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My Holiday in May Ch. 05

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Up to that point, I honestly didn’t know if Uncle Larry or Aunt Lucy had had any inkling of what was going on while they were away. They were mostly ecstatic when they returned because of the huge catches they’d been making, and also because they got really good prices for their harvest too. Today was no different – when they came back from the mainland, we were surprised to find that they had bought new clothes and a new TV as well. Previously, they had simply relied on the radio for news, so this was a major purchase for them. And Uncle Larry usually spent most of his money on beer, so this spending spree suggested just how great it was they were feeling.

In fact, Uncle Larry gave me a ‘gnome hug’ when he got off the boat. I call it a gnome hug because he’s shorter than me, so much so I was afraid he would smell the scent of recent sex on me when he grabbed me. Thankfully, he didn’t… he simply put his arms around me (just above my elbows) and hugged me tight. “You’re the man, Charlie,” he said enthusiastically. “You’re the lucky charm.”

I was amused more than I was appalled, and I made a half-hearted attempt to hug him back. It was practically impossible though, given the way he’d grabbed me around my arms, so I just grinned at him. Aunt Lucy said “Let the poor boy go, Larry,” before she turned around and kissed her daughter on the cheek. “May, it was fantastic! You should see the clothes we bought for you!”

I knew May was beaming even though I didn’t look at her — we kept our eyes averted from each other so they wouldn’t guess that there was something going on. Our fear was that the sheer hunger we had for each other would be noticed. It wasn’t something we were ready to let on to Aunt Lucy or Uncle Larry, yet.

All the way to the house, Uncle Larry had his arm round my shoulder while Aunt Lucy chatted animatedly with May, telling her about what had happened at the market, how they’d got the best prices they’d seen in years, for the best catch they’d had in years, how they’d gone shopping after that… My impression was that shopping was a luxury that Aunt Lucy didn’t really indulge in often. And it made me sad to think that cousin May indulged in it even less than her mother did.

When we got into the house, Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry were pleasantly surprised to see that May and I had prepared some dishes for dinner. We’d set the table up nicely (after fucking really hard on it and almost making it collapse) so dinner was ready for them the moment they walked in. It was a great dinner too – the dishes were ok, but the conversation was lively and fun. It was the first time I’d seen Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry so relaxed since I arrived.

After dinner, May and Aunt Lucy washed up the dishes while I sat with Uncle Larry under the starlit sky. We chatted a bit more and I put forward my case. He seemed to listen more intently and made a few comments that I noted. Then Aunt Lucy and May joined us and the discussion turned to what the plan for tomorrow was. Uncle Larry said they should go out to sea once more since it was my second last day on the island – he really believed in that “lucky charm” bit – so they could get another big catch before I left. “After all, we don’t know when you’ll be back again, Charlie,” he said, looking at me. At that, May excused herself. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw tears glinting in her eyes as she left.

That left the three of us sitting under the stars, talking about anything that came to mind, including the last time I was here. Then Aunt Lucy turned to me and said: “She’s gonna miss you, you know, Charlie? The last time you left, she kept asking and asking when you were coming back. That went on for weeks!”

At that, the conversation turned to the topic I’d raised with Uncle Larry. I didn’t have to say much, because Larry did a lot of the talking for me. He’d apparently been quite convinced by our previous chats. Finally, we came to an agreement that she would be asked for her opinion on the matter — Aunt Lucy wasn’t as resistant to the idea as I’d expected. Maybe she saw something that we’d been careless about. Or maybe she just wanted something different for her daughter.

I don’t know how late it was when we finally retired to bed. It was certainly later than they normally slept, and to be honest, I had a bit of trouble sleeping, I was so excited. When I finally did sleep, my dreams were once again filled with images of May, naked and clothed, in different scenarios, at different parts of my life.

There was one dream that was more of a receded memory, I think — it was of that day when we were out running in the fields and were chased by a dog. I think we might have trespassed into a neighbour’s farm, or perhaps it was a stray dog. But I remember that it was big — it was as tall as my shoulder — and it was menacing. May was the first to encounter it, and we started running the moment we saw it.

At the time, I was a head taller than her even though she was just a year behind me, pendik escort so I soon left her behind. I didn’t realise it at first, and only stopped when I realised I couldn’t hear her panting behind me. I turned around just in time to see the dog catch up to her and try to bite her. I don’t know if it was sheer luck or panic, but she somehow managed to evade the creature’s jaws. Her dress didn’t though, and because she was running so hard, she was suddenly jerked backwards. Then she was lifted off the ground as the dog began shaking its head, whipping her about until her arms, legs and head became blurred.

May was screaming for help all this while, and I was frozen, unable to decide what to do. Before I could even think of a solution, I heard a quick purr of cloth ripping and May fell out of her dress. She was naked, and for a moment, she crouched on all fours under the dog. Maybe she was too surprised, or perhaps she was gathering her wits about her. Then, she looked up and saw me and started running towards me, crying out my name. The dog flung her torn dress about just a few moments more, then dropped it and started off after her.

I watched as my cousin May approached, the big dog running behind her. There was no way she would reach me before it did her, it was that close to her. I really don’t know how that rock appeared in my hand, nor how I managed to throw it on target – I’m crap at ball games – but I hit the dog’s nose with the rock, and it yelped and ran off whimpering.

May just kept on running and ran right into me, bowling me over with her momentum. I hit my head on the ground and saw stars for a bit, and then I felt May clutching on to me like her life depended on it, sobbing and wetting my shirt with her tears. She was good and scared, and she’d peed herself too, but I didn’t mention it. I just patted her head and soothed her until she stopped crying, then I took off my shirt and gave it to her. We had to go back to pick up her torn dress and we held hands all the way home, a shirtless boy and a girl in a shirt two sizes too big for her.

When we got back, Aunt Lucy was really angry. The dress May had been wearing was relatively new so she was upset that it had gotten torn, even though we explained that we were really innocent parties and it was a big, bad dog that did it. When Aunt Lucy picked up the cane to strike her, I immediately ran to May to cover her, telling her “It’s not her fault, it’s not her fault!” Aunt Lucy tried to pull me away from May so she could beat her but I wouldn’t let go — I told her “Beat me instead!” until she gave up in exasperation and went outside and cool off.

Perhaps because we were still kids then, May and I shared her bed. That evening, when we got into bed, she suddenly scooted over to my side and hugged me, whispering, “I wanna marry you, Charlie!” She hugged me all night long, and refused to let go even when her mom came in and tried to pull her off so I could have more space to sleep. I was smiling as I fell asleep, feeling her breath on my neck while she snored.

I was smiling as I awoke this morning too, not just because of the memory of that sweet little girl hugging me to sleep. Even before I opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t dreaming –I knew it was the grown up May whose hands I felt at my waist, tugging my shorts down. And I knew it was her breath I felt on my turgid cock, now conditioned to stand at attention the moment May was nearby.

Then I felt something hot and wet engulf my cockhead, and cracked open my eyes when I realised I could feel a tongue massaging the stem of my cock as the orifice worked its way downwards.

“May?” I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “What are you..?”

“Relax and enjoy, cuz,” she stopped sucking on my dick long enough to say. “Just lie back. I’ll take care of this.”

There are blowjobs and there are blowjobs… I’d thought Honey was pretty good at it, but May… May was spectacular. The way she kept her lips tight on my cock while her tongue massaged the stem, the way she let my cock slide deep into her throat until almost all of it was swallowed up… Man, it was enough to make me wanna come in her mouth. I would’ve too, if I hadn’t been too curious.

“May? Come up here,” I said, pulling her head off my cock and pulling her naked body upwards. I could get used to this — waking up to a sexy, naked May in bed with me. “Come on, May, I wanna look at you. I like that more.”

She reluctantly gave up trying to latch back on to my cock and clambered up obediently to lie on top of me. “Did you like that, cuz? I thought it would be a nice way to wake up.” I looked into her eyes. “I really liked that a lot, May, but I… umm… how did you know how to..?”

Her eyes darkened and she looked away. I had clearly touched on a raw nerve. “May? Sweetheart, I’m your Charlie. You can tell me, ok?”

She turned to look at me when I said I was hers and her eyes softened. “OK. OK, I’ll tell you. But you may not think the same about maltepe escort me…”

“Don’t be silly, May,” I said, and kissed her on her lips. She smelt fresh, as if she had just washed up just to get into bed with me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she did too. May was just that sort of girl. “I won’t think any less of you.”

“OK. Remember yesterday, when you… when you surprised me… while I was washing up? Remember what you asked?”

“Yeah,” I said, suddenly remembering that she had left that question unanswered. “Who were you..?”

“It happened just a few months ago,” she started off in a rush, as if afraid that if she stopped, she wouldn’t have the courage to continue. “I was walking home from the village centre one day. I stopped to pee in the bushes at the side of the road. That’s when I saw Billy. He was deeper in the bushes, but I could see him clearly, and he could see me too.

“Billy is the son of the village chief, and a mean bully too. I needed to pee so badly that I started peeing before I realised that he was there. I don’t think he was aiming to… do stuff to me, he was actually… he was doing something to a dog. I saw him just before he turned and saw me. Then it became a mad race to stop peeing, pull up my pants and run.

“He caught me just before I made it to the road. I was screaming like mad and trying to fight him, but he’s bigger than me so he managed to drag me off deeper into the forest.

“Before I knew it, his pants were off and his… thing was in front of my face. It was ugly, Charlie, as ugly as yours is beautiful.” She grabbed my cock to emphasise her point and rubbed it before continuing.

“I tried to kick him but he grabbed my leg, and suddenly my pants were off. I was stunned. I mean, no one has seen me like that since… since… well, you, from the dog incident. Then he said some rude remarks about my down there and said he was gonna give it to me good.

“I didn’t know what to do, cuz,” she cried, her hands curling into fists. “I knew I couldn’t outrun him and I didn’t have the strength to fight him.”

“But he didn’t..?” I said, pretty sure that I’d felt her hymen give way during our first fuck.

“No, no, he didn’t,” she said impatiently. “He had these sea cucumbers with him. You’ve seen them… they taste great when cooked but they’re ugly little things. Well, he said ‘I’ve gotta loosen up that mouth of yours first!’ and shoved one of those things into my mouth.

“I almost choked because they… because they spit when they’re upset, sea cucumbers, and I had to… open my throat to prevent myself from choking. He kept moving it in and out, telling me to ‘learn how to suck on it’. Then he… then he took one and he… he said: ‘I gotta open up that pussy too’, and I felt him pressing it against me down there.

“I didn’t know what to do, cuz. He was pressing it up against my pussy and it was squirting… into me… and I thought… there’s no way out for me… so I imagined… it was you. I shut my eyes and imagined you were… doing that to me. So that it wouldn’t be so bad. And it wasn’t so bad too, when I thought of your… thing, and wondered… how big it had grown.

“That’s when his dad found us. Billy stopped what he was doing immediately and… well, now some people think I… I was trying to seduce him.”

“What the..?” I was outraged. “The fucker almost raped you, and it’s your fault? What the fuck is that?”

“Well, his dad is the chief you know,” she said. “I guess… when you jumped me yesterday I had a fright and thought… maybe it was Billy…”

“Shit,” I said, unable to believe what I was hearing. “May, if he tried to rape you, why do you hang about the farm naked as the day you were born?”

“You don’t understand,” she replied, tears springing to her eyes. “I’ve always… We’re at the very end of the island. Very few people come here. And anyway, on this island… in this village, it won’t make a difference what I wear if… If Billy wants to… give it to me like he said he would…”

“That’s just rubbish!” I said indignantly.

“I knew… I knew you’d think…” she began, and the tears began flowing freely from her eyes.

“No, no, you don’t get what I mean, May,” I soothed her, running my hands down her naked back as she sobbed. “I don’t mean that I think that you… I’m just angry. I’m angry that I wasn’t here to protect you!”

Her sobbing lessened but she still sniffled when she said: “So you don’t think I’m dirty, Charlie?”

“No, May, I don’t think you’re dirty,” I said, looking into her eyes with all the sincerity I felt. “You’re just free spirited, that’s all. And I think you’ve been treated very poorly.”

“I… felt bad after it happened, you know cuz,” she confessed. “For weeks after that, I wore the thickest, longest clothes I could find. And I wore underwear everyday. Even though I knew that our farm is really isolated and no one was likely to come round. Mom even noticed kartal escort it and asked if there was anything wrong.”

“Well, I’d like to meet the fucker and give him what for,” I said angrily. “What the fuck does he think he can do to my May?”

She suddenly giggled in the midst of her tears and kissed me on the nose. “You’re cute when you’re trying to be protective cuz!” she proclaimed. “That’s what I liked about you from the very beginning.”

I smiled at her. “May, I don’t know how to say this in such a way that you’d believe me but… I have a lot of trouble thinking of my life without you.”

She teared up once more, but this time, she was smiling broadly. “I love you, Charlie,” she declared. “I think I’ve loved you since… when you saved me.”

“Come here, you,” I growled, pulling off my shirt before pulling her close, revelling in the feeling of her soft, warm flesh once more. She sighed contentedly and snuggled deeper into my chest, rubbing her nose and kissing my skin as she did so. May was as affectionate as a puppy, even while she was horny — I could feel the hard knots of her nipples scratching my chest.

After a while, she looked at me and smiled tenderly. “Cuz, you know what? Last night when I went to sleep, my… pussy ached. It… it missed your thing. Your cock. I had to… I covered it with my hand but it still wanted to be filled…”

“Really?” I grinned. “So this is what you were missing?” I moved my hips, sliding my cock between her thighs, against her wet gash. “Uhhh! Yeah, I… uhh! missed that,” she grunted as my cock pressed against her vulva. “But I… uhh! want it… inside me!”

“Your wish is my command,” I smiled as I moved down a bit, arched my back and pressed upwards, between her open thighs. Her sex was more than ready for me, it opened up and swallowed up my cock with ease. “Oooooh, Charlie!” she moaned as my cockhead passed into her depths. “I swear… it’s bigger in the morning!”

Her pussy was accommodating even though it was still tight around me. I slipped right in and hit bottom in one smooth motion. “Unnhh!” she breathed out as I hit her cervix. “Ohh, Charlie, that feels… so… good!” I grinned as I drew it out slowly and pressed it back in again, her pussy squelching loudly.

Good thing I stopped at the end of that stroke too. I intended to slow fuck her, and stopped to let her feel my cock stretching her out inside. “May, there’s something I…” “Shhhh!” she hushed me up suddenly, her eyes opening wide. She looked like a frightened deer right then. “Did you hear that?”

“What?” I said. I didn’t hear a thing, but her ears were certainly sharper than mine. “Shit, they’re back!” she hissed, suddenly thrusting herself up and off me, my cock sliding out of her with a slight pop. “Quick, get dressed!”

I still didn’t hear anything, but the urgency in her voice made me move. May was even faster than I was — she was out the door in a flash, and through the window, I saw her out in the front yard just seconds later, in her usual garb of tee shirt and loose shorts. I took a bit longer (it’s not that easy trying to stuff a raging erection into a pair of briefs), then I went out and made like I’d only just woken up.

I saw that May was right — her parents were just walking in the gate as I walked out of the house. Shit. What were they doing back so soon? Did they suspect..?

Aunt Lucy smiled at her daughter, then turned and winked at me. “We forgot some stuff,” she explained. “So we came back for them.” Uh oh. I’d only just thrown on my clothes, I didn’t think to clean up the bed. What if May had left a damp spot like she usually did? What if they smelt her in my room?

Luckily, they didn’t go into the room I shared with Uncle Larry. Aunt Lucy went into the room she shared with May and Uncle Larry disappeared into the outhouse. Then they came back out and went out to the boat. In the meantime, May made like she had been hard at work at the pens, cleaning up while I got the feed to the chickens and pigs. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry didn’t ask much about what we were doing. I guess they expected that we were hard at work doing our chores.

May and I followed them out partway, and waved to them as they sailed away. As the boat moved further from shore, I slipped my hand into the waistband of May’s shorts. True to form, she wasn’t wearing panties. Grinning and waving with my right hand, I ran the fingers of my left hand into the deep groove of her buttocks, gently separating the cheeks and circling the clenching ring of her asshole.

“Cuz!” she scolded even as she continued waving and smiling. “That’s… you’re too bad!” I felt her buttocks flex and relax, flex and relax as she revelled in the tickling of her anus. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna jump on you right now and fuck you while they can still see us!”

“OK, I’ll stop if you want,” I teased as I dipped my fingertip into her twitching asshole and rooted around in the area just behind the clutching ring.

“I don’t want you to stop, you fucker,” she said, grinning as the boat slowly slipped over the horizon. “But that… that was dangerous!”

“I know,” I said as I withdrew my hand from under her shorts. “Didn’t it feel even more exciting?”

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