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My Awakening

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Big Dicks

The whole thing started with a phone call. It would be both my downfall and my awakening, at the same time. Joel, a college friend of my husbands, was coming to town in a few weeks, and wondered if he could crash at our house for 2 or 3 days. My husband said yes of course. I had met Joel on a number of occasions in the past, and though I liked him in a general sense, his drinking and partying lifestyle didn’t really agree with me.

My husband, Kenneth, and I were devout Christians, attending church every Sunday and we lived a respectable life with our faith playing a major role in our daily activities. We had met when I was 17 and he was 19. Kenneth was the only man I had ever dated. After a three-year courtship we were married. I lost my virginity to Kenneth on our wedding night. I was now 26 and Kenneth, my husband, was of course still the only man I had ever been with. I did my best to make our lovemaking fun and interesting, but within the boundaries of our religion. He probably wasn’t the best lover but he was my husband and I followed Church teachings. I thought I had a good life.

At work on Monday a couple of the girls and I were huddled at the nurses’ station doing some girl-talk. The girls knew all about my conservative lifestyle, and as usual they where playfully giving me a hard time about it. Suggestions were always being made that I should dress sexier, wear more skimpy clothing, and behave a little more risqué. I had always taken the ribbing politely because I knew that they were kidding…at least partly.

“Right, that’s all I need,” I said, “Joel knocking at my door while I am wearing a thong.”

They both looked at me with surprised expressions, and in unison said, “Joel who?”

“Joel Harrison,” I replied, “he’s a friend of Kenneth’s that’s coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks.”

Kathy got this look of disbelief. “Joel?” she blurted out, “You know him? Oh my god, he’s my old boyfriend. How is he? Where is he?”

We were about to continue the conversation when the charge nurse walked by, giving all of us the typical frown. The discussion abruptly ended and we quickly got back to work.

Later on that morning I accidentally overheard Kathy whispering to Sarah in an empty hospital room.

“…hottest 6 months of my life,” said Kathy. I leaned in closer as Kathy continued, unaware of my presence around the doorway. “He was an amazing lover, and he’s absolutely HUGE,” said Kathy.

“How big?” whispered Sarah.

Kathy responded quietly, “9-inches. He let me measure it once. And it’s as big around as it is long. It looks like it belongs on a horse.”

I drew in a quick breath, and moved away quickly. I could hear them giggling softly as I tiptoed away.

Were they talking about Joel? Could it really be true? How big was nine inches? I knew I shouldn’t, but I had a morbid curiosity. I remembered that there was a ruler at the nurse’s station. I reached down to pull it out of the drawer and measured off nine inches. I gasped. I am a nurse, so seeing a man’s penis was a pretty routine part of my job, but here they were always flaccid. The only erect penis I had ever seen belonged to my husband, and I had certainly never measured it. I found that I was suddenly intrigued and turned on. I know it was wrong but the mere thought of something that big made me feel so strange. I suddenly felt desire welling up throughout my entire body.

I was distracted all day looking at the nine on that ruler. I looked carefully at the distance between the zero and the nine, going over each inch trying to mentally picture a penis stretching along that entire length. Could a man’s penis really be that big? If it was that long, how big around would it be? Even though I had never measured my husband’s I knew it wasn’t 9-inches long. I tried to picture Kenneth’s penis in my head and then place that image on the ruler, but I just couldn’t seem to work it out. I knew I had to get these thoughts out of my head, but I could think of nothing else.

That evening going home I was very horny. Driving home in the car I couldn’t help but do something that I rarely do — masturbate. With an almost frantic urgency I thrust my hand down the front of my pants, finding my swollen clit. I furiously rubbed my clit with my middle finger as I drove. Occasionally I would run my middle finger down the slit between the soft labia and insert it into my hole. The walls of my pussy felt so wet and soft, it was easy to see why a man would love it so much. I had never remembered feeling this much need before.

I drove a car with a stick shift so it was awkward trying to shift gears and steer with one hand, never mind the fact that I could hardly pay attention to the road with my other hand stimulating my clit. Luckily I made it home in one piece, but my panties were nearly soaked through from all of my juices. I grabbed a couple of Kleenex and shoved them down into my crotch to soak up some of the moisture before I got out of the escort ataşehir car. I was incredibly horny, and I wanted my husband’s penis more than I ever had before. I needed to get inside and get myself cleaned up before Kenneth got home from work.

Out of shear curiosity, I had decided to measure Kenneth’s penis to see how it compared. The problem was that I couldn’t bring a ruler into the bed without arousing his suspicion. I came up with a plan. Kenneth and I ate dinner that night, and after he was finished I asked him with a little wink and grin if he wanted to fool around a little.

“Not now honey, I’m so stuffed, I don’t think I can move” he responded with a grimace.

I bit my lower lip and did my best to have a sultry expression on my face. “You don’t have to move, just stay where you are,” I said.

He looked at me with a stunned expression. We had never had sex outside of the bedroom.

“Relax,” I said, “no one can see us.”

Ducking under the table, I made my way on my hands and knees to his side until I arrived at his lap. I reached up and began to massage his inner thighs, slowly working my way upward. My hands eventually met in the middle and I gently rubbed his penis through the outside of his slacks. His legs instinctively opened wider as I did this to give me easier access.

“He’s liking this so far” I said to myself.

Surprising even me, I leaned my head into his crotch and breathed hot air onto his rising dick through the material. I could smell the unmistakable male scent emanating from within. After a moment I undid his belt and zipper and in one motion pulled his pants down past his knees. His cock was visibly erect, the bulge inside his white Hanes beckoning to me. I poked my fingers cautiously into the flap on his underwear that men use for peeing, being careful not to scratch him with my long fingernails. Snaking my fingers around and through the front of his underwear I made contact with his hard cock. Grabbing it, I pulled it out through the front flap, protecting the sensitive head from any seams in the material by cupping it in my palm.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth, sinking down until half of it disappeared from view. I was incredibly horny and didn’t have the patience to go slowly. Forming the inside of my mouth into my best imitation of a pussy, I began to bob my head up and down on his shaft in a slow rhythm. Each time I pulled my head upward I tried to maximize the suction and pressure around his cock. I heard a low guttural groan emitting from deep inside his throat. One of his legs twitched involuntarily. I put my hands on his knees and pushed his legs even farther apart as I began to increase the speed of my head bob. He began to moan even louder. His mind unconsciously commanded his hips to thrust his throbbing cock into my mouth to match my rhythm. After a minute or so of this his cock was as hard as it could ever get, and it was time to put my plan into action.

I quickly tucked his cock back into the front flap of his underwear and then pulled them off and down his legs. As my left hand pulled the underwear over and past his feet, I moved my head up to his torso and began kissing and nibbling his stomach.

“Just put your head back and enjoy this sweetheart” I said to him in the most sultry voice I could manage.

With my head and shoulders now blocking Kenneth’s view of his cock, and what my hands were up to, I placed my flattened hand palm down along the top of his penis. Making sure that the tip of my middle finger was right at the point where the base of his cock met his body, I lined my hand up the best I could. Glancing down, careful to keep my head blocking his view, I saw that his cock extended from my fingertip to almost about an inch from my wrist. I made a mental note about the crease in my hand that was closest to this point. He might have never noticed me doing this, but I knew if he did I’d never be able to explain what I was doing. I continued to nibble and lick his lower stomach as I moved my hand down and around the shaft of his cock. Mission accomplished, and he was none the wiser.

Still incredibly horny, I moved my head back down to Kenneth’s crotch, taking his shaft into my soft and wet mouth once again. I concentrated on the head of his cock, swirling my tongue over it as I sucked on it like it was a baby pacifier. He began to moan again. Once again I started slowly bobbing my head up and down on him, using a lot of suction to bring him more pleasure. As his moaning increased so did the speed of my up and down motion. His hips started to buck but I held them down with my hands. He began groaning intensely now, the moment just about here. I could feel his cock head swelling slightly inside my mouth. He let out a heavy grunt, and then drew in a gasp as his hands gripped my head trying to stop my bobbing motion.

He was saying, “Stop! Stop!” I kept going.

I was insane with passion and I wanted to do something kadıköy escort I had never done before — swallow. I took him deeply into my mouth one more time and his cock exploded, unloading his warm semen into my mouth. He grunted almost rhythmically as the orgasm overpowered his mind. I swallowed it all down as quickly as I could, worrying that I might gag if I didn’t and spoil the whole mood. I left my mouth clamped down on his pulsing shaft like a vise, swallowing everything that hit my throat. Slowly, the shaking in his body subsided. His breathing was rapid and shallow. His cock still in my mouth, I moved my tongue across the very sensitive head and his whole body convulsed, the extreme pleasure of it almost more than he could take.

He quickly pulled my head off of him and slumped in his chair. I got out from under the table and slid over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist and nibbling on his ear. As he sat there I knew he was wondering to himself what brought this all on, but he said nothing. I playfully grabbed his hand and placed it on my breast as I kissed his neck.

He got up out of the chair and said, “I need to go upstairs for a minute. I feel dizzy.” He walked slowly up the stairs without looking back at me.

I hustled over to the kitchen drawer and got out the sewing ruler I had stashed there earlier. From my fingertip to the crease in my hand that I had memorized measured just under 5.5 inches. That wasn’t bad, was it? I knew that his flaccid penis is a normal size compared to most men that I had seen at the hospital, and regardless of his size he was my husband.

I was still very horny and I sat on the couch absentmindedly fondled my pussy while waiting for Kenneth to come back down. The taste of cum was still in my mouth. It tasted slightly bitter and although it didn’t really taste wonderful, I decided that I didn’t mind it either. After a few minutes of playing with my clit it was starting to really need some male attention. Maybe Kenneth would even return the favor and get a little nasty. I was wet and ready for some more fun. Hopefully Kenneth could get it up again tonight, I thought.

I went upstairs, needing to find him and his cock. When I got to the bedroom and looked in I let out a heavy sigh. He was asleep on the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at his lifeless form for several minutes. Dejected, I finally went back downstairs, the feelings of passion basically gone.

Sitting on the living room couch for seemingly hours, I thought about what my life had become like. I had just done something that I never imagined I could do, and he seemed to not even appreciate it. After only 6 years of marriage Kenneth and I had already reached the doldrums. I wasn’t satisfied. Angry and hurt, I knew now with a sudden clarity that I wanted more excitement. I had missed out on so much thus far in my life and I intended to change that, with or without Kenneth.

My thoughts drifted to Joel once again. I retrieved the ruler from the drawer and looked at it for a while.

“Hottest 6 months of my life,” Kathy had said.

I thought about that as my eyes studied every inch of that ruler…imagining. I didn’t even know if Kathy had been talking about Joel, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I now wanted to find out the truth, and one way or another I was determined to get a look at his penis. My mind was scheming as I drifted off to sleep on the couch.


The day Joel arrived finally came. It was early Friday afternoon when he pulled up in his rental car. I had never really noticed it before, but somehow I now began to see that he was gorgeous. I had never really looked at him with any interest before, but now I noticed some very obvious details. His skin was naturally tanned, almost Mediterranean looking. His dark brown hair was thick and cut short. He had sharp and handsome facial features that made it hard for me not to stare. Joel’s frame was tall and muscular, obviously the body of someone who liked to take care of himself. His broad shoulders and thick chest was very visible through his T-shirt.

As we talked I kept stealing quick glances down at his crotch area, hoping to see some indication that a monster lurked within — but I could see nothing. Kenneth suggested that we go out to dinner, and I spent the entire night trying to catch a glimpse of Joel’s package every time he moved around. His loose fitting pants didn’t give away any secrets. There was no indication that he was any bigger than normal. When we got home that night, I was frustrated and a little let down. Maybe Kathy was talking about someone else. I had to come up with a plan.

The following night (Saturday) Joel had plans to spend the evening at a bar in town that he used to frequent. Kenneth of course declined an offer for us to come along. I saw an opportunity.

About an hour after Joel left for the bar I told my husband that I needed to go shopping for a few things for Sunday maltepe escort bayan dinner. I was hoping that he wouldn’t want to come along, which he didn’t. Once in the car I made my way quickly to the bar where Joel was. Joel’s rental car was parked outside. I cracked open the door slightly and peered cautiously in, glancing around the entire place. I spotted Joel in the corner playing pool with another guy, obviously very focused on the game. The bar was low lit, thank god, and I slinked in and stayed out of view, watching Joel’s every move and preparing myself to dart out the door if need be. Noticing that he was deep in a conversation with his opponent I made my way straight to the bartender. I handed the bartender some money and pointed to Joel.

“I wanna buy that guy a few drinks,” I said to him, “just give him whatever this will cover, and tell him an old friend sends her regards.”

The bartender nodded and smiled, promising to keep Joel supplied with drinks. I was out of there like a shot. My heart was racing as I drove to the grocery store to support my cover story. Could I actually go through with this? I would have to wait and see. My plan was working so far. I was so incredibly nervous, and was already amazed by what I’d done.

When I got home at 11:15 p.m., Kenneth had already gone upstairs to get some sleep for church the next morning. I stayed up and watched a little TV, agonized by the waiting. I was so excited, like a child at Christmas time waiting for Santa to show up. With each passing minute I got more and more horny. I changed into loose shorts and a T-shirt with no underwear or bra, giving my hands easy access to my body. As I fondled and stimulated my swollen clit, my mind was focused on Joel. I had been playing with myself at least twice a day since I learned out about Joel. I couldn’t help it. The more I played, the wetter I got.

At 2:30 a.m. I saw a taxi pull up into the driveway. My heart almost stopped. He was here. I raced through the dark house and into the spare bedroom in the basement that Joel was using. Stepping into the closet I closed the door almost all the way, leaving a slight crack so I could see the bed. I could hardly breathe; my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I closed my eyes and breathed in, mentally forcing myself to calm down.

“Watch him undress, get a look at his package, and get out of there when he falls asleep,” I told myself.

After about 15 minutes I started to think he wasn’t coming into the room, and I almost decided to get out of there. But finally I heard him coming into the room. His footsteps, obviously uneven, sounded like he was dragging his feet along with every step and stumbling besides. The light never went on in the room. I had plugged in a small night light in an outlet earlier, giving the room bit of illumination. I had been sitting in the dark for several hours so my vision was somewhat accustomed to the relative low light at this point, but his wasn’t.

Just as he came into view he ran right into the dresser and fell on his ass next to the bed, giving out a grunt and a moan. His hands went behind him for support, and he roughly lowered his body to the carpet. I heard a groan, and then he just laid there. I stayed where I was in the closet, not daring to move or even breath as I watched him lay on the floor. After a couple of minutes I heard his breathing deepen into a slow rhythm. He was asleep! I couldn’t believe it. He was on the floor asleep. Now what was I going to do? I sat in the closet for another five minutes debating to myself about just leaving him on the floor and getting out of there. Suddenly I had an idea, and a new plan began to develop.

I slipped out of the closet quietly and made my way over to Joel. His breathing was still heavy and slow.

I kneeled over him and shook his shoulder lightly while saying, “Joel, are you alright? I heard a crash.”

I had now just covered myself for being in the room. He looked slowly up at me, his eyes unfocused, and mumbled something completely unintelligible. He was totally blitzed. There was no way the money I gave the bartender did this much damage. How in the hell did he even let the taxi driver know where to go? I looked into his eyes and whispered, “Here, let me help you get onto the bed.” I grabbed underneath one of his arms and pulled upwards. I had never touched him before, and it startled me how solid his body felt. He barely responded, his body practically dead weight. I wondered to myself if I would have to just leave him on the floor. I shook him.

“Joel, help me get you onto the bed,” I said very slow and clear, as if I were talking to an old deaf man.

He slowly responded to this, putting a hand on the side of the bed and grunting as we both pulled his body up to his knees, his arms and head resting on top of the bed. Surprisingly, I wasn’t even nervous now. I grabbed around his waist and heaved as he got one foot under him and slid his body sideways across the bed. Damn! He was laying face down, but at least most of his body was on the bed now. I put my hands under his shoulder and hip and rolled his heavy limp body onto its back, his lower legs dangling off the side of the bed. Within moments he was obviously asleep once again.

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