climbing the ladder ever so slowly. Long minutes passed.

“Don’t stop! I’m almost there!” She exclaimed, more loudly, her voice echoing in the hall. “I never been fucked like this! Your cock is so good!”.

“Your pussy is wonderful, Hatty!” He praised. “It’s tight and so fuckin’ warm and juicy.”

“I’m close! Ohhhh, Fuck. Please, just like that! I’m… I’m comm…I’m COMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!”

Hatty’s ass was ratcheting over-time as the third orgasm raged through her body.

Brad relentlessly stabbed her showing no mercy.

“ARE YOU READY!” Brad demanded loudly to know.


“Ggrrrrrrgggggggg!” He groaned, as his cock jerked once, twice, three times, shooting his warm ejaculate into her pussy… her belly.

The two lay entwined in each other’s arms and legs, kissing and stroking each other. His less than rigid cock remained inside of her. It seemed they liked each other’s ass, as their hands did a lot of squeezing there.

“We go to sleep now”. Hatty finally said lovingly as she broke the kiss and maneuvered to turn on her left side. His limp cock slipped out of her. She gathered a bit of quilt and stuffed it between her legs to catch his cum. “Come close and cover us up.”

Brad spooned in behind her grabbing the edge of the quilt to cover them. He placed his right hand on her ass, cupping in low.

They drifted off to sleep.

Hatty awakened, feeling a bit chilled, as she was uncovered. The hall was now illuminated by the morning light coming from all directions. She rolled slightly and saw Brad laying on his back, totally uncovered. She glanced between his legs, noting his pubic hair was shaved or waxed clean. His cock lay limp, laying on his pelvis area. She pondered, should she wake the b**st.

She had never viewed his cock firm and erect. She stared at it for a long minute, then, almost involuntarily, she reached to toy with it, knowing Brad, if awakened, was going to want some early-morning pussy.

Brad’s cock began to firm up. When she was able, she gripped the shaft and began squeezing and stroking slowly. Then, it was rockhard! She stared at the domed head. As her hand stroked down she watched the domed head balloon, the skin becoming tight. Is cock was very much to her liking. She felt her body warm…her pussy twitched.

Not knowing what to expect when he did away, she was a bit surprise when he unexpectedly rolled on top of her. He had caught her legs together and she struggled a bit to get them parted and raised. Having lost her grip on his cock, she reacquired it and placed it to her. Happily, he entered her slowly and gently. Neither, were concerned about their soiled genitals, though, she knew a good douch would be in order before her husband’s return. She knew that was going to be a problem as the bathrooms had cameras.

She sat those thoughts aside, as they began to fuck with a slow rhythm.

“Good morning.” Brad said. “I was hoping you would be up for a little morning playtime!”

“Fucking your father’s wife, your step-mother, is playtime to you? You’re going to get both of us killed!” Hatty chastised.

“Come on now, sugar!” He fretted hurt. “You’re going to hurt my feelings. You are the one who woke me up stroking on my cock.” After a few strokes. “Tell me the truth, now? Do like my cock?”

“Yes! You fuck me good and your cock is long and thick. Just the way I like!” Hatty replied truthfully. She was thinking of all years she had put up with his father’s less than satisfying cock. Then, as if Brad had read her mind.

“Are you going to let me fuck you again?” He queried.

“We fucked last night. Now, we are fucking “again”. She replied, putting in emphasis on the word “again”. “Why don’t we let the future take its course and you concentrate on us fucking right now!”

Brad felt like she had answered in the positive.

When he was home, he felt assured, he would have Hatty’s delightfully black breast ass and pussy available to him.

“Aahhh! Fuck! Just like that!” She praised. “You do know how to get me going!”

He had increased his rhythm without really knowing it. Elation abounded between the two as they began to lose themselves in the throes of passion.

He cuddled her tightly, breathing lightning and moaning into her neck.

Her knees ratcheted along his sides. Her ass matched his rhythm, lifting to get his cock as deep as possible.

Imagine, white atop black, the heavy quilts making been feel safe and secure as they fucked in the ever-brighting hall, their heavy breathing, moans and groans attesting to their sexual lust.

Brad promised himself he would push the envelope next time, imagining Hatty on her knees, her smooth black ass in the air, or, squatting over his face, holding onto something only for balance, as he devoured her pussy.

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