Haziran 8, 2023

My First Time Being Black Owned Ch. 02

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(Thanks for checking out my story, this picks up where the first part left off..)

As I walked away from Jim’s building the shame started to sink in. The proud feeling I had moments ago slowly started to wear off. I thought about what I had just done.. how embarrassed I’d be if my friends knew.

I let an older black man who was a complete stranger use me. I sucked his cock, he ate my ass, then he fucked me. I had set it all up, seduced him with pictures of my ass and even told him to fuck me when I he gave me the opportunity to back out.

I felt like a slut.. I pulled up my sweatpants to cover my panties. I hung my head in shame as I stood on the street corner and looked at my phone to find an Uber ride back to my aunt’s place.

As I flipped through the apps on my phone it caught my eye. The “dating” app I had met Jim on had a red number next to it. There were notifications and in spite of my shame I acted on my urge to open the app and read the messages.

Most of the messages were replies from earlier, when I was trying to find black cock. I again couldn’t believe what a slut I was. I had sent pictures of my ass to men and left them wanting to fuck me, lusting after my fat white ass.

My brain had such mixed feelings. I was ashamed but also proud, it made me feel hot to have big strong men pursuing me. It made me feel like sissy and I loved it. I’ve always loved alpha men, and black men are the ultimate alpha males.

Then I saw that Jim had written me just minutes ago my heart fluttered.

“Come back” the message from Jim said.

When I read it my cock instantly started to tingle and I could feel my used ass tighten up in anticipation of the possibility that Jim wanted me to come back up to see him again right now..

“Right now?” I wrote him. Still not knowing if the message had been sent earlier or sent by accident.

“Yeah, she’s not coming” Jim wrote.

Jim was a man of few words, so I was aware the ball was in my court. The shame I had felt just moments ago was now gone. I thought to myself what a rollercoaster ride it is being a sissy and a secret slut and it was sooo exciting to me..

“Okay, be right up” I wrote. After only about 45 seconds of considering.

Was I really doing this? Am I really going back up to his place to take his massive cock in my ass.. again? I’m such a faggot. These thoughts swirled around in my brain.

I turned around and headed down the block toward Jim’s building. As I walked up to the front desk the receptionist smirked at me. Does she know Jim? Jim probably fucked her I thought to myself.

I signed in and eagerly took the elevator back to Jim’s floor. I still couldn’t believe I was going back up to Jim’s apartment so soon. I still hadn’t had time to process what had happened the first time. This was crazy..

When I knocked on Jim’s door he told me to come in. I did as I was told and followed his voice to his bedroom. He was laying in bed under the covers. I could tell he was stroking his cock under the blankets and I wanted to help him cum.

He told me to take my clothes off and get into bed and I eagerly obeyed. When I got in bed with him I was pleased to find he was naked under the blankets. Hard cock in his hand. I nestled up istanbul travesti next to him, in the spooning position, facing away from him, presenting him with my big ass and wet hole.

He turned toward me and slowly started to work the tip of his cock head around my hole. It was still lubed up from our last session and Jim started to push his big cock into me. Again he went slow, little by little, rubbing my back and coaching me along while he pushed his giant black cock deeper and deeper into my boy hole.

When he finally bottomed out inside of me I was in a trance.. I was literally full of Jim’s cock. I could feel it deep inside of me, it felt like it was pushing into my stomach. It felt surreal, I couldn’t believe that I was doing this again. If I had only done it once it would have been something I just tried. Now it’s something I did, more than once, something I would always do. I was a slut for black cock. I knew I would never be the same.

I didn’t even want to touch my own little boy cock. I stayed in the spooning position, ass poked out, taking Jim’s huge cock in me like a girl. Jim didn’t pound on me, he just slid in and out slowly and lovingly. He rubbed my shoulders and back while he slowly slid his way in and out of my boy hole. He made me feel like his girl, his touch was so strong and loving. His cock so big and manly. I pushed back on his cock, making sure he fully bottomed out in me with each thrust.

Eventually Jim pulled out of my ass and told me to ride on his cock. I was scared because I’d never ridden a cock and I didn’t know if I would be good at it. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I slowly climbed up onto Jim, straddling his big strong body. He picked me up by the hips and repositioned me on his cock. He was manhandling me and I loved it.

He pulled me close to him as I felt his cock head slide into me. He pushed up with his hips and a few inches of his cock entered me. He worked it in and out. Slowly fucking me while holding me close to him. My face buried in his shoulder. I could have stayed like this forever.

From this angle he could only slide 2 or 3 inches into me. The position made me feel safe and loved. I loved that I could please this man and that he found me sexually attractive. I loved being held in his arms. I felt like I was falling in love with him.

He pushed me and made me sit up on his cock, which let it slide deep into me. I moaned from not just the pleasure of the cock rubbing against my prostrate but also the feeling of being treated like a complete slut. I loved it and never wanted it to stop.

Before I knew it I was bouncing on his cock. He was pounding on me, smashing even deeper into me then he had earlier. My fat ass clapped against his thighs, my balls slapped on his stomach when he bottomed out. I felt like I was going to explode from the pressure and the power of his massive cock.

I reached for my cock, but Jim took his hand off my hip and quickly grabbed me by the wrist, redirecting my hand to his stomach. I rubbed his stomach lovingly as he pumped into me. He didn’t want me to touch my cock so I didn’t. I was his complete bitch. He was fucking me now, deeply and passionately.

I could feel him get right to the edge then slowing down istanbul travestileri just before he came. This lasted for what felt like hours. He worked me with his huge cock. I’d never been fucked like this before.

Eventually I collapsed forward back into the position that I had earlier so loved. This limited how deep Jim could get into me but I think he could feel the passion and love with my little white body laying on him because he started to tense up. He held onto my big ass gripping both of my cheeks in his hands, working me up and down on his shaft.

Jim shot his load deep into me. I could feel his cock throbbing and jolting, spitting cum into my hole. Jim’s cock was only a few inches in but I could feel his load shoot deep into me. I guess Jim had stretched me and wore me in enough that my body was open to receiving his cum. He injected his load into me as he rolled over on top of me and fully sank his convulsing tool into me.

Now fucking me in missionary position, he pushed the cum he already shot into me deep in my body. I felt warm on the inside from his hot cum. I felt like such a slut with my legs spread for Jim while he dumped his load into me. I was shaking in pleasure, knowing I just made Jim’s cock explode like that made me proud.

Jim sank onto me, letting the last spurts of cum shoot into me gently, as he lay his weight on me, trapping me under his strong body. I wrapped myself around him as much as I could. I wanted to be his girlfriend. I thought about how lucky she is and how it must feel to be her.

As his cock deflated in me I savored the moment.. I had a big black man on top of me, breeding me for the second time. I’m his bitch now, forever. Even if I never see him again, I’ll always be his property. He marked me as his, deeper than any daddy ever had.. and I loved it.

I snapped out of it as he slid his now flaccid cock out of me. He didn’t say anything. He got up and headed to the bathroom. I heard him turn the shower on.

As I lay on my back in his bed so many thoughts swirled through my mind. I’m a slut I thought to myself. I just took the biggest cock I’d ever had and although it hurt at times, I loved it and I loved being fucked. I love black men. I love black cock. I have black cum in my ass..

I reached my fingers down to my worn out hole to assess the damage. It felt loose and open.. I stuck two fingers in easily. My little cock started to twitch. I used my free hand to jerk it and within seconds I shot a huge load all over my stomach and chest. I couldn’t believe how much cum came out of my little cock and balls.

I got nervous about the making a mess in Jim’s bed. I mean, I had his cum leaking out of my ass, but the cum I just shot would be higher up on the bed and he might know it was from me.. I started wiping it off with my fingers and licking them clean. Slowly lapping up all of my own cum. Licking it off my lube and ass covered fingers. Carefully cleaning up all the evidence. I realized how slutty this was and it turned me on.

As I heard the shower turn off I rolled to my side. I closed my eyes pretending to have dozed off. I was hoping Jim would get back in bed with me and cuddle with me until his cock got hard again.. also I knew I should travesti istanbul have left already and thought that pretending I fell asleep would be a good excuse for having stayed.

Jim walked toward the side of the bed I was closest to. He was naked, his long cock dangling. I heard him grab something off the nightstand. Then I heard him inch closer to me. I peeked through the crack of my eye and saw his cock in my face.

Using one hand and leaning toward me he inched his cock up to my lips, in his other hand he had his phone. He took a picture of his cock with the head just entering the tip of my lips. I’d never let a man take pictures of me, especially my face! But I loved Jim and would have let him do whatever he wanted to me.

He smeared his cock all over my face. He took a picture of his cock laying over me. He must have really thought I was asleep because he was being so gentle and careful not to wake me. Then he backed up and circled around the bed.

I felt the sheets being slowly peeled back and knew he wanted to take pictures of my ass and the damage he had done to it. Before he fully exposed my ass I made sure to ever so slightly poke out it out so that it would look as girly as possible.

He took pictures and videos of my used ass, my hole dripping cum. It made me happy because I knew he liked what he saw and that he was proud of what he had done to me. I wondered what he would do with the pictures and who he would show them to.. I was glad to be so far from home..

He circled back around the bed, his hard cock in his hand. He started to slowly and quietly jerk his cock, just inches away from my face. He tensed up, I could tell he was going to blow his load, even with my eyes closed.

I felt a warm shot of liquid hit my face, then another, then several spurts, sprinkling my face. He shot his load all over my face. I lay there pretending to sleep, with my face dripping cum. He took another picture of me.

Jim left the room for a moment. I just lay there like a sex doll. Waiting and hoping that Jim wouldn’t tell me to leave when he came back.

When Jim came back he slammed the door. I could tell he wanted me to wake up by how loud he was being, so I pretended to groggily wake up. I rolled out of bed and stood up, I could feel the cum flowing out of my crack and down my thick thighs. I picked up my t-shirt and used it to wipe the cum off my face. I looked over at Jim and he was watching me, admiring my fat ass and body. I smiled at him, turned and bent over to grab my panties and sweat pants, showing my used boy pussy off to Jim.

As I finished getting dressed Jim watched. He was wearing boxers and a t-shirt now. He looked so sexy.. I wanted to stay with him forever. I’d never felt so attracted to a man.

I said quietly “I’m going to leave before my aunt gets worried”.

Jim said “see you tomorrow at 9:30.. right?”.

My heart fluttered and I said “of course”, trying to sound as feminine as possible.

I walked over to Jim and gave him a hug. He squeezed me tight and kissed my head.

As I walked out of his building I realized I was in love with him. I realized that I would be gay for him, not just have sex but actually love him. It felt right to be with him. I pictured us holding hands in public, kissing and flirting. I wondered what people would think? I thought about living with him and getting fucked by him every day.

What was happening to me? I was confused but happy. I couldn’t wait to come back to Jim in the morning.

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