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Muslim Girls into Bisexual Men

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“There’s a lot of switch-hitters in the Muslim community, hell, some of those same Muslim brothers preaching against gayness in the West are hooking up with other guys when they think no one is looking,” Shukri Ismail said haughtily, and everyone sitting inside the forum stared at her. In a room packed with avid listeners, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the diminutive, curvy young Somali woman had a way of commanding everyone’s attention.

“Thank you sister Shukri, unfortunately, we’re out of time, we have to close the discussion on gender, sexuality and Islam on this note,” said the mediator, a young Pakistani brother named Saif Khan. Shukri shot Saif a look, and the bearded young man flashed her a fake smile, and then he closed the meeting. People immediately began filing out of the room, and Shukri paused, searching the sea of faces for one in particular.

“Salaam,” came a deep, masculine voice, both thrilling and startling the hell out of Shukri. Turning around, Shukri found herself beholding a vision of masculine beauty. Standing six feet three inches tall, Moses “Musa” Jacobson cut an intriguing figure. Clad in a black leather jacket over a dark purple silk shirt, black tie, black silk pants and his trademark black Timberland boots, the Chicago-born international student looked dapper as usual.

“Walaikum As Salaam, brother,” Shukri replied, beaming at the handsome, lofty brother. Musa looked at her and nodded gently, with his hands folded before him. Shukri, who normally wouldn’t touch an unrelated male, as per the strict Islamic rules which she followed, nevertheless broke protocol by hugging him tightly. Surprised, Musa nevertheless hugged her back and smiled at her.

Musa met Shukri Ismail during his first semester in the MBA program at Carleton University. The five-foot-five, curvy, brown-skinned and dark-eyed, Hijab-wearing young Somali-Canadian Muslim woman had become his best friend and confidante in the year that followed. Even though they came from different worlds, Musa and Shukri got along famously. Sometimes, he felt like they were true kindred spirits…

“Always a pleasure to see you, my sista, you were on fire up there,” Musa said, admiration all over his handsome face. Shukri’s heart skipped a beat, and she nodded, then let him go. The two of them filed out of the meeting room, located on the seventh floor of the Dunton Tower edifice, the tallest building on the Carleton University campus. They made their way to the elevator, and, gentlemanly as ever, Musa waited for Shukri to step in, then followed suit.

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without you, Musa, last night’s revelation was shocking, but, ahem, interesting, to say the least,” Shukri said, biting her lip. Ever since last night, Shukri had been wondering how to best approach a certain subject. Musa looked at her and grinned, and the two of them rode the elevator down. They emerged onto the quad, where frosty winds greeted them, courtesy of the Ontario winter.

“You’ve always been a good friend to me, Shukri, I wish Jenna reacted the way you did,” Musa said, sighing, and he quickly walked the steps leading to the Mac Odrum library. Shukri smiled as Musa held a door for her for the second time that afternoon, and they went to their usual corner inside Starbucks. Once there, they draped their coats over the backs of their chairs, sat down and had themselves a nice chat, like old friends.

“Are you alright, Musa? You ataşehir escort bayan look like hell,” Shukri said tenderly, and Musa leaned back on his chair, and sighed deeply. There was a haunted look on the Chicagoan’s handsome face, for a brief moment, then it vanished like ice in the sun. Musa paused, and stroked his goateed chin. When his eyes met Shukri’s, the enigmatic young man was smiling once more.

“This hasn’t been the best of days,” Musa began, and he looked at Shukri in a way he never had before. The young woman looked at him attentively. Last night, as they sat inside Oliver’s Pub, Musa dropped two bombs on Shukri. First, he told her that he and his girlfriend Jenna Greenbank were having problems. Oh, and those problems stemmed from Musa’s revelation of his latent bisexuality.

“Musa, you’re the best man I know, if Jenna can’t appreciate that, then you don’t need her in your life,” Shukri heard herself say, and Musa looked at her, and smiled faintly. Shukri looked back at Musa, wondering what was going on in that handsome head of his. Charming, smart, outgoing and yet taciturn at times, Musa was a veritable mystery to her and a lot of other young ladies on the Carleton University campus…

For a lot of the local ladies, Musa was a mystery man. A newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, by way of Chicago, Illinois, he carried himself with that swagger unique to African-American men, yet he was a true gentleman. Having completed his bachelor’s degree in business at Northwestern University in Chicago, Musa set his sights northward and enrolled in the MBA program at Carleton University in Ottawa. Along the way, he embraced Islam, and began dating a local white chick, Jenna Greenbank, the daughter of a local politician.

Like a lot of young women in the MBA program, Shukri was fascinated by the tall, handsome and outgoing Moses “Musa” Jacobson. The brother had a lot going on for him.

Why in hell did he see in someone like Jenna Greenbank? Shukri felt her blood boil whenever she ran into Musa and that tall, skinny, blonde-haired and blue-eyed hussy of his. Jenna dressed like a floozy, and Musa didn’t seem to mind. Secretly, Shukri was tickled pink when she found out the two of them split…

“Shukri, my dear, if I can be half the man you think that I am, I’ll be right up there with Obama and Mandela and Morgan Freeman and all the great, cool brothers,” Musa said wistfully in that deep voice of his, snatching Shukri out of her train of thought. Shukri could swear she saw his soulful brown eyes grow moist. Impulsively she laid her hand on top of his, and squeezed gently. Musa looked at her, a sad little smile on his face.

“Musa, you’re too good for Jenna, that’s why she let you go,” Shukri said firmly, and Musa looked at her, a strange expression on his face. There was an intensity in Shukri’s eyes that Musa had never seen before. Sure, the diminutive Somali chick with the loud voice was certainly outspoken, and sometimes seemed way too interested in his personal business, but he never thought there was more to it than that. Now he wasn’t so sure…

“Maybe you’re right,” Musa thought, and he found himself thinking of Jenna. Growing up in Chicago, Musa always stuck to his African-American sisters or the odd Latin chick when it came to dating and relationships. When he came to Ottawa, however, he saw so many interracial couples and so many ‘chill’ people that escort kadıöy he became open to the idea of crossing racial lines in his search for love. Along came Jenna Greenbank, and the rest, as they say, was history…

“I know I’m right, handsome, now watch my stuff for a bit, I got to go to the washroom,” Shukri said, and she rose from her chair. Instead of making a beeline for the door like Musa thought she would, the young woman stepped closer to him, until she stood mere inches from him. Shukri’s heart skipped a beat as she looked into Musa’s eyes. Leaning closer, she pressed her lips against his, and kissed him.

“Um, okay,” Musa said, a shocked little smile on his face, once Shukri let him come up for air. Grinning, Shukri winked at him and then walked out of the Starbucks with a grace and newfound confidence that surprised him. Musa watched her go, stunned by her unexpected kiss, and her demeanor afterwards. Oh, and not for the first time he noticed that Shukri had a nice ass on her…

As Musa pondered Shukri’s drastic change of behavior, he licked his lips, tasting hers, and smiled. He was still smiling when a tall, red-haired, slender young white guy walked in with a tall, plump young black woman. Musa smiled as he recognized Harrison, a guy from one of his classes. Hmmm, Musa didn’t know that Harrison liked his chocolate. Cool. For a moment, Musa was about to greet them, but decided against interrupting them…

The young Chicagoan found himself thinking of his ex-girlfriend Jenna Greenbank as the interracial couple bantered a few meters from him. Harrison and his gal pal seemed really into each other and Musa smiled, happy for them. The two of them got in line behind all the other patrons at Starbucks, and Musa got a perfect view of two very nice asses, one black and one white, one male and one female. I guess I’m really bisexual, Musa thought with a bittersweet smile.

“Now, handsome, where were we?” came a familiar feminine voice, and Musa turned to see Shukri Ismail standing there, smiling. Musa smiled at her, and, true to form, rose to pull her chair for her. Shukri nodded graciously and sat down, then fixed those brown eyes of hers on him. Guess it’s my turn to break the ice, Musa thought, and he shrugged and braced himself for some word play…

“Your lips taste sweet, Shukri, I had no idea,” Musa said, uttering the first words that popped into his mind, much to Shukri’s delight. The young Somali woman blushed, and he took her hand in his and squeezed it gently. Musa looked at Shukri, and the two exchanged a smile. Without another word, the two of them left Starbucks, hand in hand.

“The rest of me is even sweeter,” Shukri whispered, as she and Musa went into a secluded spot on the topmost floor of the Loeb building. At this hour, the place was practically deserted. Evening classes were done with for the most part. As a precaution, Musa propped two chairs against the closed door, and dimmed the lights. His heart raced as Shukri pressed her hot, curvy body against him…

“Oh I bet,” Musa replied as he propped Shukri on top of the teacher’s table, and the young Somali woman grinned and spread her legs invitingly. Smiling, Musa kissed her full and deep, then went to work on her. Shukri hiked up her long, traditional Islamic skirt, and Musa grinned upon realizing that the prim and proper, Hijab-wearing Somali sister wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Surprise,” maltepe escort Shukri said, grinning wickedly, and Musa knelt before her, and inhaled her womanly scent. Spreading her thighs further apart, Musa slid his fingers into her pussy, and then brought his face closer to her womanhood. Shukri’s pussy was hairy, and already wet. Musa looked up at her, smiled, and then buried his face between her legs. Just like that, he began eating her pussy.

In his twenty four years, Musa had been with a few ladies and a guy or two, and the bisexual Chicagoan took pride in his oral skills. Nevertheless, the moment he pressed his lips against Shukri’s pussy, two things became evident. Firstly, the Somali gal’s pussy was wonderfully intoxicating, and secondly, if he wasn’t careful, he could become addicted to it. Closing his eyes, Musa took his sweet time as he pleasured Shukri, lathering up her sweet pussy with his tongue.

Later, Shukri pressed Musa against the green board, and unzipped his pants. A sly smile crept into her lovely face as she freed his hard dick from his underwear, and she stroked it. Musa sighed happily as Shukri began sucking his dick. Now this was truly one for the ages. A Hijab-wearing Somali sister on her knees, sucking his dick, in an empty classroom on the Carleton University campus…

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Shukri hissed, a little while later, as Musa bent her over the desk and fucked her. The short, foxy gal pressed her thick ass against Musa’s groin, driving his dick deeper inside of her. Musa gripped her hips, barely able to hold on as Shukri’s ass swallowed his dick. Hot damn, this chick was something else. Her pussy gripped his dick so damn tight he winced, loving the hell out of it. They kept at it until a knock at the door interrupted them, just as Musa came…

“Oh shit,” Musa cried out, wincing as he came, and Shukri pulled away from him. Laughing, Shukri looked at him and hastily readjusted her clothes. Musa looked at her, smiling, and he tucked his shirt in and zipped up his pants. Moments later, the two of them emerged from the room. Instead of the students they expected to see, Musa and Shukri found themselves looking at a tall Somali lady pushing a cleaning cart.

“Sorry about that, sister, we were in conference,” Shukri said, and the Somali lady looked at her, then at Musa, and smiled. Nodding, she stepped aside and let them pass. Musa and Shukri breathed a sigh of relief, and casually walked toward the elevator. This was turning out to be a fairly exciting night for Musa. Clearly there was much more than meets the eye to his lovely, foxy gal pal Shukri. And he wanted to find out more…

“My apartment is on Bronson Avenue, not far from campus, want to come over for some tea?” Musa asked, and he frowned, for his come-on sounded lame even to his own ears. He’d never been good at ‘sexy talk,’ whether with women or men. When it came to sexual encounters, Musa liked to ‘show’ rather than tell. Anxiously he waited for Shukri’s answer.

“Thought you’d never ask, handsome, I promise I’ll make you forget all about Jenna,” Shukri said, and she playfully slapped Musa’s ass as they walked through the frosty quad. Tentatively, Musa put his arm around her. Shukri looked up at him and smiled. Like a gentleman, Musa held the door for her as they reached the door leading to the tunnels.

“Hmm, Jenna who?” Musa asked innocently, and Shukri laughed heartily. They hit the tunnels. While walking through the crowded tunnel, Musa’s hand ‘accidentally’ brushed against Shukri’s thick ass, and she turned and grinned at him. Shrugging, Musa winked at her. Hand in hand, they headed for the University Center building, and the parking lot right outside of it…

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