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My College Club : Ch. 3 : Extracurricular Activiti

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My College Club : Ch. 3 : Extracurricular Activiti
A month had passed since I had last been with Julie. I still talked to her every night on the phone for at least an hour. I still loved her with all my heart and had not yet been unfaithful. Unfortunately with a roommate that was always around it was hard to get off and release some of those sexual urges. Nothing against Greg he was an amazing roommate but I just wish he would go home once in a while for the weekend so I could have a relaxing jerk-off and not just a quickie in the shower.

I had met some amazing people in my first month of school the dorm party guy James, the vegan health nut Amanda, The practical jokers Tom and Diane, the geeky roommates Lisa and Steph the artist Lindsay. We had all formed a pretty close bond exploring New York and just spending any spare time with each other. Meals were always spent with the group and laughs and drunken evenings ensued. I had especially formed a bond with Lindsay. We both came from similar backgrounds of small towns and we both left a significant other at home. We became the absolute best of friends and inseparable. I had told Julie all about Lindsay on our nightly phone calls i could tell Julie was a little jealous but she did a good job of hiding it.

The inevitable was happening though. I was spending more time with Lindsay and thinking less of Julie. It worried me, but time with Lindsay was like a d**g, I just couldn’t get enough of it. Lindsay and I would spend late nights together talking about movies and TV shows, just laughing and joking around. A few times we fell asleep together in the same bed still talking. Nothing ever happened between us but I think we both knew there was something there. Things went on like this for a while then one day everything changed.

My roommate Greg was about to go home for the weekend leaving me with the alone time I desperately had been craving. He was going to head out on Friday night and be gone til Sunday afternoon and I was going to jerk off every second I could. When Friday night came Greg and I went down to the cafeteria to grab some dinner before he caught a train to go home. We met up with Lindsay there and had a good time and a few laughs. Greg left straight from dinner to catch his train and Lindsay and I went back upstairs.

“Hey listen, i’m gonna go call it a night I have some studying to do but we should get together for breakfast, 9 is that good for you?” I asked. This was really just a cover I was planing on running back to my room taking my cock out and watching some porn.

“Yea sure 9am sounds fine. I guess I’ll just go to bed early tonight. See you later.” said a disappointed Lindsay.

I practically broke into a sprint to get back to my room. This was going to be an awesome night. I was planning to jerking off at least 5 times. I would start out with my favorite porn then maybe give Julie a call and have some nice phone sex, follow it up with internet porn, this was going to be an epic night of masturbation fun. As soon as I got in the room I locked the door and ripped off my pants. Reached in the closet and pulled out my favorite DVD. I wanted this to last, I started tweaking my nipples slowly and caressing my hard cock. The little white girl on the TV was giving a sloppy BJ to some guy. Spit was dripping down her chin as she was getting throat fucked. I concentrated on rubbing the head of my cock, I would put my hand on it and sort of spin it around. For some reason this jerk off technique always got me off. After getting myself close I stopped. I didn’t want this to end too soon I wanted this to last and I have always found the best orgasms are after I edge myself for an hour. This was my plan for tonight at least 2 or 3 close calls and then I would give Julie a call and while having phone sex with her I’d have a mind blowing orgasm.

The girl on the TV had the cock buried deep in her pussy and she was about to cum. I loved it when this girl came she was a squirter and she would lift herself off the guys dick and cum all over him. I’ve dreamed about that happening to me and I have even tried to convince Julie to try squirting but she never could do it. As the scene came closer so did I. As the girl on the TV came all over the guys chest I denied myself what would have been the second orgasm of the night. As soon as I calmed myself back down I feverishly went back at it stroking my cock as hard as I could. I loved to cum at the same time as the guy did in the video. It helped my imagination believe it was really me blowing my load all over this cute girl. I was approaching the part of the movie where the guy was going to jizz when there was a sudden knock at my door.

I kaçak iddaa panicked I quickly jumped out of my chair and threw on my pants grabbed the remote off of my desk and turned off the TV. I was worried that maybe Greg had missed his train and came back or something. I ran over to the door without a shirt on and opened it standing outside was Lindsay.

“So I was really bored and lonely and thought that maybe I could come over and study with you. Do you mind?” she asked as she pushed her way past me and sat down at my roommates desk.

“So what are you study… Ugghhh watching?” she asked as she stared at the TV. Shit! I didn’t turn off the TV at all I had just paused the video. Knowing I was caught I fessed up.
“Yea, umm I wasn’t really studying I was watching porn. Let me turn this off we can study together.” I started walking over to the tv to turn it off when Lindsay surprised me.

“No, No.” she said. “Leave it on, I like to watch porn just as much as any one else. Looking at the bulge in your pants it looks like you are into it. So lets finish watching it.”

I immediately reached down and put my hands over the crotch of my pants and watched Lindsay as she made her way to my desk and pushed the play button on the remote. I sat back down on my chair and continued watching the scene with her in silence. She was glued to the TV as the guy came on the girls tits. When the scene ended she looked over at me and I could feel her eyes soaking in my shirtless body. The next scene in the video started up quick with a girl and a guy already doing a 69 when the girls mother walked in and caught them. Instead of the mother yelling she joined in sucking her daughters boyfriends dick. As the scene unfolded my erection was growing to an epic size and it felt like it might break through my pants at any moment. The fact that Lindsay wasn’t sitting more than 6 feet away from me didn’t help calm my erection.

Finally i had enough, “Lindsay. I am super horny right now and I have to cum so bad. So maybe you should leave, cause In a few seconds my pants are coming off and I am going to start to jerk off whether or not you are here.”

“I think I am going to stay if that’s okay with you.” she said.

“Whatever” I replied. And pulled down my pants exposing my hard cock. Lindsay didn’t say a word she just sat there in silence watching me and occasionally glancing at the TV. I grabbed a hold of my dick and began stroking it. Slowly at first and always making sure that Lindsay had a perfect view. I was extremely aroused knowing that Lindsay was watching my every move but at the same time self conscious because she hadn’t said a word. She just sat there in the chair looking at me with a tiny smile on her face. I stroked my cock from base to head slowly (mostly so Lindsay had a good show) I closed my eyes so as not to be be distracted by her gaze. I imagined Lindsay naked on top of me with her small chest hardly moving as she brought herself up and down my cock. I imagined myself grabbing ahold of her boney hips and helping her slam back down on me. It was an amazing thought and when I opened my eyes I saw Lindsay’s eyes were locked on my cock and she had a hand up her shirt tweeking her nipple and the other down her pants rubbing her pussy fast. I couldn’t see any of her flesh other than a small amount of her stomach but just knowing that she was getting off to me getting off brought me to my orgasm.

“i’m going to cum” I said.
Her hand moved faster and her eyes got wider as I proceeded with the last few pumps before my orgasm washed over me. The orgasm was the most intense of my life. I remember my body going straight in the chair and gasping for air. The cum came out so forcefully that some of it hit my face and the rest landed on my chest and stomach. When it had all ended I looked over at Lindsay. Her eyes were closed as she convulsed in the chair. She moaned and cried out as ecstasy enveloped her and then she went limp panting for air.

“Wow, you’re cute when you cum.” I said.

Lindsay smiled. “Thanks, you too.” She replied still breathing heavily.

“I’m gonna go take a shower. I’m a bit of mess after that.” I said.

“Wait, wait! Just don’t move!” I watched as Lindsay got up and began making her way towards me. She stood directly in front of me looking me up and down. My cock began to get excited again with this closeness. Then she leaned forward and all I could think of was Julie.

“Lindsay, don’t. please. I’m still in love with Julie I can’t take this any farther.” I blurted out as her face got closer to mine.

She stood back up. “What do you think I’m gonna do? Make you cheat on your girlfriend? You know me well enough to know I would never canlı casino siteleri do that. Just trust me.”

I nodded my head yes and watched as she came in for a kiss. But at the last moment turned her head and licked the cum off my cheek, she moved down to my chest and licked the cum off of that.

“Mmmmmm” she moaned. “You taste absolutely amazing.” She took her hand and scooped the last bit of cum off my stomach and seductively licked it off her fingers. Lindsay stood back up and made her way back to the chair where I had just watched her orgasm and sat down still licking her fingers.

“You’re more than welcome to stay if you want or i would completely understand if you want to leave. But I’m going to take my shower now and then I have to call Julie and tell her what we did tonight” I didn’t give her a chance to say anything before getting up and walking my naked self into the bathroom.

As I stood in the shower I began to think about the situation I had just put myself in. Had I just cheated on Julie? I know I was allowed to but I didn’t plan on it. The only thing I knew for certain was that I was confused. What did this mean about my friendship with Lindsay? Would we keep being friends or would it be weird between us. God, I hoped not. I really enjoyed being with her. Just then I heard the door to the bathroom open.

“Is that you Lindsey?” i asked.
“Yea it’s me. I really need to go to the bathroom, do you mind?” she replied.

“No that’s fine” I said. “I’m actually glad you stayed. I think we need to talk about what just happened. I think we need to be honest with each other about our feelings. I should be done in here in a few more minutes then maybe we can talk?” I stood in the shower finishing getting the shampoo out of my hair when the curtain pulled back from the stall and Lindsay stepped in completely naked. Before I had time to react she grabbed my head and kissed me. I was in complete shock. I never expected this to happen not in a million years. I thought that maybe things would get weird between us but not for her to kiss me. She just told me how she wouldn’t make me cheat on Julie but yet here she was kissing me with such passion.

Once I regained my senses I pulled away from the kiss but immediately went back in for another. Now I have always considered myself a boobs guy, I love big full boobs that I can play with and suck on but Lindsay’s tiny to non existent tits were a nice change of pace to look at. As soon as our lustful kiss broke I immediately bent over and grabbed one of her nipples in my mouth.

“Mmm, listen Stephen… God that feels good.” she said reluctantly taking my face from her chest and bringing me up to look in her eyes.

“I’m not going to have sex with you. Not even a blow job. We have talked about it before and you know that I love my boyfriend back home and there is no way I am going to cheat on him not even with you. At the same time though I can tell that I am starting to fall in love with you. Not to be mean but there is no way I can let that happen I love my boyfriend back home just way too much. For the next few minutes though I want you to hold me and touch me like I was your girlfriend. No sex, but we can touch each other and as soon as we step out of this shower it is hands off forever and things go back to the way they were with us being just best friends. Can you handle that?”

I nodded my head in reply and kissed her softly on the lips and said “That sounds perfect.”

I placed my hand on the small of her back and drew her body towards mine We kissed deeply and passionately as my hard cock was pinned between our bodies. Our tongues intertwined as the water from the shower fell over our shoulders enveloping us in warmth and comfort. If heaven felt anywhere near as good as this please lord come and kill me now. Our kiss seemed to last for an eternity as my hands slid up and down her back massaging her muscles and feeling every inch I could. Her hands mimicked mine perfectly. When I would bring mine to her shoulders. She would have hers in the same place on me. I eventually made it down to her ass and greedily took handfuls of the only part of her body that seemed to have some padding. The kiss died and we pulled apart from each other she looked at me and said, “Wow, that was amazing.” with a silent head shake I agreed.

I spun Lindsay around so that her back was to my front and began to nibble on her ear. The water was falling directly on her chest and I reached around her body and began to tease and pull at her hard nipples. I twisted them lightly from side to side and brought my right hand down past her stomach until I was gently pressing my fingers against casino şirketleri her mound. I slid my hand in between her legs and rubbed her lips and teased her clit. I took two fingers and began to penetrate her dripping wet hole.

She ripped herself away from me and gasped,” No no. No penetration. Not even your fingers. I can’t. My god I want you so bad but I just can’t.”

She leaned against the opposite side of the shower and stared at me.

“Do you mind if I turn off the shower I’m starting to get a little prunny?” she asked as she started to turn it off.

Are we getting out now? I asked.

No. I don’t think I am ready for that just yet. She leaned across the shower and kissed me some more sucking my bottom lip into her mouth and nibbling on it. “I wouldn’t mind seeing you jerk off again.” she said.

She wasted no time bringing her hand to her pussy and I immediately started rubbing my cock. We stared at each other both of us looking into the others eyes and then down to the others privates then back up again. She played with herself so delicately and slow massaging the outer lips then digging a little deeper inside. Eventually she had two fingers running in and out of her pussy. She looked amazing so petite and fragile, so beautiful with signs of ecstasy written all over her face.
I jerked up and down on my pole running my hand over my entire length and swirling my it around the head of my cock.

Lindsay talked first, “stephen, I want you to cum on me.”
“Really?” I replied slightly shocked by this request.
“When you’re about to cum just point it at me…. Oooohhhh fuck I’m about to cum” she said. I jerked harder and twisted my hand around the swelling head of my cock trying to get myself closer to orgasm so we could cum at the same time. I was close but I could tell Lindsay was closer. She opened her eyes and stared straight at me, “Stephen I love you so much.” then she closed her eyes and threw her head back as her orgasm overtook her. She screamed out in pleasure and I noticed that she was squirting huge gushes as she came, it was flowing all over my feet. It was like a dream come true, one of my all time fantasies was happening a girl was cuming on me. Sure I would have liked it to have been on my face or dick but I couldn’t be choosey. I watched this amazing sight then her legs buckled and she hit the shower floor but never once did she stop rubbing that beautiful pussy of hers. She continued to writhe around the tile of the shower stall as I came. My first load shot straight across the shower hitting the opposite wall. Then I aimed down and released the next several loads of my sperm on her face and hair. When I finished I collapsed next to her and our bodies intertwined as we both caught our breath.

Lindsey was the first to move, she scooped a glob of cum that was next to her eye with her finger and sucked it off.

“Mmmm, that tastes better than the last one.” she said.
“Thanks.” I replied. “I wish some of yours was left I would have loved to taste that.”

“Maybe someday I’ll save you a cup of it” she giggled.
We kissed softly for a few more minutes on the ground in that bathroom before getting up and walking out.

“We’ll I guess thats it.” I said as we were drying off.
“yea, I guess so” she replied with a pouty face. “Hey Stephen about that I love you thing before in the shower…”
“Don’t worry”, I cut her off. “I get it you were just caught up in the moment. I was too it was alright.”
“Well you see that’s not really it. I meant it, I am pretty sure I do love you. It’s just I’m not going to leave Tim back home for you and I’m not going to cheat on him and have sex with you. What we did today almost pushed the boundaries for me. I’m sorry if you find this hurtful I just don’t want you to have any misconceptions.” she said.

Of course what she just said didn’t make me feel very good but I wouldn’t call it hurtful either.
“That’s alright there is no way I would ever leave Julie for you.” I jabbed back in a joking way. We both smiled at each other and kissed one last time before walking out of the bathroom and back into my room where we were just friends.

We ended up watching movies for the remainder of the night on TV and just sat around and joked. It really was like nothing had happened. We discussed what we would tell our significant others i said I would tell Julie everything as that was our agreement but Lindsay convinced me otherwise. She said she didn’t want my girlfriend to hate her and that she valued our friendship to much to put it in Jeopardy. Also she wasn’t telling her boyfriend and didn’t want someone to slip up and say something. She wanted to keep it just me and her. Eventually I agreed and when I called Julie later that night I didn’t say a word about it. When I hung up the phone Lindsay smiled at me, “Thanks for not saying anything” she said, then laid down in the bed next to me and wrapped her arms around me and we both drifted off to sleep.

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