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Mutual Satisfaction

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Cock Awe

 “You want me to do what?” Dawn’s eyes looked like saucers, her mouth fell open and her body froze, book forgotten in her hand.”I want to see you play with another man’s cock. You don’t have to fuck him, just make him cum,” Colin, her husband of five years, who was beside her in the bed said, almost in a whisper. “You know we have fantasized about a stranger fucking you. Well, all I am asking is you wank one-off. Come on babe, just to make your old man happy. Just a one-off, I promise, please.”For a moment, Dawn made no reaction. Then, slowly a smile spread across her face. “So you want to turn me into your dirty, cock wanking whore, do you? You want to see another man’s cum running through my fingers. You want to get your voyeuristic rocks off seeing me play the slut.”Secretly, Dawn had to admit to herself the thought of what Colin proposed would work her up to what would be, a crashing orgasm.The following morning, Colin made no mention of his idea for his cuckold fantasy. His breakfast was the usual rushed coffee and a single slice of istanbul travesti toast followed by a deep kiss, a pinch on Dawn’s bottom, and then a dash for the car.Dawn wasn’t working until the afternoon and hadn’t showered or dressed yet. Five minutes later found her naked under the comforting stream of hot water. Most mornings she would rub herself off under the shower, but today she felt she wanted something longer, deeper, and more erotically thoughtful.Showered, dried and powdered, Dawn studied her naked body in the full-length mirror. She ran a hand over her belly, not quite as flat as it used to be, but still by no means fat; her breasts, a genuine thirty-six C with prominent nipples. She smiled as she remembered how Colin liked her to wear tight sweaters and no bra. They had often joked that his cuckold fantasies came true when other men noticed.Her gaze travelled down to her lightly furred pubic mound. Her plump pussy lips pushing their way through the fine blond hair, her legs were long and well-shaped, with slim travesti istanbul ankles and feet with bright red toenails. With a toss of her blond locks, Dawn lay on the king-sized bed.”Just a little play won’t hurt, maybe explore Colin’s cuckold fantasy,” Dawn said to herself.Dawn had her own special way of working herself up when she had the time. First, she ran her hands up and down the front of her upper legs, kneading her firm thighs and feeling them tense and relax under the stimulation.Then her hands moved to her belly, one index finger moving in circles in her belly button, while the other traced a line between her breasts to her throat. Soon both hands were massaging her firm tits and fingers pinching the erect nipples.By now, her mind was imagining a hard cock in her hand as she slowly and skillfully worked it towards its eruption. Many times she had done this to Colin. But in her mind, this was not her husband’s cock, but one of a total stranger she would never know or even speak to. The thought of this thrilled istanbul travestileri her more than she expected. Even though it was only in fantasy, the germ of it happening, in reality, was starting to form in her mind.Soon she was lost in a world of throbbing, spunking cocks as she envisioned their cum shooting out, cascading over her stroking hand, and running between her fingers. As she rubbed her clit, and her climax approached, the cocks in her mind changed length, shape, and colour. But the end result of streams of hot, white cum remained the same. When her climax overtook her, it was as powerful as any she could remember.~~~~~~~~~~~~”What’s it going to be tonight babe? Sixty-nine, cowgirl, straight fuck, you decide,” Colin said as Dawn came out of the shower room into the master bedroom.Dawn looked at her naked husband lying on the bed, gently stroking his already hard cock.”No lover, tonight you are getting a long, slow handjob. You can make me cum any way you want afterwards, but first, you will cum by my hand.”Colin thought this a bit strange, but if that was what his wife wanted he was only too happy to indulge her. Besides, he enjoyed bringing her off with fingers, tongue, and vibrator. The very fact of hearing her cum that way almost inevitability got him hard again for a second fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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